I'm sure I'll be coming back to this tweet in the weeks ahead.

On March 6 at 1 in the afternoon Colorado time there are 259 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States.

Multiple administration officials speaking in different venues are calling it "contained" https://twitter.com/Kevinliptakcnn/status/1235968444664868864
1 day after the administration re-iterated that the Coronavirus had been contained in the US, the case count has risen by about 60% and is now past 400
In the 3 days since the administration re-iterated that the novel coronavirus had been contained, the known infection count in the US has more than doubled and global financial markets have tanked
The President continues to insist that the response is going very well. Meanwhile, the US will cross 1,000 confirmed cases today, quadrupling the number since last Friday, when Larry Kudlow and Kellyanne Conway went to the media to declare it contained
The official US count crossed 1300 today, up 30% from yesterday. The President gave a rambling and barely coherent speech from the Oval Office in which he outlined 3 courses of action we're taking. All 3 were walked back within an hour. Markets continue to tank
Up to 1700 in the US as of today, another 30% bump from yesterday. This means we're currently doubling our case count every 3rd day.

Trump continues to fail and flail. Markets continue to plunge. All major sports leagues have canceled their schedules for at least a month
A week after declaring the virus contained the case count in the US has increased by nearly 10x, and is now past 2,000.

Today Trump gave a press conference where he made up a website being worked on by Google.

So far, fewer than 15,000 people have been tested in the US, total
We continue to double the case count every 3 days. It's important to understand that this isn't measuring the number of covid cases, it's measuring the growth in how many tests we can administer. The actual infection count is vastly higher https://twitter.com/ryanstruyk/status/1238996322666999810
We're past 3700 cases in the US tonight. Another day with a 1/3rd bump in the case count. We're still on the 3-day doubling cycle. By next weekend we'll have 15,000 confirmed cases in the US with an entire political party devoted to making it as bad as possible
We're up to 4700 confirmed cases in the US, which is a bit lower than the 33% daily increase would have indicated. Epidemiologists still believe there are tens of thousands of actual cases.

Today was the first time the President appeared to grasp the severity of the situation
At his press conference today he finally advocated for meaningful social distancing and accepted that the crisis is not going to be resolved in the next few days or weeks.

Unfortunately, he then went to Twitter and immediately began ranting incoherently again
1700 new cases today, putting us back on the 33% daily increase curve. We're up to 6400 confirmed in the US. Nevada closed the casinos today, something which was unimaginable just two weeks ago

Since I started this thread, the case count has increased by more than 25x
The administration continued to say things that were more sane today than its position in prior weeks, but the conservative movement is quite clearly not on board with this. Just read this tweet and the replies to it https://twitter.com/mitchellvii/status/1239929464697610241
We went from 6400 at this time yesterday to 9400 today. Looks like we'll probably end up bumping the count 50% today.

The stock market continues to fall. It has now wiped out all gains from the entire Trump presidency.

The President has begun a new continuous lie that he has
been leading a massive response to this since before anyone else was even taking it seriously. The members of his cult are not falling in line with the new position yet, but with him constantly reiterating it and Fox News shifting to match, they'll probably agree we've always
been at war with Eastasia within a few more days. Meanwhile, serious people are warning that things are about to get much worse as the hospitals begin to hit capacity.

Based on current trends, we'll be between 12,500 and 14,000 cases at this time tomorrow
US cases broke 14,000 today. At current growth trends we'll end up between 18,500 and 20,000 tomorrow.

It's starting to look like NYC may be less than a week from reaching saturation of the available ICU beds in local hospitals. Once that happens, ALL critical care cases
become likely fatalities. Heart attacks, strokes, car accidents--anything that you need ICU to survive becomes a likely death.

Multiple Republican Senators today were revealed to have engaged in stock trades following a private briefing on the virus last month, even as they
publicly continued to toe the party line that the virus threat was overstated and would pass in the very near future. Even Tucker Carlson is calling for Senator Burr to resign.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I started this thread. So far the case count has grown by more than 50x
The US passed 19,500 cases today. If we stay on the current growth curve we'll end tomorrow between 25,500 and 27,000 confirmed cases.

@realDonaldTrump was completely unhinged during his briefing today. He's getting steadily worse, which is what you'd expect for a seriously
mental ill narcissist who is seeing everything he imagined for his future fall apart. He no longer gets to have his rallies, the stock market numbers he was so proud of have evaporated, and the cable news he can't turn off keeps saying he's failing and flailing. He isn't going
to get better. ☹️

NYC's hospitals seem to be close to saturation as the caseload there skyrockets. Once they hit the saturation point there are going to start to be increasing deaths from all causes due to the lack of available medical care.

In all, things are not yet improving
Just shy of 27,000 cases. The death toll is now 260, up 110 from yesterday. This is the first day I'm tracking deaths.

Trump is still an idiot. Fox News, conservative twitter, and the right wing blogs have started picking up a shockingly bad essay self-pubbed at Medium that
argues we are massively overreacting. If that makes it onto Fox's on-air coverage we can expect Trump to pick it up and believe it.

If we keep on present course the case count tomorrow should end up between 35,000 and 37,000. The death toll should be between 330 and 350
We ended today with 33,000 or so cases. While that's a lot more than yesterday, it's still slower than the growth rate we've been seeing, which is nice to have for a single day and will be very encouraging if it persists. The death toll, however, is up to 340, which is spot on
Trump gave another press conference today. Apparently he was as fucktacular as he always is, I don't know, I can't listen to him anymore. Senate Republicans want to bail out the corporations and, apparently, Trump. Democrats said no. Our leadership didn't make any progress at all
If we stay on our current trendlines, cases will close out tomorrow at around 40,000 and deaths will be between 430 and 460.

It's crazy that on the first day of this thread there were fewer cases (259) than there are dead (340) now
Oh, the number for today was revised upward to just over 35,000 today. That means we're still on the 1/3rd per day growth rate there, too. And tomorrow's number if we stay on the curve is 45,000-48,000
We're just past 46,000 positive cases tonight, up 11,000 from yesterday. Still on the 3-day doubling pace.

We're at 471 deaths, +131 from yesterday.

If we stay on trend, tomorrow we'll be between 60,000-63,000 cases and 620-650 deaths
Trump made it clear today that he intends to start pushing for people to stop social distancing by early next week. Conservative media, conservative twitter, and the conservative blogs are all clearly on board for this. The consequences of this seem likely to be catastrophic
Infection count is up to 55,000. This is significantly lower than the 60,000 you'd have expected based on trend. That's not necessarily real, tho. More on that downthread.

Death count is up to 590, up 119 from yesterday. That is also a little better then forecast yesterday
When I say that the rate of growth of infections slowing down may not be real, what I mean is that we may now be limited by how many tests we can manufacture per day.

See this whole thread, but for this discussion this is the tweet that's interesting: https://twitter.com/ASlavitt/status/1242586914701615110
If manufacturing capacity is at 50k/day, that's gonna be a cap on how many cases we can identify. So we're back to where we were last month--we don't even have the ability to see how fast its moving. Even if manufacturing capability gets up to 100k in the next week, that's still
not even close to sufficient for what we need. It's going to be spreading faster than we can see, and the next proxy we can measure is going to be hospital utilization.

Trump's America is determined to make this as bad as it can possibly be
If we're at 33% per day growth, we'll be around 70,000 infections and 750-800 deaths tomorrow
We're at 69,000 known infections and 801 deaths tonight. Both of those are in line with continuing to double every 3 days.

The death count today was 211, which is just a little below the total case count on the first day I started keeping this thread. Good chance that the
daily death number passes that threshold tomorrow.

If we stay on our present course we'll be around 90,000 infections, passing China's total and becoming the most impacted nation, and 1050-1100 deaths tomorrow
We passed China today for total infections. As I type this tonight the Johns Hopkins data shows 85,840 positive infections in the US. The death toll this morning was up 249 from yesterday and is now at 1,050.

The death toll is now higher than the case count was on March 10
There are widespread reports of hospitals hitting capacity and having to shift to hard triage for determining care. New York City and Atlanta both have hospitals at capacity and earlier tonight Andy Slavitt reported that a major midwest hospital also now can't provide ventilators
for all patients who need one.

Meanwhile our President went on Hannity tonight and said he doesn't believe that hospitals need the number of ventilators they say they need
Our numbers today are a little bit off of the double-every-3-days pace, but as I documented a few days ago, we appear to be constrained by the number of test kits that are physically available, so the case counts are systematically lowballing the reality of how many people are
carrying the virus. The death toll number is going to be the one to really keep an eye on going forward, and that metric, unfortunately, is still on the 3-day-double pace.

If we continue at the rate we have been, we'll have 100k-105k confirmed cases tomorrow and 1250-1400 dead
Tonight we're at 105k confirmed infections in the US with a cumulative death toll of 1296. The growth in cases marks a significant reduction in the percentage growth of known cases.

The death toll number is in the band for us to still be doubling that every 3rd day
Today Trump gave another petulant and petty display at the coronavirus briefing. He says the administration won't help states where the governors aren't nice enough to him, confirming an allegation from the governor of Michigan that vendors were being directed to withhold medical
supplies from Michigan. The degree of wrongness there is astounding to me.

If we continue current trends, we'll finish tomorrow at around 120k confirmed cases and with a death toll between 1650 and 1800
Finishing today off with 125,000 confirmed cases and 1,707 deaths.

Trump said he was thinking of quarantining NYC, which he doesn't have the power to do, then later the CDC issued a toothless travel advisory to not leave NYC. He keeps trying to play Big, Strong Man but he
doesn't understand what is happening, why it is happening, or what is going to happen next. He's never had to live with any challenge that wasn't self-inflicted, and he can't figure out why acting nice for a few days didn't magically fix everything
If we keep going at the present rate we're gonna finish tomorrow with 140,000-150,000 confirmed cases and 2,150-2,300 deaths. If we stay on our present trend through next Saturday, we'll have 14,000 dead, which is higher than Italy currently has, and the daily count will be 3,000
As bad as that sounds, ff we stay on our current pace, week after next gets really ugly.

("Our current pace" for deaths literally means the number of cases I reported in my tweet in this thread 16 days ago. We're 4 or 5 days into that being the case)
Tonight we're at 143,000 confirmed cases in the US. That's up 18,000 from yesterday. It seems likely that this continues to be an artifact of test production capacity rather than a real reflection of infection spread.

The death toll today was 484; the cumulative toll is 2,191
The President held another absurdly off-the-rails press conference today. He attacked journalists for asking questions, claimed that he never said things that he's on video saying, and was generally detached from reality. So, a normal outing for him
On the plus side, though, he did say that the shelter in place and social distancing orders that are in place are going to remain so through April 30. That's better than the Easter bullshit he was floating earlier this week. I doubt he can stick with the new guidance, we'll see
If we keep on our current trends, we'll be between 160,000 and 170,000 confirmed cases tomorrow and the death toll will be between 2,600 and 2,800
Today we're up to 163,000 confirmed infections. The recorded death toll is 2,509, +318 from last night's number.

A note on my death toll figures, I'm getting them from the linked site. It updates in the morning, so the values I'm showing are a day back https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus#growth-country-by-country-view
Anyway, the note on where I'm sourcing the death toll numbers is because I want to be clear that the value reported tonight, 2,509, is actually a substantial improvement over projection. Unfortunately, I already know that the number tomorrow night is going to be
bad. It's past 3,000, which means we're still on the curve we've been on. The one that gets us to 14,000 dead on Saturday.

Fingers crossed that it slows down over the next 5 days. We should be seeing the results of the social distancing and the lockdowns, so there's hope still
Anyway, my projections for tomorrow night's numbers are 180,000 confirmed infections and 3,000 dead
Projected infections: 180k
Actual infections: 190k

Projected death toll: 3000
Actual death toll: 3170

It worries me that my projections are missing too low, because they get super fuckin' ugly in 5 or 6 more days
At Trump's daily emotional masturbation, errrrr, today's press briefing, he displayed an affect and a demeanor that the press are falling all over themselves to praise. It's like they haven't seen this movie before, and it's totally inexplicable to me. He'll be back to his
normal self within a few days.

Anyway, tomorrow's projection is 210,000 cases, still gated by test availability. Death toll will be around 3800 if we stay on this current course.
We're up to 215,000 confirmed cases and 4,079 dead. That death toll is up 909 from the prior reading.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to update the death toll in the morning so that it's in line with when the data is actually compiled
I'm growing concerned about what it looks like is about to happen in the rural south. Take a look at this shot from the Johns Hopkins tracking map
Republican governors all over the place continue to not really respond to the pandemic and I fear the consequences of this are about to become catastrophic. Here's a list of the governors who haven't issued stay-home orders https://twitter.com/cmclymer/status/1245527995361746950
Anyway, I expect 230,000-240,000 confirmed cases and 5,000 cumulative deaths tomorrow, if we stay on our current trendlines
First day that I'm updating the death toll number in the morning.

The US death toll through last night is 5,138. This is +1,059 from the day before. Our present trendline suggests 1,500-1,800 deaths today.

1,800 would mean that more people die today of Covid than anything else
Tonight there are 245,000 positive cases in the US, up 30,000 from yesterday.

I expect 275,000-300,000 tomorrow. And it looks like Florida is probably on the brink of a catastrophe, with much of the rest of the rural South following not far behind. I really hope I'm wrong
Death toll this morning is up to 6,053, +915 yesterday. This is fewer deaths than on Wednesay, thank goodness for small blessings.

If we revert to the curve we'd been on there will be 1,500-2,000 deaths today. Hopefully we won't revert and the pace of growth is slowing
Case count tonight is 278,000. We have more cases than Spain and Italy combined. Like Trump promised, I'm getting sick of all the winning
The death toll yesterday was 1,104. That takes us to 7,157 total dead in the US
I forgot to update the case count last night, but it was 310,000.

1,344 people died in America from Covid yesterday. The cumulative toll is 8,501.

30 days ago the administration sent multiple people out to proclaim that it had been "contained"
Case count last night was 337,000, up 27,000 from Saturday.

1,146 people died from Covid yesterday, taking the cumulative total to 9,647. The attached thread strongly suggests that we're massively undercounting the death toll, though https://twitter.com/MarkLevineNYC/status/1247155043171741696
We're to 368,000 confirmed cases in the US. This is +31,000 from yesterday. We now have more cases than Spain, Italy, and France combined.

There's no question that the American response to this crisis is the worst in the entire world
There were 1,342 deaths yesterday. The cumulative total for the US is now 10,989
The case count tonight is up to 399,000. This is another 31,000 over yesterday. The death toll today was the worst so far, which will show up in tomorrow morning's update.

In the meantime, this is where Fox News is https://twitter.com/existentialfish/status/1247707885536268291
Another 1,906 people died in the US yesterday, taking the known death toll to 12,895. We know for sure this is an undercount, but the magnitude of it is uncertain.

Yesterday, Covid-19 was the leading cause of death in America. Meanwhile, Republicans are starting to say it's over
Case count tonight is 432,000. That's 33,000 new positives today.

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my 8th-grader went to his school
1,922 people died from Covid yesterday. The cumulative count in the US is now 14,817
The infection count last night was 465,000, up 33,000 from the day before.

1,873 people died yesterday. The cumulative total is now 16,690.

Donald Trump is ranting on Twitter that he's not getting enough credit for the high ratings of his press briefings
Infection count last night hit 500,000, up 35,000 from the day before.

2,087 people died yesterday. The cumulative total is 18,777. We'll pass Italy today to become the nation with the most deaths
Infection count last night was 530,000, up 30,000 from Friday.

1,831 people died yesterday. The cumulative total, which we know is an undercount, is now 20,608. Yesterday was the 4th day in a row that Covid was the #1 cause of death in the US
Infection count last night was 557,000, up 27,000 from Saturday.

1,500 people were reported to have died yesterday, taking us to 22,108. In past weeks Sunday has shown much lower numbers that the days surrounding it, so that may be an undercount, but hopefully it's real
Infection count last night was 581,000, up 24,000 from Sunday.

1,541 people were reported to have died yesterday, taking us to 23,649.

Trump has perhaps his most unhinged performance yet at his press conference yesterday. He seems to be getting worse as the pandemic continues
Infection count last night was 609,000, up 28,000 from Sunday.

2,408 people were reported dead yesterday. The cumulative toll is now 26,057. Yesterday was the deadliest day so far, but there are tentative signs that we've bent the curve and things are about to improve
Infection count last night was 640,000, up 31,000 from Monday.

Death toll yesterday was a staggering 4,928, taking the cumulative number to 30,985. I think this is because NYC reclassified a bunch of deaths that had not been coded as Covid to reflect that they actually were
Infection count last night was 671,000, up 31,000 from the day before.

Death toll was 2,299, taking us to 33,284 total.

Protests against social distancing are starting to gain traction in some places. This won't end well
Infection count last night was 701,000, up 30,000 from the day before.

Death toll was 3,770. Now up to 37,054.

The President is urging civil disobedience against distancing orders. Florida is beginning to re-open beaches. None of this makes sense
Infection count last night was 735,000, up 34,000 from the day before.

Death toll was 1,856, taking us to 38,910. Yesterday's number is both better than recently AND still high enough to make Covid the #1 cause of death in America yesterday.
Infection count last night was 760,000, up 25,000 from Saturday.

Death toll yesterday was 1,772; cumulative total is now 40,682
Infection count yesterday was 787,000, up 27,000.

Death toll was 1,857, total is now 42,539.

Georgia is re-opening a ton of personal contact businesses--hairdressers, massage, gyms, trainers, nail salons--effective this Friday
Infection count yesterday was 825,000, up 38,000. That's the biggest single-day jump so far.

Death toll was 2,524. The running total is 45,063.

Trump is spewing forth ridiculous tweets about immigration and about Iran in a desperate attempt to distract from his pandemic failure
Infection count last night was 842,000. That was up only 17,000 from the day before. "Only".

Death toll was 1,721, cume is now 46,784.

After agitating for states to re-open, last night Trump threw the governor of Georgia completely under the bus for ordering Georgia open
The US now has more confirmed Covid-19 cases than Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK combined
Infection count last night was 869,000, up 27,000 from the prior day.

Death toll yesterday was 3,179. Cumulative total is 49,963.

Yesterday the President suggested injecting disinfectant. To be strictly technical, doing that would actually result in no longer having Covid
7 weeks ago the confirmed case count was 259 and the administration sent Kellyanne and Larry Kudlow onto TV to say it was "contained".

Today we have 870,000 cases, 50,000 deaths, and Pence is saying it will be over by Memorial Day https://twitter.com/spettypi/status/1253702881779294212
Infection count last night was 890,000, up 21,000 from the day prior. That's a good number by current standards.

Death toll was 1,054, which is the lowest daily count since April 3. The cumulative toll is now 51,017
Infection count last night was 939,000, up 49,000 from the day before. That's the biggest single-day increase in that number so far.

Death count yesterday was 2,172. Cumulative number is now 53,189.

This week the Coronavirus will pass the Vietnam War for number of deaths
Infection count last night was 965,000, up 26,000. We'll hit 1,000,000 today or tomorrow.

Death count was 1,687. 54,876 is the new running total.

The President spent much of yesterday and this morning ranting on Twitter instead of working
Infection count is up to 988,000, up 23,000.

Death toll yesterday was 1,369. 56,245 is the new cume.

States are beginning to lift their stay-home orders. Hopefully we don't regret this in 3 weeks
Infection count broke 1M yesterday, finishing at 1,012,000. That was up only 24,000, which is actually a really good number right now.

Death count yesterday was 2,110, taking us to 58,355. That is also a pretty good number right now
Infection count was up to 1,039,000 yesterday, +27,000.

Death count was 2,611. Cume is past 60k at 60,966.

Trump and Kushner are declaring victory. There is no rational basis for this
Infection count yesterday was 1,069,000. That's another 30,000 new confirmed cases.

Death count was 2,040, taking us to 63,006 total.

Total for April was +854,000 confirmed cases and +59,000 dead.

59,000. In one month https://twitter.com/danielgrisinger/status/1245540570837045251
34,000 new confirmed infections yesterday, taking us to 1,103,000.

Another 2,062 dead, leaving us at 65,608 so far.

The media has gotten bored of covering this, is switching to past tense, and states are reopening. That's sure to end well, right?
+30,000 new infections yesterday; we're up to 1,133,000.

1,317 reported deaths, taking us to 66,385. I had a typo in the cumulative death toll in yesterday's tweet. I wrote 65,608, but the correct number was 65,068.

That deaths number is pretty good, if it's real. Weekends
have consistently had lower numbers reported, though, for what seem to me to be obvious reasons.
Infection count was up to 1,158,000 last night, +25,000 for the day.

There were 1,297 deaths yesterday. Running total is 67,682.
Infection count reached 1,180,000 yesterday. That was +22,000 for the day. That's a good number.

There were 1,252 deaths yesterday, taking us to 68,934. That is also a pretty good number given recent context.
We're up to 1,204,000 confirmed infections, +24,000 yesterday.

There were 2,144 deaths yesterday, pushing us past 70k to 71,078 total.

Trump plans to disband the Coronavirus task force, because he's decided that the threat is over and it's time to move on
Infection count last night was 1,228,000, +24,000 again.

There were 2,353 dead yesterday, taking us to 73,431.

Most media outlets this morning are reporting that Trump's personal valet has tested positive for the virus
Infection count is up to 1,256,000. That's +28,000.

There were 2,239 more deaths yesterday. That takes the total to 75,670
Infections are up to 1,283,00, +27,000 yesterday.

There were 1,510 deaths yesterday, taking us to 77,180.

Ivanka's personal assistant has tested positive, joining the President's valet and Stephen Miller's wife. Trump still says testing is bad, even as they test daily in the WH
Count up to 1,309,000, +26,000 yesterday.

1,614 deaths recorded yesterday. 78,794 so far.

Much of the country is beginning to re-open, and taking precautions such as wearing masks has become a politically partisan action. We're still so fucked
Infection count went to 1,329,000 yesterday. +20,000 for the day.

734 deaths recorded yesterday. We're up to 79,528.

That is by far the lowest death count we've had in weeks. April 2 was the last time the daily count was below 1,000
I entirely agree with this https://twitter.com/2012YesWeWill/status/1259865441402576896
Infection count yesterday was up to 1,347,000, +18,000 for the day. This is the lowest number in weeks, but like the death number from the day before, I'm skeptical this is real progress and not just a day-of-week effect.

Death toll was 1,156, we're past 80k to 80,684
Infection count yesterday was 1,369,000. That's +22,000 for the day. We're clearly seeing fewer infections per day than in the first half of April.

Death toll was 1,703, taking us to 82,387. We're also clearly seeing fewer deaths per day than in mid-April
Infection count last night was 1,389,000. +20,000 for the day.

Death count was 1,746, taking us to 84,133. Heart disease takes down 1,774 Americans per day, so statistically Covid was not quite the #1 cause of death for the day. Trump probably calls that "winning"
One more note on yesterday's numbers. With the death toll crossing 84,000, Covid will be the #7 leading cause of death in the US this year IF NO MORE PEOPLE DIE FROM IT.

38,000 more and it will pass Alzheimer's on the charts
On the plus side, I guess Trump can now claim that under his watch suicide stopped being one of the top 10 causes of death in America
28,000 new infections yesterday, taking the total to 1,417,000. That's the worst day this week.

1,773 deaths. New count there is 85,906.

The number of deaths is now higher than the seating capacity of every NFL stadium
26,000 new confirmed cases yesterday; the new total is 1,443,000.

1,662 deaths. Total is now 87,568. Hitting 100k dead by the end of the month seems effectively locked in at this point
24,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 1,467,000.

1,186 deaths, new total is 88,754.

We probably won't quite hit a 100,000 dead this week
19,000 new cases yesterday. New total is 1,486,000.

808 deaths. 89,562 so far.

Both of those numbers are good, though once again Sunday numbers are always lower. That said, they're low even for recent Sundays
22,000 new cases yesterday. We're up to 1,508,000.

791 deaths reported. We're past 90k to 90,353. This is the first time we've had back-to-back days with less than a thousand dead since the start of April
20,000 new cases, taking us to 1,528,000.

1,568 deaths, pushing us up to 91,921
Another 23,000 confirmed cases yesterday. Running total is 1,551,000. That's about triple the population of Wyoming, who get two Senate seats and 3 electoral votes.

1,518 dead. 93,439 total. On February 5, there had been no American deaths from Covid. That was 106 days ago
26,000 new cases yesterday; that's the highest count this week. We're up to 1,577,000.

1,263 deaths reported, taking us to 94,702.

There are media reports that central Alabama is running out of hospital space and new infection counts are rising in a bunch of re-opened states
24,000 new confirmed cases yesterday, taking us to 1,601,000.

1,305 deaths. 96,007 so far. We'll go past 100,000 in the next week
21,000 new confirmed cases yesterday. We're up to 1,622,000.

1,080 deaths. 97,087 is the new running total.

The President is tweeting baseless murder accusations about Joe Scarborough instead of doing anything useful
21,000 new cases again. New total is 1,643,000.

633 deaths. 97,720 now. This is the lowest death count since March 28. The fact that it is for the Sunday of a holiday weekend means it is probably an undercount, but it's still good news.
19,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 1,662,000.

Only 500 deaths. Lowest in two months. Yeah, it's because of the holiday and yeah, we'll see some rebound today/tmrw, but it's still good news.

Now we hope that the widespread gatherings yesterday don't create a spike in 2 wks
19,000 new cases yesterday. Running total is now 1,681,000.

696 deaths. We now have 3 straight days of less than 1,000 deaths. The new total is 98,916
17,000 new cases yesterday. That's a great number given recent context. The running total is 1,698,000.

1,526 deaths, which is not a great number. That probably is catch-up from the lower reporting over the holiday, though. Running death toll has passed 100k, now at 100,442
26,000 new cases yesterday. That's a pretty bad number given recent trends. Hopefully due to reporting delays over the holiday weekend, and not a sign of an actual surge.

1,175 dead, for a total of 101,617
23,000 new cases yesterday, taking the total to 1,747,000.

1,219 deaths. 102,836 is the new running count. That's 350 people more than the population of Burbank, California
26,000 new cases, taking us to 1,773,000.

945 deaths. Running total of 103,781.

The most shocking thing is that right now the ongoing disaster that is the pandemic isn't even the biggest news story
13,000 new cases. Now up to 1,786,000.

602 deaths. That takes us to 104,383.

Both of those numbers are really good, even considering that it was a Sunday
The totals for May are 717,000 new cases and 41,377 dead. The scale of this is staggering, my mind balks at trying to understand or contextualize it https://twitter.com/danielgrisinger/status/1256235852826644485
25,000 new cases yesterday, taking the total to 1,811,000.

764 deaths, pushing us up to 105,147.

I'm sickly, morbidly curious to see if we end up with spiking case loads starting in a few days as a result of the massive wave of protests we're living through
Only 19,000 new cases yesterday. The new total is 1,830,000. Being below 20k on a weekday is encouraging.

1,034 deaths. New count is 106,181
19,000 new cases again. This week is going to have the lowest new case count in a long time. We're up to 1,849,000 cumulative.

994 deaths, taking us to 107,175
25,000 new cases. 1,874,000 cumulative. We'll almost certainly pass 2,000,000 next week.

1,036 deaths. 108,211 is the new total
23,000 new cases. 1,897,000 is the new total. We'll probably hit 2,000,000 next Tuesday or Wednesday.

932 deaths. 109,143 cumulative
Today is 3 months since I started this thread. When it began we had 259 total cases and no known deaths.

Next week we're going to pass 2,000,000 cases and this month we're going to cross the 125,000 death mark https://twitter.com/danielgrisinger/status/1236021570524442624
23,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 1,920,000. That's not a great number, especially on a weekend

659 reported deaths. Even considering that it's a weekend, that's a really good number. The new total is 109,802
22,000 new cases, pushing the total to 1,942,000.

712 deaths. 110,514. That's now higher than the capacity of every stadium in the country
19,000 new cases yesterday. 1,961,000 is the running count.

Only 493 reported deaths. 111,007 is the new total. That's the lowest total in 2 and a half months. Fingers crossed it isn't a reporting artifact
18,000 new cases yesterday, now up to 1,979,000.

999 deaths. 112,006 is the new cumulative total. This was the 5th consecutive day with fewer than 1,000 reported deaths
21,000 new cases. We're to 2,000,000 now and still racking up new infections.

918 deaths. 112,924 is the running count. This was the 6th consecutive day at a sub-1k number, which is a much more encouraging sign than the infection rate would suggest
23,000 new cases, taking us to 2,023,000.

896 new deaths. 113,820 is the new total. This is the 7th consecutive day of fewer than 1,000 deaths
25,000 new cases, pushing us up to 2,048,000.

849 deaths. 114,669 cumulative
26,000 new cases. 2,074,000 cumulative.

767 dead. 115,436.

Deaths have fallen off more than new cases. That seems interesting
20,000 new cases. 2,094,000 is the new running total.

Only 296 deaths. Yeah, it was a Sunday, but that's still a very good number. It's the lowest daily number in 3 months. New cume is 115,732
19,000 new cases. 2,113,000 total.

395 deaths. 116,127 is the running total

New cases are basically flat the past few weeks, but the death numbers have improved dramatically
24,000 new cases. 2,137,000 cumulative.

836 deaths. 116,963 is the new total
27,000 new cases. 2,164,000 is the new running total. This is the worst day for new cases in more than a month.

The website I get death data from didn't update today. Not sure why
In addition to the 27,000 new cases yesterday, there were 754 deaths. The running total is now 117,717
25,000 new cases and 717 deaths yesterday.

Cumulative numbers are now 2,189,000 and 118,434.

My data tracking uses a week that runs from Fri-Thur because I happened to start on a Friday. The past week has had the most new infections since the week ending Thur May 7
31,000 new cases yesterday. That's the highest daily total and first day over 30,000 since May 2.

678 reported deaths, taking the cumulative count to 119,112.

Today Trump is going to hold a massive rally in a city where the caseload has been spiking. People are coming
from around the country to attend. This is basically the exactly worst thing possible for him and them to be doing right now
34,000 new cases yesterday. We're up to 2,254,000 cases. This is the highest single-day total since May 1, which also saw 34,000 new cases.

Death number is still lower, at 607, but that lags infections for obvs reasons. Cumulative total is 119,719. Daily toll will soon increase
26,000 new cases, taking us to 2,280,000

Only 256 deaths recorded yesterday, taking us to 119,975
32,000 new cases yesterday. We're up to 2,312,000.

427 deaths. New total is 120,402. The daily death count hasn't shot up the way the infection count has, but I wouldn't count on that continuing
35,000 new cases yesterday. That ties the second-worst day since the pandemic started. We also had 35k on April 10 and only the 49k we saw on April 25 is worse. We're to 2,347,000 cumulative

826 deaths yesterday. 121,228 total. That's the highest toll in a week
34,000 new cases yesterday. We're up to 2,381,000 cumulative. The daily counts are now matching the worst of what we saw in April.

751 deaths yesterday, taking us to 121,979
41,000 new cases yesterday. Only the 49k recorded on April 25 is higher. The running total is now 2,422,000. That's higher than the populations of 15 states

2,437 reported deaths yesterday, taking us to 124,416. New Jersey reclassified 1,700 deaths, creating the spike
45,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 2,467,000. It was the worst real single-day increase so far (I tracked 49k on April 25, but that was due to NY doing a data catchup).

623 dead. 125,039 so far

There are reports that last night Houston exhausted its supply of ICU beds
43,000 new cases yesterday. We're past 2.5M now, at 2,510,000.

Only 500 reported deaths, though. "Only". 125,539 is the updated toll.

I'm worried this week is going to be very bad
38,000 new cases, taking us to 2,548,000.

Only 265 deaths; 125,804 is the new number.

The surge in new infections isn't yet translating into a surge in deaths. I don't know that we can count on that to continue
42,000 new cases. 2,590,000 is the new running total.

336 deaths. 126,140 cumulative
44,000 new cases yesterday, taking us up to 2,634,000.

1,270 deaths reported. 127,410 is the running total. Too early to tell if this is the start of deaths ramping up like infections did or just a single bad day
52,000 new cases yesterday. That's the worst day we've had, and the first over 50k. 2,686,000 is the new cumulative number.

652 deaths. 128,062 is the running count
53,000 new cases yesterday, just edging out Wednesday for worst day so far. 2,738,000 is the new running total. If we keep at the current pace, we're gonna smash through 3M next week.

678 deaths, taking us to 128,740.

The President again claimed the virus will soon just go away
55,000 new cases yesterday. Third consecutive day with a record number of new cases. The new total is 2,793,000.

694 deaths. We're up to 129,434
46,000 new cases. If you thought a major holiday on a weekend was a recipe for a slowdown in reporting, well, that didn't pan out. 2,839,000 total to date.

Only 242 reported deaths, though. 129,676 is the the toll so far
49,000 new cases yesterday. On a Sunday. Of a holiday weekend. I'm worried what that presages for the week ahead. 2,888,000 is the new total.

The death numbers are staying low, at least. There were 271 yesterday, taking us to 129,947. Obviously we'll break 130k today
48,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 2,936,000. Before last week, that would have been a record daily total.

Daily deaths continue to stay relatively low. There were 359, taking us to 130,306.

If there were no more deaths, Covid would still be the #5 cause of death in 2020
55,000 new cases. We're up to 2,991,000. We'll clear the 3 million mark today, which nobody would have thought possible 4 months ago.

1,174 reported deaths. 131,480 is the running total. Hopefully that's just catch-up data from the weekend and not the start of higher daily tolls
64,000 new cases yesterday. That's the worst day of the pandemic so far, by a lot. The running total is past 3 million, at 3,055,000.

829 deaths, taking us to 132,309. That's 2 days in a row where the death count is above 500
59,000 cases yesterday. We're now at 3,114,000.

982 deaths, putting us at 133,291. We're starting to see the death toll rise to reflect the surge in cases.

The President insists that this is fake and is just an artifact of increased testing. This is because he's a fucking moron
70,000 cases yesterday, taking us to 3,184,000. First time we've seen 70k in a day.

806 deaths. 134,097 cumulative
63,000 more cases. We're up to 3,247,000.

717 deaths. 134,814 is the new number. We're not back to the worst death counts we were seeing in April, but it's def going up

Meanwhile, conservatives of all genders got creamy in their panties yesterday at the sight of Trump in a mask
57,000 new cases yesterday. Before July 1 we had never seen a single day at 50k+, but 9 of the first 12 days of July were above that. 3,304,000 is the new total.

391 reported deaths. We're up to 135,205
59,000 new cases. 3,363,000 cumulative.

400 deaths. 135,605.

There are only 12 countries with more cases total than we've had in the past 4 days
We've had 427,000 new cases in the past week. Only Brazil, Russia, and India have had more than that cumulatively since the start of the pandemic
68,000 new cases yesterday, the second worst day we've had so far. The new count is 3,431,000.

861 deaths, we're to 136,466.

The administration has announced an effort to change how case data is gathered and reported. Everyone understands this is an attempt to fudge the data
77,000 new cases yesterday. That's the worst single day of the pandemic so far. We're up to 3,576,000.

939 deaths, taking us up to 138,358.

The country as a whole is debating mask mandates when what we need is to go back into full-on stay-at-home orders. Ffs
71,000 new cases, taking us up to 3,647,000 to date.

908 deaths. We're to 139,266
64,000 new cases. 3,711,000 is the new running total.

853 deaths. 140,119 so far.

Trump says that he will eventually be proven right about the pandemic because someday it will end
62,000 new cases, taking us to 3,773,000.

415 deaths. 140,534 to date
57,000 new cases. We're at 3,830,000.

372 deaths. 140,906.

Trump is apparently going to restart his daily virus briefings today. Because they went so well last time
72,000 cases yesterday, taking us to 3,902,000.

1,160 deaths. 142,066 is the new running total
68,000 new cases; 3,970,000 running.

1,124 deaths. 143,190 is the new count.

We'll break 4,000,000 cumulative cases today
This week, Covid is going to pass strokes to become the #5 cause of death in America this year.

By year end, it's almost certainly going to make it to 3rd
64,000 new cases, taking us to 4,034,000.

1,052 deaths. 144,242 is the new count
78,000 new cases, pushing the total up to 4,112,000. That is the worst day of the pandemic so far.

1,304 deaths, we're up to 145,546. This was the 4th consecutive day above 1,000 deaths
66,000 new cases. 4,178,000 to date.

914 dead. 146,460 so far
0,000,001 - January 20
1,000,000 - April 28 (99 days)
2,000,000 - June 10 (43 days)
3,000,000 - July 8 (28 days)
4,000,000 - July 23 (15 days)
56,000 new cases yesterday, which qualifies as a good number right now. Total is 4,234,000

Only 475 deaths, though. 146,935 is the running count.

Baseball season has been going for less than a week and already there's a team that is suffering a huge outbreak. They need to stop
56,000 new cases again, taking us up to 4,290,000.

1,076 deaths. We're up to 148,011. We're gonna smash through 150k this week
61,000 new cases yesterday, pushing the total up to 4,351,000.

1,245 dead. 149,256 is the new cume. Good chance we hit 150,000 today.

The President spent a bunch of time yesterday whining about Fauci having better poll numbers than him
Bad day yesterday. 75,000 new cases, taking us to 4,426,000.

1,457 deaths, taking us past 150k to 150,713.

Today, Trump is suggesting that we should delay the election
69,000 new cases, pushing us up to 4,495,000.

1,357 deaths. 152,070 is the new cume.

The number of deaths in the prior 7 days is now moving up the way case counts did several weeks back
67,000 new cases. We're to 4,562,000.

1,244 deaths. We're up to 153,314.

There were 1,929,000 new cases and 25,840 deaths in July. That rate of deaths, if it held for a year, would make Covid the #3 cause of death in America
58,000 new cases, pushing the total up to 4,620,000.

1,133 deaths. 154,447 total. That's the 6th consecutive day with more than 1,000 dead
47,000 new cases yesterday, which is a really good number right now. Our new cumulative total is 4,667,000.

413 reported deaths, taking us to 154,860. That's probably artificially low due to being a Sunday
Only 45,000 new cases yesterday. "Only". Total is now 4,712,000.

543 deaths, taking the toll to 155,403.

The President is insisting that the US has had the best response of all countries in the world
58,000 new cases yesterday, taking us to 4,770,000. We'll probably break the 5 million mark on Sunday.

1,403 dead. 156,806 is the running total.

The President continues to whine about people not liking him and about people who didn't attend his inauguration
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