Hey there everyone!
You might be wondering who we are.
So, here's a thread of all the amazing people (that we know of!) who are fighting for, or supporting those who are fighting for, the Congo rainforest!
#SaveCongoRainforest #SaveCongoForest_Flora_Fauna
1) Vanessa Nakate, aged 23, @vanessa_vash, who comes from Uganda, Africa, started the daily strikes to #SaveCongoRainforest.
She's also the founder of @TheRiseUpMovem1!
Vanessa is truly amazing and very few of us would be in this fight without her.
2) Remy Zahiga, @Remy_Zahiga, aged 24, is from the DRC.
He started the campaign to #SaveCongoForest_Flora_Fauna ages ago, and regularly strikes for it.
3) Natalia Blichowska, aged 13, @e_thunter, is an activist and striker from Bournemouth.
She was the first person in the UK to take up the campaign, and strikes for it in school!
There's a reason why we all call her 'Trooper Nat'... And that reason is... She never gives up!
4) Grace Maddrell, @ElmGrace, is a 14-year-old activist from the UK who joined this campaign on 8th November 2019, and also happens to be tweeting this...
Has put herself next simply because she joined next.... And was inspired by @vanessa_vash!
She strikes daily!
5) Helen Jackson, @_carbontiptoes, aged 21, is a climate activist from Glasgow, Scotland, who was inspired to join this campaign by @vanessa_vash!
6) Nyombi Morris, aged 20, @NolanQ13, is a #SaveCongoRainforest striker from Uganda!
7) Kimberlyn Morris, aged 5, is Nyombi's little sister, who often joins him in his strikes.
They both strike fairly often, but not daily.
I'll be continuing this thread soon,but I'm just going to take a break.
8) Edwin Namakanga, @edwinNamakanga, 25, is a climate activist from Uganda. He strikes for the Congo and is part of @Up_Uganda1! The second picture is his little sister who takes his pictures whilst striking!
9) Gabby, @OwlBlk, is a 16-year-old climate and social justice activist from the USA.
She strikes in school for the Congo, and is sometimes joined by her toy dog, Basenji!
10) Mulindwa Guy, @mulindwa_guy, is an activist from Uganda.
He campaigns for various things, including the Congo, and plants trees!
11) Cerys Gough, @CerysGough, aged 16, comes from Scotland.
She's an activist with various Scottish campaigns, and did a 30-day strike for the Congo.
12) Kaossara Sani, or Kao, @KaoHua3, aged 25, comes from Togo.
She strikes for the Congo and various other campaigns, and also educates young children about the climate crisis.
13) Hannaha Mackay, @hannahamackayyy, aged 16, is an activist from Scotland who strikes to #SaveCongoRainforest.
She's sometimes joined by her dog, Peggy!
14) Daniel Tucker Bailey, @D_T_Bailey, is an English activist who joined our campaign quite recently. He strikes daily in Kent.
15) Patsy Islam-Parsons, @PatsyIP4, aged 19, is our only Australian #SaveCongoRainforest campaigner, striking daily in Sydney, and always choosing great backgrounds for her photos...
16) Fionnuala Braun, @fionnualaAnjoo, aged 19, strikes weekly in solidarity with #FridaysForFuture and #SaveCongoRainforest. Her account is protected, but it's well worth sending a follow request!
(Also Fionnuala, this is Grace, so that's why I have pics of you!)
17) Kyle Downie, @KyleDownie5, aged 19, is a striker from Scotland who's very new to our Congo campaign. (NB: I'm doing all this youth (25 and under) first, (older) adult allies later!)
Kyle sometimes joins @_carbontiptoes!
I'll be continuing this thread over the next couple of days, as it's impossible to include everyone now. Watch this space!
18) Dex, @Dexsupertramp, is a 17-year-old striker from India who, along with his teddy, Bili, is a very valuable part of our team!
19) Maureen Damen, @damenmaureen15, aged 16, is a striker from Senegal and also strikes to #SaveCongoRainforest!
20) Lucy, @lucylikestrees_, aged 15, is an English #SaveCongoRainforest striker!
More people later! ❤️💚
21) Manu Kabila, @Manukabila0, is a Congolese activist fighting to #SaveCongoForest_Flora_Fauna.
22) Junior Ekutshu, @EkutshuJunior, is an activist from the DRC and co-founder of the #SaveCongoForest_Flora_Fauna campaign.
23) Fridays For Future Kenya, @Fridays4futureK, are a group of young Kenyan people who strike, plant trees, and have joined the campaign to #SaveCongoRainforest!
23) Charlotte Lastoweckyi, aged 18, @Charlottedl2001, is a climate activist with @Youthstrikemcr, in Manchester, England.
She strikes for the campaign to #SaveCongoRainforest and #SaveCongoForest_Flora_Fauna.
24) Thiga wa Muracia, @thigamuracia, is a climate activist from Kenya, who fights for various campaigns, including ours!
25) Anna, @anna_lyndsay_, is an activist from Scotland, who digital strikes for the Congo.
26) Abner, @Abner4Action, aged 10, is a climate activist from Oregon, USA, who strikes weekly for #FridaysForFuture and the Congo rainforest. Abner also does digital strikes.
27) Abby, @ThatClimateGirl, is an amazing ally to our #SaveCongoRainforest community!
28) Taro, @TaroIstok, is an ally to our community through art. Taro created the graphics below.
29) Laura Junelily J, @LauraTreePunk, is a Congo striker and valuable adult ally to our group.
30) Ruth Forsdyke, @ForsdykeRuth, is a weekly Congo striker and another great adult ally!
31) Robert Redmayne Hosking, @redmayne_robert, is a constant supporter of us young strikers and recently started digital striking himself!
32) Andy, @Andrew88820142, is a 45-year-old group supporter and digital striker from West Sussex, England.
33) Paige Meekison, @paigemeekison, is a new but valuable addition to our community and an older ally, who spends a lot of time fighting bots and trolls... I don't have a picture so am using this cartoon which is Paige's profile.
And lastly, 34) Roman Strakötter, @stratkotter, is a West German adult ally and supporter of we strikers.
Doesn't have a profile pic, but Roman isn't a bot, don't worry!
35) Okay, so Roman wasn't last! There are others who sometimes support us, like @ElmGrace's brother, Johnny, aged 9!
36) Endel Stamberg, @endelstamberg, from Hamburg, Germany is a long time supporter of our strikers.
Thank you for your support Endel!
Anastasia Glazkova, @AnastasiaGlazk1
Thank you for joining our team and fighting for the Congo Rainforest!
So this thread needs some serious updating!!!!
We have so many new people we would like to welcome!!!
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