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Suneater and Red Riot talk about their crushes... They have a crush on the same blond? They decide to do the honorable thing and set each other up... even if that means they can't be with the ones they love....
♡ commission for @B2Josh aka my fav person on this bird app ♡

#miritama & #kiribaku

♡ ft. 2 fools and 2 very confused blonds ♡

♡ don't let the summary fool you this is mostly a crack/fluff story with just a dash of angst ♡

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“Why are you in such a good mood Amajiki- senpai?” Red Riot asked as they were returning to Fatgum’s Agency from patrol.

“I am?” Suneater asked, “didn’t notice.”
“Yeah you are, we did pretty good today taking out those villains. I’m still fired up!” the energetic redhead exclaimed pounding his fist together.

“Yeah” the older of the teens agreed and smiled.

“But that’s not what you were thinking about~” Kirishima cooed.
“You are very perceptive,” he commented.

“Yeah I guess I am, why what’s up?” Red Riot insisted. 

“If you insist, I’m just thinking about someone,” Tamaki confessed and blushed as a result.
“OOOOH! YOU HAVE A CRUSH?!?!?” the redhead exclaimed loud enough for the world to hear. 

Tamaki blushed even harder turning his entire face and neck red, “No, yess… I just really admire him…”
“YOU ARE GAY?!?!?” Kirishima yelled.

Suneater did not comment.
“I meant you are gay tooo??? I’m so excited, being gay is hella manly,” Red Riot announced, 

“If you say so…” Amajiki stated but the relief was immediate.
“Yeah, in that case, I can admit I have a crush too, well maybe? I really like him and think he is extremely manly and-"
Tamaki let him ramble on, as he listened he noticed Kirishima was using a lot of adjectives that described Mirio. No- it couldn’t be- “Uh what does he look like?”
“Oh well he is blond, strong and sculpted to the gods and has a smile that could break hearts. What about your guy?” Kirishima asked.
“Same… I mean he is blond, extremely attractive if I am being honest,” Amajiki answered meekly.
Oh, Kirishima did not like the change of tone of his senpai, could they be going after the same blond? “What else do you like about him?”
“He is valiant, courageous, strong-willed,” Suneater declared.  

Check, check and check, he was describing Katsuki to a T.
“Have you gone on a date with him?”

“No? I’m too shy to bring that up to him. You?”

“Nope, I’m too scared that I will push him away.”
“RED RIOT! SUNEATER! You guys did an amazing job today,” Fatgum congratulated them and the two sidekicks reminded the rest of their walk to the dorms.
Kirishima was wide awake that night, he could not stop the thoughts of Amajiki and Bakugou. How did he not see this? Of course with quirks like there’s, both flashy, it just makes sense that they would be attracted to each other.
They’d make incredible hero duos. He wants nothing for the best for his senpai and Bakugou is the best.
He let his tears roll down his face just a little while longer before he armed himself with courage, he was not going to let this drag him down. No, if he couldn’t be with Bakugou, he was going to do the absolute most to make them happy… together.
to: ❤ bakubro 💥🧡

hey what are you doing Friday afternoon?
from: ❤ bakubro 💥🧡

Kirishima it is 4 in the fucking morning
to: ❤ bakubro 💥🧡

so nothing great?

to: ❤ bakubro 💥🧡

i have a friend that likes you, he is the absolute best, and you are the most amazing person ever, and i think you need to give him a chance
Fifteen minutes went by and there was no answer, maybe he fell asleep? He closed his eyes and waited for sleep to claim him when his door opened up.
It was Bakugou. 

“Uh hey bro?”
It was dark but Kirishima could feel the blond rolling his eyes. “Scootch shitty hair.” Is the only warning he received before Bakugou slid in the bed with him.
This was something that just happened sometimes, since they both occasionally had nightmares, and it’s what two best bros did right?
Wait… if they started dating… no it was unmanly to have those thoughts, especially with Bakugou right beside him.
“Shitty hair.” 


“Stop thinking so damn loud idiot,” the blond huffed.
“Sorry, uh we should sleep? We have class in a few hours,” Kirishima rolled around and got as close to the wall as possible, trying to not make contact with his friend, sometimes they cuddled but he had to get over that.
“You want me to date someone else?” Katsuki asked in a whisper.
Kirishima didn’t know how to respond, but not helping Tamaki out would be unmanly so he swallowed and brought himself to reply.
“You know Amajiki Tamaki? 3rd yr, uh he told me he had a crush on you and well like I said I think you should see him Friday.”
Katsuki just grunted but didn’t reply, few minutes passed by and Eijirou stopped waiting for one.
“Will you be upset if I don’t.”
Kirishima thought about it for a while, honestly? No, he would not, he didn’t actually want them to date but he had never been selfish and didn’t feel like this was the time or place to start.
“Yeah, I would.”
Bakugou growled, or was it a purr? Kirishima wasn’t sure but it was an animal noise of some kind. “Fine, set it up or whatever.” He then rolled towards Kirishima and pulled him into his arms, “shut the fuck up now and let me sleep.”
When Kirishima’s alarm went off he found their positions had reversed, Bakugou was the one laying in his arms, he also noticed a text message from his senpai.
from: Amajiki 🐙

Can you meet Toogata at a restaurant close to campus at 19:00 hours this Friday?
Toogata? That was odd. Maybe he should give this Mirio thing a shot. Sigh or not. He’s too. Not-bakugoish… but his senpai asked him too…
to: Amajiki 🐙

yeah, as long as fat doesn’t need me im free

to: Amajiki 🐙

Uhh,, can you meet Bakugou uhhh same time and place… i don’t really know any other place
from: Amajiki 🐙

“Tamaki, are you even listening to me?” Nejire whined as they were heading to the 3rd year dorms.
“Huh?” is all he could muster. 

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Nuhuh don’t lie to me, I know you, something is happening, you are a lot more quiet and gloomy than usual,” she started shaking him, “come on tell me.”
Tamaki took a deep breath, he knew that once his blue-haired friend got it in her head to talk, there was no stopping her, “Mirio has a date on Friday.”
Ahhh, that’s great! I remember my first date with my girlfriend, are you nervous? I can’t believe it took you guys this long to finally start dating-"
“Neijire,” he tried to interrupt her.
“If nothing had happened, I was going to lock you two up in a closet before graduation until you finally confessed and-”
“It’s not with me,” he mumbled. 

“WHAT?” she screamed so loud it hurt his ears
"Yeah, Kirishima, our new intern expressed interest in him and I set it up,” he said lowering his voice as he spoke.
“Why would you do that?  is yours, you call him your sun. Why did he even agree?” she exclaimed.
Tamaki just shrugged and felt even worse about the events, she hadn’t even told him the worst part. That he had agreed to see Bakugou, he remembered him from reruns of the sports festival. about it.
He was loud, rude, ugly and worst of all scary, Tamaki wanted to puke just thinking about it.
Bakugou woke up to the sound of Kirishima’s alarm. He untangled himself from their cuddle position and turned off the alarm. After he glanced at Kirishima’s lock screen he realized his day would only get worse.
It was Friday. He had that dumbfuck date with tentacles, that wasn’t the worst part no, shitty hair had changed his lock screen from a picture of them to one of their friends' he got out of bed and almost left before he remembers they were in his room.
He picked Kirishima up and before the dumbass even woke up, Bakugou had carried him to the redhead’s room and threw him on his bed. He slammed the door on his way out. He was beyond pissed.
Later on, the day as the time of this idiotic “date” was approaching and with nothing better to do he checked a group chat he was thrown in with Camie that chick from shiketsu and some of his classmates, how she got his and their number is still a mystery to this day.
He saw a few notifications for the group he had lovingly called “Annoying Bitches.” He would never admit it but sometimes the information, or “tea” as they called it was entertaining and useful to understand whatever the fuck those extras in his class were up to.
Annoying Bitches

shiketsubitch: so spill, has bakubae done anything worthy of gossip

roundcheeks: nope
Ears: He has been weirdly quiet and emitting a killer aura today...


Roundcheeks: @ me you have a date and you didn’t tell us?
Shiketsubitch: Is it with that hot as fuck redhead? 👀👀👀

Ears: I saw him ask aoyama for fashion advice today.

Me: @ racconeyes fuck you 

Me: @ roundcheeks no, im not seeing Kirishima, im seeing that tentacle bitch
Roundcheeks: Shoji???

Me: 3rd yr octopus bitch
Raccooneyes: you are going on a DATE with one of the BIG 3


Shiketsubitch: Oh shit, kill him queen.
Ears: Camie we haven’t met formally yet but I love you & am so glad you made this groupchat.

Shiketsubitch: Jirou doll all you need to know is I am a /snack/ and will jump your bones when I see you.

Me: I didn’t ask him to do shit.
Me: He set it up and gave me those fucking puppy-dog eyes until I agreed. 

Me: I should have known he didn’t like me like that.
Racconeyes: he DOES tho

Me: why did he set it up?
Shiketsubitch: sexy babe todoroki said Kirishima is also going on a date tonight

Roundface: WHAT???
Racconeyes: Camie find out with who

Shiketsubitch: who tf is toogata
Shiketsubitch: Is he hot?

Roundface: Toogata??
Ears: I thought he and Amajiki (baku’s date) were dating. 

Me: I’ll kill him.
Racconeyes: I forget you are in this groupchat sometimes…

Me: 🖕🏽
Shiketsubitch: send pics of your fit for the daaate, have to make sure you look like a whole damn meal 

Ears: you just want another picture of him.
Racooneyes: I just talked to kirishima, I’m going to melt him to the bone, he is so hopeless. 

Racconeyes: You two are going to the same place btw.
Me: wtf

Roundface: be nice to Amaijiki
Me: No. 

Ears: Kiri will see if you are mean to him and that’s “not manly”.
Me: why tf do I care? He’s the one that’s going to be with there with a fucking loser.

Shiketsubitch: You smell that fam? That is the sweet scent of jealousy.
Roundface: Threat amaijiki like the best thing ever and show kiri that he is missing out on…

Shiketsubitch: oooooooooo I like loooooove that
Me: I hate all of you.

Racconeyes: Hush, ya know you loooove your girl squad!
Ears: When you return tonight I expect to hear kiribaku is canon. 

Me: bakushima 

Shiketsubitch: you guys wanna hear some hot Shiketsu tea?? Like fam you won’t believe...
Bakugou closed out of the messaging app, he would read that later. For now, he had a new goal in mind, make Kirishima wish he was on a date with him.
Katsuki didn't even have a̶m̶a̶j̶i̶ fuck. Bakugo didn't even know his "dates" name and there he was 15 minutes early because he had /manners/ and didn't even have the guys number.
He was annoyed and seriously considering leaving. "Show him what he is missing out on" he rolled his eyes.
The girls didn't know shit. He still wasn't 100% convinced Kirishima even liked him back. Being gay was so stupid.
Straights didn't have these issues, just talking to one another was considered liking each other. He saw a̶m̶e̶j̶ tentacle b̶i̶t̶c̶-dude walking towards the restaurant.
He went over what he read about first dates, he was supposed to acknowledge his presence and make them feel wanted. He scoffed, he hated lying, but this was for Kirishima.
When a̶m̶i̶j̶ the other guy got closer he made sure to wave and give his best-forced smile.

Time to woo this loser and make Kirishima die of jealousy or whatever.
"Ba-bakugou?" tentacles stuttered. 

"Yeah," he pulled his hands out of his pants and opened the door to him. Once they sat them down he decided to do the polite thing and fucking talk to him.
"What the fuck is your name?" he asked and mentally cursed at himself for cursing.
“Amajiki Tamaki,” the other replied without making eye contact. Bakugou stopped himself from rolling his eyes, he was here to be *nice* damn it.
He scanned the room looking for the true object of his affections. No redhead. Well if he wasn’t here then he had no reason to play prince charming.
Several minutes passed and they both didn’t say anything. A̶m̶a̶j̶i̶ shy face looked like he was going to throw up, they ordered appetizers but other than that, they had nothing to talk about. Until Katsuki heard Kirishima walk in.
“Wow! Really? Toogata that is soooo manly!” He heard him exclaim. He scoffed. Fucking idiot. 

“Tell me about your quirk,” he commanded his /date/.
“Oh ahh, It’s Manifest … anything I eat I can draw out its characteristics… and…” Tamaki stammered. Katsuki stopped himself from rolling his eyes for the fifth time in those 15 minutes alone.
“Anything?” he was a little intrigued, that was definitely a quirk worthy of a pro. “Rocks?” 

The black-haired teen nodded.
“Guns?” he asked.

A̶m̶a̶j̶i̶- why did this fucker have such a hard name? Tentacles, paused for a second contemplating the answer.
“It has to be natural, not manufactured,” he finally replied. The younger teen was impressed that the fucker had managed to answer without stuttering. Still even printing press could make manufactured shit so he still wasn't shit.
Kirishima’s laugh interrupted his thoughts. He looked past his ‘date’ and saw they were sitting on the other side of a wall separation.
He could see that older blond perfectly and could barely see the back of Kirishima’s red hair. It was styled in his classic red stupidass spikes. The weird face blond was animatedly telling a story of some sort receiving a lot of reactions from Kirishima.
He stopped himself from growling. Kirishima was *his* damn-it, he was disgusted and had half a mind to go over there beat weird face to a bloody pulp.
As he was debating the pros and cons he noticed the no pupil freak glace in their direction. He smiled like a maniac as a thought flew into his head.
He leaned across the table closer to the black-haired teen, there was no way the others could hear them, but they didn’t need to.
Making sure he could still feel those blue eyes on him he leaned in and asked, “What about human flesh?”
He smirked when the outcome he was planning played out. Tentacles jumped in his seat and backed away from him muttering something about that not being legal, refusing yet again to look into his eyes.
His reaction wasn’t the only one that went as planned. He knew that to no pupils it had looked like he had leaned in for a kiss or to say something suggestive and Tamaki’s reaction further solidified that assumption.
The carefree blond now had a serious expression, and most importantly, he had stopped charming Kirishima.
Now Katsuki was sure that only Kirishima and the teen in front of them were dumb enough to believe that he and weird eyes could possibly be interested in anyone else.
He vaguely recalled ‘tea’ from the annoying bitches chat Amajiki’s hero name- whatever that was- was created due to some gay shit that no pupils had said. There was no way the guy in front of him had anything close to a crush on him.
He was about 98.7% certain that hair-for-brains had made that shit up. Having come to that realization, he didn’t need to try to woo the other idiot in front of him, no he just had to make Lemillion think that he was. It was time for the real fun to begin
Mirio was so confused. A few days ago Tamaki. His boyfriend since middle school was acting nervous and fidgeting around him. Something he hadn’t done for years.
When he asked him what was wrong Tamaki informed him that a first-year his boyfriend was acquainted with him had a crush on him.
He was flattered but before he could reassure him that nothing would happen that he was content with what they had, he found himself agreeing to meet the other individual. It seemed Tamaki was persistent that Mirio had to meet him.
So there he was having dinner with Red Riot, he didn’t know much of the details but Tamaki said he did a great job in the Eri raid. He wasn’t sure what to do so he resorted to his comfort, comedy, that seemed to be doing the trick.
After a while, he felt an intense glare piercing through him. He looked to see they were coming from a blond guy with hellish red eyes.
He was… with Tamaki?!
He tried to remember where he had seen this guy before, was he also a UA student?!
Yes, that’s right he is the one that won the sports festival, what was he doing with his boyfriend?
As soon as that thought crossed his mind he saw Bakugou lean forward and whisper something in his boyfriend's ear.
This couldn’t be happening.
Mirio trusted Tamaki 100% he knew that if he was strong enough to fend off any unwanted attention. He knew that he didn’t do anything he didn’t want to. So why did he just blush and stay there when that Bakugou guy insinuated something to him?
“Toogata senpai??” Red Riot’s voice rang with concern.

“Yeah?” he offered.
“Did something happen? You look very uh distracted. You can leave if you don’t want to be here,” the younger teen said, “I honestly don’t know why Tamaki set this up especially since he is on a date at the same place and-”
“Wait! Did you say a date?” Toogata exclaimed?

“Uh yeah, I set him up with my best bro Bakugou, he is super manly and...”
Toogata did not want to listen to any explanations that didn’t come from Tamaki’s mouth, this was so not like him!
He was tempted to go over there and demand an explanation but as he looked over to the table he saw Tamaki get up in a flash all sweaty and red and rush toward the bathroom.
He looked and saw the blond first-year student sitting there with what he presumed was his version of a smirk.
Why was Tamaki so flustered? He had to find out.
“Kirishima, I saw Tamaki run towards the bathroom, I have to get an explanation from him,” he hit himself on the table as he tried to use his quirk to phase through and get there as soon as possible.

He sighed, guess he had to run over like a normal person.
He found the guy's bathroom by following the path Tamaki had run. There were a few stalls all empty except for one that he kept hearing weird noises from. “Tamaki? Are you here?” he asked.
“M...Mirio?” came the hesitant response. Followed by wet choking- was he throwing up? "Are you okay?"

"No, I keep.."
Mirio knew that now wasn't the time to ask but he had to know why his boyfriend had agreed to go on this date.

"Is that why you rushed to the bathroom? No other reason?" he asked.
"What other reason," Tamaki threw up yet again, was there something he could do to help? He walked closer to the stall and tried to phase the door ran into it.
"Let me in," he yelled. He started to mess with the door to jam it open. He heard the main door to the bathroom open but didn't pay much attention to it if someone asked he would just explain he was a hero in-training trying to help someone in need.
"Toogata is Amajiki okay?" he turned to see it was Kirishima who had walked in, the worry in his face looked genuine.
"Yeah he is fine, could you uh- give us a second? I want to talk to him privately," he asked.

"Uh, sure? It doesn't really sound like he is in the position to talk to anyone though," the redhead countered.
"I'm fine," they heard the dark-haired teen yell from the stall, Mirio was waiting for him to start throwing up again but nothing happened.
"I guess I will go tell Bakugou what is happening then, he is probably worried," Mirio saw him scratch the back of his head, "I wonder if his stomach is upset as well or is it something that Amajiki ate beforehand."
"What the fuck is going? Why hasn't anyone come back?" Bakugou asked when he walked into the bathroom before Kirishima made it out. Great just what they needed more company.
Mirio saw Kirishima was about to talk to the blond but stopped and began to check him out. If the redhead was interested in Bakugou, why the hell did he tell Tamaki that he had a crush on him?
"Ah? What the fuck is that smell and why the hell are you just standing around?"

"Oh, so you are not even going to ask about Tamaki?" Lemillion asked a bit peeved.
"Tamaki?" the other blond asked scrunching his eyebrows.

"Tamaki is Amajiki, Amajiki Tamaki, you really need to work on names Bakugou," he heard the redhead scold.
"What's up with tentacles anyway? He was so fucking quiet the entire time I barely noticed he had run off," Bakugou stated and that was all Mirio needed to hear.
"What is your damage, that is no way to refer to anyone, especially not someone as amazing as Tamaki, you have no idea what was right in front of you?" Mirio was upset, for many reasons.
First, and foremost he still didn't understand what compelled his boyfriend to suggest he have dinner with Red Riot. Was that his way of saying he wanted to see other people? That thought didn't sit well with him.
Also, this Bakugou guy didn't exactly have the best rap sheet. He has watched his sports festival match and while he admired his strength and performance he was not sold on his attitude. Just what was Tamaki's reason for meeting with him?
"My damage? Fucking take that back weird eyes!" Bakugou threatened and created a small blast from his right palm.
"No, I don't think so, and don't pretend like you didn't very well notice Tamaki's presence during dinner, I saw you and the -the things you were insinuating..."
...well he wasn't a 100% sure he didn't have superhuman hearing but there are only a few select words that could make Tamaki react the way he did, words that he himself had not said wanting to respect his boundaries.
Mirio hadn't even held his hand or tried to kiss him because a part of him knew his boyfriend would be uncomfortable. The thought that anyone would be bold or inconsiderate enough to cross over those well-defined lines made his blood boil.
"I am not one to be a fan of violence and without my quirk, I cannot stop my fist from making contact," he glared directly in Bakugou's direction, "So, I am only going to ask this once, what are your intentions with Tamaki?" He could not have made his question more clear.
"Hah?" was the reply he received.

Not good enough. "I won't repeat myself."
"I don't have any intentions, I don't even know why the fuck I agreed to this shit. It's not fucking serious. I'll never see him again," the younger blond replied.
That was not the answer he wanted. Nothing serious, nothing serious? Tamaki deserved the best. Unable to control himself he lunged at the teen aiming for a clear shot of his face.
Lemillion was not prepared for the explosive teen in front of him to block and move away from the shot, he had to have incredible reflexes to do that. Not incredible enough if his quirk had still been active though.
"What the fuck was that for you no pupil-eyed freak?" he heard him yell, "You want to fight? Fine, I'LL KILL YOU," he saw him begin to create a blast and propel himself towards him. Red Riot stepped in and held onto him.
"Bakugou stop!" Kirishima yelled holding him back. But it wasn’t enough to stop Toogata too though and he called for his work partner, "Suneater some help?"
Suneater opened the door to intervene but did not want to leave the stall just in case. With his quirk, he created some squid tentacles to wrap around Bakugou to contain him and a chicken foot large enough to hold on to Mirio and push him away from his target.
The restraints didn't last long, Tamaki started to throw up again and the products of his quirk disintegrated. The second it did both of them moved to attack each other again.
"BOTH OF YOU CALM DOWN," Kirishima yelled hardening and managing to squeeze in between them. "You aren't acting very heroic," he added.
"What's not heroic is him,” Mirio pointed at Bakugou, “trying to make a move on my boyfriend,” he clarified.
“HAH?!” Bakugou yelled, “I wasn’t making moves on shit,” he scoffed and smoke started coming out of his palms. “What is really fucked is how you have a boyfriend and tried to win over Kirishima,” he accused.
“What? I wasn’t trying to-”
“You weren’t satisfied with what you had? You had to go after him too? I don’t fucking blame you, I’m just pissed I didn’t get to date him first,” the other blonde drone on.
“I mean Kirishima’s doing a better job holding both of us back like it is nothing than tentacles, he should have been here with me not a shitty extra like you.”
“Wah- Ba-Bakugou what are you saying?” Kirishima stammered.
“I’m not going after him,” Mirio yelled frustrated, “I’m here because Tamaki didn’t give me a choice.” He was not going to let this short tempted dude flip this on him, “If those are your true feelings how come YOU are here dating my boyfriend?”
“Boy-boyfriend?” he heard Tamaki whisper as he left the stall.
“I’m only here because Kirishima said he,” he pointed at Tamaki, “had a so-called stupid crush."
‘M not fucking interested but I knew shitty hair would sulk if I didn’t agree,” it seemed that the not so pleasant talk they were having calmed him down because he had stopped trying to charge at him.
“I don’t have a crush on him,” Tamaki said in a low voice. “I thought Kirishima had a crush on Mirio,” he confessed.
“I don’t have a crush on Mirio, I like Bakugou,” after saying those words he dropped his grip on the blonde looking shy, “Amajiki, I thought when you were talking about your crush… the way you described him… I was sure it was Bakuguou.”
Mirio looked at both of them trying to grasp what they were both saying a few seconds passed before the silence was filled with laughter from the two of them. To not be left out he joined them.
“You were talking about Mirio,” Kirishima stated in between laughing.
“Yeah,” Tamaki nodded, “he terrifies me,” he signaled with his head in Bakugou's direction. The explosive blonde looked just as clueless as he felt.
Tamaki and Kirishima came together for a hug and whispered something between them, then they split off and he saw the redhead pull Bakugou away by his hand declaring they needed to talk.
Mirio and Tamaki were alone once again, he was still trying to make sense of what happened.
“Mir- Mirio,” the other teen was the first to speak.

“Earlier you said boyfriend, what did you mean by that.”
“Tamaki, we have been dating for 4 years,” he announced.
“WE HAVE?” Tamaki replied genuinely shocked.
“Yeah, I confessed the last day of middle school, you said yes… Wait did you not think we were dating?”
Suneater just shook his head, “I just thought we were friends…Mirio?”
“Yeah?” he got closer to him and pulled him into a hug.

“If we have been dating for so long how come we haven’t kissed?” he asked voice muffled by his shoulder.
“I didn’t think that was something you would be into, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable,” he confessed smuggling him closer.
“I wouldn’t mind… if it’s you,” he heard his lover confess.

“REALLY?” he couldn’t contain his excitement.
Tamaki nodded, “not today… I’ve been throwing up and it reeks in here,” he added.
“Of course, I’ll wait, whenever you are ready, and you are right it does stink, more than a restroom should,” they shared a few more comments and for the first time ever, left the restaurant holding hands.
FatGum was munching on takoyaki trailing behind his interns on patrol. They were in higher spirits than the past few weeks.

Curious he quickened his pace to see if he could overhear the reason.
"And then we went to the carnival, you should have seen him senpai he looked hella manly, he won me the biggest stuffed shark, it’s taller than me," Red Riot emphasized the measurements of the shark animatedly with his arms.
"That sounds like a great date," Suneater replied meekly.

"Oh it was the best day of my life, I have the best most manliest boyfriend I could have ever asked for," Fatgum saw Red squeal with delight. "What about you? How are things with Mirio?" he said after a while.
"Wefinakiss" Suneater mumbled. FatGum couldn't make out what he had said.

"What was that?" Red asked.
Amajiki moved closer to the youngest teen and whispered something in their ear.
"No way! YOU FINALLY KISSED!" Kirishima exclaimed.

Suneater was blushing like a madman and clovered his face with his hood.
'Ah, young love' he thought to himself and smiled.
♡♡♡ the end ♡♡♡
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