So many people casting a vote for planetary suicide. Biden gets an F on climate change. He’s millions in debt to fossil fuels. We have TEN YEARS to avoid mass extinction. My daughter is just two years old, what kind of future is she gonna have? How could you?
You haven’t just betrayed your party, the values of FDR: support the workers, build the social safety net. You haven’t just betrayed your class and county, handing it back to the rich. You’ve betrayed your SPECIES. Not even that. The ENTIRE BIOSPHERE, the future of life!
You’ve betrayed the future. All our children and grandchildren, bees on the brink of extinction, birds on the brink of extinction, all pollinators, every biosphere on earth in catastrophic decline, you vote for the guy in the oil industry’s pocket. Man, FUCK your centrist vote.
Don’t tell me I don’t have a right to be angry. My child is TWO. We have TEN YEARS. Fuck your vote for 3 degrees warming, more fracking, more deportations, more drone strikes, more private prisons, more billionaires and the doom of the world. FUCK you’re centrist vote.
How dare you not listen to young people, when the world you left us is on the brink of collapse? You may not be there when the seas rise & fires burn, & the crops fail, and the habitable land shrinks to a fraction of what it was, but your children and grandchildren will.
Democrats are supposed to be able to see an inch past their own self-interest. Democrats are supposed to look out for each other and offer a vision of a better world, but you got nothing to offer. You’re stealing our future out of nostalgia for a past that sold out my generation.
So yeah I’m angry, but mostly I feel fucking heartbroken. And I’m terrified for my daughter’s future. In a hundred years, if the earth is dust, who will care whether the last rich, corrupt bastard to sell out our planet was red or blue?

How could you?
Hey y’all I’m trans, pronouns they/them. Thanks for those of you going to bat in the comments, but please don’t misgender me 🙏
To people questioning why I say Biden owes millions to oil and gas: Yes, he pledged not to take oil and gas money last summer, but then he embraced a super PAC which allows dark $$ donations. During '08 &'12 the Obama-Biden ticket took millions from oil & gas through superpacs /
And to people being like "humans won't go extinct in 10 years," that's not what "mass extinction" means. We're already living through a mass extinction--the extinction of millions of species across the globe in a very short amount of time. We have 10 years to determine whether we
Whether we can salvage this climate, & enough of our ecosystems to return our planet---somewhat--to the world we've known since the last ice age, although with terrible diminished biodiversity. OR if the climate change will change so drastically that in a few generations it /
becomes unrecognizable to us now, and eventually uninhabitable. Climate scientists aren't saying that's going to happen in ten years, they say we have ten years to make massive changes to our socio-economic system or that will be where we're headed.
Which I should reiterate is REALLY FUCKING BAD, and we should be supporting candidates who have never been a friend to oil and gas, who don't go around referring to fracking gas as "a transitional fuel,"and whose climate change plans could credibly avert, you know, doomsday.
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