The phrase "identity in Christ" is so unbiblical & self-centered. It originates from "identity theory." It's definitionally individualistic. As a covenant theologian, I prefer "union with Christ" because it emphasizes a sacramental life of service.
For many evangelical Christians, this "identity theory Christianity" confuses and muddles their discourse on race, gender, and justice--and they don't even know it. They haven't even interrogated identity theory's origins ("identity in X" is a found nowhere in the Bible).
Churches teaching this individualistic, self-referential, post-1980s, very American, "identity in Christ" theology seem confused, then, that people have low views of the sacraments, reject church discipline & church membership, focus on "the worship experience," and so on.
"Finding your identity" (autonomy/arminianism) is something *you* chose. Union with Christ, however, is a covenantal life of gratitude expressed other-centeredness. Why do pastors teach "identity" when neither the Bible nor the Christian tradition uses self-centered categories?
Covenant theology teaches that you are given an "identity" as member of "a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light" through your union with Christ.
Covenant theology rejects the idea that "identity" is autonomously looking for a home. Meaning and mission are given by grace, therefore, you're invited to enjoy all of the rights, privileges, & responsibilities therein. The Resurrection freed you from starting with "identity."
BTW, if you want to know why people church hop so often & see churches as places to consume programs to meet their felt needs, it's because they're "finding [their] identity in Christ" by confirming "their existing self-views." Point 4 in the linked psych article. Union>Identity
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