The Q-Review For You 3/9/2020: QAnon Isn't Hope, QAnon Is Misery.
1. While not dunking on Trolls and telling us that pain is coming and nothing can stop it and blah blah blah, Joe M gave us this slice of reality about the nature of being a follower of Q.
2. This is the real redpill (or maybe blackpill) of QAnon, that to get any deeper than a surface level understanding of what Q talks about and what QAnon believes in is to turn your world into a nightmare. You end up becoming angry and depressed at the evil that surrounds you.
3. Having the vaguest understanding of QAnon means you think "Donald Trump is fighting corruption" it's the whole "Drain the Swamp" thing only with a bit more punch to it. That Hillary and Obama will be arrested over FISAGate and Benghazi.
4. At this level you might still have joy in your heart. Trump good, Dems bad, and that's about it.
5. The next level down is that the Clintons are child sex traffickers tied to Epstein. That's not great, but still they'll get what's coming to them and it's only them and Epstein's dead so really it can't be that big of a deal. Still able to walk outside and smile.
6. Then you find out Obama's a child sex trafficker. The Podesta brothers are too, Hillary murdered a child and drank her blood. Everyone's in on it. The mass shootings you see are false flags directed by them to distract the media from Trump's attempts to destroy them.
7. Now you hate everyone in politics against Trump. They are perverts, monsters, Satanists, and killers. You spend your nights posting on forums about how they need to pay, how justice must be done. But you still have entertainment to enjoy right?
8. Wrong. Everyone in Hollywood is in on it. Everyone in music is in on it. Anyone you see on TV or hear on the radio has literally sold their soul to the Devil. Your world is hell. Evil mocks you from every corner. Any non-Trump person on your TV is suspect at best.
9. You can find no solace from anything because everyone is connected to the global enterprise of abusing and killing children in for Moloch. Still you can throw the TV out the window and embrace your family and friends, right? They are your port in this storm aren't they?
10. No, you can't. They are part of the problem as well. The whole reason the Cabal can not be destroyed is that your family and friends would freak out and riot if Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks and Billie Eilish got carted off to GITMO.
11. It's their refusal that's holding up everything, if they would just understand the Deltas, if they would Trust The Plan then the arrests could happen. Why won't they listen? Why are they cutting you out of their lives when all you want is to help trigger the Great Awakening?
12. This is the most horrible part of QAnon. That on some level your friends and family become the ultimate bad guys. They are the ones holding The Storm at bay. They are the ones allowing the Cabal to continue to run the Global Satanic Pedovore Ring.
13. In a way it's understandable why everyone in the Cabal does what they do. Power, fame, money, it's a good life. But why your family refuses to accept the Cabal is real when you have such iron-clad evidence of it? Why do they deny it? Why must they side with the enemy?
14. That's what happens when you take all the redpills. Everyone's an enemy except those who believe as you do. The enemy is either a Satanic monster committing mass murder, or a duped fool who buys into the lies told by the Satanists.
15. The only joy you find comes from those sharing in your newfound nightmare. Chatting on the internet about trying to sneak redpills into conversations. Shared tales of being ostracized. The shared struggle of knowing the only good people on earth are those who think like you.
16. In the end QAnon is all about isolating yourself from everyone else and reassuring you that you can trust them and only them fighting a war against an unspeakable evil that they are sure they'll win at some ill-defined point in the distant future.
17. Till the day that victory comes keep hating and mistrusting all those outside QAnon, for they are either Satanic Evil or too stupid to understand that Satanic Evil is all around them.
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