Calling all #AmericanWorkers #AmericanPatriots!
India #H1Bworkers are pushing #indiaFirst amnesty #S386 to displace #Americans.
They harass @DickDurbin @SenatorDurbin & others 4 disagreeing.
#WakeUpAmerica call OUR Senators to REJECT #S386.
w/o JOBS, other things are meaningless!
#S386 supporters make it about #indiaFirst, use intimidation, harassment, racism and lies to move forward.
They don’t care that the amnesty does NOT have single meritocracy, decency, or basic logic.
They use MDs as their shield while blocking those MDs at the same time.
Millions of #AmericanWorkers #AmericanPatriots lost their jobs, it ruined their families.
Millions MORE will be soon

Check @michellemalkin short list of current layoffs:

Make it simple: #AmericanFirst!
It’s YOU vs THEM!
Call YOUR Senators to REJECT #S386
This @frescoleon fiasco is spewing lies to cover up for #S386.

We #AmericanWorkers don’t want to ask ANY medical doctors to wait.
We #AmericanWorkers don’t want “high skilled” fraudsters to get in using this #indiaFirst amnesty.

Enough bullshit, bring it to public debate!

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