So I get on the train and this white woman immediately covers her mouth with a scarf when she sees me. I thought it would be interesting to fake cough and see how she reacts. The racism is showing Jan! (Too bad we couldn’t hear her mumbling under that racism!)
Like yea that scarf sure gonna help you dumb bitch
And to everyone saying “oh she’s being cautious that’s not racist” just say you wanted an excuse to show your racism and fucking GOOOO!!! Like that scarf isn’t fucking preventing her from getting the coronavirus SMD. Next person is getting blocked
and why wasn't she covered up before I got on the train when she was sitting with the other white folks? suddenly she needs to take preventative measures when an Asian woman gets on the train. OH OKAY! AND I WAS FAKE COUGHING IN MY ELBOW. Not even out in the air!!
Can’t even believe I have to explain this to a few ignorant people but THE POINT is that she covered her face before I was even fake coughing. If she wanted to move quietly because someone was coughing by her I understand but she discriminated against me once she SAW ME.
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