All the #sidhearts telling me to stop shipping #sidnaaz , first ask sidharth to do all the following things. I’ll stop shipping them as soon as all of this happens.
I’ll create a thread for sana stans as well.
First and foremost. ASK HIM to stop giving his tshirt to sana. If they’re just friends why did he do so?
second, ask him to stop posting and posing for pictures with sana and also maintain a distance. Why is he doing this if sana has hurt him a lot and all that stuff you sidhearts write at my tl?
Ask sidharth to upload a video where he’s clearly telling that he’s fed up w sidnaaz. Ask him to stop saying in his every interview “Shehnaz Has helped me a lot in that madhouse throughout”
Ask sidharth to make him stop sana, fifi and bagga taking out his full-on juloos. Why is he not stopping them?
Ask sidharth to unfollow sana.
he is not even following his oldest friend jay and mahhi. Even Sheena!
But he’s following shehnaz kaur gill? Why?
Ask sidharth to stop looking @ every boy who likes Shehnaz the way he looked at Balraj. Ask him to stop getting jealous over Asim and Sana talking. Ask sidharth to stop appointing a makeup artist for shehnaz kaur gill.
Ask sidharth to COMPLETELY DENY SIDNAAZ the way she denied sidleena and sidra.
Ask him to stop playing w words when it comes to sidnaaz
Ask sidharth to stop calling papa gill as daddy.
ask sidharth to stop calling shehbaz as chhote
ask sidharth to stop todding his kursi when shehnaz kaur gill is singing.
~ done w this thread.
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