The train crash we are observing in the US is due to the fact that we are governed by lawyers and journalists and politicians, people who specialize in political rather than technical truths.

Is it true if others think it’s true? Or is it true regardless of what people think?
Political truths

These are true if everyone believes them to be true — money, status, borders.

You can change these by rewriting facts in people’s brains: what is a dollar worth, who is the president, where is the border?

This is what our establishment is set up to manipulate.
Technical truths

These are true even if no one believes them to be true — genetics, math, biochemistry.

They exist independent of what’s in people’s brains: what’s this virus made of, will it spread, can this drug work?

This is where our establishment is out of its depth.
Those are the two extremes. Political truths that you can change by rewriting the software in people’s brains, and technical truths that exist independent of that.

Political truths do matter. But we are over-rotated towards them as a society. Now we are seeing the consequences.
The virus is highly non-compliant with regulations, isn’t demoralized by negative news coverage, doesn’t care about the polls, and has no budget to seize or bank account to freeze.

None of the political tools work.
It’s an inhuman adversary that can only be met with technology.
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