The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), members of which are termed "Wobblies", is an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.
The union combines general unionism w industrial unionism, as it is a general union, subdivided b/t industries which employ its members. The philosophy and tactics of the IWW are described as revolutionary industrial unionism, w ties to socialist & anarchist labor movements.
In the 1910s and early 1920s, the IWW achieved many of their short-term goals, particularly in the American West, and cut across traditional guild and union lines to organize workers in a variety of trades and industries.
At their peak in August 1917, IWW membership was more than 150,000, with active wings in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

IWW promotes "One Big Union" & contends all workers should be united as a social class to supplant capitalism & wage labor w industrial democracy.
They use Wobbly Shop model of workplace democracy — workers elect managers & other forms of grassroots democracy. IWW membership does not require represented workplace & doesn’t exclude membership in other labor unions.

In 2012, IWW moved Headquarters to W Montrose St in Chicago
Here is a good source if you are interested in learning about the history of worker movements in the U.S.

The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions In The U.S. From the 1830s until 2012 (but mostly the 1930s-1980s) by G. William Domhoff
At a time when other labor unions were all white and some even proudly touting white supremacy eugenics theories, the Wobblies organized with migrant and American black workers.

Foner, Philip S. "The IWW and the Black Worker." The Journal of Negro History 55, no. 1 (1970): 45-64
An IWW leader:
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