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~| How Did We Get Here |~

❗Possible 🔞 Later
❗Slight Angst
❗Space/Time Manipulation

Basically Kiri gets hit by a quirk that places him in an AU.
Sometimes actions are made without prior thought. Like how Eijirou always gravitated toward Bakugou as if he had some sort of magnetic pull. Or how Eijirou's arm seemed to find its way around the angry blonde's shoulder.
Even the way his gaze was drawn toward Bakugou every time the slightly older man entered the room.

Jumping into the line of fire to prevent anything from merely grazing Bakugou had became the same knee jerk action.
Even a year after graduating UA, the habit remained. Becoming nearly as unbreakable as Red Riot at his best.
Which was why Eijirou hardly blinked when he found himself between a silent out-reaching hand and a distracted Ground Zero.
White hot pain instantly erupted from the point of contact at Eijirou's sternum. Like a fire was lit in his very bones. His breath was stolen in a pathetic whine, unable to gather anything louder and his ears rang with a high pitched shrill.
Eijirou's vision blacked out as he fell, feeling like liquid in his own skin. The last thing he heard was a panicked growl from behind him, calling out his name in distress.
He never remembered hitting the ground.

When the fog cleared from Eijirou's mind there were quite a few things the nineteen year old expected.
The steady beep of a heart monitor, the hiss-click of an artificial breather, the sharp alcoholic sting of a sterile environment, the stiff boardard-like cot, even muted cussing of an angry friend outside a sealed door.
What Eijirou wasn't prepared for was the eerie quiet.
For one; the young man was laying on his left side, half of his face pressed into a plush pillow. Something firm and log shaped was under the pillow as well but Eijirou's mind drifted to the firm mattress and warm duvet. He was certain hospital cots were nowhere near as+
comfortable as where he was lying. He also knew from experience that the pillow was too fluffy, the duvet too thick. Eijirou was also aware that he likely would not be allowed on his side as he was, and the lack of needles pulling at his forearm, or having his face encased in+
a breathing mask was not lost on him.

His brow furrowed as he took a deep breath in through his nose. Again struck by the strangeness of his surroundings.
The air around Eijirou wasn't crisp, or cold with a sterile sting. Rather, it was warm. Smelling of caramelized sugar with an underlying bite of spicy cinnamon, and soft smoky musk. It was soothing in a way Eijirou's mind couldn't quite wrap around.
There was a brief moment were Eijirou was almost lulled back to sleep. However, a sudden disgruntled huff sounded behind him followed quickly by the ghost of hot breath against the back of his neck.
Eijirou's skin jumped, a shiver making it's way down his spine as his eyes shot open. The space in front of him was shrouded and he could only just make out the outline of drapes covering a window, or more likely sliding doors to a veranda.
There was a bedside table with a dormant lamp and a digital clock. Glowing red numbers that read 02:25.

But what caused Eijirou's sharp intake, and hammering heart was not one, but two left hands in view.
His fingers twitched as he drew his own left hand to his chest. Blood roared through his ears as his palm came into contact with another hand already there, and definitively was not his own.
//Oh shit, oh shit, holy fucking shit!// Eijirou's mind screamed at him.

Panic started to bubble up his throat, or maybe that was just bile. He couldn't tell.
Wracking his brain, Eijirou tried to remember exactly what he was doing before he woke up. In a strange room with an unknown body behind him.
There was a fight, he knew that much. He was on patrol, doing his rounds with his partner when the call came in. A disturbance of some sort?
He and his partner went to the scene. There was only one villain, his partner had it covered. Red Riot was doing crowd control when...
Out of nowhere a person who looked just like any other unsuspecting citizen broke from the crowd. They strode purposefully forward with glowing white fingertips intent on their target.
'Let's give you a taste of your future, Ground Zero!' They'd shouted just before Eijirou threw himself in the way of their burning touch.


Eijirou's fast paced breath stuttered as he shifted.
Where was his friend? What happened after he passed out? Where the fuck was he now? And how the hell'd he get in bed with some random dude?
As Eijirou shifted a metallic glint caught his eye and he lifted his left hand to inspect the source.

Resting around his ring finger was an unmistakable silver band with intricate red and orange colored designs looping together.+
Eijirou's carmine eyes snapped to the other person's left hand as soon as his brain caught up with what he was seeing. A lead weight settled in his gut at the sight of a perfectly matching wedding band on the other's finger.
Married. How the hell did he not remember getting married? Color drained from his face as his hand shot up to prod at his own face. His rough calloused fingers caught on the divot of the scar above his right eye.
Eijirou let out a breath he wasn't aware he was holding back. His face warmed marginally with the knowledge that he was in his own body.

He didn't know what type of Quirk the person who touched him had but Eijirou knew instinctively that whatever was going on was their fault.
How much time had he lost? Was it just a bout of amnesia or...

He needed to find Bakugou. Get some answers from someone smarter than himself. Someone who was there.
Eijirou didn't want to face whoever he was in bed with though. Whoever he was suddenly married to. He had already given his heart to someone, before this shit storm happened. His chest felt like it was caving in at the prospect of marrying some faceless person+
in place of an unrequited love he hadn't yet gotten over.

He refused to believe he would ever get over it.
Wiggling out from under a heavy arm was a challenge but Eijirou managed to slip out from under his cage. A smile played on his lips as his feet touched the ground. He was ready to celebrate his success when the person behind him shifted.
A deep voice harboring a gravel like quality and slurred from sleep sounded after the movement. "Ei? Wha'?"

Eijirou startled, slipping off the edge of the bed and landing with a thump on the hardwood floor.
"The fuck do you think you're doin'?" The voice cleared, though still impossibly rough, as if someone had drug their vocal cords across a cheese grater. But it was also more distinguishable and oh so comfortingly familiar.
Eijirou's head shot up and he came face to face with sharp red eyes, wild blonde hair, and a teasing grin. Though the man in front of him was visibly older than Eijirou last saw him, it was still a face he'd never forget. A face that brought warmth pooling in his gut.
Relief rushed through Eijirou's body and he visibly sagged, smiling softly up at the man. "Bakugou."
Upturned lips reversed as a harsh dip formed in Bakugou's brow. "How hard did you hit your fucking head?" His hand sprung out and fisted the front of Eijirou's nightshirt, hauling the redhead off the ground.
Eijirou palmed Bakugou's forearm as he scrambled to get his feet under him. "Whoa, dude! I just woke up and I'm super disoriented right now, chill out. Bakugou, please."
"Cut the shit Ei, it ain't funny." Bakugou growled low, red eyes piercing a glare straight into Eijirou's.

"I, I'm not playing Baku-"
"Would'ya stop calling me by our last name! What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Oh. Right. The ring, they were married. Oops.

Eijirou could feel how hot his ears were burning. "Sorry. Um... Katsuki? This is probably going to sound crazy, but uh... How old are you- we?"
Bakugou raised a critical brow as he eyed Eijirou from head to toe. "29. Why?"
Crimson eyes blew wide, and Eijirou let loose a small squeak before he found his voice. "Holy shit! No... 10 years? Wha- how?" His skin started to crawl making him shake, even though the room was warm. "I can't even... There's no way- I was just."

"Ei, breathe."
With a shake of the head Eijirou whined. "I can't. I can't."

Arms went around his waist. A gentle tug brought him down into Bakugou's lap.
"What happened? Talk to me." He spoke softly, in a way Eijirou had never heard before, while tucking the redhead under his jaw.
"I, we were just called on scene. Some dude was tearing up a city block." Eijirou shivered as Bakugou rubbed the length of his spine. It was an impossibly tender action. One the redhead never thought the angry blonde could exhibit.
"Someone tried to touch you with weird glowing hands? They were reaching for you and I had to block, and I did but it hurt so much. Like liquid fire through my veins or some shit..."
Bakugou hummed in contemplation. "Sounds like a shitty, fucked up nightmare."
Eijirou's head shot up. He would have smashed his forehead into Bakugou's chin if the other hadn't backed off, as if expecting the jarring movement.
"It wasn't a nightmare, Ba-Katsuki... It happened to me, like a few hours ago? I passed out, woke up here. I don't know what's going on. How are we married? I, I just lost ten years and I'm freaking out!"

Bakugou's eyes narrowed, glaring down at Eijirou. "Bullshit."
Eijirou guffawed. "Why would I lie?"

"Fuck." Bakugou backed off putting Eijirou at arm's length. "Did they say anything before they touched you?"

"Um..." Eijirou's lips trembled. "Well, they were going after you for sure. They said something about showing you your future?"
"You said ten years? So you're what? Nineteen?"

Eijirou nodded.

"That's before we started dating. Fuck."
Bakugou shifted around, climbing out of bed. He flicked on the bedside lamp and moved to the wardrobe. Eijirou watched him for a moment before realizing the man was shirtless and averted his eyes to stare into his lap.
"No use trying to get back to fuckin' sleep now, c'mon, let's figure this shitshow out." Bakugou grumbled as he slid a red shirt over his head. The material hung off his lithe frame giving Eijirou the impression that it wasn't the blonde's shirt.
After a few minutes the pair were seated at the dining room table that fit four. Eijirou's eyes kept darting to the subtly placed domestic items around their shared space. From the photos of family and friends on their walls, to the display of actual wedding photos +
placed strategically on a low sitting shelving display. A bunch of the photos featured two kids, some of them the kids were alone or accompanied by one or more of their friends.
However, when Eijirou slowed to get a better look he noticed the kids were usually with Bakugou, Eijirou, or both of them together.

He was about to ask about the children when he noticed Bakugou had already made it into the kitchen.
The mugs Bakugou pulled from the cupboard almost made Eijirou tear up. Especially when the Ground Zero mug was placed in front of him with steaming hot cocoa while Bakugou was sipping the coffee inside a Red Riot mug.
"I doubt this Quirk of theirs causes ten year amnesia. There would've been fuckin' side effects I'da noticed." Bakugou voiced confidently as he plopped down on the chair opposite of Eijirou's.
"Then, what happened?" Eijirou asked as he picked up the mug and took a huge swallow of the hot cocoa, which had been cooled enough by milk. Just the way he liked.
Bakugou set his mug down roughly as he leaned back. "Fuck if I know. I don't even remember this incident you are talking about. Which leads me to believe that if they did send you to the future then your consciousness was not swapped with my Ei.+
Otherwise we would have known this was coming. It's more likely some advanced physic bullshit. Meaning this is all in your head and you will wake up back in your present, probably lying in some fucking hospital bed. Or..."
Eijirou gulped and his heart rate started to pick up again. "Or?" He repeated.

Bakugou let out a frustrated sigh. "I wouldn't be able to tell you if I was real or some two-bit copy. I think I'm real. I have a fucking life,
an I remember all the shit that went down from preschool til now. Its like I fuckin' said, I don't remember any of what ya told me. So if your goddamn consciousness did get swapped with my Ei, this ain't your future. Which makes everything a fuck ton more complicated. +
It would mean this Quirk you were hit with messes with space and time. Sending you to a completely different reality. An if that's what this is, I don't know how you're gonna get back. +
Unless my Ei finds the motherfuckin' asswipe that did this to you and makes them reverse it, or if it has an automatic reset that will swap you back when the timer hits fuckin' zero."
Tension set in Eijirou's body as he stared down into the brown contents of his mug. "So... I'm stuck here?" He asked looking up at Bakugou with sad eyes.
Letting loose a heavy sigh, Bakugou dragged a hand down his face. "Looks like." He said before leaning forward and placing both elbows on the table. Exhaustion clearly written on his face as he dropped his head into his palms.
Silence stretched between them before another thought popped up in Eijirou’s mind. “But why would they say they were showing you the future if it wasn’t actually yours?” He asked aloud.
Bakugou shrugged. “Maybe they're off their rocker? Or they didn’ know the full extent of their damn Quirk. They could just send you the fuckin' images of a most likely future, or your…” He shifted in his seat, a look of apprehension filtering across his features+
before he straightened himself out.

“Or it could be a collection of your worst fears come to light, even your wildest dreams given to you freely before ripping them away. It could fucking be anything really.”
Eijirou fidgeted in his seat, searching his mind for something, anything to say. He wasn't able to gather his thoughts before Bakugou was speaking again.
"Fuck. I'll have to call us out for work. I can make an appointment with a Quirk specialist. But I'll have to call the old hag, she'll need to pick up Ryu and Yokochan, watch them for a few days..."
Confusion marred Eijirou's face. "Who are Ryu and Yokochan?"

Bakugou did a full body flinch at the question, a grimace forming on his features. "Bakugou Ryuiichi and Yoganko, our twins. They'll turn six before the end of the year."
Eijirou gaped for a full minute before trying to formulate a sentence, his mind turning back to the photos. "I- we have ki- twins?"

Bakugou started rubbing his temples.

Eijirou, on the other hand, nearly flipped his chair when he whipped around thanks to the small childish voice.
Standing in the entrance to the hall was a boy. A little carbon copy of Bakugou himself if it wasn't for the black mop of wild hair on his head, and a flash of sharp teeth. The child was rubbing one eye as he glanced between the men.
"Ryu, why're you up? Go back to bed." Bakugou sighed.

Ryu pointedly ignored Bakugou and went straight to Eijirou, tugging on his nightshirt before the boy swayed a little on his feet. "Yokochan melted her covers again, she wants you."
Bakugou muttered a few curses under his breath then stood and strode over to Eijirou. "We'll have to finish this later. Take off your shirt before you pick her up, and make sure you use your quirk or your gonna get burned." He whispered in the Eijirou's ear.
Bakugou then stooped to grab Ryu whom immediately started to flail.

"I'm not a baby! I don't need to be carried! Stupid old man!" The child cried out as if all fatigue had been forgotten.
"Stop squirmin' you damn brat, you're so tired you can barely stand." Bakugou groused. He lead the way back down the hall with the struggling child in hand.
Eijirou was quick to follow, heeding the blonde's advice and shedding his tank as he went.

The door Bakugou disappeared through was just on the other side of the master suite.
Bakugou was setting Ryu down on his bed when Eijirou entered through the door. The smell of burnt cotton heavy in the small space and he was grateful when Bakugou threw open the window.
Sitting atop smoldering pink sheets was a little girl with pin-straight ash blonde hair falling past her shoulders. She had charcoal black hands with glowing red cracks climbing up her forearms. It looked like cooling lava just as her namesake suggested.
Her wide crimson eyes were brimmed with tears and each drop sizzling when they made contact with her hands. A small pleading 'Daddy' left her lips the moment Eijirou was within sight.
A concerned frown made its way on Eijirou's lips and brow. He acted purely on instinct when he made a beeline for her without a second thought, lifting her up gently from the bedding and pulled her to his chest.
The heat of her touch was startling but not unbearable with his hardened skin as a barrier. "Hey Yokochan, everything's alright." Eijirou tried soothing, regardless of how his heart was beating in his throat.
Bakugou was unnervingly silent as he moved to her bed and swiftly stripped the thing of its sheets. Thankfully the duvet hadn't got singed due to it having been kicked to the foot of the bed. "Take her to our room, she'll sleep better there. I have to clean this up."
"No fair! What about me?" Ryu piped up from his side of the room.

"I thought you weren't a baby." Bakugou pointed out while he made sure the sheets in hand were no longer smoking.
"I'm not! And neither is Yokochan, but she gets to sleep with you! Plus, it smells bad in here!"

Bakugou looked up at Eijirou briefly before scowling back down at the bundle. "Fine, go with your father, I'll be a minute."
Ryu bounced out of his bed and rushed over to Eijirou as if Bakugou would suddenly change his mind. Eijirou grimaced as he turned back to the hall. His mind was running in circles.
Not only was he just thrust into a future where he was married to the love of his life, but they had kids! Twins that somehow looked biologically his and Bakugou's even though Eijirou's brain told him that it was not possible.
Once back in the room he'd woke up in, Ryu ran to the bed and jumped on the mattress. The boy bounced a few times before Eijirou decided to scold him. "Ryu, no jumping on the bed, you'll break the boards."
The dark-haired boy pouted at the reprimand but also settled down quickly. "I wanna sleep next to Yokochan and Oyaji."
Eijirou snorted at the way Ryu called Bakugou 'father'. The banter between the two reminded him so much of all the times Eijirou witnessed Bakugou and his mother interacting. "Go ahead and crawl in Ryu."
The boy rose a scathing eyebrow, or as scathing as a five-year-old could make. "The geezer will be pissed if he has to climb over all of us to get to the wall."
Eijirou hummed as an answer. He didn't know why the hell the king sized bed was pushed in the corner if the room. It would make more sense if they could get around both sides. Maybe he could ask Bakugou later? There were quite a few things he wanted to ask Bakugou later.
Light taps on his chest pulled Eijirou from his thoughts. He glanced down at the little girl in his arms. She seemed to have calmed for the most part. Her eyes were still bubbling with silent tears, but were lidded.
She was patting a random pattern against him and her arms were no longer plated charcoal or burning.

Eijirou swallowed the lump rising in his throat. He didn't know if he was supposed to ask what happened or if the Eijirou of this place would've already known what was going on.
Thankfully he was saved by Bakugou returning.

"You doin' better pipsqueak?" Bakugou asked his daughter as he stopped at Eijirou's side.
Yoganko nodded somberly. Bakugou brushed his hand through her blonde locks, pushing her bangs back so he could plant a kiss on her forehead. "Dad won't let anythin' get to ya. And neither will Ryu and I. Right brat?"
Ryu grinned, knocking his fists together in a Red Riot fashion as dark crimson scales rippled across his skin. "Nothin' can get passed us! We're too strong!"

Bakugou cackled with a lopsided grin. "Scoot aside Mr. Smartass."
Ryu slid up so he was sitting cross-legged on the pillows to make room.

Bakugou turned to Eijirou. "Try to nap. We'll need to drop 'em off at Kindergarten at seven. I already let our office know we won't be in later. We'll talk again after the kids are taken care of."
"Alright..." Eijirou replied quietly.

"Hey." The blonde snapped as he placed a hand on Eijirou's forearm and squeezed. "We'll figure this crap out. Just get some more sleep. You'll be fine."
Then without waiting for an answer he yanked back the covers and crawled over the mattress. When he reached the wall he settled in, pulling a giggly boy down to settle beside him.
Bakugou buried his face into his son's dark hair murmuring something to the child that Eijirou couldn't hear. Ryu stilled almost immediately before reaching out to his sister.
Eijirou took that as a sign to place Yokochan on the bed. She immediately rolled over so she could hug her brother. Eijirou watched the three for a moment with a smile, indulging in the soft loving atmosphere before he flicked off the bedside lamp.
He grabbed the overturned corner of the duvet and slid in carefully next to the family. A family that was his but not his at the same time.
It took him a moment to settle on his back, gripping the covers tightly in hand over his solar plexus. He was on the very edge of the mattress afraid to scoot too close toward the kids and Bakugou. It was strange being there. Having Bakugou act like he was.

Eijirou's mind traveled back to their short conversation in the kitchen. Was this really an alternate future? It seemed maybe it was. Eijirou couldn't picture a Bakugou that was in love with him enough to marry him.
To have kids with him. Holy crap, they had /kids/ here! Two adorable children that looked /so/ much like them both.

Yokochan had Eijirou eye shape, and his face shape. She even had his hair texture but the color was all Bakugou, as were the crimson of her eyes.
Ryu looked so much like Bakugou, with his sharp eyes, and features. His wild hair a natural explosion. But the pitch color was Eijirou's, as were the carmine hue to his eyes, a shade lighter than his sisters, an almost blood orange when the light hit them.
When they figured out how to send him back… He was never going to see this perfect little family again, was he?
Eijirou tried some breathing exercises while staring up at the dark ceiling. Anything to stave off the incoming panic that was building inside him. However, his breathing continued to puff out in short bursts and he couldn't seem to suck in a decent lung full of air.
A large hand, rough with callouses landed heavily on his closed fist startled him into breathing deeper. Eijirou closed his eyes as thin arms wrapped tightly around his bicep. He couldn't even be grossed out as a wet nose nuzzled into his shoulder.
Bakugou was right. They'd figure out what to do later. They could figure out a solution, Bakugou always pulled them through. Known for leading his team and pulling everyone out with barely a scratch on them. He had to believe in that.
Nevertheless, Eijirou couldn't toss away the hope that this was some bazaar, realistic dream and would soon wake up in the hospital with little to no memories that he was already attached to.

"Ryu, where the hell're your pants?" Bakugou's angry shout carried through the hall. The abrupt burst startled Eijirou out of his slumber.
"Dunno!" The child cried back just as angrily. The rapid pound of small feet on wooden flooring sounding soon after.

"Get back 'ere ya brat! Your sister's already in her damned uniform and ready to go."
Eijirou rolled onto his side just as a small body launched from halfway across the room straight into his gut. The force made him grunt loudly before scrambling to catch Ryu so he didn't tumble backward off the bed.
Ryu clambered out of Eijirou's grasp. Climbed over the man, and swiftly dove under the Sheets.

The boy was clinging to Eijirou's back when Bakugou came bursting into the room. A navy blue backpack in one hand while a pair of small black slacks were in the other.
"Bakugou Ryuiichi, get your skinny lil'ass outta that bed now!"

The boy trembled behind Eijirou; nuzzling his little forehead into the man's shoulder blades, before shouting back. "No! I don't wanna go to grandma's house! She's mean! I'm not going!"
Yokochan appeared behind her father seconds later with big watery eyes. "I don't want to either papa." She said tugging on the hem Bakugou's shirt.
The blondes shoulders dropped. "I know, but your father and I have grown up stuff to deal with today. You can be good for me right? Watch your brother?"

Bakugou's attention didn't stay on his daughter for long.
His gaze snapped back to Eijirou, glaring a hole through the man's chest as if he could see his son hiding there. "And you're not allowed to call your grandma mean just cause she don't let you eat candies all damn day like your cousin's grandma!"
Eijirou swore he heard Bakugou mutter 'fucking Deku' under his breath, but was distracted trying to figure out how the kids had a cousin when neither he nor Bakugou had any siblings. He soon got the answer to his unasked question when Ryu finally decided to answer.
"Granny Inko is nice, and loves us!" He cried out, "Don't be mean to her!"
"M not bein' mean! I'm telling the truth! You only like her better cause she don't force ya to eat your vegetables! What's next, ha brat? You gonna hate Dad an I cause we don' letcha bounce off the damn walls all the time?"
There was a tiny whine that erupted from behind Eijirou. "No!"

"NO!? What in hell is that supposed to mean?"
Eijirou brought a hand to his face, trying to rub the sleep away. He wasn't sure if Bakugou trusted him enough to leave him alone with his kids, but he had to try something. He couldn't just sit there, he knew if their real father was there, he would've intervened by now.
"Hey, uh Katsuki, maybe I can handle this? Its a lota yelling for the mornin', Y'know?"

Even in his sleepy haze Eijirou could see the ridges of Bakugou's nose bounce in a silent snarl. The blonde launched the backpack in the opposite direction then where his daughter stood.
"FUC-nnn, FINE! You deal with him!" He angrily beat the small slacks into a compact ball. Threw the ball toward the bed. Then scooped up Yokochan off the ground and stomped off.
Eijirou caught him muttering about breakfast as he snuggled into his little girl, who was sweetly patting his head, before the pair were out of sight.
"Ryu." Eijirou called softly as he turned. Extra careful not to accidentally roll himself onto the poor boy. "Why're you fighting with your papa so early in the morning bud?"
"I wanna stay 'ere with you!" Ryu sniffed miserably, shuffling to sit up even though he refused to come out from under the covers. "Oyaji says that we gotta spend the week with grandma. We /always/ spend time with her! I wanna stay with papa'n daddy!"
Eijirou's heart ached for the kid. There was one thing he was certain of with out having to ask. These kids didn't get near as much time with their parents as they wanted.
With both he and Bakugou being pros, they'd have to have others watch the kids constantly. Having to fall back on their own parents' help.

Eijirou slid the covers back until Ryu's fluffy bed-head popped out.
"How 'bout we do some manly compromise? Yeah? Papa and I have to do some stuff with out you and your sister. But I don't think we need the /whole/ week. I think you should tell papa you miss him, I'm sure he'll let you come back home earlier."
Ryu sniffed again, big crimson eyes bubbling over with tears. "You think?"

A sympathetic smile played on his lips before Eijirou shuffled into a sitting position and pulled the boy into a hug. "Yeah, I think papa misses you too."

"Do you miss us?"
Eijirou fought not to freeze from the innocent question. He didn't know these kids, but he was sure he was going to miss them awfully when he got back home. And there was no doubt in his mind that the Eijirou that belonged here definitely missed spending time with his children,+
probably thought of them all the time when out on patrol. Saw them in the faces of every child he encountered in the field.

"Of course I miss you bud! You, your sister and your father are my world kiddo."
Ryu chuckled wetly against Eijirou's shoulder. "Oyaji is right, you are a big ol'sap dad!"

"Hey!" Eijirou gasped, playing up how affronted he felt. He pulled back and gently dug his fingers into Ruy's sides. "I think Papa's also right 'bout you bein' a brat!"
"N-no tickles!" Ryu bubbled, tears vanishing behind hiccups and giggles. The boy squirmed under Eijirou's hands, kicking out. The scales Eijirou saw last night started appearing on the boy's cheeks.

Being so close allowed Eijirou to witness in better detail how they appeared.
He'd thought they were the regular oval shape the night before, but closer he could see the armor like quality and the placoid shape. Every time the boy breathed in or flexed the scales would flare out, creating dangerous pointed spearheads.
Eijirou wondered if Ryu would be able to launch them or if they were stuck fused to his skin. Either way, it was a cool Quirk. The boy almost looked like a dragon paired with Eijirou's sharp teeth.
Movement caught the corner of Eijirou's eye, shifting his attention from the squirming boy in his grasp.
Bakugou had returned. The man was leaning at an angle with his shoulder against the door frame. Arms crossed over his chest loosely, making the oversized shirt bunch around his pecks.
The soft look was back, accompanied by the sweetest smile Eijirou had ever witnessed. Bakugou was watching him, them, and an air of peace swept through him.

This felt right.
Being there felt right, even though it wasn't supposed to be his place. Eijirou continued to feel more comfortable just existing in this family's space.

"Breakfast is on the table." Bakugou said neutrally as soon as Ryu's laughs died off.
Eijirou smiled back, "Thanks Katsuki! I'm starving."

"When're you not?"

Eijirou's grin just increased in size. "C'mon Ryu, let's eat, get your pants on please."
The boy rolled over the mattress. His bare feet landing with a slap on the ground. He looked over at Bakugou then back over his shoulder at Eijirou before he picked up his pants and ran out of the room.
The men watched Ryu until he disappeared from sight.

"Thanks." Bakugou said after a short moment of silence.

"Awe! It's no big deal bro!"
Eijirou got a raised brow in return. "Don't call me that, especially in front of the kids."

"Right, right. Sorry, habit." Eijirou said while putting his hands up in a placid gesture.
"Then fuckin break it." Bakugou paused to push off the door frame before speaking softly. "You're like him. You treat them the same."

"Oh?" Warmth colored Eijirou's cheeks. "I, uh, I'm just being me, y'know?"

Bakugou nodded. "Makes it hard not to kiss your stupid face."
Eijirou's eyes went wide, and an unbidden squawk was freed from his lips. "You can't say shit like that!"

"Just did." Bakugou said flatly. A playful smirk on his lips was the only thing giving him away.
With a loud morbid groan Eijirou covered his face and flopped over on his side. "You're so cruel, man. That's like dangling a piece of meat over a starvin tiger's cage."
This Bakugou, the one in a happy relationship with his husband and kids, couldn't possibly know how many times Eijirou had fantasized about his own reality's Bakugou saying similar things.
It wasn't fair. He felt like he was taking something that belonged to someone else. Someone who actually deserved it.
Not for the first time, Eijirou wondered how they got together in this timeline. Was this Eijirou not a coward? Did he not hide his feelings from his crush for years? Or was it Bakugou?
Maybe it /was/ just Bakugou. Sure his Bakugou was a little more agreeable around him, but he was never this /soft/.

Oh shit.
Eijirou barely stopped himself from sobbing into his hands. He figured it out. What did Bakugou say about the whole 'wildest dreams' thing last night. That's what this was right?

It was totally a manifestation of all of Eijirou's dreams.
A Bakugou who was in love with him, something that would never be true for real. Being married to the man of his dreams, the sole person he hadn't been able to get over for years.
And he had tried too, even dated a measly few people. It didn't last long though. Eijirou decided fast that he'd take a page out of Bakugou's book and focus on his career instead of his pathetic love life.
But the kids. Eijirou always loved kids. He knew he wanted them, and to have two perfect children with the love of his life? It was too good to be true, that was for certain.
His thoughts last night were on the right track. Now that Eijirou wasn't so tired, he was able to see the truth of it all.
But what was the point of sending someone to their desired future? The person who touched him didn't sound like they were trying to do Bakugou any favors.
A calloused hand pressing his bangs back pulled Eijirou out of his own head. He brought his hands away from his mouth so he could ask Bakugou what he was doing when he felt the man loom over him.
Soft lips caressing his brow made Eijirou close his mouth so fast his own tongue was almost a casualty.

"C'mon Red, we don't gotta lot of time before the kids need to be dropped off." Bakugou's fingers slipped through red strands as he backed off.
A sound between a dying animal and a squealing tire got caught in the back of Eijirou's throat.

When he finally got up enough strength to put his feet on the ground, Bakugou had already left the room again.
Eijirou took a moment to ground himself in his current situation before forcing a smile and leaving the room. There was no need to make the kids worry.
When Eijirou got to the dining table Yokochan was already most of the way through her meal. She had half a bowl of rice and a few more bites of her fish. Her brother on the other hand was just starting with his plate of fresh vegetables.
Eijirou sat in the empty chair between the kids. There was a tray with breakfast layed out. A bowl with a huge helping of rice, two whole grilled fish, a few handfuls of vegetables, and miso soup. His portions were probably four times as big as the kids, +
and almost twice as much as Bakugou had in front of him.

The forced smile Eijirou put on his face turned genuine when he realized how attune to his family's appetite Bakugou was. He immediately dug in.
"Thish ish sho-good -tsuki!" Eijirou practically moaned around a mouthful of grilled fish that melted on his tongue.

Giggles erupted from his left. Yokochan was trying to stop them from escaping by hiding behind her small hands. "Daddy! You say that /every/ meal!"
Eijirou's heart liquefied at her joy. Ryu had seemed happy enough, but all Eijirou had seen from his sister was fear and sadness. He was glad she was able to laugh too.
"It must be true every meal!" Eijirou answered after properly swallowing.

"Tch, just hurry it up we're gonna be late!" Bakugou grumbled as he shoveled rice into his mouth. His chopsticks barely left his bowl before they were back again because of how close he was holding them.
"Um, Papa?" Ryu fidgeted in his seat. "Can I talk to you?"

Bakugou eyed Eijirou briefly then set down his empty miso bowl. "Alright, let's go get yer bag. C'mon kid. Ei, help Yokochan get her shoes on."
Yoganko hopped off her chair. After the family rinsed their dishes, the four separated. Eijirou followed Yokochan to the genkan, while Bakugou and Ryu turned into the bedroom.
Yokochan sat down to slip on her tiny little shoes. Eijirou immediately realized why she needed help when he saw her with miniature versions of Bakugou's work boots.
She was trying to shove her right foot in without opening it up.

Eijirou chuckled as he knelt down to assist. "Sweetie, lemme help ya out." He opened the left shoe, swapped with her to open the right then helped her slide them on.
"Is your heel down?"

"Yup!" She cheered as she clicked her heels together.

Once he was sure her foot was properly in the boots he tightened them up for her. "There you go! Too tight?"
"Nope! Thanks Daddy!"

Eijirou couldn't help himself when he leaned down to smoother her in a hug and cheek kisses. He didn't know if he was actually allowed to do so but by her response it seemed like a normal occurrence.
Yokochan was in the middle of giving his cheek kisses when the other half of the family arrived.

Eijirou looked up at the single set of approaching footsteps.
Bakugou was back, having changed into something more acceptable to leave the house in. A simple black button up and loose fitting dark jeans riding low on his hips.
Ryu was seated in his arms though. The boy had a death grip around his father with his face firmly pressed into Bakugou's neck. It looked as if the boy was trying to get as close as possible with being able to merge with the man.
Eijirou would've been concerned if it wasn't for the fact that Bakugou's expression was completely neutral. Despite him rubbing little circles between Ryu's shoulder blades and the soft cries the boy was making.
There was no anger in Bakugou's eyes, deep furrow to his brow or snarl on his lips.

"Here, switch me for Ryu's shoes." Bakugou demanded as he thrust a bundle of clothing at Eijirou.
The redhead grabbed the small brown loafers and traded Bakugou for the foreoffered clothes.

"Get dressed ya big oaf." Bakugou thrust his chin in the direction of the bathroom. "An brush your teeth. We got three minutes."
Eijirou did as he was instructed, ducking into the bathroom door. When he put the pile of clothes by the sink his cheeks instantly flushed. It was the first time seeing this body, his almost thirty year old one.
First, he noted he had was ready to leave the house with no shirt and only his boxers on. Which was admittedly, very embarrassing, even though it wasn't the first time he's nearly made the faux pas.
Though the small blunder was not what completely caught Eijirou's attention. Being so scantily dressed gave him full view of his even more muscular build, and all the new scars he'd obtained over the years.
Eijirou appreciated the fact that he could gain some more muscle, and had obviously kept up a solid workout routine. He wasn't vain enough to check himself out in the mirror. But he did flex a little to see how his neck, shoulders and arms bulged under his tight tanned skin.
There were silvery scarring running up both his arms. The pattern reminded him of the way his hardening looked when activated. Eijirou was curious how far he'd have to push himself to leave those scars on his own skin.
The next thing he noticed was a blast scar over his left side. It covered from just under his ribs to the edge of his hipbone. It almost looked like Bakugou's. It appeared to have healed well enough, the marred skin seemed healthy.
[CW: 🔞 Implied Bottom!Kiri 🔞]
As Eijirou dragged his fingers over the dips and bumps of the scared skin his pinky brushed against something that sent a dull sting through his side. It caused a started gasp to escape his lips. Eijirou's eyes tracked over to where the pain originated from.
"Oh shit!" He breathed at the sight of a hot pink mark under the blast scar. There was no doubt in his mind that, /that/ was Bakugou's mark.

Eijirou was quick to drop his boxers so he could investigate further.
The redhead had to fight a whimper when he spotted exactly what he thought was on his skin. Bakugou's large handprint was seared into his hip. The puckered skin still pink and just sensitive enough to remind him it was there when something brushed against it.
It was something straight out of a shameful amount of his fantasies. There were not many daydreams or /wet/ dreams he had that didn't feature Bakugou's burning hands all over his skin. Leaving angry red marks in their wake, a reminder that would last weeks.
Eijirou wobbled a little when he found matching handprints over the opposite side of his hip and high on his inner thighs. Little purple bruises accompanied Bakugou's hands. Littering marks splattered in small clusters ranged between his hips and knees.
It seemed Bakugou was careful to stake his claim in places that could be covered by a pair of shorts.
Eijirou couldn't imagine how many people had seen Bakugou's claim on him though, that is if he still wore a jockstrap while working. He'd never been bashful while changing in a locker room, but he'd also never been marked up before either.
He trailed his finger tips across the burns. The sensation made him shiver as he ghosted his hand over a less sensitive spot. Eijirou let loose a shuddering groan as he eyed the size difference through the mirror. His own hand fitting completely inside Bakugou's handprint.
For as long as Eijirou had known Bakugou, the man had sported large hands. The blonde once explained how having more surface area meant larger explosions. Eijirou had teased him, compared him to a basketball player. But it was all to hide how much of a turn on he thought it was.
How focusing to hard on his friend's hands had heat pooling in his gut. He wondered if Bakugou could still toss him around, as if he weighed nothing, despite how massive the redhead appeared to have grown.
"F-fuck." Eijirou groaned again. He stumbled forward, hands gripping the porcelain sink.
Hardened lines cracked down his face and rippled in waves across his thighs. He needed to get a hold of reality. Which was challenging when all he wanted to do was take a hold of something entirely different.
The sink cracked under his fingers and he pulled away almost immediately. The last thing he needed to do was jerk off with kids standing two meters away.

Instant boner killer.
Clothes. Yeah, that's what he was in the bathroom for.

With shaking hands Eijirou fumbled for the bundle on the counter. He found clean boxer-breifs, a lightweight sweater and a pair of jeans.
There wasn't enough time to fix his hair, but Eijirou figured he probably shouldn't anyway since he wasn't on duty. Instead, he decided a low ponytail would have to suffice.

"Ready!" Eijirou shouted as soon as he left the bathroom.
Bakugou bearly glanced up before jutting his chin at the rack over the getabako. He was still juggling Ryu on his hip, trying to slip the shoes on the boy's feet with one hand. "Grab yer cap an' a jacket."
"Daddy!" Yokochan cried reaching up for Eijirou.

Eijirou hesitated for a moment while grabbing what he thought was a plain black cap. "One second, let me help Papa."
"Don't need help." Bakugou grumbled even though his actions were contradictory as he offered the shoes back.
"Whatever you say Babe." Eijirou chuckled sarcastically as he slipped Ryu's loafers on with ease. It seemed the boy wasn't going to be set down anytime soon. "There we go, now it's your turn Yokochan."
The redhead went to place the cap on his head before picking up Yoganko only to pause when he noticed deep red and burnt orange stitching on the bill. His brow furrowed as his thumb traced the little X's and gear shaped O's embroidered in two corners.
Along the strap was similar stitching with the same colored thread reading 'GroundRiot' in bold letters. Eijirou's mind whirled. Finding the name he'd always wanted to call a joint hero agency with Bakugou here in this alternate reality really cemented the 'dream future' theory.
He'd never actually voiced the idea to anyone, only wrote the name down in notebook pages accompanied by red hearts because even he had to admit the name sounded /shippy/. Just another pathetic thing he did to assuage his hopeless crush.
Eijirou had to fight a defeated sigh as he fitted the cap over his head.

Yokochan was starting to get antsy waiting. She still had her little arms outstretched to him and was rocking on her heels sporting pouty lips and a scrunched up brow.
"Up you go!"

Swooping down Eijirou swung Yokochan into the air. His over exaggerated movement caused her pout to vanish into a fit of giggles. A wide toothy grin was back on his face as he pulled her in close, mirroring the way he'd held her when she had that nightmare.
The family of four was out the door and on their way moments later.

Eijirou stuck to walking a pace behind Bakugou because he had no clue where they were headed. Even though he more or less recognized the roads, he'd never be able to direct anyone to the kindergarten.
Yoganko seemed content enough seated on Eijirou's arm, watching her surroundings with wide eyes. She'd also taken to running her fingers through Eijirou's ponytail. He didn't mind, it was kinda cute how habitual the action seemed to be.
Ryu on the other hand had yet to lift his face from his father's neck. Bakugou didn't let the boy's sudden clinginess hinder his movement though. Rather, the man was walking with the utmost confidence as he strode purposefully down the street.
It brought an affectionate smile to Eijirou's lips. He couldn't take his eyes off Bakugou, which was normal. Seeing him so at ease with /their/ kids was a treat. He had a hard time tearing his gaze from every new moment witnessed.
Eijirou was so focused on the man that he almost bowled right into Bakugou when he stopped short.

"Kacchan! Ei-Jichan!" An excited young voice cried out from further down the street. "Ryuchan! Yokochan!"
[CW: Minor/Background Pairing Izuchako]
Ryu's head immediately popped up off Bakugou's shoulder. He squirmed, pushing at his father's face, distress clearly written on his own. "Put me down! Put me down!" He cried cheeks and ears rosey red.

"Oi! Knock it off!"

Eijirou only paid partial attention to the altercation. His attention instead held by the appearance of a new little boy charging at them, little arms waving around in excitement. He had a wide smile, pink cheeks, wild curly auburn locks, +
huge green eyes and freckles covering every centimeter of visible skin.

"MiDoRiYa ShunTo! DON'T RUN OFF!" A stressed parental yelp sounded from further off.
Ryu made it down on the ground, but Bakugou had a firm hold on his wrist. It prevented his own son from running. The boy was tugging though, his little body diagonal and feet slipping on the pavement as he tried to pull away.

Ryu's scales started to creep down his forearms.
"Oi!" Bakugou shouted whipping his son around to face him. He crouched to Ryu's level and used his opposite hand to grip his jaw, forcing the boy to look him in the eye.
"You cut my hand an' the deal's off kid. You'll stay with your granny for the entire week, y'hear me? 'M not raisin' a disobedient brat."
Ryu's lower lip trembled. He yanked his chin out of Bakugou's hold and glared at the ground. "Kay."

Bakugou watched him carefully. Only when Ryu completely stilled and the scales retreated did Bakugou stand again.

Ryu continued to pout scuffing his toe against the ground.
"Oi! Deku! Control yer brat!" Bakugou shouted irritably.

The younger Midoriya crashed into Bakugou's leg, clinging to him like a little monkey. The boy's father jogging to a stop when he got close.
"He only takes off when he sees you Kacchan." Midoriya says as he bends down attempting to pry his child away. Needless to say, the child's grip was like iron.

"Why're in your damn hero suit? Where's the wife?"
"Ochako's on a mission." Midoriya replied with a small pout. He gave up trying to retrieve his giggling kid and stood. "I'm about to start a shift. My agency called me in. Is something wrong? Why aren't you two patrolling today?"
"What makes it your damn business, ha?" Bakugou gritted out before shaking his leg. "Get off'o me! Go greet yer other uncle damnit."

Shunto rolled away still giggling before he popped back up and launched himself towards Eijirou.
"Shit! Wait!" Bakugou yelled dropping Ryu's hand in order to try and catch his nephew instead.

The little ball of energy was too quick. Eijirou reached out instinctively with the arm not holding Yoganko to catch the tiny incoming body.
He caught the boy around the waist mid leap and nearly took a knee to the concrete because of how unexpectedly /heavy/ the child was. Eijirou was extra glad he was so /stacked/ in this future or the cement would be cracked and maybe his knee too.
Like, /holy shit/! Why did this child weigh what had to be 140 kilos!? That's definitely not normal.

Yoganko clung to Eijirou's neck as he tilted, so she wouldn't be dropped, not that Eijirou planned on letting her go.
"Bakugousan!" Midoriya shrieked in an inhuman tone. His face was cherry red and hands flitting around, but not doing anything useful. "I'm so sorry! I've told him he's not supposed to use his Quirk, but he still thinks its funny you can catch him!"
Eijirou winced as he pulled the boy up properly into his arm. He was almost certain he'd pulled something. Eijirou also almost ignored Midoriya's apologies until he locked eyes with Bakugou and realized /he/ was 'Bakugou'. That Midoriya still addressed Bakugou as Kacchan.
To cover the slip Eijirou belted out a laugh that was a tad too loud, and a little too fake. "Kids will be kids, right?"

Midoriya's wide green eyes narrowed and he started to open his mouth when Bakugou snarled.

"Grab yer damn kid Deku!"
Midoriya's teeth clicked together. "Right. Yes, Shunto. Let's greet everyone correctly okay?" He spoke while reaching for his son. Eijirou loosened his tight grip, thankful the load was being removed.
"I really am sorry about this. He's usually more behaved. He just goes a little crazy when he gets to see you."

"It's no big deal Midoriya! I can handle it." Eijirou said with a cheerful lit to his voice.
"Awe, Dad!" Shunto whined back when his father pulled him away. His curly head dropping backward dramatically onto Midoriya's shoulder. "Red Riot's Unbreakable! A little weight doesn't hurt him none!"
Both Eijirou and Midoriya broke out into a light blush.

"We've talked about Quirk usage Shun, what'd mom say?"

Shunto hummed. "Only at home and when the teacher says it's okay?"

"Right, are we home?"

Midoriya made a show of looking around much to all three children's amusement. "Hmm, I don't remember your teacher being invisible."

"She's not Dad!"

"So should you be using your Quirk?"
Shunto looked thoughtful for a moment before he shook his head negatively. "No, can I greet Ryu an' Yokochan now?"

Midoriya smiled brightly, a fond parentallook masking his face. "Yes."
He set his, now normal weighted, son down on the ground. Shunto immediately went to Ryu and the pair excitedly knocked their fists together. The action made Eijirou cringe because of how much force they seemed to have used.
Shunto pivoted grinning up at Yoganko. He lifted a single fist to her and she reached down to him. Eijirou tilted enough for her to reach since her other hand was still holding onto his shoulder.

The pair's fists bumped harmlessly off each other's.
"Boom!" Yoganko and Shunto exclaimed staring their hands in mock explosions.

Yokochan giggled, pressing her cheek into Eijirou's clavicle and her forehead against his neck. He had to fight the soft croon rising from the pits of his bubbly stomach.
She was so sweet. He wanted to keep her forever. Protect her from everything that wished her harm. He never wanted to let her go.

And if Eijirou squeezed Yoganko a little closer to his chest… Well, that was between him and her.
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