This is another warfare that has been used by CCP to send in their troops to kill both sides of Afghanistan Taliban as well as US military. China is simply going to take these opium fields and turn them into drugs, and ship them all to USA to kill thousands of Americans.
That's why it's better to burn down these poppy flower field and bomb these crop barns so CCP does not use it again to kill thousands of Americans every year.
CHINA was already at drug war with US in Afghanistan!
During the Obama/Clinton Administration, US troops with Coalition forces were used to protect the poppy flower field so the local drug mafia landlords can harvest it for their real boss: EU Top elites and Dems. (2/x)
It will only be the right thing for @POTUS to do to pull out its troops as early as they can. It's simply not right to loose thousands of US Soldiers lives to go there and protect these Afghanistan drug lords for the interest of the globalist or Taliban. (3/x)
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