For each like I'll tell you about one of Them*

*The characters from the sci-fi I'm working on. Call signs are in quotations, the names of their starships in brackets if ur curious
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Yeah I know there's like three Critical Role references in this that all have to do with Pike keep scrolling
Dreya "Alpha" Gem
Pronouns: She/Her
Species: Human
Home Planet: Reyín Moon Base

Dreya is the leader and best pilot in Wolf Squadron, a secretive woman who wears a Holo-Mask at all times that conceals her features even from her team. Her past is a mystery, her life is the stars.
Wolf Squadron was named after Dreya, using her original call sign as the name for the team when it was formed under her command as a reward for her bravery and leadership at the Battle of the Hearth.
Allegra Ni-Tenan "Saber"
Species: Portang
Pronouns: She/They
Home Planet: None (born in space)

Allegra came to Wolf Squadron with her brother Derring in tow. She is the second in command and, being older than most other members, they often come to her for her wisdom and guidance
Allegra is one the select few in Dreya's inner circle of trusted friends, however even she has never seen Dreya's face, despite the nights of casual companionship they've shared. Allegra was once in love with Dreya but it has since faded.
James "Rookie" Roth
Species: Orimu
Pronouns: He/Him
Home Planet: Orimus

James Roth was the first recruit when Dreya and Y'scartes were building Wolf Squadron. He's a born leader, quick thinking and clever and it is assumed that Dreya is grooming him for his own command someday.
Rookie does not care for the official pacifist stance of his home planet and left it behind as soon as he was free from the mandatory service each citizen much perform, much to the disappointment of his father who had high hopes for James' political career on Orimus
Species: Domini
Pronouns: They/Them
Home Planet: Ilium

As one of the long living Domini, Y'scartes is the oldest member of Wolf Squadron. They are the most respected aside from Dreya, an expert marksman and former test pilot, in charge of training each new recruit.
The Domini and the Orimu are two of the most ancient universal civilizations and were at war for many years. This feeds into the friendly rivalry between James Roth and Y'scartes but in truth they have a deep friendship despite their frequent disagreements.
(Read: they're probably gay, your honour)
Rynti Aren "Mammoth"
Species: Elgrah
Pronouns: he/him
Home Planet: Desdemona

Rynti is the jokester of the team. He is fond of tricks and eternally cracks jokes over the comms to lighten up stressful situations. Rynti's eldest daughter Sari is one of the squadron's backup pilots.
The Elgrah are small in stature and short lived in comparison to most other species in the Cosma Conclave. The clever and quick witted race prefer living in space than under an atmosphere but despite that Rynti is fond of flowers and often populates his quarters with them.
The Everlight
Species: Yuspia
Home Planet: None

The Everlight is one of the only Yuspia on record to participate in society, never mind holding rank. The Everlight came to be a part of Wolf Squadron after they saved it from trophy hunters and it protects the team fiercely
The Yuspia were worshipped as gods by the Domini until they achieved spaceflight and discovered these were sentient creatures that swam through space. The Everlight is young, only about as long as their starships, but powerful enough to destroy a ship with a flick of its tail.
(Starsong is the "name of its ship" because they needed a title on The Everlight's transponder, which is imbedded under its skin so that it shows up on the team's tactical computers)
Danai "Rain" Senokir
Species: Human
Pronouns: She/Her
Home Planet: Osepheus

Danai is Y'scartes protégé and the squadron's explosives expert. She is also an engineer and learned to fly in order to understand ships well enough to design one, which is one of her many side projects
Danai has a unique perspective among the intergalactic Human community as she is one of a few who has actually been to Earth. Humans were so eager to explore the universe that they spread into every system and as such very few have ever been back to their ancestral home.
Derring Ni-Tenan "X"
Species: Portang
Pronouns: He/Him
Home Planet: Born in space

Derring is the younger brother of Allegra and they are nearly insperable. The running joke is that Wolf Squadron only signed him so they could have her. Truthfully he is also a phenomenal pilot.
Derring and Allegra are twins but he does not possess the same drive to advance or lead as she, content to watch her back from a support position while she dives into the fray behind Dreya and Rookie. When they're not on mission he is likely planning his next prank on Rynti.
(Ignore how I said he was the younger brother in one tweet and twins in the next, he's both)
Ho’Steanne Uriel Inski (Uri) "Queenie"
Species: Shinia
Pronouns: Any
Home Planet: Unknown

Uri is Wolf Squadron's secret weapon. Most often in the form of a Human, Uri is actually one of the secretive Shinia, a race known and mistrusted for their shapeshifting abilities.
The Shinia are an extremely rare race, or at least assumed to be, when in reality they are more populous than one might think. They hide in plain sight and rarely let their true forms be seen for fear of persecution after years of distrust and violence against their people.
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