As predicted, it blew up within days.

You are witnessing one of the greatest blunders in Aerospace history as experts watch 1 man desperately attempt to further his dangerous fraud leading to multiple predictable catastrophic failures.
Watch the vehicles operating within a few hundred feet of the Boca Chica Bomb seconds before the explosion.

There is a reason @SpaceX and @elonmusk are silent on this.

$tsla #spaceX @jimbridenstine (📽️ @bocachicagal)
Musk personally inspected the operations in Boca before the explosion.

$tsla #spacex
He then went on to say on Twitter that he was aware of problems with the welds just days before the explosion.

Had any personnel near the article been killed, there is a legal term for his actions.

Hence the silence.

$tsla #spacex
You can see the vehicles driving along the roadway moments before the multiple explosions, which shot the upper propellant tank dome over the roadway.

A narrow miss, and extremely clear evidence of reckless and negligent behavior by @elonmusk and @spacex.
Saturday photos show the dome north of the roadway, outside of the range of human activity.

@elonmusk and @SpaceX put multiple lives at risk during this "test" after Musk acknowledged problems with the welds.

@jimbridenstine #spacex (📷 @spacepadreisle)
If I was running PR for @spacex & @elonmusk rn, I'd have them stay silent while rushing to cover up any injuries that haven't been reported. Likely, given the video evidence.
I'd also spin BS about how this was intentional, etc

Site activity/configuration confirms this is nonsense

Intentionally failing multiple propellant tanks with 1000s of feet of known defective welds in a manner you can't control with people nearby could be criminally negligent
This is what panic looks like in the aftermath of a 2nd consecutive unintentional explosion when you are a paper billionaire whose RICO empire is on the verge of collapse

@elonmusk's jet isn't even on the ground for an hour between most of these flights

$tsla #spacex
Witness the 3rd consecutive unintentional failure of an article intended for flight in @elonmusk's "Starship" program, which originated amidst embezzlement for Tunnels in 2018.

All calculated before hand here, because of physics.

#tsla #spacex 📽️ @bocachicagal
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