There is so much in 600 pages that I'm just gonna start firing.

First up: Jeff Sessions old partner Richard Burt flipped. πŸ”₯
Burt worked with the head of the Russian Mob AlfaBank to get Trump a backchannel to Putin.
And AlfaBank wanted a secure backchannel to the Trump Team. Sessions' guy helped.
Enter Sam Clovis, who may have been the smartest guy on the team, but not smart enough not to get involved.

Ooh, this started near Steve King in 2014 with Trump. Hmm...
Clovis had smarts, some savvy about discretion, and a general idea of Russia's dangers.

Oh, and Stephen Miller holds Trump's hand.
Now, Clovis wasn't into it, but everyone else near Trump was like WE HAVE SUCH A CRUSH ON RUSSSSIAAAA!!!!

Note Steve King and Dana Rohrabacher.
The Logan Act! Hey! Maybe we shouldn't start foreign policy while there's already a president!

Enter Kushner.
Papadopoulos was apparently the TruckNuts of the Trump Campaign. There, but Jesus, really?
Carter Page: the solar-powered flashlight of campaign advisors.
Clovis thought Flynn was a lummox for a guy who ran an intel agency.

BRO, we should go bowling! 🀣

If I have an observation, it's that this is a bunch of hacks until Paulie One Sock comes in. Because he's got the Russian Mob and intel services.
Wait, a Trump-el-Sisi meeting? When?
Clovis encounters the Ukraine policy switcheroo.
Weirdly, Clovis was worried maybe a Russian empire wasn't in the American interest. How did they let him hang out?
The World's Worst Spies were also, apparently, the most annoying.
Davis Manafort is where the foreign contacts really come in.

And Davis couldn't hang.
This is the whole dark arts Republican club from 1980 onward.
Enter Rick Gates, who proffers ERRYTHING.

Also, major league sports tickets. Always with the tickets...
WE'RE BACK - Davis Manafort Partners - run by Trump manager Paul Manafort is *neck deep* with Russian Mob oligarch Oleg Deripaska. For a decade before 2016.
Enter Russian spy Konstantin KILIMNIK. He works with Manafort all the way up to and including Trump's 2016 election.
FYI, when it comes to Kilimnik, "Army Intelligence" is the GRU, and there is no "was." Once you're Russian Intel Services, you're in for life. Or...the alternative.
Manafort partner Davis "discussed" FARA. Well, yes. Paulie One Sock had been a FARA agent since 1984 - so Trump hired a guy who had been...notorious for decades.
Manafort had been taking Russian financing for a full ten years before Trump asked him to run his 2016 campaign.
Now the BERNIE SANDERS CONNECTION: his 2016 manager Tad DEVINE. Devine had working on Ukraine issues as far back as 2005-2006 and returned to get pro-Putin YANUKOVYCH elected in 2010.
The key point I think has been neglected: Bernie's manager Devine didn't just work for the same pro-Putin candidate - Paul Manafort was the *prime contractor.*

Devine worked FOR MANAFORT in Ukraine. On behalf of Putin.
Bernie's manager Tad Devine actually drafted the victory speech for Yanukovych, who promised not to join NATO (πŸ–•πŸ˜ ) and turn toward Putin.
Amazing that the New York Times knew that an "American political consultant" helped the pro-Putin candidate - MANAFORT - but couldn't search its own internal records to see it was Trump's manager in 2016. WEIRD. πŸ–• https://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/08/world/europe/08ukraine.html
Tad Devine's last communications about political work in Ukraine for Putin were in *2014* - within a YEAR of launching Bernie Sanders' campaign.

So Putin contractor Tad Devine's candidate Bernie Sanders is getting massaged on the Big Bad Corporate Media within weeks.

And Manafort congratulates his old colleague on a job well done. GET IT YET?
Most of the new Mueller 302s are from Manafort partner Rick Gates *voluminous* proffers. Remember, he only got 45 days of *weekend prison*.

Because as he told the FBI, Manafort worked with Russian intelligence THROUGHOUT THE 2016 CAMPAIGN. Because they were essential.
Did you catch the dates and the context? August 2, 2016 - a few days after "Russia, if you're listening" - Manafort is meeting with Russian intel to discuss working on a "comeback" for Putin's Ukraine puppet, Yanukovych.

Russia presses the advantage if you don't STOP THEM. HARD.
Gates met with long-time partners Manafort and Russian intelligence to discuss winning MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, PENNSYLVANIA, and MINNESOTA.

Because these partners had a plan.
Interesting: Bannon and KellyAnne Conway were working strategy, but they didn't know what Manafort did.

The raw power of the Russian intelligence services.
Gates was curious with Kilimnik would fly personally to the U.S. for such a discussion.

What might you want to hand carry back to Russia? πŸ€”
Gates recalls the early days of Misha Flynn. He had hired (along with Kushner) a data consultant in Houston, TX. (Parscale)
Context - understand why this flew so much under the radar:

When you read "Kilimnik" "Flynn" "Parscale" don't think of those dudes. Think "opening the doors of a US campaign to the Russian military and its contractors." They didn't do anything but open America to its enemies.
And did the Trump campaign know the Russians were attacking American democracy? Well, when the Podesta emails were leaked, Gates recalled that they thought it was either RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE or A MOLE IN THE DNC.

(If you suspect either, you call the FBI, normally.)
This is key to understanding the dynamic in 2016.

"Not aware of anyone offering the hacked emails to the Trump campaign" - Of course not. Why have them touch it when you can hand it to JULIAN ASSANGE?
Gates may have been giving insight into the role (the now flipped) George NADER may have played funneling small donations in from Saudi and UAE, potentially in the millions.
Gates proffers *so much* over the months that the timeline jumps back and forth - bear with.

Manafort of course wanted Russian intelligence to be at the actual inauguration. πŸ€£πŸ–•

World's Shittiest Guest Dmitry Rybolovlev who laundered Trump $45 million also wanted tickets!
Gates, Manafort, and Parscale met up with Cambridge Analytica to discuss their $5 million test run with Ted Cruz, which was managed by Missouri political consultant Jeff Roe.

(Many connections. Get the thumbtacks and string.)
The RNC didn't want to use Cambridge Analytica. (Makes sense, data had been Reince Priebus' initiative.) Kushner did though. (Did Bibi tell him much? πŸ€”)

CA told Gates they were American. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
As to Donald Trump's knowledge of *all* these Russian connections, just one anecdote suffices.

Manafort said he worked for Putin. Trump said, "cool!"

Manafort directed Gates to send Russian Intelligence internal polling data. And "Tsar" is involved.

Collusion? Nah. You're not colluding at that point. You're the AGENT of a hostile power, not a partner.
And how Russian Mob is this?

How are people paid for political work? How about cash in a bag and luxury watches? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Campaign Fraud: Jeez, Trump didn't just take foreign *help,* did he? How about foreign money?

Enter DA MOOCH and Tom Barrack.
The money question was a mystery from early 2016 - these guys *appear* to have no money, so how are they doing this?

- Free Russian campaign work
- "Small dollar digital campaign"
- Miracles?

Lots more to uncover there...
Then, outta left field, Manafort turns out to have been in Havana looking to privatize Cuban healthcare. COULD THIS PLEASE BE ANY MORE RUSSIAN MOB? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
SO: who got Trump to hire Manafort as a manager, anyway?

Trump's old friend, the now convicted ROGER STONE! His old casino lobbyist! That good friend of Alex Jones!
"Uncoordinated rallies" were, most likely, coordinated by IRA/GRU.

Also: Parscale had a relationship with Facebook, Google, and *ahem* Twitter. "Dominating the digital market."
Oh, look! Mike Pence wanted to keep in touch with Manafort, the Russian agent who chose him for Vice President!

In addition to being on the transition emails where they know Russia handed them a victory, I think this means Pence is in equal trouble.
Oh, this is why Chris Christie got shanked? He was handing out Ambassadorships early? Ahh...
Russian agent Manafort was going to have his partner in the White House, but...after Nov. 9, 2016, people started asking questions the MSM could have asked for two years.
1. Protip: You can delete WhatsApp from you, but not from the FBI πŸ€£πŸ–•

2. Kushner didn't know polling data went to Russian intel. Did he send any data to Bibi and the NSO Group in Israel? Just curious.
The polling data handed to Russian intelligence via WhatsApp (πŸ˜‚πŸ€£) went on to guide Mike Pence's public appearance schedule.

(I find it amazing that a Mike Pence speech inspires *anything.*)
In which Rick Gates proffers and flips on everybody.

Protip: If you're in a treason conspiracy and your only way to keep people from pleading out is promising them a legal defense fund, maybe it should exist. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ–•
An extra funny aside in these 302s is the OPSEC of Manafort and Gates for treason.

"Hey, let's do some treason!"

"All right, but let's be safe out there - use the same iTunes account for all our Secure Treason Appsβ„’!"
Manafort worked with Hannity on the Devin Nunes coverup of treason oh seriously I can't with these people make it dummer
Another side treat from the new Mueller 302 batch: Rick Gates committed insider trading around...Equifax.

You know. The company that leaked all our financial data?
Gates wasn't aware that the troll farms were Russian. But he was totally aware that Russia used troll farms on Ukrainian campaigns.

Facebook was warned about this, of course.
Another side treat from the new Mueller 302s: Manafort and Gates were meeting with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Yaroslavl) as early as 2013 to push Putin's agenda on Ukraine and sanctions. Before the invasion.
Let's jump to COREY LEWANDOWSKI. OOH, some good stuff here.

Who put him with Trump? DAVID BOSSIE of CITIZENS UNITED infamy. ("Citizens United with Putin and Saudi")
Lewandowski and Don McGahn were two of the earliest hires of the Trump debacle.
Oh, look who had early access to Trump: Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins, who went on to publish "How the Left Lost It's Mind" in the Atlantic, all about how Russia is a "hoax."

But that's not the most interesting media connection.

Meanwhile, back at the Lewandowski 302, Corey introduces General Misha to Trump. And actively wanted his endorsement!

"I'm a fired DIRDIA turned foreign agent, and Trump is MY GUY!" 🀣
Competing priorities: Kushner wanted Trump to go to Israel, Cohen wanted him to go to Russia so they could make some cash.

They settled on Scotland.
Why did Cohen need to make money so badly? He was leveraged on taxi medallions.

And what's this with attorneys-who-aren't-attorneys? Is that a Mob thing or something?
Bannon and ERIK PRINCE show up nice and early for the Trump Op, especially to help guide foreign policy. (policy made by foreigners)
That Jeff Sessions was the foreign policy guy made zero sense at the time. But now that we know it's code for "treason," yup, makes sense now.
HILARIOUS: They wanted to shoot an ad at Mar-a-Lago of a Russian official getting mad at Trump's election because NOW AMERICA WOULD BE TOUGH ON ROSSIYA

Even Trump wouldn't buy it. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Because Trump would be SOOO HARD ON RUSSIA because Vlad is a big, strong, strapping man...

...wait, are we sure it's a pee tape with girls? πŸ€”
Ladies and Gentlemen...THE NIXON CONNECTION! Because this wasn't dumm enough with just low-rent hobos and a Russian spies. NIXON'S GANG!
Don't make me show the back tattoo. That's special, and only for Roger Stone's new cell mate!
Sorry Corey...guys tied directly to Vladimir Putin are on the scene. You gotta skidaddle!
Ewwww...Newt Gingrich shows up. And he's a Trump advisor.
World's Dumbest Spy Carter Page had High Level Putin Contacts.

And Gazprom? What's a Gazprom?
It is entirely possible that Lewandowski let Page go to Moscow as revenge for getting fired, which is hilarious.

Also: Logan Act? You mean don't conduct foreign policy while there's another president there? What's a Logan Act?
"Who wanted Trump to F**KING CAMPAIGN IN RUSSIA? Jeez, I dunno, it's such a normal idea to CAMPAIGN IN ACTUAL RUSSIA that I don't even remember."
Well, it turns out Sam Clovis may not have been all that anti-Russia after all. But this is just Lewandowski's remembrance. (Not everything is accurate; a 302 is notes from an interview.)
Enter Sean Spicer. Hillary's oppo file was apparently 400 pages. (Seems light; she'd been around a long time.)
Manafort and Barrack link up. The two met in the Middle East back in the *1970s* so this game has been going on a loooong time.

Remember that.
Trump met with Dana Rohrabacher early! Because you can't get the Idiot Great Uncle of Treason into your campaign soon enough!
Awkward whenever any member of a campaign commits suicide with a helium tank and a bag over his head and a note that says "NO FOUL PLAY!"
Boy, Facebook couldn't wait to get the Russia-lovin' Trump campaign to use their new toys!

Combined with Russia's toys, damn...it was powerful.
Enter straight-up Russian agent Michael Caputo! That guy! Used to work with Ollie North, moved to Russia in 1994, worked for Gazprom...
Hmm, from where/whom did Manafort get this rich "profiles" of voters? πŸ€”

And remember: no foreign interference campaign can work without local expertise. And look who wrote the messaging for Cambridge Analytica.
Protip: If you're meeting with a bunch of Russian spies to commit treason TAKE NOTES WITH YOUR IPHONE.

Totes sure you don't have a FISA warrant or nuthin'! 🀣 #morons
FBI interviewed the Eurasia director of the International Republican Institute, which hired Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik.
Jeez, guys, is the Russian spy stuff still redacted? GOSH!

It's just like Snowden says! The USIC hogs ALL THE TOP SECRET! 🀣
"The file on the Russian spy we hired? Jeez, where did we put that thing?"
Also in the Mueller 302 dump: George Papawiththefakeitalianwife proffered and "flipped"...but then unflipped which is so dumb only Mike Flynn tries it.

The rest is still redacted.
Now, John Podesta will illustrate the worst OPSEC in all of DC...which makes my head hurt and raises many questions.
Somebody said it was the Russians who hacked the email...but who said it was redacted.
Jesus Christ: Gmail, Office 365 are the tighest services you could get for a US PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN?

Then your security consultant CONFLICTS OUT BECAUSE THEY WORK FOR THE RUSSIAN MOB? What in the ass?
There are some new names in this batch of Mueller 302s: Josh RAFFEL, who ran PR for Jared and Ivanka.
Raffel is part of a bunch of 302s about the June 9 meeting with Russian spies...and the coverup.
"Raffel told Kushner he thought the emails were really bad."
Maybe WHAT won't leak? 🧐
The rest of Josh Raffel's stuff is redacted. He left the White House to work for JUUL.

Can't make this shit up.
NOTE: Dimitri Simes' Center for the National Interest (they published Butina) has staff *pleading out.*
Aside from mentioning Sessions...the CNI 302s are all still very redacted #OngoingMatter
Wait, the head of Miss Universe is in these new Mueller 302s? Wha?

Oh, Miss Universe is owned by Ari Emanuel's WME and the Saudis? Oh.
I did not have "head of Miss Universe's FBI 302 is totally redacted" on the bingo card. Failure of imagination.
Alex Van Der Zwaan already pleaded guilty, and most of this is redacted.
But Rick Gates said "U.S. Politics suck" boo hoo

Jared Kushner's exec assistant Catherine Vargas: new name, almost all redacted.
There's a whole lotta redacted 302s around the June 9 meeting...and trying to cover up the story in July 2017.

Just sayin'.
Let's highlight this: June 9, 2016, Obama endorsed Clinton. Sanders had no chance. Enemies of America were gathering.

Bernie fought Hillary until the convention. And then he dropped being a Democrat immediately after the election. https://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/transcript-bernie-sanders-speech-in-burlington-vermont-224465
Another one from Dimitri Simes' CNI: Dov Zakheim, one of Condaleeza Rice's "Vulcans," foreign policy guru at basically every DC institution.
Which brings us to Soviet-born Dimitri Simes, chosen by Richard Nixon to lead the Center for the National Interest.

He guided Trump's foreign policy through Kushner.
Simes worked with Stephen Miller, natch.
Simes invited the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak, to Trump's policy speech.
Simes set up the meeting between Trump and Kislyak at the Mayflower.
There's a Bannon 302, and most of what he told the FBI seems like bullshit...but hold up: The UAE wanted the capital of Israel in Jerusalem?

BREAKING: Kushner.

And his middle name is COREY. πŸ€”
Kushner totally wanted Dimitri Simes to swipe right.
"Jeez, that meeting with Russian spies? Not sure it came up at family dinner." #SureJan
Kushner met with the head of a sanctioned Russian bank connected directly to Putin, who brought a bag of dirt.

I come to understand this is not all the friendly.
Kushner and UAE: It's redacted, but...man Abu Dhabi is turning up EVERYWHERE in this conspiracy, aren't they?

Maybe "Trump-Russia" isn't the right name...
NOW IT GETS DUMM: Jared Kushner's friend Rick Gerson apparently helped on the plan to work with Erik Prince to get a backchannel to Putin DURING THE TRANSITION.
"Backchannel to Putin through a sanctioned Russian wealth fund WHILE BARACK OBAMA IS STILL PRESIDENT? I will get this plan to the right people!"

This wouldn't have been any fun without Tony Blair and the United Arab Emirates! Of course!
jesus christ could you make this stupider

there will be a "logan act penitentiary" just for this shit at some point

obama was president and we had a state dept
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