🤓 currently, most of the world's steel is produced with coal — a lot of it with australian metallurgical coal.

(some steel is produced with biochar, some with gas.)

to reduce emissions, several companies are working to eliminate coal (and gas) from steel production…
this is significant for 🇦🇺 as metallurgical coal makes up $43.6bn (9.3%) of our exports, 2x the share of thermal coal.

most of our met coal comes from QLD.

it's been said: coal will leave australia before australia leaves coal.

here's a list of "green steel" initiatives:
1. german engineering & steel giant @thyssenkrupp_en is working on two parallel pathways.

i visited last year and wrote this report: https://twitter.com/simonahac/status/1203796803126095872?s=20
…if i've missed any initiatives, please let me know and i'll append to this list.

how about you @BlueScopeAus? couldn't find any announcements.
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