WHATS HAPPENING IN MEXICO? — an ongoing thread in english, written by a mexican who lives in mexico city.

tw for misogyny, murder, torture, rape, pedophilia, violence, and more.

every day, 10 women disappear
this isn’t about politics, this is about our right to stay alive.
Mexico’s history includes having the same party govern us for 70 years in a row after having a dictator in power for 30 years. one could argue democracy hasn’t arrived to mexico at all yet.
if there’s something authority is known for around here, is for being corrupt. rules don’t matter. justice doesn’t matter. power is what matters. [to further understand this, we’d have to look at the entire post-colonization mexican history]
i could talk for a thousand tweets about how repressive mexico is, including cases like the 43 missing students, the tlatelolco massacre in ‘68, and more. but today i wanna focus on femicides. because everytime i talk about this, i feel like no one wants to listen.
In recent years, there’s been an increase of femicides. The way they’ve been handled as authorities is based a lot on victim blaming; they’re usually ruled at first as suicides. It doesn’t matter how much proof there is that it was a murder.
The victim is always at fault. Violence in Mexico keeps increasing, and the legal system keeps proving its incompetence over and over again.

Fewer than 5% of crime is solved in Mexico. Yeah.
here’s a bit of explanation of why this is handled the way it is.
Here’s the data. This article doesn’t include what’s going on right now in 2020, but this didn’t start in 2020. So it’s relevant.

In 2019, the situation escalated. Women being taken in plain sight. Unable to take public transportation without being sexually harassed/assaulted. The amount of femicides per day raised to 10.
The concern for these killings is seen as something to mock. Something only a feminist would care about. We are mocked for caring. So women took other means to be heard. By the police. By the government. By people.
this is el angel de la independencia, one of mexico city’s biggest landmarks. this is what it looked like after a protest “got out of hand”
(the patriarchy) will fall
don’t fuck with us
the nation KILLS
rapist police
they’re killing us
AMLO (president) feminicider
this led to protests to the prosecutors office. a pigs head was left inside. pink glitter was thrown at the security minister. this was condemned as an act of violence. claudia sheinbaum, our mayor, calls these protests “provocations”
a popular phrase to come out of this is “No me cuidan. Me violan” They don’t take care of me. They rape me. In reference to the police.
D** police pigs
My women friends care for me. Not the police
Demanding justice isn’t a provocation.
Okay back to the monument. The vandalizing of national monuments opened a conversation. We all heard of it. It was always “I understand, but can they leave the monuments alone? There’s ways of asking” Should we have to ask AT ALL? All we ask is to NOT BE KILLED.
since the focus was more on the monuments than on the cause, because no one wants to admit women are hated here, this was the general sentiment:
“I wish i was a wall, that way you’d be outraged if they touched me without permission.”
the protests continued through the year. We’re still not heard. We’re still treated like a joke. We get asked why exactly we deserve to live. We’re seen as less than human. There’s this popular phrase in Mexico, “Calladita te ves más bonita”— you’re prettier when you’re silent.
(i’m gonna be discussing two cases in specific. discretion adviced)
tw i’ll describe some stuff to make you understand just how heinous these cases are. sorry.

Ingrid Escamilla, 25 & Fatima Aldrighetti, 7.
There are several more cases like this. But these two caused the biggest outrage.

Now, what does the president think about all this?

He blames neoliberalism.

That's not a joke.
Some more context:

Mexico has this crazy expensive presidential airplane. Our current government is "socialist", so the president is doing a lottery to give it away.

God, this all sounds fake.

Anyway, he said he doesn't want femicides to overshadow the lottery.
All this and more led to UN DÍA SIN MUJERES, a day without women. Also called El Nueve Nadie Se Mueve (The ninth nobody moves). On March 9, there'll be a nationwide strike. Women will not show up to work, to school. We won't make any purchases. We won't go online.
It'll virtually be a collective disappearance. The monetary loss this will cause is projected to be 37 million mexican pesos, 1,840,265 USD, as of the moment i'm writing this tweet.
So the president set the date for the sale of his lottery tickets for the presidential plane to be MARCH 9. Showing he doesn't care about the movement, he wants to have the light away from it.
After outrage, he moved the date.
However, yesterday he assured that MEN can also join the strike. That March 9 is a day off. Showing he doesn't give a fuck about this.

I'll continue this thread as events develop.
I'd also like to add that all this situation, all I talked about, is treated like a joke. There's memes about this shit. Caring about this is seen as a trend. Men joke about us getting killed.
Everyday we leave our houses it feels like we're saying goodbye, everyday we step outside we wonder if we'll make it back alive.

La Minerva (Athena), cultural landmark, was painted with red water. Symbolizing the blood of the murdered. 230 women have been murdered since september 2019 in Guadalajara and only 36 cases have been reported as femicides.
La Diana Cazadora, another cultural landmark, was also painted with red. Not long after, it was cleaned.
If only they prioritized femicide investigations the way they prioritize keeping our city “pretty”.
some important codes and phrases to understand today’s march

💚 - pro abortion. you’ll see a lot of women with this bandana. abortion isn’t legal in most of mx
💜 - feminism
#NiUnaMenos — not one [woman] less
#SeVaACaer — [the patriarchy/the system/machismo] will fall
💙 - pro life. “let’s save both lives”
#VivasNosQueremos — we want us [women] alive
Un Violador En Tu Camino — A Rapist in Your Path. Chilean performance piece created by Las Tesis.
in spanish:
in english:

We want to be heard. We want people to be OUTRAGED over this. Not just mexicans and latinos. We want this to be heard across the world. We want to pressure authorities. Let the world know this is happening in Mexico.
We want EMPATHY. We want to feel like we matter to SOMEONE. If you know a woman who lives here, let her know you care. Ask her how she feels. Because our government doesn’t care. Because men mock us for being scared. Don’t be complacent.
Like I said, less that 5% of all crime in Mexico is ever solved.

If we go to the police w concerns for our safety, they ask us to pay them constantly to keep us safe, or they outright ignore us.

There’s impunity at play, it’s known you can get away with murder.
in el zocalo, painting the names of 3k femicide victims.

more on the protests here: https://twitter.com/i/events/1236694991520428032
you’ll see people calling protestors violent. i urge you to remember all i just said. https://twitter.com/proceso/status/1236772563562397696?s=21 https://twitter.com/proceso/status/1236772563562397696
A Molotov bomb was thrown to the National Palace
(VIEWER DISCRETION ADVICED) https://twitter.com/MVSNoticias/status/1236804040627019777?s=20
I'm back from the strike. I don't know the impact it had. I just know I'm gonna have to face sexist comments all day.

The point of this thread wasn't to boost any political party, it was just to inform. I'm apolitical.

I'm not affiliated with any organization, either.
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