I think I have figured something out.


1. The Vril is some kind of interdimensional being. Sometimes described as reptiles, sometimes angel-like (fallen angels). Through a ritual, using some kind of energetic goo/oil, they can possess the body of a
2. genetically compatible human. The human dies in the process. To prevent fysical breakdown of the body, the Vril needs to ingest large amounts of stemcell-rich blood. Such blood is best found in human babies.
3. These Vril "vampires" can get very old, but the Vril will eventually need to migrate to a new host body. This way they can live forever.
4. I think they can create new Vril entities by feeding negative energy to their energetic goo/oil. This can be done through sacrifices.
5. The Vril entities are mainly found in Antarctica and Greenland. Their own bodies are probably unable to survive in warmer climate (higher frequency).
6. The evil Vril has infiltrated all parts of human society and dominates the ruling class. Inbreeding is important to maintain maximum genetic compatibility.
7. They see human bodies simply as containers. Our human soul energy is harvested, used, and discarded like batteries.
8. They have managed to continue the deception for millennias by making sure no memories are kept upon reincarnation. All opposition has been destroyed.
9. During WWII they teamed up with the Nazis. The Nazis established bases in both Antarctica and Greenland. After the war some Nazis fled to Antarctica. Others infiltrated US through operation paperclip.
10. I think Operation High jump might have been an attempt to fight back, but it failed miserably.
12. https://twitter.com/WEARE07489243/status/1232183164107358213?s=20
13. Does the Vril goo/oil contain prions?

Eating brain of deceased = transfer to a new host body? https://twitter.com/ACIMessentials/status/1228913832543698946?s=20
14. "...the Vril-ya are descendants of an antediluvian civilization called the Ana, who live in networks of caverns linked by tunnels. Originally surface dwellers, they fled underground thousands of years ago to escape a massive flood..."

15. Was the last great ice age an attempt by someone to wipe out the Vril, or was it perhaps "terra-forming" done by the Vril themselves? Were they about to unleash another iceage?
16. Was Earth quarantined by outside forces? Was Operation Fishbowl an attempt by the Vril to break free? Did they circumvent the quarantine by using stargates?
18. Did the Vril/Anunaki enslave Atlantean souls as described by the Wingmakers?

19. When influential persons, found out about the evil scheme and opposed it, they got suicided or had their body taken over. Many famous people have travelled to locations like Antarctica and returned with a black eye. The real Hillary Clinton might have been a victim.
20. Bernie Sanders are most likely not a Vril puppet yet. It might also be possible that a small number of Vril has switched to the good side.
22. Roman Empire moved to Greenland? Coincidence?

23. Are the Vril also demonic entities? https://twitter.com/WEARE07489243/status/1236146792015835136?s=20
Black eye
Covered eye
Droopy eye https://twitter.com/famnfrens/status/1236320301811511296?s=20
26. Coincidence?
28. The evil eye and black eyed kids.
29. Vril=the black goo=ancient AI? https://twitter.com/irah_chandler/status/1237155195689238529?s=20
30. https://twitter.com/MajorTomXRP/status/1236547344562139136?s=20
31. "The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital."

Q must be talking of Morgellon decease. https://twitter.com/MajorTomXRP/status/1238355767293440001?s=20

Or Anakim? https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1241152983104016384?s=20
34. I add this post because the previous number is used in DS comms and I don't like [them].
35. "Wormwood kills bloodsucking parasites"

36. This is getting good! https://twitter.com/BardsOfWar/status/1241599169846022145?s=20
37. Even Book of Revelations mentions Wormwood.

38. https://twitter.com/aprilbrown99/status/1241673086186827778?s=20
39. https://twitter.com/xrpanon1/status/1238367382680174592?s=20
40. "If Tom Hanks pulls through" https://twitter.com/Fiona_WWG1WGA/status/1241370142925258752?s=20
41. I wonder why Absinthe, for many years, was forbidden in large parts of the world. 🤔
42. Black goo on toast:

Black goo in bottle: https://twitter.com/Qsentme1718/status/1241587602194673671?s=20
43. https://twitter.com/MajorTomXRP/status/1241728639944687616?s=20
44. Is black goo "programmable matter"?

What else is "programmable matter"?

https://twitter.com/ArchieBrave/status/1234180930245447681?s=20 https://twitter.com/ArchieBrave/status/1220445347941703687?s=20
46. https://twitter.com/MajorTomXRP/status/1241650569682382849?s=20
47. A great, related thread: https://twitter.com/IQUQWEQ/status/1241550437813235714?s=20
48. https://twitter.com/BOTOXICUH/status/1241998988120735744?s=20
49. https://twitter.com/Kewsclues/status/1242040546031546368?s=20
50. https://twitter.com/Mefulmer25/status/1242084902927060994?s=20
51. https://twitter.com/Mefulmer25/status/1242092985388617729?s=20
52. Hopper's Death Scene - Stranger Things Season 3 https://twitter.com/Mefulmer25/status/1242145557403009024?s=20
53.STRANGER THINGS 2 - Shadow Monster Leaves Wills Body! https://twitter.com/Mefulmer25/status/1242144108136841220?s=20
54. Stranger Things S03E06 - Mind Flayer merging with the infected/flayed https://twitter.com/Mefulmer25/status/1242143330135347204?s=20
55. It seems H.P. Lovecraft knew or had premonitions about many things.

About Antarctica:

About interdimensional entities:

About soul scalping and body snatching:
56. "This invisible enemy" https://twitter.com/doqholliday/status/1241586971270451200?s=20
57. Many have suggested that Wormwood, mentioned in the Bible, in fact is Nibiru/Planet X. https://twitter.com/WEARE07489243/status/1242390201223335943?s=20
58. More about the comet:


(yes I know it is somewhat off topic, but it is equally fascinating 🔎)
59. The Destroyer, mentioned in the Kolbrin, is also believed to be Nibiru/Planet X/Wormwood.

I can highly recommend all of Yvonne Whiteman's articles about the Kolbrin! (start from the bottom) https://grahamhancock.com/author/yvonne-whiteman/
60. The comet is emerald GREEN!

61. https://twitter.com/qasgusi/status/1242442383486332928?s=20
62. More covfefe anyone?:

Then you might want to read some of these tweets:

Finally finish off by watching the last 3 minutes of this video:
63. I wonder if there's a connection between this Quantum Internet and the black goo?

"This was the only way to save the planet from the apocalyptic cataclysms we had flying at us like missiles."

is he speaking of Nibiru/Wormwood?
64. More cosmic anomalies? https://twitter.com/yustein/status/1242925597795528711?s=20
67. I wonder what the Greenland marker can be about? 🤔 https://twitter.com/AustinSteinbart/status/1243243209993543686?s=20
69. DS has got infiltrators everywhere. Now they are freaking out.

A shipment of sunglasses is on its way.

The GREENLAND MARKER, then 10 days of darkness!
70. Bunkers for pandemic or Nibiru/Wormwood? https://twitter.com/ArchieBrave/status/1244236798559170563?s=20
71. A great thread: https://twitter.com/famnfrens/status/1242257653608243200?s=20
72. Without fresh blood and with no opportunity to switch host, they die. We win! https://twitter.com/Kewsclues/status/1244583005592707077?s=20
73. https://twitter.com/Chris61949680/status/1244954113332428805?s=20
75. Related thread. https://twitter.com/ItsTommyDee1/status/1244674204668223490?s=20
77. Related to the coming of Atlas (Nibiru/Wormwood)? https://twitter.com/LadyQanuck/status/1246277174023331841?s=20
78. The “Black Goo” Conspiracy And The Falklands Cover-Up? - Me Time For The Mind https://www.metimeforthemind.com/the-black-goo-conspiracy-and-the-falklands-cover-up.html#
79. https://twitter.com/here4trumpQonly/status/1246884096997044233?s=20
80. A decode of Lady Gaga, and more. https://twitter.com/KaiDuncan01/status/1246908650297458690?s=20
82. Confirmation? https://twitter.com/ROYALMRBADNEWS/status/1248491392172560393?s=20
83. https://twitter.com/Sleky19/status/1248655910542749696?s=20
84. This sub-thread contains some firsthand knowledge from a satanic ritual/trafficking survivor: https://twitter.com/luverley/status/1249163467300495360?s=20
86. What a devilish scheme!
87. https://twitter.com/SELENOPHILIA66/status/1248822853795020804?s=20
93. https://twitter.com/CumberlandAcad2/status/1254340456097484801?s=20
94. Check out this thread: https://twitter.com/CeresaJL/status/1254774803648507906?s=20
95. The Arc of Gabriel and Antarctica. https://twitter.com/HB04920973/status/1255091736206028801?s=20
96. https://twitter.com/cobrainfo1/status/1255773437441773569?s=20
97. A similar thread on black goo etc. https://twitter.com/NickHintonn/status/1202020585829736448?s=20
98. A similar thread on Antarctica: https://twitter.com/NickHintonn/status/1160824160836362240?s=20
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