Currently, my most (streamed) played #EXO songs are "Obsession," "Ya Ya Ya," "The Eve," "Sweet Lies," "Monster," "Lucky One," "Ooh La La La," "Trouble," "Bad Dream," "Baby You Are," "MAMA," "Artificial Love," "Ko Ko Bop," "Love Shot," "Non Stop," & "Tempo." @weareoneEXO #LastFM
😍 That's beautiful. #EXO💕
On some days, I fall asleep listening to music, I wake up with it still playing until I leave the house, take care of business & have fun with it playing on my headphones, on speakers, or on a decent sound system.
I love music.❤🎶
@weareoneEXO #EXO😍 & others music artists.
Of course, baby, Michael Jackson, the king himself. 🥺🙏😍👑 @michaeljackson #MichaelJackson
I love to listening to music & dancing.
I ❤ "월광 Moonlight" by EXO-K.
During EXO's live broadcast of their 12/30-12/31 concert 'EXO Planet #5 - EXplOration (2019),' I remember it being the 1st song that played during the live stream on VIKI.🥺
@weareoneEXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang #Spotify🎶
Lmao! I said "VIKI" instead of VLive.
I've given VIKI way too much credit.
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