Thread: #SidNaaz & haters:
1. Okay, so I am literally tired of ppl writing shit against Sana & Sid. Some r saying that Sid has friend-zoned her & so we should hate him. bc wtf? do y'all think she is a 4-year old child who doesn't know shit? She is innocent but she ain't a fool.
2. She has a clean heart but that doesn't mean that she is dumb enough to run after a guy who doesn't love or respect her. If she was actually dumb, she would hv fallen for Paras's trap & lost her game. But did she? No, she didn't! #SidNaaz #ShehnazGill
3. Can y'all not see that she is a smart independent woman who has achieved this success with her hard work & intelligence. She can read ppl inside out so plz stop worrying as if she is a dummy who doesn't know abt Sid's intentions towards her. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill
4. Sana has lived with Sid for 24/7 for 4.5 months whereas y'all have only seen him for like 1 hour on ur TV screens & y'all think u know better if he has friend-zoned her or not? Stop treating Sana as a dumb individual in ur hatred for Sidharth. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill
5. As for Sana's haters: 4 the 1000th time, Sid ain't a 3-year-old child who wouldn't know if Sana was/is sincere with him or not. He has dated many women & 4 sure knows what he is looking 4 in his life. Stop giving the pathetic excuse that Sana is forcing him into this. #SidNaaz
6. Was Rashmi able to force him into something? Was Arti able to force him into smth? do y'all think someone can force a 39-year-old man into a relationship? r u y'all even listening 2 ur selves? I guess not cuz u r blinded by ur hatred towards her. #SidNaaz #SidharthShukla
7. Again, he is the one who has lived with Sana for 4.5 months locked inside a house. Whereas u have only seen her for 1 hour daily on ur TV screen & y'all think u know her better than Sidharth? He repeatedly says that she is a very good friend of his ....... #SidNaaz
8.... & this is how u wanna treat a good friend of him? by promoting filth against her? wtf?
If u like Sidharth, support him but that doesn't give y'all the right to spew poison against Sana. Similarly, to support Sana y'all don't hv to degrade Sid. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill
9. Grow up! instead of spreading hate against #SidNaaz & maligning their image, probably do something good for ur own life. #SidNaaz #SidharthShukla #ShehnaazGill
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