Could the #Coronavirus be used as an excuse to takeout #CabalPuppet #Luciferian #Pedophiles ❓

What better way then to keep the masses calm - by telling the mind controlled sheep these pedos die of Coronavirus❗️ This is a FARCE. They are in TROUBLE ⚖️Q🇺🇸

Qoincidence❓ I don't think so. #ScientologyIsLuciferiansim same 💩 show. I live here. I KNOW. #TomCruise is ONE of them!
Here is another one! #PedoPope - how do you keep the masses under control - the ones who simply cannot accept the truth? Ego. Brainwashed. Mind controlled puppets. You tell them their Pedo Pope dies of #Coronavirus Ya. Wake on up. Its time.
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