52 trading weeks a year:

If you make average
25 ES pts=$1250 /week=$65k
30 ES pts=$1500 /week=$78k
35 ES pts=$1750 /week=91k
40 ES pts=$2000 /week=104k

You do the math in this thread for weekly real-time trades
shared since Feb12
+many before

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
3 days and well exceeded plan.
Each option play 5-7 ES point so translated to total equivalent ES points is 50-60 ES point = $2500-$3000.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures https://twitter.com/WayneLo08/status/1228689844127195136?s=20
Only shared one day this week while on break and wel exceeded plan.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures https://twitter.com/WayneLo08/status/1231005697497690112?s=20
Shared 2 days this week only and well exceeded plan.
#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures https://twitter.com/WayneLo08/status/1232576011386028032?s=20
Many other setups were also shared in this volatile week but not explicitly (entry, exit).
For example:
#es_f $spy $spx #options #futures https://twitter.com/WayneLo08/status/1233472487859593218?s=20
Plan for March 1-7 free trades, entry and exit given ahead of time.

Retweets >30 for > 25 ES Pts = >$1250
1-3 Lots Exposure

#es_f $spx $spy #futures #options
Week 4 recap: (2 days 3 trades)
Actionable real-time trades given FREE (entry and exit given ahead of time).Verifiable by tweet timestamp

+67.5 ES point= $3,375 on 1 lot basis

Exposure 1-3 lots

+Other setups ideas if followed closely

#spx $spx #es_f #options #futures
Updated week 4 recap: (4 trades)
Actionable real-time trades given FREE (entry and exit given ahead of time).Verifiable by tweet timestamp

+47.5 ES point= $2,375 on 1 lot basis

Exposure 1-3 lots

+Other setups ideas if followed closely

#spx $spx #es_f #options #futures
Recap Feb12-Mar 6, far exceeded planned 25pt/week:
Trades shared; entry and exit given ahead of time.
Verifiable by tweet timestamp.
Fraction of what I saw.

+274 ES points = $13,700

Max exposure 1-3 lots
+ Many other setups if followed closely

#es_f $spy $spx #options #futures
Recap Feb12-Mar 6; < 4 weeks.

+274 ES points /4 =+68.5 /week= $3425/week.

52 trading weeks a year
+3425/week =$178,100 years played out for year.

Max exposure 1-3 lots

0 week loss for past 4 month since tweeting trade ideas.

#es_f $spy $spx #options #futures
Starting Monday March 9th, actionable real-time trades has gone to paid private group.

Email: [email protected] for details.

Today March 11th:
3 days over 200+ ES points netted in private group on 4 trades.

1-3 lot exposure.

#es_f #futures #trading $spx #options
I will continue to share some trade ideas, my sentiment on market, and other information I feel may help traders on this free feed.

#es_f #futures #trading $spx #options
Done for private group today- short session.

Three 1 lot trades. Small MAEs

On my own...rest.

Despite 1 stopped out by surprised news.

#es_f #futures #trading $spx #options
600+ pips in less than 6 days with less than 10 pips MAE.
Risk reward ratio >60 to 1.

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👇 https://twitter.com/ESRealTime/status/1236716252455768065?s=20
Week ending March 3/13, one FREE actionable real-time trade shared for followers;
Could have netted 60-75 points (up to $3750) if people took them and took off at low of 2380; small MAE.

Keep eye on next FREE.

#forex #es_f $spx $spy #options #futures https://twitter.com/ESRealTime/status/1238278184228892672?s=20
3/13. One quick (around 30 minutes) trade for private group but some unfortunately some got messed up or did not take due to March, June ES contract rollover confusion, some did.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
3/9-3/13, first week of paid private group recap:
Well exceeded month plan multiple times; see this thread.

Expect next week to continue just as FREE actionable trades shared past 5+ months.

Others fear volatility, we embrace it!

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3/17-18 private group recap:

+360 ES points netted of tweeted trades; granted not everyone got everything due to time and trader availability.

1-3 lot exposure

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
Current events are gloomy and sad but purely from trading perspective it's a gold mine for good traders and deadly for novices.

Day moves in ranges what used to take month even 3 months ago.

If you trade take smaller risk and good luck ALL.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
3/23 1 day Recap (include Sunday Globalex session):

In private group explicit trades netted +94.75 ($4734) points
+ Setup some netted even more than explicit trades
- Max 2 lots trades; mostly were 1 lot trades

#es_f #spx #spy #futures #options
Offering 1 day free trial on private feed for ES/MES futures trading.

Read website on profile and after
Request access to
if interested.

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March 27: week recap for private group.

In private group explicit trades netted more than 400 points (>$20k) on 1 lot basis
- just last 2 days more than 200 points
- 1-3 lot trades
+ Setups some could had more

#es_f #spx #spy #futures #options
March 27: week recap for this FREE feed
On March 24:
One free trade idea one could have netted 100+ points on 10 point stop.

HAGW and stay safe ALL.

#es_f #spx #spy #futures #options
Week ended 4/3 recap for this free and private feed:
200+ point trade ideas shared for all in my response to tictoc 4/1 and 4/3 RTH plan; both days with bearish and defined target of 2455/6; both days target met.

No if then else vagueness.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
April 1-3 private feed recap:

Net 140+ ES points on handful of explicit quick scalp trades, entry, target, stop given ahead of time.

Many times over $100k/yr on 1-3 lot trade plan,
since started tracking 3 months ago on this thread.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
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