I am determined to see that autistic BIPoC have visibility & proper representation within autistic communities.

In thread are lists, organizations, ect that you can look to to be a part of this goal.

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BIPoC: Black, Indigenous, & People of Colour ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽💖
The following lists are for private use only. They're intended to connect autistic BIPoC/BAME & to bring more awareness that there are autistic BIPoC/BAME on twitter.

DM me if
👉🏾 you can't see the list & want access,
👉🏾 you're on this list & do not want to be
Check out Autistic BIPoC by @lilririah: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1128507498346971137?s=09
Check out Black Autistics ✊🏾✨ by @lilririah: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1213217912699445248?s=09
(in the process of putting together a list for other social media platforms. if you know of any notable autistic BIPoC on facebook, instagram, youtube, ect feel free to DM their info. same for any offline autistic BIPoC content)
Autistic People of Color Fund

@autistichoya has done an epic job at leading it's fund, & because of its impact there is always a need for donations.

Please Donate Here

with the note "APOC"

This funds autistic interdependence, survival, & empowerment
Old pinned thread https://twitter.com/lilririah/status/1128666465517940737?s=19
A few quick threads...


Why is it racist?

...for those who came here to learn how to be a better to BIPoC (autistic or not)
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