UN AGENDA 2030: The Blueprint For Global Socialist Government

1) A complete history, overview, and analysis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda.
2) Agenda 2030 For Sustainable Development is part of a United Nations plan for the world. It incorporates all aspects of society and culture, economics & the environment, as well as communication and interaction.
3) Here is the UN's definition of "sustainable development" and the three areas of focus.
4) Agenda 2030 is the current phase in the evolution of the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda (SDA). 2030 is the year in which they hope to have achieved the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). This image was taken from the UN's page entitled "Transforming Our World".
5) It has been preceded by other agreements, most notably Agenda 21 and the Millennium Development Goals. Let's take a very brief look at those and then we'll get right into it.
6) Agenda 21, or the Agenda For the 21st Century, came out of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. It is very closely related to Agenda 2030 in its focus, but did not contain specific goals. It was more ideas based.
7) The entire Agenda 21 report can be found here in pdf format . It's lengthy, but it's important to understand. https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/outcomedocuments/agenda21
8) The Millennium Development Goals were created out of Agenda 21 and are the precursor to Agenda 2030.
9) For more on the Millennium Development Goals, the World Health Organization's website goes into greater detail. https://www.who.int/topics/millennium_development_goals/about/en
10) There is one other agreement that should be mentioned here. The Addis Ababa Action Agenda took place in July of 2015. It specifically focused on financing sustainable development.
11) There are a ton of interesting documents about this conference, like this one from Canada's UN Rep to the Chair of the conference. It states that Canada is on board with the plan and puts emphasis on UNDRIP and speaks to the issue of agreements being "legally binding".
12) For more on the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, you can visit their page here. https://www.un.org/esa/ffd/ffd3/press-release/countries-reach-historic-agreement.html
13) On the surface, Agenda 2030 appears to be a wonderful and benevolent plan to create equality, encourage environmental stewardship, and ensure we have a sustainable future. I want to make it clear that I absolutely and unreservedly believe that we should do those things.
14) But when it comes to the UN as it relates to these issues through Agendas 21 and 2030, there is much to be aware of and concerned about. Looking at the wording will give us a better idea of the dark side of the UN's plan for global governance.
16) SDG #1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.
17) This is to be achieved through implementing schemes to redistribute massive amounts money and resources. These schemes include carbon taxes/pricing.
18) This is why we keep seeing minimum wages drastically rising all over the western world and where talk of "a base living wage" comes from.
19) Instead of saying "natural disasters and extreme weather events", it says "climate-related extreme events". Tying these goals to the idea of global warming due to human CO2 output is absolutely central to this Agenda. There is a lot to this issue and we'll see more as we go.
20) SDG #2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.
21) This requires completely centralized planning and control of the management and distribution of resources. Hoarding, waste, and corruption will inevitably follow this practice. With organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation involved, how bad could it be?
22) I'm interested to see how they plan on achieving this target. Doubling the productivity and income of small-scale food producers by 2030 seems like an insurmountable task.
23) Again, it all comes back to climate change. Of course, the climate does change and it always has and always will, but we'll see exactly how many of these SDG's relate specifically to it in the sense that humans are causing 100% of it and that CO2 is entirely to blame.
24) These types of seed vaults do exist and they're actually a good idea. I do, however, become less confident when it's under global, centralized management.
25) This SDG is also the motivation behind new terms like "Flexitarin", as well as the push for insects to become a main source for dietary protein. 'Sustainability' and 'climate change' are also being used to market meat-substitute alternatives.
26) This may be why we see safe injection sites in all larger cities. More needs to be done to help curb drug addiction, but these sites create a lot of problems in surrounding areas.
27) I am not promoting a 'pro' or 'anti' stance on abortion, but this target would see more funding going to places like Planned Parenthood.
28) It's nearly impossible to fathom the cost of this. Lives are more important, but who exactly is paying for this? There is something about global vaccination programs that make many people feel uneasy.
29) This is a great example of how a universal system can be beneficial. WHMIS saves lives and improves workplace safety. This is an important piece of standardization, but it does not mean that everything can be standardized in such a way.
30) SDG #4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
31) "Free" primary and secondary education on a global scale. What do you think "relevant and effective learning outcomes" means?
32) How many Democratic presidential candidates are campaigning on "free" post secondary education? Every government subsidy is paid for by someone else.
33) I have a high level of support for good teachers and have had a few very memorable teachers in my life, most notably my Mother, who also taught hundreds and hundreds of other children how to read and write.
34) Despite the number of amazing and dedicated teachers, curriculum seems to be increasingly centered around what comes out of UNESCO.
35) SDG #5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
36) How many examples are there of UN troops and aid workers raping and abusing the very people whom they're supposed to be protecting?
37) Do we really expect that the UN, which is heavily controlled by large Muslim voting blocks, will force anyone to suddenly abandon such a significant part of its culture in many countries?
38) This is definitely good as well as necessary, as long as applicants are selected based on their abilities and experience and not just their gender.
39) SDG #6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
40) Water use programs, which are designed to create more efficient access, seem to be creating as many problems as they're supposed to be solving.
41) This is world government control over every body of water on Earth. Is it just me, or is there something very concerning about that?
42) In terms of environmental stewardship, I absolutely support this type of initiative, however, this target falls under the scope of the "Wildlands Project", which proposes major restrictions and prohibitions for access to nature.
43) Here's a short video about the Wildlands Project.
44) The Wildlands Project is an American program and Canada has its own Biodiversity goals and targets.
45) You can see all of their goals and targets here. https://biodivcanada.chm-cbd.net/2020-biodiversity-goals-and-targets-canada
46) The Canadian Biodiversity goals and targets are a redux of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. These are derived from the Cartagena (2003) and Nagoya (2014) Protocols. https://www.cbd.int/sp/targets/ 
47) This pdf file goes into greater detail about how each of the Aichi Goals specifically relate to the 17 SDG's found in Agenda 2030.
48) This is proof of world government control over all water resources in Canada. I am 100% supportive of responsible environmental stewardship, but do we need a world government to achieve it?
49) SDG #7: Endure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
50) It is this goal which inspires the attacks on Canadian oil and gas operations, further wealth redistribution, and the frenzied push for 'clean energy'.
51) The rampant fear mongering being done by the UN and groups like We Don't Have Time, who fund and promote Greta Thunberg, is relentless. Billions of dollars are being spent annually on propaganda to demonize CO2, even though it only accounts for 0.04% of our atmosphere.
52) To be clear, we should all strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. What we should not be doing is putting the entire planet's energy distribution in the hands of a few unelected elite globalists.
53) This would be an absolutely enormous feat to accomplish. Imagine what would be required in order to achieve this goal.
54) SDG #8: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.
55) Centralized economic management is a breeding ground for corruption, as well as wasted/mismanaged money and resources. This will also be the UN, World Bank, IMF, BIS, etc, doing the management. They do not care about you.
56) This means an increased use of AI and robotics within the manufacturing and distribution sectors, which will inevitably mean lost/displaced jobs.
57) I'm trying to work out how we're supposed to increase economic growth, yet at the same time decrease pollution and maintain/reduce our global population.
58) What is the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production? Let's take a quick look.
59) The 10YFP is yet another layer of integration. It encompasses public procurement, buildings and construction, tourism, food systems, consumer information, lifestyles, and education.
60) Part of the 10YFP initiative, in conjunction with the One Planet Network, are the Good Life Goals; which are the 17 SDG's.
61) Who are they for, exactly? It looks like a children's presentation, but this document was apparently created for policy makers and business leaders.
62) It's certainly clear that this whole agenda is a web and a honeycomb of corporate, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations, working together to integrate this global socialist system. Let's keep looking.
63) Doesn't this target remind you of a famous slogan?
64) This involves the current, fractional reserve, fiat lending system, but more robust and globally integrated. Canada's banks are already getting on board.
65) Yet another layer of integrated wealth redistribution. You can see how they initiate all of these individual plans that all pull in the same direction.
66) SDG #9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.
67) Everything about this target screams "global socialism".
68) It's difficult to even wrap one's mind around the entirety of this target. In what capacity will "inclusive industrialization" significantly increase their share of employment?
69) This specifically means that your money will be collected and then redistributed by NGO's, as well as more loans from international central banks to developing and poor nations.
70) This sounds more like a 6th grade social studies project where kids imagine what an ideal future might look like. Can you imagine what it would take to accomplish such an industrial overhaul in just 15 years from when this plan was created? Will China comply with this?
71) Again, this specifically means that massive amounts of money will be transferred from western/more developed countries to global NGO's for redistribution.
72) SDG #10: Reduce inequality within and among countries.
73) This inevitably means that the standard of living will be increased for some, but decreased for others. It does not mean that the standard of living for all will be raised to the level of the most developed Western countries.
74) It is from this target that we find the satirical program "18 to 8" from the Suzuki Foundation, the "Global Citizen", and the ability for people to vote without having to prove their citizenship, as we've seen in Canada and the US.
75) This target will lead to increases in "affirmative action" type plans, whereby race and gender will be as important as qualifications and prerequisites. This is done in the name of inclusivity, but it tends to result in diminished quality.
76) Strict global enforcement and regulation of world financial markets, which are owned and controlled by the same global elite who created and are promoting the Sustainable Development agenda.
77) Target 10.7 is, essentially, the Migrant Compact.
79) This reminds me of a quote from George Orwell.
80) Will this be available to anyone who wishes to move to any other country? Or will it only be available to certain people who move from certain countries to other countries?
81) SDG #11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.
82) There is so much packed into that short sentence. Again, imagine what this entails and all that would be involved in achieving this target.
83) The idea is for you to not have a gas or diesel burning vehicle by 2050, as outlined in the "Call To Action" section of the "Climate Emergency Plan" created by the Club of Rome.
84) For more on the Club of Rome and the history of the Green Movement, see this thread below. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1194444770518556672?s=19
85) Globally managed urbanization often comes with assigned living arrangements in communist countries.
86) This is where the carbon credit/offset programs will be brought in from. Major corporations like Microsoft are already signing onto this initiative.
87) There are already companies set up and ready to sell you your CO2 offset credits.
88) The Canadian government is already buying offset credits through Bullfrog Power. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Gerald Butts is friends with the CEO.
89) The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is one of the ways in which the SDA is being implemented on a more local level. This is happening all around the world.
90) Chances are, your city or community has signed on with ICLEI. While most of their policies and programs seem innocent and productive, it's the avenue through which the other aspects of the SDA can be brought into your local community.
91) A close Canadian partner with ICLEI is the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, which consists of over 2,000 members. There are only 3,573 municipalities in Canada, so the odds are that your community is being influenced by it.
92) This will absolutely continue well beyond 2020. The membership lists in the previous entries will continue to grow and they will continue to hide behind the guise of environmental care and climate crisis hysteria.
93) SDG #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
94) Again we see the 10 Year Framework of Programmes and it specifically states that all countries will take action.
95) This target alone deserves its own thread, but in the interest of time, I'll let it speak for itself.
96) I'm very interested to see how the UN plans on cutting food waste in half, as well as doubling agricultural productivity, as per target 2.3.
97) This is another example of the things we should be doing and can do nationally, right down to the local level and without a world socialist government.
99) SDG #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
100) This is the backbone of the entire sustainable development agenda and it's absolutely crucial for its justification. In the interest of time, won't get into climate science here.
101) We're already seeing this happen. Cities and nations the world over are declaring climate emergencies and it's become the central focus of governments from the local to the international level.
102) The fear of inevitable doom resulting from anthropogenic global warming will be perpetually used to justify more and more restrictions.
103) We are being constantly inundated with propaganda all day long and it has become so commonplace that most people no longer realize it.
104) The Paris Accord was created under the UNFCCC and it is because of this agreement that we are having carbon taxes implemented all across the world.
105) This is why we see our government giving away our money by the billions to banks, governments, and NGO's all over the world in the name of promoting gender equality and fighting climate change.
106) These are just some of the areas of concern which are being used to justify the direction and redistribution of global tax revenue under the Paris Accord.
107) They simply switch the names and apply the exact same policies and propaganda.
108) I recommend "The Great Global Warming Swindle" as a good place to start learning about the lies and propaganda surrounding the issue of global warming.
109) The importance of the theory of man-made global warming cannot be overemphasized when it comes to the Sustainable Development agenda. It is one of the central focal points which the Club of Rome has based their work around for 50 years. https://www.clubofrome.org/project/the-club-of-rome-climate-emergency-plan/
110) SDG #14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources.
111) Global management and regulation of the fishing industry.
112) The timelines are loose, but this is an ongoing effort and it is similar to the Wildlands Project in its scope.
113) This is the legal framework for the global management of all industrial marine activity as well as travel.
114) SDG #15: Sustainably manage forests, combat deforestation, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.
115) This is also an evolving and ongoing timeline, but the idea is to itemize and manage all land assets.
116) Since 2020, countries around the world have been implementing strict forest management policies.
117) It's now being determined that these management policies have created the conditions which have allowed such massive fires to burn in these same areas.
118) Instead, the media and our governments blame climate change and then demand further restrictions and centrally managed policies.
119) Global management and distribution of genetic resources. What are genetic resources? The World Intellectual Property Organization has that covered.
120) WIPO deals with everything from copyrights and patents, to artificial intelligence and gender equality.
121) This is where funding schemes like CO2 taxes and management schemes like the Wildlands Project intersect.
122) "Biodiversity" is an essential element of the Sustainable Development agenda. It uses environmental stewardship and resource management as the means to justify and create an apparent need for global management of all aspects of nature.
123) SDG #16: Provide peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
124) Unfortunately, the UN doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of civilians around the world.
125) There are many documented instances of sex trafficking, rape, and murder by UN personnel. The UN Human Rights Commission is run by some of the worst abusers on the planet.
126) This SDG also promotes the idea of the Global Citizen. It is within the context of this goal when Justin Trudeau refers to Canada as a "postnation state".
127) In its 2008 report entitled "Securing Our Common Future", the UN layed out how disarmament relates to the SDG's and gender equality. The 16th SDG is the focus of this report.
128) Here is a link to the pdf file of this document. https://www.un.org/disarmament/sg-agenda/en/
129) Despite the UN's promises, there are many examples of corruption within their own ranks. How do we expect that they will reduce or prevent any external corruption if they can't even get a handle on their own?
130) Here are a few more examples of the corruption found within the UN.
131) We don't currently have effective, accountable, or transparent institutions on the federal, provincial - and in many cases - municipal levels. What could the UN possibly do to create those things even without the addition of a global level?
132) We don't have democracy in Canada, we have the illusion of it. We're allowed to select the colour of our globalist representative's tie. All 5 of the current sitting parties in Ottawa support the Sustainable Development agenda.
133) The IMF, World Bank, and the Communist Chinese take turns sinking poorer countries deeper into debt and then offering debt relief in exchange for their resources and access to cheap labour markets. They install puppet dictators and exploit the nation's citizens.
134) International conglomerates move in, extract their natural resources, exploit the citizens and create further impoverishment. This sets the stage for UN intervention, further loans, and increased wealth transfers from Western nations. https://issafrica.org/iss-today/indebted-africa-returns-to-the-international-monetary-fund
135) We shall be global citizens from birth until death. The few minor benefits are far outweighed by the certainty of the abuse of power by government agencies and corporations. We will come back to this topic later on in the thread.
136) The public will only have access to certain information that has been state-approved. Internet access will be restricted and monitored, and content creators will be required to have a government licence in order to publish or post their material.
138) I can't think of a socialist country where citizens have had the right to free speech or a free press. Justin Trudeau's admiration for China's basic dictatorship should give us an idea of his views on censorship and free speech.
139) Under the pretext of combating "hate speech" and "discrimination", it's now considered unacceptable to publicly say or post anything which my possibly be considered offensive to anyone at any point in the future. This op-ed analyzes Canadian law. https://www.sovereignman.com/mad-government/its-now-a-human-right-to-not-be-offended-unless-youre-the-one-whos-offended-22076/
140) Saying things online that are considered offensive or politically incorrect can currently get your account shadow-banned, demonatized, suspended, or cancelled on social media. Many "right-wing" content creators have already been deplatformed.
141) SDG #17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnerships for sustainable development.
142) The World Bank has been monitoring the financial positions of every nation and region very closely. It has developed wealth transfer programs for all nations to participate in.
143) Look at the carbon tax scheme found in that same 2019 World Bank report as it relates to the Paris Accord.
144) All the different forms of CO2 taxes from all around the world are recorded and coordinated by the World Bank.
145) From there, all developed countries agree to commit 0.7% of their gross national income to developing countries, and 0.15 - 0.2% to the least developed nations. This is managed through the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
146) Our government allocates that amount to different NGO's and activist groups. We even have transfers earmarked without knowing where it will end up. But I'm sure that every dollar is accounted for and used as efficiently and effectively as possible.
147) One of the ways this is done is through Foreign Direct Investments (FDI's) and remittances as a portion of GDP. Essentially, FDI's are a means by which multinational corporations expand their influence.
148) These debt relief programs are designed to increase dependence. By manipulating interest rates and world commodity prices on a macro level, perpetual debt cycles can be created on a micro level.
149) This video from the World Bank's website explains how Guyana's economy was brought under state control and then they borrowed large amounts that they couldn't repay. This is one of many examples. https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/debt/brief/hipc
150) So not only are Canadians servicing our own growing national debt, we're also paying off these debts that have been brought upon developing countries for decades by the IMF, Word Bank, and China.
151) I'm curious to know what is meant by providing technology to developing countries on concessional or preferential terms.
152) We can see now how all of the appendages of the UN body work their way into each country with an ever increasing stranglehold.
153) "Public-private partnership" is a fancy way of saying 'business and governments working together'. This is the definition of Corporatism, which was the socio-economic model that Marxist dictator Benito Mussolini based Italy around, according to Wiki. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Italy_under_fascism
154) We can see how this is an ongoing, evolving, and expanding agenda, globally tracking and managing every aspect of society. Freedom and privacy will be sacrificed for convenience and security.
155) Does anyone else find it concerning that this plan will affect every aspect of our lives on a global scale, yet hardly anyone knows about it?
156) The Sustainable Development agenda has slowly been implemented for decades and our elected leaders never mentioned it. Why wouldn't they if this is the plan to save the entire planet? I'm sure many/most have no idea what the SDA is, but our Prime Ministers absolutely do.
157) The SDA has been integrated into every level of government in Canada. Mulroney originally signed onto Agenda 21 in 1992, as we can see from this 1993 report from the International Development Research Centre.
158) It was the Conservative Party again who signed Canada onto Agenda 2030 in 2015, without any discussion and without the knowledge and consent of Canadians.
159) I've noticed that the more locally you look, the less mention there is of the UN or their agenda. It's more about local sustainable planning.
160) This 2011 document has a very similar set of goals for Calgary. It predates Agenda 2030, but there is no mention of the Millennium Development Goals, Agenda 21, or the UN anywhere in the document. It appears to be a local initiative.
161) Calgary is a member of ICLEI, which we touched on before. It is the conduit through which the SDA programs and policies are integrated on a local level.
163) We saw earlier that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities is an extension of this conduit. The executive director of ICLEI Canada serves, or at least previously served on the steering committee for the FCM.
164) The Federation of Canadian Municipalities also provides funding in the form of different types of grants and loans. https://fcm.ca/en/funding 
165) Another group which promotes the SDG's in Canada is the Inter-Council Network. All provinces and territories are members, and each provincial member has a membership list of their own. http://icn-rcc.ca/who-we-are-inter-council-network/
166) These provincial members are also members of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, whose Board of Directors includes Zaid al-Rowni of Islamic Relief Canada. Tom Quiggin exposed IRC for their connections to terrorist organizations.
168) Among the partners in the Alberta chapter of the Inter-Council Network, the ACGC, are the Alberta Teachers Association, the Calgary Board of Education, the Edmonton Public School Board, and Alliance 2030.
170) Through UNESCO, this is inserted into classrooms all around the world.
171) This is an actual statement released by UNESCO in 1949 in a pamphlet entitled "Toward World Understanding".
172) It is through the Sustainable Development agenda that we get SOGI.
175) The entertainment industry is being used to normalize and popularize the Sustainable Development agenda.
177) Here are a few more actors who read the script. Hey, Matt Damon and Emma Watson are into it! Must be super cool!
178) They are certainly expending a lot of time and resources to make the SDG's seem fun and cool.
179) The business world has also been infiltrated by the Sustainable Development agenda through B-Corp. Benefit Corporation status is a classification that a company must apply for and earn. B-Labs grants the status.
180) For a more in-depth look at B-Corp and its ties to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tides, and Canadian leftist media outlet The National Observer, see this short thread. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1218273647246245890?s=19
181) B-Corp is the layer in between the UN Global Compact and the business community. https://www.unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc 
182) In addition to our governments, banks, businesses, media companies, entertainment industry, and the education system, the SDA has also infiltrated our religious institutions. The Catholic Church is one of the world's biggest supporters of the agenda. https://zenit.org/articles/pope-francis-affirms-importance-of-meeting-sustainable-development-goals/
186) The Mormon Church.
187) Here we see how the Sustainable Development agenda has worked its way into Judaism.
188) The Aga Khan commits a lot of money to the Sustainable Development agenda. https://www.akdn.org/gallery/sustainable-development-goals-partnerships-goals
189) It's safe to say that the leaders of the entire Muslim world have thrown their support behind this global plan.
190) The Dalai Lama is also a "big supporter" of climate change and the Sustainable Development agenda.
191) Again, it is very important to understand that this whole insane plan is inexplicably tied to the Paris Accord.
192) Christiana Figueres was one of the co-authors of the Paris Accord and a member of the UNFCCC. When she spoke of changing the world's economic model, she meant away from free-market capitalism and towards a one world socialist government.
193) This quote has been circulating online and has drawn some skepticism over its authenticity. In it, Ottmar Edenhofer (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) also mentions the true purpose of global climate policy.
194) I emailed Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the media outlet that did the interview, and they sent me the original interview in German and I translated it myself. It's nearly identical.
195) UNDRIP is the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Adopted in 2009, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States were the only four countries to vote against joining. https://www.un.org/development/desa/indigenouspeoples/declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-peoples.html
196) All four have since signed onto UNDRIP. It is another branch of the SDA which seeks to bring aboriginal and native communities under their control and management, and away from the care of the Canadian government.
197) This specifically relates to what is going on in Canada with the pipeline protests and rail blockades which are apparently being organized in support of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation, but there is way more going on and this thread explains it all. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1230942371828731904?s=19
198) We've also seen how the Migrant Compact is related to the SDA. This important thread details how the UNHCR, the Canadian government, George Soros, Frank Giustra, and the University of Ottawa all fund the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1205142188197212166?s=19
199) In 2016, Soros gave $500M to startups whose efforts focused around migrants and refugees. He is partnered with the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees as well as the International Rescue Committee.
200) The International Rescue Committee is run by some very interesting people, like former Federal Reserve President and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
201) Madeleine Albright, Maurice Greenberg, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and the editor of the publication for the Council on Foreign Relations... Perfectly trustworthy, if you ask me.
202) Also in June of 2016, Soros partnered with Mastercard to aid migrants and refugees.
203) Mastercard is very much on board with the SDA. There's no surprise that it's also partnered with Bill and Melinda Gates.
204) In 2017, Mastercard purchased NuData, a biometrics, behavioural analysis, and cybersecurity company.
205) Biometrics are a big part of the SDG's, as we can see from these documents from the UNHCR. It doesn't appear as though any of these people are happy to be in their current situation at the time these pictures were taken.
206) There is another company involved in biometrics and RFID. ID2020 is ready to microchip you and your family. They're partnered with Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Gavi Vaccine Alliance.
207) ID2020 is working towards fulfilling the UN's SDG's as well.
208) In 2018, Mastercard and Microsoft joined forces to advance digital identity innovations.
210) This was to help subsidize their newest of 6 Global Intelligence & Cyber Centres, which has been opened in Vancouver. It will also deal with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
211) What is the Internet of Things?
212) The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnectability of every electronic device, home appliance, business network, vehicle, etc, to the internet. Everything will be tracked, monitored, and analyzed.
213) With the coming 5G wireless network, you will be just one more 'thing' to be tracked and monitored. This is specifically mentioned as part of the 16th SDG.
214) The amount of time, money, and resources being devoted to this agenda is staggering. The UN is involved every step of the way.
215) We can clearly see that this global communist agenda is being pushed upon us by Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans, as well as a whole host of unelected bureaucrats and corporate leaders.
216) Can you see now that both of these sides are played off one another, all the while the Sustainable Development agenda is moved forward, step by step? Brian Mulroney explains it very clearly in his 2014 speech at a Canada 2020 event.
217) Can you also see that the people and families at the top of the pyramid in the corporate and financial worlds are the ones who created, crafted, and have implemented this agenda?
218) For more on the United Nations, check out this thread. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1170942012477980673?s=19
219) For more on the connections between these politicians, business leaders, celebrities, etc, check out this thread. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1151627858541813760?s=19
220) For more on the Canadian Prime Ministers and their connections, check out this thread. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1175490841491558400?s=19
221) For more on the UN, 5G, and microchips, check out this thread. https://twitter.com/greg_scott84/status/1230519700632698880?s=19
222) It's time that we all accept the truth and our reality. There is a network of criminals who have been working very hard for generations to covertly build this system of global control and they are very close to completing it. We have a small chance left to stop this.
223) What's important to you? How do you want your children and grandchildren to live? Is this something worth fighting for? Do you truly value your ability to live and speak freely? You need to decide.
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