Hey @jack, why is my follower count going up to 70.6 and then dropping to 70.5 and then going up to 70.6 and then immediately dropping to 70.5 over and over again? Bot glitch? Throttle algorithm? Whatever you are doing it can't stop the truth so good luck. @TheJusticeDept @fbi
It wouldn't have anything to do with this thread would it? https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/1235406201598414850?s=19
I'm not concerned about how many people follow this account, it's the fact that you literally pay people to write algorithms to silence voices based on political agenda and willful attempts to mind control #WeThePeople. We see you @jack

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakeninf
You do realize this only legitimizes the information I'm sharing, right?

You attack those who threaten you the most. I must be directly over 🎯
Your apparent solution: just freeze it at 70.5

Smart I guess

I honestly wonder what the number would be if y'all did t pull this stupid sh*t

Just curious about metrics for #TheGreatAwakening. The things I say must be very threatening to you. Sad.

Good luck @jack

God bless
Hey @DevinNunes can I get in on that class action lawsuit?

Does this count as election interference? If Twitter is majority foreign owned, does that make this kind of censorship technically FOREIGN election interference?

Does @dhs @TheJusticeDept @fbi have a duty to act?
Can't wait to go home and clean house some more. 😎🌪️🎯

#Whirlwind #Biblical https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/1235412245691187200?s=19
Yep. https://twitter.com/TomFitton/status/1236011143237419016?s=19
Fascinating https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1236697754472255499?s=19
For the record.
Btw this thread got me arbitrarily locked out of Twitter for two days.
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