Me telling Han Jisung I love him everyday up to his birthday
A Thread:
Day 1: I love you so much

» I shouldn't have started this on the first day of the year but nah as long as I'm saying it to you now, you may not hear it but it's okay. Be safe okay? NCov is not safe rn so pls rest and make sure you and the others r safe :') ilysm my haji 💗

— A
Day 2: I love you so so much

» haji, 2nd day of this thread, ur con got rescheduled on our country. I guess I won't see you for now? But I promise i will do my best to see u performing live. Can't wait for that day to happen, ilysm my haji ✨💜

— A
Day 3: I love you always

» Everything is a mess rn, but my love for you will still be the same. I have so many thoughts in my head saying I should give up but you're still the reason why im still striving to live, thank you and I promise to love you always.

— A
Day 4 : ILY!!!

» I almost forgot to tell you how much I love you, good thing you're always on my mind kwjeje kidding, okay that was cringy. But anyways, my Haji, ilysm the world will get tired of me hearing that but i won't get tired saying it to you. ILY ILY ILY ✨

— A

» haji u're such a boyfie material i can't help not to fall for u any harder, im so wHippEd omfg what sorcery is this ㅠㅠi love you so much much much always!!! ): 💗

— A
Day 6: I WUV U

» Nothing can stop me from wuving u my haji ฅ'ω'ฅ A will always stay hihi that rhymes kqwkjs anyways, just stoping by ready to flood u with my powerful love kaksjd cringe. but im telling d truth, u will always receive wuv fwom me hehi ♥

— A

» I'm currently listening to make you mine by PUBLIC and guess what, I'm thinking abt u while playing d whole song, i want to be with you all the time, i won't stop until i make u mine but i know that won't happen, but that's okay ily anyways💗

— A
Day 8 : i sarang u

» i sarang sarang sarang u so much, covidshit is everywhere but i still sarang u hehi ♥

— A
Day 9 : 143

» 143 is cringy but i still love u anyways so there's no any difference, Lmao. 💓

— A
Day 10: Hey Love

» Hey love! Ilysm kekeke idk how many days we've been quarantined maybe 3 or 4? Doesn't matter, as long as u stay safe there in korea im okay with it and also just wanna say i love you! Love love love u so much hihi 😝💗

— A
Day 11 : I love you both

» Hey loves, haji today is hyunjin's birthday which is we should celebrate it full of love, i love u both seriously. I love him coz, he's bebi saby's boyfie and i love u coz u know i just love you, i seriously do and forever will. 🙁💗✨

— A
Day 12: Love u

» it's hard to think at night haji, i always get sad when i think too much, and when u cross my mind i just get sadder, u're to far from me is sad, u don't know me is sadder but loving u while u don't even know i exist is the saddest :( but i still love u 💚

— A
Day 13: tysm and ily

» hajiii, tysm u made my day today but actually u made my day everyday so.. Yeah, but im reading aus now and it's all abt u, idk maybe im that crazy to even think u're with me in a story lmao. Anyways, ilysm and pls be safe loves 💜

— A
Day 14: L O V E

» do you hear my Loud heartbeats? has it ever cross your mind that u are the One who caused that? i saw u smile, i'm instantly in a Vulnerable state and that's how ur presence Effect on me, bcos i really love u so much im just devastated 😭

— A
Day 15 : hEy! I LOVE YOU!

» hey loves, i posted a bit late than my usual time, anyways I LOVE YOUUUU, i tried playing ebg but as usual i failed, that's bcos i rlly love u and i feel guilty okay? sorry haji
:( but i still love u always! 💗

— A
Day 16: HAPPY 2ND Anniversary! I LOVE YOU

» happy 2nd anniv with ur group loves! Notice the difference in each picture, i won't say anything but to me it has a big difference and u can't bring it back, many things happened yesterday and it all spilled leik a tea, anw ily💗

— A
Day 17: Imysm and ilysm too hehi

» hi haji :( i miss u rn and im also missing someone ahgsj how ironic im pushing them away and im being lonely at this moment lmao. anyways, i rlly miss u rn haji pls post a picture of u in ig to cheer me up im actually sad for no reason 🙁

— A
Day 18: i luv u

» not gonna lie, i was hurt when i heard ur new song, but i still luv u anyways. always be safe haji, be happy, pls dream of me lmao. I love you so so much, there's this special hooman and ily her too, ily both really. So pls be happy for me💗 ilyk on track.

— A
Day 19: hi loves, ily!

» u look hot here lmao, but keep safe ok? ilysm and im about to make a au and im making sure y'all won't get close to any wooman u get me ajakej just kidding, anyways i love u so much loves the world won't stop me from loving u periodt. 💗

— A
Day 20: i love u loves :(

» hi haji sorry im sad rn, i always wanted to handle a page named after u but sadly, luck haven't been my side ever since lol im so sad, that was always my dream, and they always forget it even tho i reminded it to them always :( but ig im fine🙁

— A
Day 21 : iwuvuuu

» hey loves, I'm kinda pissed rn bcos i really posted a greeting to u yesterday but it wasn't here Ugh. Anyways ilysm loves, im really inspired rn writing aus. it's making me happy again and that's kinda scary but I'll still continue it 💗✨

— A [03/30/2020]
Day 22 : heyheylovesss

» im writing aus rn hikhok, im both happy and sad for no reason, maybe im just crazy lmao. Anyways ilysm loves, keep making me smile. I love u always and forever!!! 💗

— A
Day 23 : loves :(

» hajii i don't like u anymore, lol april fools! Of course i love u and that's not a joke lmao. Anyways haji im sad rn, remember the au im writing? idk i think it's flop u know, no ones even reading it :( should I continue writing it? 🙁💗

— A
Day 24 : luv u

» hey hey hey! It's almost my birthday loves, and here i am feeling so sad, giving myself so many false hope. Im just pulling myself down again lmao, but i still love u tho. be safe always okay? I wuv uuuu ✨

— A

» hey loves! Tomorrow's my birthday tho hihi im not planning on anything actually, as long as nothing bad happens or sadness won't visit me tomorrow lmao. Im actually hoping some of my friends would surprise me, tho that's impossible. anw ilysm 💗😝

— A

» hey loves! It's my birthday today! I really love you, you know that? u completed my day and I'm very thankful to have u 🙁💗

[the numbering was a mess lmao]

— A [04/04/2020]
Day 27: lovelovelove

» hey lovesss, the numbering was jumbled up lmao but i still love you anyways. And i had a strange dream but i don't clearly remember but i still love u tho LMAO. 😊💗

— A
Day 28 : LOVES!!

» hey lovesss im motivated rn hehe ill make an ud for today, and i love u always okaaay?? Keep safe loves! U made me happy owo 💗

— A
Day 29 : luvusomuch

» i forgot to post again im so sorry loves :(( but i love you so much and that's all that matter 😔💗

— A [04/07/20] 1:32 AM
Day 30 : hey babes

» lovez! lmao just wanna check up on u and tell u how much I love u, be safe always, it's actually okay with me if y'all postponed ur con cos it's for the safety of all people, I'll see u soon okay? Y'all see me crying over u while waving my nachimbong 💗

— A
Day 31 : sorry haji :(

» hey loves, i tend to forget saying ily every day idk why :( im sorry loves, but i do really love u, nothing will change. I love you so much 😞💗

— A [04/09/20] 4:44 AM
Day 32 : ilysm haji q

» hey babes hihi, i hope u're doing well today, im actually happy my selca yesterday didn't flop tho, and that's because pf ur beauty loves lmao. Ilysm that won't change, even if i forget telling it to u, my feelings won't ever change 😊💜

— A
Day 33 : bebeluvs

» hey loves! im just here to drop by and tell u i love u. btw I've been feeling sad idrk why either :( but yeah im very happy u posted cuz i really really missed u 😭💗 thank u for singing haji i really love u so much 💜

— A
Day 34 : loveualways

» okay, first of all. I love you, second i want to tell u i love u more third is more important because i love u always and forever, lmao. i should be sleeping by now but im still watching ur vids :( ilysm my haji 🥺🤧💚

— A
Day 35 : love :(

» hey, ilysm my haji im happy to be with you in my imaginations, be with u in every aus and love you everyday in aus or even in d real world :) tysm for keeping me happy when im so down cuz through out d day I'll end up telling everything 2 u and ilysn 💜

— A
Day 36 : love hehi

» heys! im rlly bored rn haji lmao, but i still love u tho. and also im craving for cheesecake these days :( and i wanted 2 make u an au ajjsjdh i just hope my current au will turn out well 🤗💗 ilyyyy

— A
Day 37 : haji haji haji!

» i love u i love u i love u! im about to start the day and i just wanted to start from u so yeah i love uuuu so so much! let's have a good day together shall we? 🤗💗

— A
Day 38 : i forgot to post again loves smh

» ilysm, i may be able to forget to post but all day all i did is think abt u and thats the truth loves :( i really love u, very sorry aaaaaa ilysm ㅠㅠ💗

— A [04/16/20] 10:39 AM
Day 39 : okay i lysm periodt.

» ilysm, I'll wake up later and think about you that's a promise. I want to start a day with u, cuz d last time i did that u posted many pics and im very happy cuz im rlly missing u ㅠㅠ ilysm my loves :< 💗

— A
Day 40 : psst loves psst

» psst i love u! hey, these past few days im so empty i dont even know why i just feelp empty, as if im coming back to what i am before :( help me loves i don't want to be that person anymore, but i love you so much tho. Take care of yourself okay?

— A

» hey, i dreamt about you last night 😭 u were laying on my lap and i was brushing your hair using my hands and it was so soft, my friends were trying to touch it but i keep avoiding their hands lmao. it feels so real haji :( i love you so much :(

— A
Day 42 : I love you.

» Day 42, I'm starting my day with you, like i always do when im missing you. 42 days and more, but my love will stay the same like before, always remember i'd always love you to infinity and beyond. 42 days and more and i will love u just like before.

— A
Day 43 : ilyvm

» okay so um, im watching anime again and hihi ilyvm my haji. I'd be a little distant to everyone for now ig, im having trust issues again but i love u so much okaaaay? idk if I'll ud on my au for now im finding a way to fine myself again :) ily 💗

— A
Day 44: im attacked loves

» hey y'all always drop something with no specific date and time we're really getting crazy as time goes by lmao. but ily tho u look so hot and a cutie at the same time im loving you forever (/ω\)💗

— A
Day 45: im inlove with u

» hey, i isolated myself from everyone now, will i be okay? idrk y im doing this, maybe i just rlly needed to rest lol. ilysm okay? I'll be strong for myself ig and for u even if u don't know me lmao, i love youuu Im'ma keep fighting! 💗

— A
Day 46: thank you :'(

» these past few days I've been so lost in my thoughts, im guilty for not noticing how i pull myself down while people keep cheering me up
:( and u're actually one of them even tho u don't know me :< ilysm haji, thank u very much i feel okay now 💗

— A
Day 47 : 👀💜

» heeey!! So yeah i came here to say i love you, and pls motivate me to keep writing stories 👉👈 im happy writing stories, but i get upset when it just flOps :( but still i love u and i will still continue since u and writing both makes me happy 💗

— A
Day 49 : ฅ'ω'ฅ

» I've been telling u this for 49 days already uwu more days to go till ur birthday lovesss iwuvuuuu

— A
Day 50 : !!!!

» Day 50!!! Ang i still love uuu uwu. idk what to feel today lmao, but i love youuuuu alwaysssss and Im'ma keep myself busy to lessen my over thinking routine 💗

— A
Day 51: heeey

» i was busy yesterday, and I forgot to tell ily :( I'm sorry, but don't worry i still love u okaaaay???

— A [04/29/20 | 09:10 AM]
Day 52: 💗

» hajiii, ilyyy and yeah so uhm,, im a bit busy but i still love u okaaay? I'll tell u everything when my busy days are over :< i love youuuu 💗

— A
Day 53: On track

» haji, ilysm :( im sad rn idk why, but im listening to on track and that song just give me the sad vibes for some reason irdk why :( but u know what? even a fool knows how much i love u forever and nothing will change 💗

— A
Day 54: sol at luna

» u r my sol and i am ur luna, we met but not destined. this song hits so much im a about to post my entry on freeyourshel lmao. ilysm even though we live in a different world. i will love u still even if we're in a different world. i forever will.

— A
Day 55: a day with u

» gonna start my day with u and I'll never get tired of it 💗 i love youuuuuuuuuuu

— A
Day 56: I'd choose u

» got these here from twt, ctto. it's cute actually, but y choose from any of it when i can just choose the han jisung side i don't know abt u :( or just simple YOU. i love u always hmpf.

— A
Day 57 : happy Happy Children's Day!

» hai haji :< im sad u didn't posted ur pic, leik im rlly rlly sad lmao im actually crying rn. but i think u're busy rn hajwjd i hope u get to rest well 👉👈 ilyyyy sorry i forgot to post this :<

— A [05/05/20] 11:11 PM
Day 58 : insomnia and grow up

» hey, insomnia is playing rn and i remembered how ur voice made me curious abt the lyrics,then i noticed i became a stay already, I remembered how soothing ur voice was and i loved it at first hear, ily han jisung :( u're making me cry

— A
Day 59 : selca

» it's been a day huh? still no post? jisung come home juseyo 😔 👉👈 lmao, anyways i already prepared my selca entry bcos i love u always and i want to post early, if u wont post then I'll post for us yeieiie HAHAHA iloveyouuuu

— A
Day 60 : Close

» yes haji u made me cry T^T ilysm and the fact that u made another masterpiece filled the days u were nowhere to be found, lol. I LOVE YOU HAN JISUNG I WISH I CAN FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU BUT THAT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER 😭💗

— A
Day 61 : yes ily yes yes yes

» ILYYYY U RLLY MADE MY DAY HAJI :< I've been listening to close since it was released and i honestly can't get enough of it cos it's so good to hear 😔 ilysm, i posted my entry with u again bcos ily and i won't swerve to any lane huahuahua

— A
Day 62: ily :(

» i started this day with you but I won't end it not telling u how much ily :( it's been a day since u posted and im again missing u :< everytime i listen to close and sunshine i get sad but it's my comfort songs at the same time. ilysm my haji 💕

— A
Day 63: online con

» i watched ur online con last night and it feel so surreal 😭 i told u i wanted to do it before and look i did it last night 😭 last night was the happiest moments i had and i now i promise to do ny best so i can attend ur con I PROMISE 💗

— A
Day 64: morning

» i was abt to post this earlier since i thought of u when i woke up lmao, i love youuuuu so so so much!!! gonna start another day with u again uwu iloveyoumoooore than u can think of!

— A
Day 65 : graysung


— A
Day 66: peter pan

» okay im gonna say sorry in advance for making u a serial killer in my au ㅠㅠ rlly rlly sorry loves :( but i love youuuu thouuugh pls wish me luck!!!

— A
Day 67: departure pt. 1

» ik this isn't u but, i just lwft Jeonginology today, im so sorry i failed being an MA but even tho im crying rn im still thinking abt how better I'll be if i let myself heal :( ilysm haji 💗

— A [05/15/20] 02:33 PM
Day 68: departure pt. 2

» yes, today's another departure of mine. I rlly had fun being here i may be crying rn but that doesn't mean i had a grudge on leaving it's for the best tho. my only goal is to keep jsngnlgy active and i did it! that's bcos i love u and i always will

— A
Day 69: :((

» okay so first i wanna say im sorry for making u a serial killer in my au ajjsjdh but I LOVE YOUUUU I SERIOUSLY AM!!! HAHAHA always be safe ok?? ilyyy

— A
Day 70: start of Peter Pan

» okay so i love u so much and wish me luck for today is the day we'll start postong our updates and im so worried jsjshd i hope this won't flop since I've been thinking of joining ever since :( i hope I'll be one of the winners jakajs ilysm 💕

— A
Day 71: let go

» bts' let go always made me cry, and now that im overthingking that what if one day the right time comes and i will let go of you forever even tho u're not mine in the first place? i love u so much, i just hope we both have a good life in the future. ily hjs

— A
Day 72: less of you

» heyyy ilyyy, okay so uhm,, haji. less of you or more of you I'd still be happy choosing u :( u give me strength just like what other idols did but u did better. ilysm i hope u get enough sleep, eat on time ok? ilysm haji q 😔💗

— A
Day 73: wuvwuvuuuu

» ilyyyyyyysm, I'm still hoping i could finish my au in a week pls wish me luck im already having bad thoughts jajsjd anyways i love you so muuuch, i actually cried last night since imy and hanbin hehe ily :((

— A
Day 74:

» u surprised me when u posted last night aAaaAa i really love u so much.

— A
Day 75:

» hajiii my tooth is killing me 😭 but I still love you anyways. im about to reach the climax of my story hajsjd wish me luck loves! but before that i changed my layout on my priv acc hsjsjs don't ask.

— A
Day 76:

» hey loves, been busy all day bcos of adlou. i decided to be an admin again! but this time an an HA now :'( im still not fully okay but i hope i will. I love u so much, im so sorry for forgetting this, but i really love u uwu

— A [05/24/20] 12:36 PM
Day 77:

» im having eyestrain today wtf, but yeah. see that smile? it made me smile too, keep smiling okay? I love you, im planning on keep writing while i do my head admin duties wish me luck!

— A
Day 78 :

» hey loves :( sorry for not posting hsjsh but i love u so muuuch i saved this photo from pinterest and im into it cause it's a bit blurry and u're in it hsjwjs ilysmmm i hope that makes sense.

— A [ 05/26/20 ]
Day 79:

» imma put 3racha here bcos im a big fan of it, also i love u three pls always remember that. i was a bit sad yesterday idk why but ig im okay now, i love you hajii and you too chan ang binnie uwu

— A
Day 80: ily

» hey loves, i forgot to post again :( im so sorry i was just busy handling twelve pages huhu but i love u alwaysss huhu forgive me

— A [ 05/28/20 ] 09:37 PM
Day 81: PC!!!

» okay so, i ordered ur new album and jisung don't fail me huahua make sure u're the pc i got okay???? I LOVE U SO MUCH PERIODT sorry tho, I've been so busy with treasure lately but i still love u okay???

— A
Day 82: klwkn

» hey loves, it's sad. very sad, people are doing shits, the world is so fucked up rn. i just hope this ends already, i just wanted to have peace already :( ilysm haji, this chaos will end soon let's pray for it to happen.

— A
Day 83: War : by Ben&Ben

» DAMN I MISSED YOU HUHU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HAJI, it's the last day of may, i just want to tell you how much i cherish you especially the things u do, ur music and everything :( the song is chill but touching. ilysm :( take care okay?

— A
Day 84 : chaos

» hey hajiii, u posted last night ilysm 😭 u made my day actually, but i cried last night so hard hajaja i saw a post and it broke me into pieces literally, i kept ranting on my priv acc bcos im so sad and i just cried. but anywys im happy now, ilysm 💗

— A
Day 85 : loveloveloveuuuu

» hey lovess, i can't install my freaking messenger jakwjd but anyways i love youuu, everything will be alright soon ig. Keep safe always loves!! I love uuuuu💗

— A
Day 86 : morning loveee

» a not so good morning to u loves! I'll try to write today, and be productive ig ahhwhd i love youuu please post 👉👈 just kidding u can post when u feel like to. I love youuu

— A
Day 87 : wuvwuv

» hey loves, i love u 👉👈 hAHAH bb im sad idk why, i just feel so empty irdk why. i feel exhausted, sad, empty everything :( it's like I've been forcing myself for three months now to be happy :( idk. but anyways ilysm haji pls stay :'( 💗

— A
Day 88 : hakhak

» hEY LOVES AHJWHD i almost forgot to post, okay so uhm,, just wanna say i love u and always take care of urself, while i stream all ur mvs tonight hahshs i love u so muuuuch

— A
Day 89 : skz au fest

» loves im sorry :( but i was supposed to tell u that i achieved something today 😭 im literally crying for a whole hour hajshd i love u so much u're my main motivation and look! we both did it 😭💗 ilysm

— A [ 06/06/20 ] 11:13 PM
Day 90 : 1st motmot

» today's yamashita culbo's first motmot and im very proud of them tbh, also ily and i can't wait for ur cb huahua loves who hurted you 😔 just kidding i love u so much hajsjdj

— A
Day 91 :

» hey loves, i cried so hard last night and let everything out i feel a bit better now,, i hope so. I love u so much haji, i hoping june will be everyone's month and everyone will be happy this month, at least this month :( we all indeed need rest🥺 ilysm loves!

— A
Day 92 : tantrums

» lol, i love u but i hate it here,, everyone's is having tantrums and all blaming me and getting angry idk why, but tysm hajii :( u made me feel okay for some reason 😔 ilysm.

— A
Day 93 : lovie lovie

» hey loves! I watched ur live,, u oldie sung HAHSHS u still cute though, I love uuuuu

— A [06/10/20] 3:26 PM
Day 94 : swerce

» loves! I watched ur teaser hajej tbh i was attracted to mini bUT! I still love u though and in fact while watching it I was telling myself I wont swerve and won't change my bias huahua r u proud HAHAHS ilyyyy

— A
Day 95 : blueprint

» lovelovelooooves ahjajd u look so ethereal in ur teaser last night 😭 i really love you so much

— A


— A
Day 97 : intoxicated

» “you make me feel like I'm intoxicated” love u really do 😔 every time i hear that song i automatically think of you hwjsjd ilysm haji :( let's be successful in the future! me as ur fan and you as my idol! okay? I love youuu

— A
Day 98 : the cab, nflying, day6, all time low

» heyo loves! I've been listening to gold music since idk since the start of june? it's all upbeat and bands ik but it's really calming, especially when u listen carefully to the lyrics 😩 i love u so much! My hajiii

— A
Day 99 : close (to you)

» hey loves, ik it's already 2 am but yeah im just here to say ilysm, im listening to close to you by the carpenters on repeat, idk im just sad maybe, i feel sad listening to it and by any moment i could cry jwjsjd anyways i love you so much!

— A
Day 100 : skz come back

» wow it's already been 100days haji :'( gdluck on ur cb later!! ilysm u can do it okay??? skz will be on top i know it! Im'ma celebrate this 100 days of me telling u ily with streaming and voting! altho i do tell u ily every hour ajshd ilysm hajiii!

— A
Day 101 :

» ilovelovove youuu so much!! congrats on ur cb 😭 i did my best to keep streaming but ig my best didn't got the 20M views y'all wanted :( im sorry haji, but i love youuu so much thank you for the comforting music y'all made >< <3333

— A
Day 102 : fix me (bolbbalgan4)

» that song, hajsjs i relate to it a bit especially the part when it says smile brightly bcos is makes me feel better ig,, ilysm haji :( I'll do my best to keep voting and streaming if that makes you smile >< ilysmmm!!

— A
Day 103 : Another Day

» loves :( i cried last night hajshd being thankful while praying is all i did last night, thankful to meet you all and how thankful i am to be part of this fam :< ilysm and thank u for always being there for everyone.

— A
Day 104 : ily

» ilysm is all i could say rn,, I've been sad all day tho, but no worries i think im fine, and btw u look cute here jakajswhhd also, I'll be praying for ur third win i seriously will and uhm,, i love you so muuuuch~

— A
Day 105 : hugs!!!

» hey loves!! we did it!! you won and im vv happy for you ilysm 😭 but loves tysm for posting :< i don't feel okay again, and tbh u posted unexpectedly and it made me feel okay for some reason,, u saved me again haha thank you >< i love you so so much!

— A


— A
107 : 🤘

» im still streaming yes yes 🤘altho my head and eyes kinda hurts now ahwjjs anyways i love u so much and imma make this my desktop 'cos y not HAHSHDHA ILYYYY

— A
108 : 3rd WIN!!!

» hey loves 👉👈 we've been aiming to get u all the third win u deserve, i hope you get that today 😭 ilysm i hope to see u smiling while holding a trophy 😭💕 hakajdhd the thumbnail tho HAHAHSJSJSJDJJAJAHA

— A
109 : AAAAA

» dang we did it last night 🤧 we made to the last minute and yES WE WON AAAAAA ILYSM I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU i hope to see your smile haji :( i would do anything just to see that smile of yours 🥺

— A
110 : haji

» hey loves :( i made a wallpaper for myself since im missing u hours 🥺 ily so sosososososos muuuuuuuch. ps. my new phone sucks.

— A
111 : savior

» hey loves i was actually feeling sad again and there u r again posting and it indeed made me smile while cryin, having soft hours bcos of u again. i wish someday i could be that one lucky fan who can talk to u so i could tell u how much ily :(( ilysm haji ily

— A
112 : haven

» loves, im writing on a notebook and i named it freedom book since im afraid to tell others my problems and such, my 1st page is named haven 🥺 since it's the first song chan played and also how i feel safe with skz :( it really feels like haven tho. ilysm 💕

— A
113 : lovulovulovu

» i did something stupid yesterday loves hqkwjru i swear it looked like a mango 🤧 anyways i love uuuuuuu take care always mwaps!

— A
Day 114 : 🥺💛🌻

» im fine no worries 😭 what a lucky fan :( i hope she made u smile and laugh. if i had a chance to be her I'd probably tell u ily and keep reminding u how precious and special u are 🥺 also how little things u do makes us feel better, ahjsjd dang irly :(

— A
Day 115 : mariposa

» hey loves! i made u a video i hope it won't flop hajsjd ilysm and not to mention i laughed so hard tonight bcos of the finding skz ep. 2 🤧 btw I'll post it tomorrow same with myon going bangchan vid,, i love uuuuuu tysm for making me smile and laugh <3

— A
Day 117 : arms

» hajejd jisung arms is my tweet for today didn't i? HAHwhdh who r u and what did u do to my haji HWHAHDH ILYSM HAJIIII

— A
Day 118 : fine - taeyeon

» the songs says it's not fine, that song is so comforting even tho it contains some sad lyrics of reality. but im always fine as long as i see all ur smiles, i will always be fine. Tysm, i love youuuu yes you haji i love u

— A
Day 119 : best friend - rex orange country

» hi hajiii, I'd like to be ur best friend honestly but it's okay i still love you anyways.

— A
Day 120 : wuvwuv

» im out of words AHAHWHSHS im just gonna say i love you, good morning btw 💖

— A
Day 121 : 2nd motmot ng yama

» hajiii,i feel like a delulu bcos of doing this thread but no i am not,i just want to tell i love you everyday that's it. 🥺 anyways i love youuu, today is yama culbo's 2nd motmot and im happy to have them tbh. thats it i love youuu

— A
Day 122 : jeje days


— A
Day 123 : selca day

» today's selca day and i kinda lost a huge amount of confidence lmao, anyways iloveyousomuch okay??

— A
Day 124 : :(((

» seeing this picture calmed me down, i was crying so bad last night lmao. I love you and yes i forever will, i hope u're doing fine there <333

— A
Day 125 : eyes

» look at ur eyes, it has the whole galaxy in it 🥺 i love youuuu okaaaay :< delulu for others or not it won't change since i still love u anyways

— A
Day 126 : less of you - keshi

» that song really reminds me of you, especially when i needed comfort u just pop out of nowhere and it just calms me down, hearing your voice is like a therapy of mine, i just got used to it already. ilysm if only you knew :(

— A
Day 127 : mwaps

» heyooo, u look cute here, i edited that but anyways i love youuuu and i even gather3d uo some pictures of you so i can fix my notebook hsjwieue i love youuuu 🥺

— A
Day 128 : (

» heeeey :< what's eith peiple these days getting all sad and empty :< they don't deserve that honestly, well for me ig im okay with it i feel nothing rn or should I say this past few daysor maybe weeks? Months? nvm ilysmmmm okaaaay?? thank you :((

— A
129 : ✨

» i love you :( nothing more just i love you 🥺

— A
130 : ♪

» dang look at you, u're such a boyfie material 🥺 i really really love u so much thank u for your existence i made it a motivation to live tho, tysm ily 🥺

— A
131 : blord HAHSHd

» excuse me mister??? that is rude but i ain't complaining, and because ilysm i will keep writing now and continue being sad and kinda start being motivated HAHSHDH I love youuuu

— A
Day 132 : 🥺

» i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you 🥺 thank you for being born, thank god you exist thank you so much 😔💕

— A
Day 133 :


— A [07/19/20]
Day 134 :

» i love uuuu :((( im honestly out of words rn but wish me luck on today's lfc event imma use u again as my main lead 🥺 hakwjdh iloveyousosososomuch

— A
Day 135 : lfc entry

» wish me luuuck I'll be posting some entries again!! I LOVE YOUUUU

– A
Day 136 : 💕

» i just opened up to someone special today, r u proud?? Im clean for two years and i just realized that now!! im vv happy to have them, and you 🥺 iloveyouuuuu so much!!

— A
Day 137 : 💞

» less of you is playing again :< and im having my soft soft soft hours 🥺 i really really love you :(

— A
Day 138 : 😔💞


— A
Day 139 : lullaby

» this is my fav picture of you from now on, this just shows how comfy u are, gow boyfie material u r which make that you're the only han jisung in this world whkejd ilysm :( I'll keep listening to lullaby from iu and cry from now on jajsjdh iloveyouuu

— A
Day 140 : five feet apart

» apparently I'll be taking a short break here, maybe I'll check up on this acc sometimes and post on this thread, I've been having to many breakdowns and i don't think I'll handle it well, i love you still even you're a thousands miles away.

— A
141 : rest

» heyo, im having a rest but that doesn't mean I'll stop posting here tho, ilysmmm so so much. idk how to feel okay anymore but here u are posting just in time to cheet me up
:( iloveyouuu

— A
142 : thank you

» idk but, thank you so much for. I really don't know what to do anymore if you guys aren't here, physically or not it doesn't matter :( ilysm and all i could say is thank you

— A
143 : naks 143

» hsjshdh ilyyy, i slept last night sooo early while reading a story so i didn't get to see this post, but the fun part is the main lead's name is shane lol, anyways i love youuuuu

— A
144 : <333

» i love you, im a bit okay now that im still posting on this thread, watching things i like and reading jqjshd ily :(

— A
145 : with a smile

» ily 🥺 i read smth, u're the main lead and it kinda made me feel better. especially the song, so thank you for existing. i love youuu :(

— A
146 : happy 2nd birthday stays!!

» “stay, whatever you do.. it's okay” oh well i guess i do really love you all, that's the only word i needed to hear to help me heal, thank you. 🥺

— A
147 : 🥺🖤

» so happy u went live on stay's birthday >< it was the most peaceful yet healing day for me and u made it even more great 🥺 thank you, i love you!! and after months you finally went live i really missed you watching live 🥺🖤 ilysm.

— A
148 : lysm

» been listening to sad songs lately for inspiration purposes HAHAH anyways i love youuu so muuuuuuch

— A
149 : intoxicated (again)

» hahdh iloveyouuu, u know that feeling when i listen to intoxicated i just automatically smile b'cos it reminds me of you hahshdh i love youuuu, thank u madam 20thwang HAHDHS LOVEYOU BOBS

— A

» iloveyouuu, im not feeling well physically rn but yeah, i love you i love you i love you

— A
151 : <333

» many fun and exciting things happened today, idk if that's good or not hajsj anyways ily ily ily 🥺

— A
153 : 😼

» u look cute here hakwjehe i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch <333

— A
154 : 🐸

» why is ur photos too foggy hwksjd anyways this is too cute 😭 im still waiting for you to use the duck filter 'cos i love ducks 🥺 and i love you too mwheheh i love youuuuu

— A
155 :

» i love you, i love you so much.

— A [08/09/20]
156 :

» sorry for not posting, but u love you thooooo i love youuu so muuuuuuch

— A
157 : happy birthday!!

» happy birthday binnie!! ilysm keep bias wrecking me jajsjdjd i love you booooth 🥺❤️

— A
158 : anger and fear

» i love you, i love you so much you calm me down at such moments. Thank you, ilysm :((

— A
159 : iloveyouuuuu


— A
160 : ilyyyy

» i love you so muuuuch 🥺❤️

— A
161 : hee hee


— A
162 : i love you

» i love you so much, I really do 🥺

— A
163 :

» iwuvuuuuu so muuuch <333

— A
164 :

» ilysmmm always <333

— A
165 : confidence

» i need some confidence rn tbh but hey !! I love youuuu so muuuuch !!

— A
166 :

» ilysm, my words aren't enough and i know it, i have new things to do rn and thankfully it's keeping me from sad. i love you so much, expect me to not stop saying i love you <333

— A
167 :

» i love you so much but im in pain rn HAHSHDH hxh is too nuch painful than i thought but i love youuu alwaysss

— A
168 :

» i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch

— A
169 :

» ur smile lessen the pain I've been feeling just now <33 ilysm always always ❤️

— A
170 :

» iwuvuuuuu 🥺

— A
171 :


— A
172 :

»ur bday is almost near!!! :((( and im abt to end this thread :((( but i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch

— A
173 :

» i didn't pull any of ur pc's :((( but that's okay hsjsjsh i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch 😩❤️

— A
174 :

» missing hanji hours 🥺 i loveyouuuuuu soooo much 🥺❤️

— A
175 :

» i love you :(((

— A
176 :

» you saved me from sadness again :(( i love youuu so much i really do :((

— A
177 :


— A
178 : 13 Days left

» hemlooo owo 13 days left and I'll be saying my last i love you through this thread 🥺 it's kinda sad since i got used to post here everyday :( but i will still and always say ily even without posting 🥺❤️

— A
179 : 12 Days Left

» still have 12 days to shower you with i love you's :((( i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch <3333

— A
180 : 11 Days Left

» 11 daaays!!! and after that I'll still say i love youuu sosososomuuuuuuch because i really do love you mwjejeje

— A
181 : 10 Days Left


— A
182 : 9 Days Left

» funny how i became sad out of nowhere then suddenly you'll show up just in time, i love youuu :( thank you for saving me always.

— A
183 : 8 Days Left

» i love you allll hajsjsjjs

— A
184 : 7 Days Left

» ur B Me sounds a bit sad :((( but you look good here hajwkkwjs I LOVE YOUUUUU SOSOMUUUUCH

— A
185 : 6 Days Left

» i feel like this month will the the right month to heal, the exact month you were born 🥺 i love youuu so muuuch u gave me too much happiness and in vv thankful for that. thank you for saving me <3

— A
184 : 5 Days Left

» i want to rest for awhile :( i love youuu so muuuuch <33

— A
185 : 4 Days Left

» you've suffered without me knowing :( but now i will protect that smile of yours <33 i love youuu

— A
186 : 3 Days Left


— A
187 : 2 Days Left


— A
188 : 1 Day Left


— A
189 : I love you.

» hey haji!! loves!! today's your day isn't it? i hope you enjoyed it, this is the end of my thread but not the end of my i love you's, i love you yes i really do! i honestly don't know what to say anymore but always remember that you saved me, thank you💓

— A
end of thread.
I'll always remember this and even make it as an achievement, and yes you really did saved me from the very beginning it was you who made me become a stay 🥺 and it was you who inspired me. I love you so much to infinity and beyond!!
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