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For those who seek to understand the core tenants of Q,
the following points in this thread will shed some light:

1. Think for yourself.
- Don't blindly follow anyone or anything, including Q.
- Learn the truth.
2. Pray.
- Put you ultimate trust in God, the supreme being of creation. Keep that at the forefront and ask for help to understand the truth you seek. Allow inspiration to help overcome mental blocks and personal bias.
3. Evil is real.
- Evil destroys anything it touches, and will seek out every good thing to twist into something to control or harm others with. Evil stems from selfishness, sociopathy, and pride. As it is said, pride goes before the fall, so evil stems from small deeds.
4. The Storm
- The storm is a reference to the culmination of the war of good vs evil manifesting publicly. This is the battle of freedom of choice and self governance vs. manifest control and dominance of the individual in all faculties including the right to life.
5. The great awakening.
- This is a position or observation that the general public is slowly coming to the knowledge that evil people gained governance over them, and use them as cattle to fulfill their sick and twisted desires. Slaves casting off their chains, become free.
6. Where we go one, we go all.
- WWG1WGA is the phrase used to state simply, that we are all in this together; what affects one affects all. Either we are all enslaved, or we are all free. The greatest among us are merely servants, those of us lowest are also great. Equality.
7. Dark to light.
- #DarkToLight is the depiction of the sun at dawn. Darkness and ignorance flees as the light of knowledge is spread. This process facilitates and continues the great awakening perpetually. The process indicates truth coming to power, and spiritual progress.
8. The people are sick.
- Evil is disgusting and despicable; it has no regard for life, property, or persons. Evil seeks to use and enslave each and all in its grasp, including the very powerful enacting the behaviors. Evil has no conscience and no honor.
9. Pedophilia is real.
- The sad notion that human sex trafficking is not only real, but used to trap and control leaders, executives, and politicians world wide, is true. It's far more prevalent and rampant than most could ever imagine. It is a tool of sick, twisted agents.
10. Far bigger than you know.
- This is a battle of good vs evil in the most basic sense. We are literally deciding the future of the human existence, even beyond mortality. What we choose here, affects the future of earth. We choose either darkness or light.
11. Conspiracy.
- The movement of Q is to expose actual conspiracy in the world, starting with the US government. It's to stamp out the power of those who see other humans as nothing but slaves and cattle. It's not a theory when conspiracies are real and actively engaged.
12. Trust the plan.
- This has dual meaning. It means to trust that the good guys/white hats/Q team are actively working the plan to rid the government of evil people. It also means that we must trust in God's plan, and that we are all working in that respect.
13. Trust yourself.
- As you learn and grow in understanding and spirituality, as you seek to understand, trust that you can see the truth. You are endowed by the creator with not only rights, but faculties that bewilder many scientists out there. You are self aware.
14. Anons
- Anons, short for anonymous, but not the hacker group (Anonymous the group was dirty). We only seek anonymity to protect ourselves and our families from the sickos out there, who are brainwashed into destructive behavior. We also take little credit for our service.
15. 8chan
- One of many anonymous message boards, but one not owned or controlled by nefarious organizations. It's where Q posts information. It was and is attacked constantly, in print and attempted hacking, and the domain. If is wasn't real, why the attacks costing $$$$$$$?
16. Deep State / Cabal
- Groups of individuals elected and un-elected, seeking to conspire to overthrow and thwart our laws and constitution. They tie back to a cabal of the most wealthy and powerful individuals in the world, who OPENLY seek total dominance and control.
17. Game Over.
- The Q plan follows game theory, in that there is no escape, no matter the choices of the Deep State. Nothing can stop what's coming, nothing. We have already passed the pivotal point, the rest plays out like a show. Grab the Popcorn. #Winning
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