Watching #TheWestWing for the first time, beginning to end. A little in love with everybody, tbh.
My god, how do people watch #TheWestWing now without sobbing.
I realize I’m centuries late to this, but I have so many feelings about Josh and Donna. #WestWing
Is that Elizabeth Moss????? #TheWestWing
I mean. If one was going to bingewatch #TheWestWing for the first time, to hearken back to more optimistic times, now would be the time, wouldn’t it.
“The world is coming apart at the seams,” Pres. Bartlett says. How very prescient. #TheWestWing
“Do you think the joke reflex you employ is why you have so much trouble keeping a man?” Hahahaha also someone shoot Josh but also I love him, keep him around forever. #TheWestWing
I love Stockard Channing in this role but also why is the President’s wife giving him intravenous medication? (I’ve seen later episodes so I have some idea but isn’t that Not Done, med professionals treating family members?) #TheWestWing
Ugh, the way the staff surrounds and is loyal to Leo just makes my heart EXPLODE. 😭😭😭 #TheWestWing
1000% here for the sly yet overt prime-time-TV support of the NEA, heh. #TheWestWing
“In three months I don’t want this to be ‘quid pro quo’.” Well. Uh. How timely. #TheWestWing.
“Government can be a place where people come together and no one gets left behind.” Breaks your heart, doesn’t it. How big we dream, and how far from that we land. #TheWestWing
Josh to CJ on the sex ed booklet: “By the way—pages 27-33, couple things every girl should know.” oh em gee kill him. Gently and with love. #TheWestWing
NBD, just sobbing at Leo giving Karen a second chance at her job, NBD NBD. #TheWestWing
Guys the opening credits of this show are so great. #TheWestWing
Discussions of reparations in the White House: relevant 20 years ago, relevant now. #TheWestWing
“We have people on the payroll who are *experts* at obfuscating the Constitution.” 🤣 #TheWestWing
Also this was 20 years ago and @SuzyNakamura looks *exactly* the same, I stan. #TheWestWing
You know, when you watch #TheWestWing for the first time 20 years after it airs it sometimes feels not like an ensemble drama so much as the greatest crossover TV event of all time.
Confession: I can’t watch Moira Kelly without shouting “TOE PICK!” in my head almost all of the time. #TheWestWing
“You want me to mobilize these people, these people who showed up to fight? ... This 21-year-old is saying I’m going where I want to, because a man stands up.” Leo is my favourite. Leo is the best of the best. (Followed closely by Toby and then CJ and then Josh.) #TheWestWing
“Senator, why don’t you take your legislative agenda and shove it up your ass?” Okay Josh has good speeches too. #TheWestWing
Q is back! I keep expecting him to vanish in the centre of the meeting room. Mr. President, Mon Capitaine—who can tell the difference? #TheWestWing
This is the kidnapping episode, isn’t it. The music says it all. #TheWestWing
Leo. Josh. 😭😭😭 #TheWestWing
Okay no kidnapping. Onto Season 2... #TheWestWing
WHAT. OH NO JOSH. OH NO. (But also the way everyone rushes to him. ❤️❤️❤️) #TheWestWing
I gotta say, if you’re a Canadian who knows next to nothing about American politics you could do much worse than watching #TheWestWing from start to finish right now as a way to make everything fall in place. #SuperTuesday #ItAllMakesSenseNow
Back on my #TheWestWing bullshit, has there ever been a better opening credits sequence/theme song, the answer is no. 😭😭😭
“Mr. President, remeber when you told me not to wake you up unless the building was on fire?”🤣🤣🤣 #TheWestWing
Okay now we’re into the chess moves re: Bartlet’s MS diagnosis and man, is it fascinating to watch this from a disability advocacy perspective. #TheWestWing
“That’s the problem with the American dream—it makes everyone concerned for the day when they’re going to be rich.” #TheWestWing
100% here for Toby Ziegler defending the #NEA. #TheWestWing
20 years later and it’s the exact same issues going on, isn’t it. #TheWestWing
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