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Thread regarding live updates on the #corona/ #COVIDー19 virus outbreak in BENELUX (BE, NL, Luxembourg)

Dirk Devroey, VUB-professor, regarding #coronavirus:

“Let’s stop testing people on Corona, it has no use at this point.”

He continues by saying that the test materials in UZ Leuven, sufficient for 6 months, have been used up in only 6 days.
Out of the 109 infected cases in Belgium, only 2 are hospitalized.

The rest, 107, are at home in quarantine.
First baby gets infected with the #COVIDー19 virus in Belgium.

Hospitalized in Charleroi.
• 60 new #COVIDー19 cases registered in Belgium.

Which puts the total number on 169 total infected cases; no deaths.

• 31 new #COVID19 cases registered in Belgium.
This puts a total of 200 infected cases in #Belgium.

Keep in mind, only 31 tested positive out of the 422 tested.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1236599357413212161?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1236599357413212161
• 2 people passed away due to #COVID19 in the Netherlands. Which puts the total number on 3.

• 77 new infected cases in the #netherlands. Total number of infected people: 265.

https://twitter.com/rivm/status/1236644520911044609?s=21 https://twitter.com/rivm/status/1236644520911044609
• 39 new #COVID2019 cases in Belgium.
Totall infected in #Belgium: 239.

(*) keep in mind, the number is way higher than the reported statistic as only those with serious symptoms have been tested.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1236962881083781126?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1236962881083781126
Belgian minister of health:

“We should prepare ourselves for the next phase, just like Italy.”
• 47 new #CODVID19 cases for #Belgium. Total infected cases: 314.

• First ‘confirmed’ dead due to the virus.

47 tested positive, out of the 639 tested.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1237689539709239296?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1237689539709239296

• 2 new people died due to #COVID19BE.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1237746054642257920?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1237746054642257920
• 85 new #COVID19BE infected cases, in #Belgium.

Still no sign of lockdown 😐.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1238057029983514626?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1238057029983514626
Belgian PM:

• Schools closed until 3 april.
• non-essential stores/shops closed.
• Restaurants/bars closed during weekends

• 160 new #Covid_19 infected cases in Belgium.

In total we have, 559 cases.
• 130 new #COVID19 infected cases in Belgium.
Current total number: 689.

• 1 death due to the virus. Total deaths is now at 4.
• 95 Belgian prisoners are rebelling and are not willing to go back inside until they allow visits again + they all want masks. #CoronaOutbreak
• 197 new #COVIDー19 cases in Belgium.

This puts the total number on: 886.

https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1239131675319287808?s=21 https://twitter.com/be_gezondheid/status/1239131675319287808
• 172 new #COVIDー19 cases in Belgium.
Total infecteded currently at: 1.085

• 1 passed away due to the virus.
5 total deaths.
• 5 people passed away due to #COVIDー19 virus in #Belgium.

Total deaths in Belgium: 10.
Despite the official account of Health of Belgium that updates daily, did not report anything today, the number of infections is still rising.

• 185 new infected #COVID19 cases.
Total number: 1243.

Deaths: 10.
Belgian PM:

• Belgium in total LOCKDOWN.
The official account @be_gezondheid has stopped reporting on cases.

• 243 new infected #COVID19 cases in Belgium.
Total: 1486

• 4 Corona patients died. Total covid19 deaths: 14.
• 309 new #COVID19 infected patients in Belgium.
Total infections: 1795.

• 7 covid19 patients passed away.
Total deaths: 21.
• 462 new #Covid_19 infenctions in Belgium.
Total number: 2257

• 16 new deaths due to the virus.
Total deaths in BE: 37.

• 558 new #Covid_19 infections reported in Belgium.
Total number is now: 2815.

• 30 people passed away in the last 24h due to the virus.
Total deaths in #Belgium: 67

#CoronaCrisis #COVID19Belgium
• 928 new #COVIDー19 infections within the last 48h, in Belgium.
Total infections: 3743.

• 13 new deaths, this puts the total number of deaths, in #Belgium, at 88 deaths.

• 526 new #COVIDー19 infenctions in the last 24h, in Belgium.
Total infections: 4269.

• (!) 34 people died due to the virus.
Total deaths is now: 122.

• 668 new #COVIDー19 infections in the last 24h, in Belgium.
Total infections: 4937

• An increase of 56 deaths, in #Belgium.
Total deaths now at: 178!

* I’m going to stop updating this thread, it’s useless at this point.
Latest update for Belgium:

• 16.770 #COVIDー19 infected patients.

• 1283 patients died, including a 12-year old girl with no medical history.
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