I've been nibbling around the edges since last year.

Is there a connection between Obama, Hillary & her illegal servers, Iran, China, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Huawei, BlackBerry, Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, & Julian Assange?

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. @MonsieurAmerica reminded us that in 2015, right when the 2016 elections were ramping up, Kim Dotcom warned that Julian Asssange would be Hillary's worst nightmare.

This morning, my friend . @MadAddictSport tweeted a story about Huawei breaking Iran sanctions by shipping HP and Microsoft equipment to Iran in 2010. https://twitter.com/MadAddictSport/status/1234816264876544001?s=20
That reminded me that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

So what does Kim Dotcom have to do with any of this?

Here is a screenshot from a 2010 Youtube video showing a megaupload link to unlock a calculator on a Huawei modem.

It's "just" a calculator addition, but there are plenty of these kinds of videos on Youtube. Here is one in Spanish that shows the individual downloading from Megaupload to show a fake location in the US.
We know Megaupload was providing links to Huawei, but there were also providing links to crack Blackberries.

Didn't Obama and Hillary like their Canadian BlackBerry and want to keep their Canadian BlackBerry?


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And here is a guy from 2009 happily showing you the Megaupload links to your Canadian BlackBerry.
Megaupload, was always based in Hong Kong, but they were also leasing servers in Ashburn VA.

02/22/10, a Special Agent with ICE, not the FBI, served warrants on the server owners. Case was linked to Ninjavideo, using Google email & Paypal accounts.

There were no arrests made. Government just seized the domains instead.

This happened after threats were made by VP Joe Biden directed at those offering unauthorized movies & music, but is that true?

April, 2010: New Zealand’s most expensive private home, and a convicted felon.

IAN WISHART with the exclusive story

Kimble Schmitz, 36, convicted German computer hacker is believed to be secret buyer of $30 million Chrisco mansion.

Kimpire Ltd, Kimvestor Ltd, Monkey Ltd, Trendax Ltd, Megaupload, Megamix, Megamedia, Megapix, Megavideo, N1, Vestor.

Address: 45th Floor of the The Lee Gardens Skyscraper in Hong Kong.
Let's move on to the raid of Kim Dotcom by the FBI and the Elite Special Tactics Group on January 16, 2012.

He says the FBI had already seized his servers. I imagine he means from the 2010 ICE raid in Virginia.
It was Eric Holder personally who created the task force to raid Kim. The indictment alleges he was a resident of both Hong Kong & New Zealand. Again, they went with copyright infringement.

Interestingly, Shawn Henry became President of Crowdstrike in 2012, same year Holder & FBI raided Kim Dotcom. Henry oversaw 1/2 of FBI’s investigative operations, including all FBI criminal & cyber investigations worldwide & international operations...

So why would Kim Dotcom warn that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare Here is the May 14, 2015, where he's talking about Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton.
June 14, 2016, Washington Post first reported that the DNC had been hacked by Russian spies, according to the DNC and SECURITY EXPERTS. (meaning Crowdstrike).

06/15/16: Trump issues statement: “We believe it was the DNC that did the hacking as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed candidate & failed party leader.”

Did he know a counter-intelligence operation was underway before the Wikileaks release?
On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich, the DNC voter expansion data director, was murdered.

Our friend . @RealMattCouch has been on this investigation from the beginning, even exposing a cover-up by the FBI. https://twitter.com/RealMattCouch/status/1231753926397087744?s=20
07/24/16, the day before DNC Convention, WikiLeaks leaked 20,000 DNC emails. Hillary's campaign manager, Robby Mook, told George Stephanopoulos the same day he believes Russians were instrumental.

Was this the counter-intelligence "plan" all along? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/damaging-emails-dnc-wikileaks-dump/story?id=40852448
08/09/16, Julian Assange suggests on Dutch television program Nieuwsuur that Seth Rich was the source for the Wikileaks-exposed DNC emails. He also says more emails from the Hillary camp are forthcoming.
September 26, 2016 at the 1st Presidential Debate: "It may be Russia, it may be China, it may be a guy sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds." https://twitter.com/MashableNews/status/780591207537750016?s=20
I think if we look closely, we can also link this as well: https://twitter.com/1foreverseeking/status/1234364616387563521?s=20
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