You can smell the panic in @elonmusk's jet fuel right now.

The explosion of 'Starship' (predicted here) kicked off a dramatic level of activity including a period where the jet was aloft for 45% of 28 hrs on 7 legs often spending less than an hour on the ramp each.

Small example of why the documentary on collapse of the Musk empire requires a series:

Note the panic as @elonmusk tries to keep his fraudulent Mars program going while dealing with a wrecked supply chain amid a $tsla sales crash related to #coronavirus, which he says is dumb.
Added more detail for the premium subscribers.

One of my favorite images of the whole @elonmusk / CCP / #coronavirus entanglement.

Underneath it?: panic, embezzlement, fraud, incompetence, negligence, recklessness, #covid19, PR negotiations, supply chain woes, and more $tsla
The chaos continues as @elonmusk's panic spills over from his jet fuel into his tweets.

Why is Musk weighing in on #coronavirus?

Because it adds weight to his top-heavy empire, which is already teetering.

Some of you will note the flight into Long Beach amid the panic. $tsla
The controllers are even calling them out on it.

Check out some of the radio traffic:

" Gulfstream Six Two Eight Tango Sierra .... and we're doing this dance waaay too much. "

$tsla #spacex @JimBridenstine
The "SN1" explosion was so significant that @elonmusk brought in 'reporter' Eric Berger ( @sciguyspace) in < 36 hrs to write a puff piece (a very technically inept one) about himself.

Musk used Berger to control narrative by contradicting an article he wrote just 13 days prior.
Ahead of Today's Market Crash:
During the 48 hrs between 4pm on Wed. Mar. 4 to 4pm on Fri. Mar. 6 PST, @elonmusk's Gulfstream was airborne for 22 hrs on 9 flights between San Jose, LA, and TX burning more than 11,000 gallons of jet fuel.
PS: These aren't even all the flights are they @elonmusk? I'm saving some for later.
Minor correction to the Kingpin-In-Panicℒ️ Tracker


$tsla #spacex cc: @elonmusk @JimBridenstine
Immediate steps when you insist on continuing to recklessly explode components (predictably) for your fake Mars rocket.

1. Find someone who will print anything you say
2. Find someone else to blame

@elonmusk had @sciguyspace on site within 36 hrs for this.

$tsla #spacex
All this running to keep up appearances on the fake Mars program in order to trick investors into dumping more capital to keep the house of cards from collapsing just a bit longer...

$tsla #spacex
KIP Tracker Update: (Kingpin-In-Panic) πŸ’₯

The Grifter Does DC (TX-DC-LAX-TX in 14 hrs)

@elonmusk's Gulfstream as been airborne for > 20% of all hrs in the ~10 days.

Over 20 flights since predicted 'Starship' explosion & in DC during Mon.'s market crash.

Total panic. $tsla
Here is what it sounds like on the radios when you are flying the kingpin into DC:

- as the market is crashing
- during a #coronavirus pandemic
- amid full on panic
- as he desperately tries to keep his $tsla and #spacex pyramids from collapsing.
Surely they'll bailout an OEM that wouldn't exist without subsidies who just made their 1,000,000th car. Surely.

Tip of the day: In a pinch and with a little creativity, you could fit over $300mm of cocaine on your G650.
. @elonmusk's last 3 tweets are about fake factories for which $tsla does not possess the capital or demand to justify.

This is 2 weeks of unprecedented desperation.
As the total chaos continues, @elonmusk's jet has hit DC, LA, and Brownsville twice each already this week before 6:30 pm on Tuesday.

$tsla #spacex
Since the predicted 'Starship' explosion and amid the #coronavirus outbreak, the jet has been aloft over 21% of all hours since Feb. 28

It has already logged 7 flights this week through Tues. afternoon including 2 trips to DC.

$tsla #spacex
Few can destroy capital more efficiently than @elonmusk.
It's not everyday that you get to watch a guy under multiple criminal investigations literally try to outrun a pandemic to steal more money as his pyramid teeters on the edge of collapse.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
As we watch @elonmusk try to outrun fate, this update is already old as the jet spent less than 5 hours on the ground in LA Wednesday afternoon following flights to DC on both Monday and Tuesday...

$tsla #spacex
Today was the greatest market crash since 1987 amid a global pandemic and you are getting to watch a guy under multiple criminal investigations try to deal with it in near real time.

You're welcome. The documentary is going to be amazing.
"The coronavirus panic is dumb."

- guy panicking the hell out trying to outrun coronavirus
At least the 2nd stop at LAX in the past 12 days and more than 26 flights.
It's a total bummer that the cure for #coronavirus is not a fake Mars program in South Texas.

$tsla #spacex
.. aaaaand we're headed back toward the fake Mars program.

Let's ignore the fact that #coronavirus may have rooted itself at the Fremont plant and all.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
Wheels up, Stock's up.

Welcome to Brownsville. Local time 1:25 pm.

Winds 160 at 25kts, Overcast Skies, with Temperature 27 C.

$tsla #spacex
In the past 14 days, @elonmusk's jet has been:

- aloft 65 hrs
- on ground in TX 89 hrs
- on ground near Fremont for 13 hrs.

Sorry if you are struggling with #coronavirus in Fremont of if you are $250 in the red on the last $tsla capital raise... he's just not that into you.
aaand... back toward LA.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's jet just landed moments ago at VNY. A few minutes before, a Mooney went down about 7 miles north of the airfield. They are still looking for it.

Weather is IMC.

$tsla #spacex
Despite all the activity the SpaceX cartel failed to raise the round to $500mm.

Per the normal game, @elonmusk's portion of this will again be large.

$tsla #spacex
Local news on plane crash N. of Van Nuys Fri. that we heard live on the radio.

The Mooney was on approach into VNY & talking to controllers when it crashed at 2:47 pm.

@elonmusk's Gulfstream was on same approach at 3:06 pm after spending 70 min. at BRO
On the way back to Boca...

$tsla #SpaceX
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream is about to land at Brownsville for the 40th time since Jan. 31.

The jet was on the ground less than 2 hours for more than half of those flights.

$tsla #spacex
International #coronavirus cases are now 4 times higher than they were 9 days ago when @elonmusk said the panic was dumb 13 minutes after his $70 million jet landed in Brownsville.

$tsla #spacex
Just blasted out of Brownsville at 6:35 am local. Time on the ground: 11 hrs 20 min.
This marks the 40th departure from Brownsville since the end of January. More than half of the trips into BRO are under 2 hrs. 18 have been less than 1 hr.

$tsla #spacex
During the same time period @elonmusk's jet departed San Jose near the Fremont factory 8 times. It was on the ground less than 3 hrs for half of those trips.

It was there for 26.5 hrs from Feb.12-13 for the capital raise Musk previously lied about.

$tsla #spacex
A courtesy for @elonmusk's scrapbook. His jet was 43,000 ft over Phoenix at the March 16 2020 market open.

On the ground at LAX for 48 minutes. Now back up headed east.

$tsla #spacex
Landing in Brownsville, 41st since Jan.31 after a 48 min stop at LAX.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream is back up again after a 42 min stop in Brownsville. Headed west toward LA.

$tsla #spacex
The Gulfstream is presently on it's 107th flight of the past 46 days and has been aloft for 21% (~236 hs) of all hours since Jan. 31st.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream landed at LAX for the second time today at 2:18 pm local. It then took off 51 minutes later and is once again headed back west toward Brownsville.

This is the 108th flight in 46 days and the 5th flight today alone.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream was at 43,000 ft NW of Phoenix on the second .... run of the day from Brownsville to LAX when this drug related tweet was sent at 4:31 EST.

The jet is currently headed back toward Brownsville.

$tsla #spacex
Landed Brownsville 6:35 pm local. Closer look at today's runs:

$tsla #spacex
On the ground for 1 hr 24 min. Departed toward LA again at 8:58 pm local.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream is presently passing over Phoenix for the 5th time today as he tweets out nonsense about #covid19 after Fremont goes into lockdown.

$tsla #spacex
Shortly after this account was shadow banned, @elonmusk's jet changed course to pass north of Phoenix.

The jet is now on a track north toward the bay area. There is an MOA to the east of Phoenix to avoid, but this is not the typical route from BRO-SJC.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's jet landed in San Jose at 10:22 PM PST.

This was the 109th flight in the past 46 days and the 5th since 4:30 am PST start.

2 trips to BRO, 2 trips to LAX, 1 trip to SJC

The broader area has just ordered residents to 'shelter in place' due to #coronavirus
Elon Musk landed in San Jose at 10:22 PM local. Earlier in the day, Tesla sent an email instructing employees to come to work despite the 'Shelter in Place' order in the Fremont area.

Musk was googling solutions to #coronavirus on the flight in.

Elon Musk says: " I will personally be at work. "

His jet arrived at San Jose at 10:22 PM last night & has been on the grnd 6 hrs.

@elonmusk doesn't want you to know & had this accnt shadow banned for reporting critical #coronavirus news.

There is a MASSIVE scandal brewing in Fremont, which involves @elonmusk yet again willfully putting lives at risk while corrupting local governments.

When @elonmusk's jet landed last night in San Jose, it was logging it's 14th hour and 1st minute of flight time in the previous 17 hrs and 44 min.

It had been aloft nearly 80% of the entire day after 2 landings at LAX, 2 landings at BRO, and 1 landing at SJC.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk barreled into Fremont last night after 17 hrs and 44 minutes straight of "hauling cargo" and risked exposing himself to #coronavirus for absolutely no reason at all.

$tsla #spacex
Elon Musk departed San Jose at 7:58 PM. 3 hrs and 9 mins after the $TSLA factory was ordered shut down for #coronavirus.

This came after flying into San Jose for the 1st time in 11 days on Monday night in order to fake " I will personally be at work ".
Elon Musk literally tweeted this from a $70 million private jet while fleeing an area under "Shelter In Place" for #coronavirus after trying to defy orders to close his factory

Elon Musk's dramatic escape last night from #coronavirus infected normals in San Jose marked his jet's 138th flight of the past 59 days.

It has been aloft a remarkable 21.5% of all hours in that period.

$tsla #spacex
Heading back toward Brownsville after faking "I'll be personally going into work" and forcing his employees to violate a shelter in place order

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
On the ground yet again for less than an hour and headed back to the north west.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
En route to LA as factory closure announcement is made

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk continues to Google coronavirus on approach to Hawthorne after misinterpreting data.

Fun fact:
As @elonmusk was flying overhead doing "runs" to the fake Mars rocket site, both of @JeffBezos' Gulfstream 650ERs and his Bell 429 helicopter were buzzing around El Paso for the past 2 days amid the coronavirus outbreak.

$tsla $amzn
Here's a fun chart:

In the past 60 days, @elonmusk has 140 flights on his single G650 to @jeffbezos' 43 flights across 2 G650s

$tsla $amzn
The California lockdown doesn't apply to @elonmusk... Wheels up out of Hawthorne.

$tsla #spacex
Elon Musk's jet currently flying out from under California lockdown headed back toward TX.

$tsla #space

<ps: Shoutout to all my new friends inside of Fremont. Stay strong. πŸ‘Š>
If you look way above the El Paso skies, you'll see a guy in a G650 (on way to fake a Mars rocket) flying over 1 of the G650s of another guy (who stands between you & the entire world's supply chain) amid a global pandemic this Fri. Mar 20, 2020

$tsla $amzn @elonmusk @jeffbezos
FACT: Elon Musk's Gulfstream was here over NW Texas today on the way to Brownsville when this tweet was sent.

The jet originated from Hawthorne, where citizens are in lockdown.

$tsla #spacex #coronavirus
On the ground at BRO less than 40 min. Heading North.

$tsla #spacex
Again, the jet left CA this morning where there is a lockdown order in place for the entire state.

$tsla #spacex
After defying the California lockdown, @elonmusk's jet was on the ground for only 39 minutes in Brownsville (BRO) and 32 minutes in Titusville (TIX) on Friday before heading back west.

$tsla #spacex
Recap: On the ground for 39 minutes in Brownsville (BRO), 32 minutes in Titusville (TIX), and now back in Brownsville as statewide lockdowns begin.

$tsla #spacex
- Departed HHR
- On ground 39 mins in Brownsville (BRO)
- On ground 32 mins in Titusville (TIX)
- On ground 35 mins in Brownsville (BRO)
- Headed back toward LA

They will cross 9.5 hrs of flight time today on this, the 144th flight of the past 62 days.

$tsla @elonmusk
Past 62 days on @elonmusk's Gulfstream in painstaking detail.

144 flights. Aloft nearly 319 hrs or 21.4% of all hours in that period.

$tsla #spacex
This is just a portion of @elonmusk's flights during the week in which he:

- faked "personally going in to work"
- forced employees to violate health orders
- refused to halt production
- claimed children are immune to coronavirus
- began lobbying for more public funds

Just where is @elonmusk's jet?... (partially funded by you, the US taxpayer)

It just departed Titusville (on the ground only 35min) after less than an hour on the ground in Brownsville.

Brevard county currently highest 'atypical illness' in this study: 
A satellite image of @JeffBezos' @blueorigin launch & landing pads in West Texas:

The lines represent just a few of @elonmusk's tracks flying overhead in the past week.

Musk's jet crosses over this point as often as 5 times a day... likely twice today.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's jet landed in Van Nuys last night at 8:44 pm.

It was the 17th flight in the past 7 days, aloft for ~25% of all hrs.

@evdefender shadow ban occurred during the only flight to San Jose as Musk was lying to his employees about "personally going in to work"

. @elonmusk's G650ER jet was coming up on El Paso as he was tweeting about ventilators Mon.

Interestingly, he was again flying directly overhead where both of @jeffbezos' G650ERs were active near the @blueorigin site just a few hrs prior.

It was Musk's 149th flight in 65 days.
. @elonmusk's jet has touched the ground in San Jose 3 times in the past 25 days.

It has not returned to Fremont since Musk claimed he was "personally going into work" in the past week as Tesla has continued to defy public health orders amid the #covid19 pandemic.

As we wake up to @elonmusk's jet in Brownsville & @graciasantonio's N. of Chicago on Tues, a fun chart:

In the past 65 days, these $tsla / #spacex directors have logged 420 hrs of flight time.

That's 27% of all hrs in the period.

Avg. of 6.5 hrs (~3,200 gal Jet A) every day.
After 14 hrs and 20 min, @elonmusk out of Brownsville & headed back over @jeffbezos toward LA.

The 150th flight of the past 65 days. The vast majority are no where near the Fremont factory.

. @elonmusk's jet went on to spend under 18 minutes on the ground in San Jose, then 45 minutes on the ground in Van Nuys, & arrived back in Brownsville at 6:57 pm PST.

152 flights in the past 65 days and around 337 hrs 36 min of flight time. $tsla
Here are the flights out of San Jose in the past 2 months:

10 flights

- 3 on ground < 30 min
- 5 on ground < 3 hrs

. @elonmusk and @jeffbezos continued to cross paths on Tues., March 24 as Musk crosses directly overhead of El Paso where one of Bezos' Gulfstreams had just come in from Seattle 34 minutes prior.
Tuesday's 18 minutes on the ground in San Jose set a record for shortest time on the ground for the 152 flights of the past 66 days.

$tsla @elonmusk
Wheels up here in Brownsville at 7:12 am local, back toward LA. On the ground 10 hrs 15 min.

$tsla @elonmusk
It's pretty sad, frankly, to watch @elonmusk constantly fly over @jeffbezos to the site of "Starship", which originated in late 2018 as a fraudulent design while Musk was embezzling SpaceX resources for Boring Co.

$tsla #spacex
Arrived at LAX 8:10 AM PST
Departed LAX 8:58 AM PST. Back east.
. @jeffbezos has one heck of a determined peeping Tom.
For those of you trying to keep score:
On the ground 32 minutes in Brownsville, headed to FL.
Landing in Titusville. Aloft ~14 of past 24 hours as @elonmusk continues to tweet more nonsense about COVID-19
Meanwhile, @elonmusk's jet on the ground 36 minutes.

Headed back toward TX on it's 157th flight of the past 66 days.
At an avg. of 6.5 hours of flight time every day, the private jets of Tesla / SpaceX directors Elon Musk and Antonio Gracias ("chim chim") are more active than those of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Cuban, & Larry Page combined.
A look at the flight time on @elonmusk's jet during the #coronavirus pandemic through March 25, 2020

$tsla #spacex
Wheels up here in Brownsville 4:08 pm, back toward LA.
On the ground 2 hrs 30 min in Van Nuys, arrived back in Brownsville midnight local.

@elonmusk's flights since March 15 as confirmed US covid-19 increased by 2,946 %

$tsla #spacex
Breakdown of @elonmusk's private jet utilization by location and time through midnight, March 26 2020

$tsla #spacex
Tesla's CEO, @elonmusk, has been no where near the company's operations more than 93% of the time in 2020.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk's jet utilization by departure location

$tsla #spacex
Departed Brownsville 2:07pm local. Back to LA.
Landed Van Nuys: 3:00pm PST
Departed Van Nuys: 3:26pm PST
Landed Hawthorne: 3:37pm PST
. @elonmusk tweeted this after arriving from Brownsville, TX where SpaceX operations continue despite #covid19 lockdown orders for non-essential businesses in the area

Employees at SpaceX in Hawthorne and $tsla in Fremont have already contracted C19
Departed Hawthorne 1:53 AM PST
Arrived Brownsville 4:11 AM PST

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
On the ground 31 minutes. Departed 4:42 AM PST for LA.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
The past 2 weeks on @elonmusk's private jet, which is presently on the second flight to LA from Brownsville in the past 19 hours during the #covid19 pandemic.

$tsla #spacex
Landed Hawthorne 7:42 AM PST.

Here is @elonmusk's Gulfstream utilization through.... now.

$tsla #spacex
On the ground 2 hrs. Departed 9:42 AM PST back to Brownsville.
Landed Brownsville 2:03 PM local.

The 363rd hour and 6th minute of flight time on the 163rd flight of the past 70 days.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
Updated view of @elonmusk's past 2 weeks on the Gulfstream.

The jet spent less than an hour on the ground for 17 of these 32 flights.

$tsla #spacex
Departed Brownsville 6:05 PM PST, Arrived Hawthorne 9:08 PM PST.

33 flights, 79 hrs 27 minutes of flight time in the past 14 days.
LAX to Brownsville, TX is under $80 all the way out to June.

You could fly at least 205 people for the less than @elonmusk is spending on one leg in his Gulfstream 650.

His jet did 4 legs between LA and BRO yesterday.

$tsla #spacex
On the ground 10 hrs in Hawthorne, now headed back to TX.

. @elonmusk's jet has traveled more in the past 70 days of 2020's global pandemic than it did in all of 2018.

$tsla #spacex
Landed Brownsville 11:33 AM local. πŸ“·
Always a fun thing to watch, a hard left turn to avoid Mexican airspace on departure at 6:09 PM local. Back toward LA.
Landed Hawthorne 7:07 PM PST on the 166th flight of the past 72 days.

$tsla #spacex
Some have expressed concern for $tsla / #spacex BoD member Antonio Gracias ("chim chim"). His Gulfstream has been idle since March 16. But that hasn't prevented the combined average of @elonmusk & @graciasantonio from staying above 6.4 flight hours per day.
After a few days of trying to front run some bad press, @elonmusk's Gulfstream left Hawthorne at 9:06 AM PST headed for Brownsville as US COVID-19 cases approach a quarter million.

$tsla #spacex
Fun fact:
On this flight to Brownsville, @elonmusk will have burnt through a very conservative 187,000 gallons of Jet A in 167 flights since mid January.

This, of course, cost more than 1,255 late model "alternative ventilator" apnea machines purchased in bulk.

$tsla #covid19
Landed Brownsville 1:31 PM local.

Fun fact: It's ~3.5% further to fly to Brownsville from LA without crossing into Mexican airspace.

@elonmusk has used the US only route predominately in 2020 (except for cutting corners occasionally πŸ˜‰)
On the ground 47 minutes... Back to LA.
Landed Hawthorne, 3:14 PM PST
Yet another predictable catastrophic failure of an article intended for flight occurred on "Starship" "SN3" at 2:07 AM local.

All failing below 70% at least of "design".

@elonmusk's jet remained in Hawthorne throughout the evening.

$tsla #spacex
Leading up to this morning's SN3 catastrophic failure, @elonmusk's Gulfstream has flown into Brownsville 66 times in the past 75 days; at times as many as 3 times in one day.

$tsla #spacex
After a day of coordinating new layoffs at both $tsla and #spacex, @elonmusk departed Hawthorne and arrived in Brownsville at 10:38 PM local: the 169th flight of the past 76 days.

There were ~40,000 new COVID-19 cases added while the jet was in Hawthorne.
Departed Brownsville 10:12 AM local, back to LA.
. @elonmusk's Gulfstream presently on the 170th flight of the past 76 days

ps: coming soon....

$tsla #spacex
On the ground 55 min. in Hawthorne, departed 2:36 PM PST for Brownsville.

. @elonmusk is maintaining a average of 5 hrs a day on his Gulfstream 650 through 2020

The jet will have burnt through more than 192,500 gallons of Jet A on this 171st flight of the past 77 days. $tsla
Fun fact: In order to fit @elonmusk's past 171 flights into this 30 sec animation requires showing the jet moving at 21 million miles per hour
This is just for the past 77 days.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
By request.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
Departed Brownsville, landed Van Nuys 11:53 PM PST.

$tsla #spacex @elonmusk
On the ground 25 minutes Van Nuys, re-positioned to Long Beach.
. @elonmusk's past 78 days on his Gulfstream 650ER amid the global #covid19 pandemic

$tsla #spacex
the #tigerking 's got nothing on the #siliconman
When it pulled into the Long Beach Gulfstream maintenance facility at 12:41 AM today for the 2nd time in 33 days; @elonmusk's jet had logged more than 175,700 miles (the equivalent of 7 times around the globe) in just the past 78 days.
Super Mario Edition!

The wheels on @elonmusk's jet have touched the ground in San Jose only twice in the past month: One was for 18 minutes and the other occurred as the Fremont plant was being ordered to close.

It's no Gulfstream, but for @elonmusk it will do in a pinch.
No Gulfstream. No Problem.

@elonmusk managed to log around 8,000 nautical miles in more than 20 hours of flight time across 9 flights since the G6 was parked on Monday for maintenance.

Musk's 81 day total is now ~184,000 nautical miles, or 8.5 global circumnavigations.

Through this morning:

81 Days
408 Flight Hours
~184,000 Miles (8.5 times around the globe)
~200,000 Gallons Jet Fuel

Interesting dichotomy between @elonmusk & @jeffbezos in 2020's pandemic space race:

1 of Bezos' 2 G650ERs now headed back toward Seattle after both parked at this airfield for 2 days.

Meanwhile, Musk's wore his out from running LA-TX up to 5 times a day. @spacex @blueorigin
I'm guessing one of them sleeps quite a bit better at night.
. @jeffbezos inbound for Portland actually. Last there on April 5th for about 95 minutes.
For those keeping score, the past 82 days:

@jeffbezos (2 G650ERs):
54 Flights
80,500 Miles
191 Hours

@elonmusk (1 G650ER + backup charters):
182 Flights
184,000 Miles
408.2 Hours
Make it 55 flights for @JeffBezos. On the ground less than 30 minutes in Portland on the way to Seattle.
One of @elonmusk's back up mules will start the day by repositioning to LAX in the next 30 minutes. It will then head to Brownsville. This is a photo from the inside of the actual aircraft.

$tsla #spacex
By the way, Signature Flight Support doesn't necessarily have the best facilities at LAX but it is totally passable whether you are flying in your own jet or need to charter one in a pinch.
Cleared for takeoff... on to Brownsville.
. @elonmusk's backup charter can barely break 500 knots.


So it's just now on approach to Brownsville. It'll be on the ground there for about an hour and will then head over to Titusville, Florida.

$tsla #spacex
Just landed in Brownsville.

The purist will correctly note that the smaller jets typically don't get hung out over the Gulf of Mexico.

Thus, the actual flight plan will be this to within 6 decimal places on lat/lon:

$tsla #spacex
Wheel's up in Brownsville, on to Space Coast. I've already provided a courtesy update to @elonmusk about the COVID-19 status on the ground:
Not to be troubled with viral threats on the ground in Florida, the second backup charter is running a certain someone home to Van Nuys after leaving Brownsville at 6:30 pm local.

After the drop off, the jet will then return to Hawthorne.

$tsla #spacex
Daily summary for those struggling to keep up.

. @elonmusk has 2 charter jets running with the Gulfstream down in Long Beach

Jet 1:

Jet 2:
Backup jet 1 departed Titusville at 9:50 EST and is en route to Brownsville.
. @elonmusk charter jet 1 landed Brownsville 12:00 pm local and just departed for McGregor, TX
After less than 90 min. on the ground in McGregor, @elonmusk's backup charter jet 1 will fly to San Jose this pandemic Easter afternoon.

The last time Musk's jet touched San Jose tarmac was on Mar. 24 for only 18 minutes.

$tsla #spacex
. @elonmusk on the ground 70 minutes in McGregor and now crossing into Arizona on the way to San Jose in a 12 year old rented Learjet.

. @jeffbezos' 2 Gulfstream 650ERs sat idle today.
Backup jet 1 diverted from plan to San Jose and just landed at Hawthorne.

Backup jet 2 landed at Hawthorne yesterday. It will now depart Hawthorne for a brief stop in Van Nuys before flying to San Jose.

$tsla #spacex
Backup charter jet 2 will then spend less than an hour in San Jose before again departing for Brownsville.

I kid you not: Current @elonmusk flight plans have exactly 666 minutes of flight time (11.1 hrs) between 2 charter Learjets on this pandemic Easter Sunday.

$tsla #spacex
Charter jet 2 plans to SJC/BRO were cancelled & it remained on the ground in Hawthorne on Sunday.

Tesla's CEO has now spent less than 5% of his time near $TSLA HQ in 2020.

Past 85 days:
190 Flights
218,000 Miles (Circled globe 8.75 times)
424.1 Hrs
205,000 Gallons
The chaos ensues as we follow the πŸ‡.

A sister jet joined the Mexican border runs on Monday after multiple flight plans to San Jose were cancelled on Sunday. This one is a Dornier 328, which has been idle from scheduled Taos runs for nearly a month.

$tsla @elonmusk
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