This is the most illegal shit I've ever seen. I hereby volunteer all my hours to bring this man to justice and be his guard until the end of time.
More proof of this man's illegal....ness.....
The illegal activities continue!
Purely criminal!
Where are my handcuffs!? This is highly illegal!
Why is he like this!?? What do you want from me!?
This cuteness is also illegal....
More illegal cuteness...
Illegal cuteness everywhere!
More proof of illegal activities. Oldie but goldie.
This is a dangerous man. I repeat, this is a dangerous man!
*screaming internally and externally and spiritually...even my spirit animal is screaming...* Send...Help...
Sir! I said sir! What are you doing!!!?? Sir!?
Illegal cuteness activities resumed.
This look is highly illegal!!!!!!!!! Omg (srr for low quality)
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