What needs to be clearly communicated about the #coronavirusus debacle is this: We’ve survived Trump this long because he inherited American institutions that were developed and maintained by generations of smart and dedicated people, and it’s taken him 3 years to corrode them.
If we elect him to 4 more years, it WILL all fall apart. That’s an inescapable truth and we’re seeing the start of it.
1) Obviously this isn’t one guy; it’s 40 years of Republican corrosion, but the message must be Trump is not survivable.

2) “The WTC must not have been too well built if one plane could take it down” https://twitter.com/Glides/status/1233403123781263360
Dismantling our disease-response readiness isn't the only thing Trump and his Republican enablers have been up to.

They've been tearing the company apart and selling it for parts.

A 2nd Trump term isn't survivable. It will all fall apart. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1233363542377717767?s=20
Bring back asbestos? Why not? What could be the long-term effects?

A 2nd Trump term isn't survivable.

That should be the message. https://twitter.com/archpaper/status/1026587385042292737
It's not just Trump. It's the whole party. He's doing everything they've wanted for decades.

Mercury poisoning? Why not?

Allowing Republicans to exist as a party isn't survivable. https://twitter.com/eilperin/status/1229519509423316992?s=20
They've removed the rivets from the wings and now they want us to let them pilot the plane four more years.

Predatory banking? Let's make it easier!

Republicans aren't survivable. #NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/BLaw/status/1223945186260156416?s=20
Viruses mutating from animals to humans? Why watch out for it? No need!

Republicans aren't survivable. Trump isn't survivable.

#NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1187710410222395393?s=20
Radiation restrictions? Why? No need! When did radiation ever hurt anybody?

Republicans aren't survivable. Trump isn't survivable.

#NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/jpaceDC/status/1047169406235803648?s=20
Medical care? Our position is, less of it for mothers, the better to control their bodies!

Republicans aren't survivable. Trump isn't survivable.

#NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/leah_boustan/status/880453884833148928?s=20
Honestly, who even DRINKS water any more?

Republicans aren't survivable. Trump isn't survivable.

#NoMoreYears. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1172136165979430912?s=20
Pollination? Unimportant! I'm sure the scientists will think of something.

Republicans aren't survivable. Trump isn't survivable.

#NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/BWestbrookAZ8/status/1147745176963756033?s=20
Got oceans?


This is the slightest sampling. Every week—almost every day—there's some regulation or another repealed, some safeguard taken away, some guard rail vandalized.

The entire thing is being demolished, corroded, purposefully.

This doesn't even touch on the climate accelerationism.
#NoMoreYears https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/903358954423672832?s=20
It's not about whatever level of threat Coronavirus poses. It's about the fact that our government has, as a direct result of deliberate GOP strategy, made itself unready to respond to a broad array of threats and challenges, and deliberately exposed us to higher risk of threat.
And it's about how our leader is a large moist potato-handed scumbag, a criminal who believes only he exists, for whom the only amusement is cruelty, who happens to be one of the most profoundly stupid human beings to ever live, and the GOP chose to make his power limitless.
If you still support Trump, you'd better enjoy the company of Trump supporters, because everybody else is going to think you're the sort of person that deliberately aligns themselves with evil and destruction for its own sake.

And everybody else is going to be right.
Donald Trump fired the pandemic response team.

Our incapability to respond to a pandemic is only the first major failure that has been deliberately orchestrated by a sociopath.

Repeat it everyday, everywhere.

Republicans aren’t survivable. A second Trump term isn’t survivable.
Republicans aren't survivable. A second Trump term isn't survivable. A party that would allow him to rise and enable him isn't survivable.

We need to vote them all out, at every level of government.

All. https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1283582057742864384?s=20
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