Thread on interactions & concerns about @EllaHillUk

As a CSA Survivor myself, I had my first run in with Ella on here after challenging her racist narrative, this was 2yrs ago & all my responses can be verified by searching @Warriorgoddessx @ellajustbecause together. 1/
I’ve only had 1 acct since 2010 & didn’t start using it until 2016. The only tweets I’ve deleted are due to typos & I’ve edited & RT'ed. I deleted one tweet that I wrote one night when in a bad way & explained to those on the thread.

Otherwise all my tweets are still here. 2/
Ella Hill, whose previous accounts are @ellajustbecause & @EllaHil79667251 has had numerous accounts. You can search these to see old responses to her, which reveal a lot about her MO. These ones are the only ones with the same pseudonym, but there are other similar accounts. 3/
Jayne Senior, posted a tweet of Ella's in which she made a statement about the ethnicity of grooming gangs, which prompted me to post the Full fact link in response. Jayne never responded to my query about other figures.

My tweets to Jayne

I cant remember all of the conversation but you can see all my tweets to Ella here
I & a close friends who I met in a CSA survivor group many years ago, were on the thread. She was groomed, abused & raped by a white paedophile ring / grooming / rape gang, over many years. She’s had it real tough and is tough as old boots until she isn’t. Bit like me.
As you can see, She was explaining to Ella that she was also called White slag, slut etc, even though her perpetrators were all white. Abusers will say and do anything to demean their victims & make people feel less than. I could say more about this but now's not the time.

Now this is where she starts to let the mask slip, as she always does. Ella tells me that ethnic minorities have MLK day to express the pain of racial injustice, which translates as we should 'STFU about racism' 364 days a year. You flippin what? 9/
She then tweeted this which seemed sinister enough at the time & far more sinister to me now. (we didnt all agree)

'my first groomer was white. He was 36, I was 14, he treated me really nicely and I still think fondly of him, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW HE WAS A PAEDOPHILE.'

This set alarm bells ringing for me. 1 thing you'll see from my tweets is that the safety & well-being of children has ALWAYS been my priority. Challenging all abuses of power including but not limited to, racism and child abuse & racist narratives, have always been my MO.
At times I do it less gracefully & hold my hands up to engaging in many a Fash bashing session here on twitter.
Once I've checked their tl's & know they're a lost cause, I use the vile ones as a lyrical punchbag & a source of amusement. I don't get out much these days.😂
My character was very much shaped by the suffering I experienced in childhood. I don't want to see anyone suffer, unless they make others suffer. In which case, my very strong inner protector comes out and she is wild and fearless.
After I challenged her on what she said, Ella tweeted that not all sexual abuse is violent or harmful to children. She then deleted the tweet but Sammy wrote it out word for word in a response. This really worried me. Sammy also showed concern at this comment.
We were on the same page about Ella's tweets. We've rarely been on the same page since & i'm blocked by her now. But this isn't about Sammy.
You can see Sammy defend me, saying it was not bullying, its debate and that Ella should stop throwing the victim card around. 👀
What Ella's trolls did to my friend after Ella deleted her account & accused me and her of bullying her off twitter, sent my friend on a downward spiral and she doesn’t do twitter now, due to the disgusting things Ella’s trolls did. I've never seen anything like it before. 🤬
Lisa went through our tl’s, found a pic of us which we uploaded as part of a CSA Awareness raising day & tweeted it, mocking a tweet re: her MH, when she was feeling helpless & having a manic episode. She called her attack dogs on who bombarded her with insulting comments.
So I was blamed for bullying Ella off twitter. You'll see that this is a false accusation from my tweets. She said it was nice talking to me & invited me to go with her to 'speak in schools'. Does that sound like a valid response to someone bullying you?
She then blocked me and tweeted about me behind the block, which she does regularly. I was still logged in on another device so I saw her tweet 'dont tell me white people dont experience racism' and took a picture of the screen, hence the unclear pic rather than screenshots.
Then the madness ensued with Ella's troll, Lisa who has also had numerous accounts. As you can see here, I even care about the fash's children whilst wanting to stamp on their heads for mocking a CSA Survivor who's suffered enough!

Me & Ellas troll
Many csa survivors I previously interacted with went quiet & from that I suspected they might be covert racists too. The understanding and support I was seeking from survivors, i got from other anti fash tweeps who were also challenging the myopic racist narratives.
You can see from the amount of suspended accounts that used to interact with Ella, that she always attracts scum.
As she insisted on using the term pakistani muslim at every opportunity. Alarm bells started ringing, so i did some research.
Exhibit A 
You'll hear the constant repetition in video too. She met the guy at 15 whilst still in FT education & thought he was good looking & successful. She was flattered by the attention & impressed by his clothes. She says she was having the time of her life.
Then she says that after a few weeks she gave him keys to the place she was renting. She mentions him introducing him to other men & says he pre-arranged for her to be gang raped in Urdu or Punjabi. She also says he was friends with other guys who were gang raping girls!! 👀
She talks about how the guys were drawn to the money & flash lifestyles & wanted to prove themselves.

From what I've read & heard, I'd say that goes for the girls too. Comments by victims about the men being like walking cash machines, & having designer cars & clothes etc.
She mentions that he wasnt allowed to date W girls as they were slags, refused an arranged marriage and was ostracised by his family. She says he didnt take drink or drugs. (no mention of them trying to take her to Pakistan)

She shows comic book pictures of Zombie weapons.
At this point she mentions being attacked by him and left unconscious in a pool of blood, then waking up in hospital. She doesnt call it an honour attack, as she does now. She says she changed her name & moved away. Suffered PTSD for a while but no depression.
She says she went to Uni, qualified as a Doctor, worked as a GP for several years but doesnt work for NHS anymore. (I find it highly concerning that she ever did tbh) She said she is self employed now and that she recently reported her abuse but CPS decided not to prosecute.
After the false accusations of me bullying her and listening to her video, I just couldnt believe a word she said. Most survivors have trust issues and false accusations have no place in conversations about child abuse. So i dug further....
I came across this article in a Christian online magazine.

In this interview she claims god saved her from being gang raped every time. In another video & in a few tweets, she claims she was gang raped many times.
Then in this video where she is being interviewed by ex muslim vlogger veedu, she discusses being gang raped multiple times. She has also said she was gang raped in tweets Was she gang raped or did god save her every time? I'm confused.
Veedu interview, 2:09 she says that even whilst being raped & tortured she was praying for their forgiveness & for it not to make her bitter towards them. Pardon me if I think this a tad far-fetched. Praying for it to stop, i can digest, praying for forgiveness for them?? 🤔
Ella is either a vulnerable person who has been groomed and told in no uncertain terms not to mess it up this time! (she re-appears every January) It's that or she's a bad actress, playing the part of a survivor, using other people's stories for an anti Islam narrative.
34/ TBC
Her behaviour on twitter is highly disturbing to many survivors, she tries to hide her racism with her manipulation but it's v obvious. Anyone who calls her out, including other survivors of CSA & CSE gets accused of bullying, or piled on by her depraved trolls.

⚠️⚠️⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Survivors have received horrendous rape threats, immediately after interacting on her page, & that happened to others before. That coupled with what her trolls did to my friend who was a survivor of a white paedophile ring / gang, speaks volumes.
I will finish this thread bwith all inconsistencies in her stories in the next few days. Been meaning to do it since I started this one. It's clearly time!
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