💗 "Acid Queen" 💗

A NSFW #TodoDeku No Quirk thread! All characters are Mid-20's-30's.

Shouto lives a secret life every other Friday, and Izuku really wants to know what it is.

Overall CW's are Drug Use, Abuse Mention, Casual sex, Sex Workers, Rich Kids Being Naughty!

“What do you even /do/ every other Friday night?” Midoriya asks as Shouto closes the kitchen cabinet. They’re the only two people downstairs right now and it’s refreshing.  Iida and Yayorozu are upstairs getting ready for their own night of ‘fun’.
At the thought, Shouto smirks mostly to himself, but he doesn’t turn around.
“I do stuff.” He says simply. He knows it sounds bland, but how do you tell an innocent cinnamon roll like /Izuku Midoriya/ that you go to a drug orgy every other Friday?  How do you tell him you get so high off your ass that you forget your own name?
He does all of that, and it’s normally followed by somebody fucking the rest of his coherency away.

“But what /kind/ of stuff?” Midoriya asks, an edge of excitement in his voice. “It’s /got/ to be fun if you’re turning down Mini-golf with us. You /love/ Mini-golf.”
Shouto has to bite /hard/ at the inside of his cheek. He’s glad he’s not facing Midoriya, because /god/... he’s so /precious./ Though… to be fair, if he hadn’t met Mina in high school he would probably be the same way.

Maybe worse.
“You wouldn’t like it.” Shouto says it firmly, finally turning around. He watches the pout form on Midoriya’s face. “It’s not your style, Midoriya.” He tries to stress it, but that just makes the other man pout /more./
“You don’t know that. I like spending time with you, Shou, so if you like it, I might too.” Midoriya tucks fading green curls behind his ears. He needs a touch up so bad.
Shouto hums in thought, leaning against the counter as he pries open his bag of chips.
Part of him is having trouble imagining Midoriya in the den if Mina brings out a crop, while the rest of him can vividly imagine a topless Midoriya, rocking in his lap while people smoke behind them.

… yeah, okay, so he’s still got a huge crush on the guy, what can he say?
“We could invite everyone in the house?  If that would make you feel better?” Midoriya tries.
Shouto can’t stop the snort that slips out. It’s so harsh that it hurts the back of his throat. “Iida wouldn’t even be let /in./ He’s so straight laced he makes a corset look like an untied shoe.” For some reason, that makes Midoriya perk up.
“Let in? So it’s like a club?” He bites his bottom lip and tilts his head, bright green eyes glancing toward the ceiling as he begins to mutter to himself. Shouto sighs and rolls his eyes. How can someone so innocent be so persistent?
He waits three minutes for the mumbling to stop, munching on chips as he watches the clock over the stove, then he turns back to his friend. “Midoriya?”

“Hmm? Yes, Shouto?” Midoriya blinks his thoughts away as Shouto reaches over for a bag clip.
“I go out to a place called Acid Queen.” He states. “You get I.D.’d at the door and have to sign a new form every single time you go in. On top of that, if you look like you’re going to be disruptive or ruin anyone else's time, they turn you away on the spot.'
'Or they tell you to go pre-game elsewhere before coming back.” He stuffs his clipped bag back into the cabinet. “I’ve been going there since high school.”
“Wait. Pre-game?” Midoriya looks confused. Shouto wants to roll his eyes. Midoriya had been Bakugo’s roommate in college, how the /fuck/ did he not know what pre-gaming was?

Fuck it. No being vague anymore.
“It’s a drug club, Midoriya. It’s where I get my weed. You’re too vanilla for that.” Shouto states.

Midoriya startles, blinking several times. “I… I thought you got that for your anxiety? And I’m not vanilla!”
Shouto snorts. “It /is/ for my anxiety, it also just happens to be recreational. I have a prescription, but the shit I bring home is… /not./ Though I do have that, the prescription just lets me keep it in the same house as /Iida./” He shrugs.
“This is what I meant when I said it wasn’t your-”

“Can I go?” Midoriya cuts in. “I’ve always wanted to try, but Kaachan told me if he ever caught me doing drugs, he’d shove my face through the window of a moving car.” He shrugs. Like that isn’t a /huge deal/ to have admitted.
“Bakugo’s /boyfriend/ hangs out with my friends. He’s a hypocrite.” Shouto points out.

“I still want to go. I /like/ Kirishima, so if he goes it’s /got/ to be fun.” Midoriya states, arms crossing over his chest.
Shouto tries not to groan. “You realize that people /fuck/ at these things, right? That /I/ fuck at these things? And if I want to, I’m going to. I’m not going to babysit you?” Not that he thinks Midoriya /needs/ babysitting.
He’s perfectly capable of telling someone no, and if he’s not then Mina will step in. She doesn’t let bullshit happen in her shop.
Midoriya smiles, though his shoulders look a little tense. “We could take two cars? That way if it really isn’t my scene, I could come back to the house, and you could stay and enjoy yourself?”

God damn it.
Shouto closes his eyes and tries to gather himself. “I still think you’re too vanilla for this. We take one car, I’ll call you an U/ber if I have to.” He mutters.

“I’m not /vanilla,/ Shouto. You don’t know the first thing about me.” Midoriya grumbles.
“Not true, you overshare all the time.” Shouto counters. Midoriya flushes. “One night.” Shouto holds out a single finger. “One. If they tell you to leave, you go. You don’t tell people where I am, you don’t try to get back in. Okay?”
He holds out his hand for Midoriya to shake, and… Midoriya does.

“Is there anything specific I need to wear?” He asks. Before Shouto can really answer him, Iida and Yayorozu are coming down the stairs.
“Ready for Mini-Golf?” Yayorozu asks. Her sweater has the logo of her Sorority on the right breast pocket.

Shouto smiles. “I have my thing.” He admits. “Sorry.” He doesn’t mind the way she pouts. She’s cute when she pouts.
“Aww, that’s too bad.” Shouto wants to snort, that sounds so fake coming from her. “Midoriya, are you coming?”
“Oh!” Midoriya’s flushes again. “I… actually, I might skip out this time, too? I… I want to catch up on some… some homework?” It’s such an obvious lie, Midoriya can’t tell one to save his life.
Iida tilts his head so he can look over his glasses at Midoriya knowingly, but he only sighs instead of confronting him.

“Alright, if you insist.” Iida shakes his head in obvious disappointment and walks past them. “I’ll see you in the morning, Shouto?”
Shouto nods. “More than likely.” He and Iida share one of the less awkward pat hugs that they can have, then he watches as Yaoyorozu pouts at them both.  When it’s clear they’re not giving in, she sighs and hurries after Iida.
When the front door clicks shut, Shouto groans. “Look, just wear something you’re comfortable in and something you won’t mind getting lost.” He shrugs and pushes away from the cabinets. “I’m leaving in about… ten minutes? You better hurry.”
It’s always a delight to watch Midoriya run up the stairs.

God, his ass is so…

Shouto shakes his head and goes to get one of his bags out of his bedroom.


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CW: Drug Use, Pot specifically, Sato is a Great Guy and he's doing a crossword on the back porch of his job

Let's Go!!!

Midoriya, to his credit, doesn’t freak out even /once/ on the way to ‘Acid Queen.’ They pull into the underground parking lot and Shouto waits outside the car, pulling out a lighter as he digs around in his pockets.
Midoriya meets him by the trunk, looking a little clumsy, but he waits patiently. He’s just in baggy green sweatpants and a loose shirt with a noodle brand on the front.
Shouto shakes his head and pulls out his cigarette case, then flips it open and takes out one of his shorter blunts.
He lights it and puts it between his lips while he stuffs the case back into his pocket. Midoriya stares at him, eyes wide before he glances around in panic.  Like he’s scared they’ll get caught or something.
“Okay, so, rules.” Shouto says before he sucks in a lungful of smoke. He waits, feeling the fog settle before pulling the blunt away and blowing it off to the side. “Take a hit off this.” Midoriya looks confused as he takes the blunt. “I’d rather have you cough it all out now.”
“I’m not going to-”

“Uh huh.” Shouto lifts the hand with the blunt to Midoriya’s mouth. “You’re going to get contact high no matter what, but I’d rather it run through you now. Go slow, don’t try to impress me.”
Midoriya shakes his head and puts the blunt to his lips. He inhales and Shouto can’t help but smile. “Hold it in your lungs… yeah… like that… okay, let it out.”
Midoriya coughs, but at least he doesn’t bend over when he does. “Jesus, Shou.” He sounds startled. “What /is/ that?”
Shouto just smiles at him and takes the blunt back. “Okay, so, people are going to offer you... /so/ many drugs.” Shouto tries to stress that. “Especially because you’re new, but there’s a hand stamp system. Any drug you take is going to get a stamp.”
He takes Midoriya’s hand and flips it over, patting the top. “If someone offers you drugs but doesn’t have a stamp on their person, do /not/ take that. In fact, find somebody that works there and tell them /immediately./”
“What are the stamps for?” Midoriya asks, eyes watering and cheeks flushing.

Shouto takes another hit, then passes the blunt. Midoriya is awkward, but he takes it.
“To make sure you aren’t mixing things you shouldn’t be mixing, and to make sure you aren’t going to O.D.” Shouto watches the way Midoriya’s lips rest against the blunt. He coughs again when he exhales, but it’s not as hard.
“Be careful about drinking, the bartender working tonight likes to think that ‘Something light’ means ‘Fuck me sideways.’  So if you’re thirsty, find me.” Midoriya coughs again and nods before passing the blunt back.
“Okay.” His voice is a little hoarse. “Anything else?”

“Yes.” Shouto stresses his next words. “You will get hungry, but do /not/ eat any brownies. Satan will come for your kneecaps and that’s putting it lightly. Mina has Raka make them and they /will/ demolish you.”
He takes a drag and then waits, eyes shutting before he blows away from them. “There’s a snack bar, safe food is at the snack bar.” He pauses. “If you want to fuck, there are condoms pretty much everywhere. Avoid anal unless you cleaned up first.”
Midoriya flushes and squeaks. Shouto tries not to laugh.
“You have to buy any drugs you want to take, by the way.  They won’t make me pay, but they’ll make you pay. I have a… tab, I settle it elsewhere.  But other than that… that should be it. One last go.”
He gives the blunt to Midoriya, who takes a hit like he’s in a hurry, then passes it back. Shouto stubs it on the side of his shoe before he puts it back in his case. “Right, get your I.D. out.”
He pulls his own out and starts walking. Midoriya follows after him, flustered and quiet. Shouto turns once, quirking a curious eyebrow. “What?”
Midoriya flushes again. “I didn’t... know you could be so forward.” He admits. “You’re… normally so quiet and serious.” He kicks a loose rock and Shouto snorts.
“You realize the only reason I stay with you guys is because you cut me a deal on rent, right? And if my dad calls, you tell him I’m in class?” Shouto smiles to himself, making it across the garage and heading up a flight of stairs.
“You guys haven’t snitched to my father that I dropped out yet.  That doesn’t mean I have to be buddy buddy with you just because you helped me get away from him.”
“You weren’t happy,” Midoriya says, anger in his voice, “and we’re your /friends./ Of course we’re going to keep you safe.” He stops talking when they round the corner of the stairs and neon tube lights lead the way to a back porch connected to the garage.
There’s a sudden, heavy thumping of base that can be felt in the ground but barely heard.

Shouto lets out a relaxed sigh, then walks up to the bouncer.  He’s a built man who’s gotten up from his lawn chair and put his crossword to the side.
“Shouto, good to see you.” The guy says, pulling out a few stamps and waving them with a smirk.

“Just MJ, for both of us.” He presents his right wrist and lets the guy stamp him. He doesn’t look at Shouto’s I.D., but he holds out a hand to Midoriya expectantly.
Midoriya swallows and blinks rapidly before he holds out his I.D. The guy takes it, one eyebrow raised and a sneer on his face before he looks over plastic. When he passes it back, it’s with an unimpressed look.

“Right.” He sounds scolding.
Shouto sighs. “He’s just nervous, not /tweaking./” Shouto scolds. “Would I seriously bring a tweaker to Momma’s?” The bouncer doesn’t fight his smile. “/Honestly,/ Sato.”
“Can never be too careful.” Sato states before he stamps Midoriya’s hand with a little white cannabis leaf. “Sign.” He grunts as he pulls out two clipboards and pens.
Shouto rolls his eyes and takes them both, then hands one to Midoriya.  Shouto signs without reading anything, having been doing this for years now, but Midoriya actually looks like he’s reading over each sheet.
Or at least skimming them as he mumbles the words and flips through the five pages of forms.
Sato sighs after a while, and when Midoriya finally signs everything and passes the clipboard back, Shouto does the same.  Shaking his head, Sato puts the clipboards in a crate behind his lawn chair. “Have fun.”
He doesn’t sound like he means it. Midoriya swallows and reaches out, grabbing Shouto’s sleeve as he walks up the steps.
“Stop being mean.” Shouto calls back. Sato doesn’t respond, or maybe he does, but the music is now audible and clear. Shouto pushes the back door open and smoke pours out.
Laughter fills the entrance hall and he lets Midoriya grab his hand as he pulls him deeper, past the people who acknowledge him and continue their conversations.
“This place is huge.” Midoriya whispers.

“Welcome to ‘Acid Queen,’ this is only the first floor.” Shouto says with a chuckle.


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CW: Alcohol, some Casual SeroRoki for the babes, Topless Deku


Midoriya presses to Shouto’s back suddenly, the impact hard enough that he nearly falls over.
“What?” He turns to see a girl who’s a /little/ too drunk to be standing up, laughing as she apologizes to Midoriya for bumping into him. Her friend laughs too before helping her to her feet, then drags her to where Shouto knows the sober rooms are.
“S-Sorry.” Midoriya whispers, lips a little too close to Shouto’s neck. He shouldn’t have put his hair in a bun, he should have just left it down.
Shouto shakes his head and keeps walking, Midoriya still holding on to his sleeve. The first thing he wants is a /drink./ He pushes through the crowd, Midoriya holding his hand tight until they get to the bar.
He leans against the top and waits until he can catch Sero’s attention.

Sero comes over, the same doped out smile on his face as always. “Hey, Baby Boy.” Sero leans over and Shouto accepts his kiss. It’s slow, easy, familiar. He likes the way Sero kisses.
He hears Midoriya squeak behind him. “What can I get you, besides a few minutes alone behind the bar?” He waggles his eyebrows and Shouto can’t help but smile.

Sero leans back suddenly when Shouto feels his shirt tighten. He looks back and sees Midoriya flushing and… hiding?
Great, is he going to be embarrassed by every little-

“Holy fuck!” Sero laughs and Midoriya covers his face, sinking further behind Shouto. “/Bunny?/ Oh my god, Shouto, how do you know /Bunny!/  Hey, shit, hi, I’m Cellophane! I’m one of your Jack Rabbit tiers!”
Shouto blinks, takes a steady breath, then reaches back and pulls Midoriya around to his side.

“/‘Bunny?’/” He raises a single eyebrow.

“I /told you/ I wasn’t /vanilla./” Midoriya nearly whispers. “I… it’s /complicated./” He’s flushing and looking at his feet.
“Oh my god,” Sero laughs, “holy shit. I thought the blushing was just for the camera, but you really are /that/ fucking precious.” Sero leans over and flicks one of Midoriya’s curls. “Fuck me, your freckles though.”
Shouto blinks again. “Virgin lemonade.” He states. “For ‘Bunny,’” he puts finger quotes around the name, “and a S/kittles Hangover for me.” Sero grins at him.

“Aww, you jealous I’m giving someone else attention?” Sero teases. “Or jealous that Bunny’s caused me more orgasms?”
“That’s not something to be proud of.” Midoriya still won’t look Sero in the eye. “But thank you for your patronage.”

“You /have/ to tell me what’s going on.” Shouto says with a grin. “I have to know, this is too much.”
Sero laughs as he leans back and starts mixing a drink. “Bunny is a porn star.” Midoriya squeaks and whips around.

“No I’m /not!/” He’s tugging at the front of his shirt. “It’s just pictures!”
“Dude, it’s not.” Sero says as he sets a glass on top of the bar. “I own like, half your videos?” Shouto stares at Midoriya, eyeing him up and down. Midoriya, who startles when someone slams the dryer door.
Midoriya who will trip over his own two feet and apologize to himself. Midoriya, who works out and causes Shouto intense wet dreams…

Okay, so that last one makes sense.

But still.
“It’s just to help out with college.” Midoriya mutters. Sero laughs and holds out the red and blue glass to Shouto. Midoriya plucks it out of his hand then takes a harsh swallow before hurriedly putting the glass on the counter and coughing.
“Oh, honey.” Sero says through his laughter. “Shouldn’t have done that, let me stamp you.  Hold out your hand.” Midoriya does and there’s a red cocktail stamp pressed to his skin. Shouto gets the same one with a snort.
Afterwords, he lets out a long sigh and accepts the napkins Sero passes him. He hands them out to Midoriya and rubs at his temples. “This was a horrible idea.” He decides. “I’ll call you an U/ber.”
Midoriya’s hand snatches Shouto’s wrist quickly. “No, no it’s fine.” He coughs into one of the napkins and nods. “I’m fine. I just expected... flavor, not /rubbing alcohol./” Sero fakes a gasp.
“Rude.” He laughs though and pushes a glass of pink lemonade next to Midoriya’s hand. Midoriya picks it up gratefully and takes a small sip, then a bigger one. Shouto wants to sigh and persist that Midoriya should go the fuck home, but…
He’s already feeling a little buzzed, and the music is thrumming on his skin, the smoke in the air sweet and heavy. Shouto wants to drop into this and feel /good,/ not worry about Midoriya.
He picks up his glass and nods at Sero, who sticks his tongue out and curls it. Shouto waggles his eyebrows back before drinking from his glass.

It burns and he /loves/ it. He sighs and leans against the bar, watching as Midoriya nurses his lemonade and scans the crowd.
Shouto closes his eyes and listens to the music around them, then hums when a hand pats gently at his shoulder. He looks over and sees Midoriya’s eyes, which have dilated, nearly jumping out of his skin.

“What?” Shouto doesn’t have the energy to babysit this man.
“I just saw /Monoma/ from my accounting class walk down the hall.” Midoriya squeaks.

“Oh, yeah, Neito’s a riot.” Sero speaks up.
“He’s had two ‘Good Mornings’ though, so like… don’t get close unless you want your ass groped.” He chuckles, then walks to the other side of the bar when someone waves him down.
Shouto snorts and takes another sip of his drink. Midoriya makes this weird laugh, then downs the rest of his lemonade.

“Is there somewhere to dance?” He asks, still flushed. “I need to get my nerves out.”
Shouto nods and finishes his own drink, the burn making him tremble. He sticks his tongue out and shakes his head before setting the glass down.
“Sure, this way.” He waves a hand and Midoriya quickly follows him through the crowd.  They’re stopped by a man in nothing but camo pants, who holds out a little clear bag full of white dust and a stamp.  Shouto waves him off before Midoriya even opens his mouth.
They walk through a few more hallways, then into a den that you have to go down two steps to get into.  The music in here is thicker, louder, and Shouto feels it in his stomach.
He turns to see if this will work for Midoriya, but he’s already shouldering his way into the crowd and pulling his shirt off.

Shouto swallows thickly as he watches the shirt get tucked into the back of Midoriya’s sweatpants.  His back muscles are too fucking sculpted for this world, and he has that one stupid tattoo on his scapula, the one of a… of a fucking /rabbit./
Jesus fuck him Christ, that makes a horrible amount of sense now.

Shouto stands there for another moment as he watches Midoriya raise his arms above his head, curls bouncing as he tosses his head back and jumps with the crowd.  Should he join him, or just… leave him here?
… shit.  He can’t leave him, but he really wants to get high… well, higher.  He’ll at least stay in the room.


CW Over

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CW: Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds, Oops, Ochako at work, More Pot, Midoriya is now comfortably high


Shouto pushes his way through the crowd and finds one of the chairs on the edge, then pulls out his cigarette case.
There are a few people lingering here and there, and some people he knows come over to smoke with him, which is nice. They all take turns talking about their day, nothing too personal, but the conversation makes him laugh.
They pass around his blunt and when it’s out he pulls out another one.

That’s when Midoriya stumbles over, giggling with Raka on his arm.
“Shou!” Her hair is up in pigtails and she’s… almost not wearing a shirt.  That crop top is giving the world a beautiful view of her underboob. “Look who I found!” She leans heavily into Midoriya’s side.  He starts giggling harder. “He says you brought him?”
That’s when Shouto notices the third stamp on Midoriya’s hand.  It’s a teardrop in blue.

/Fuck’s/ sake.
“Uraraka.” Shouto stresses her name. “Did you /seriously/ give the guy who tried weed for the /first time/ like... twenty minutes ago, /acid?/” He watches her blink in surprise, then reel back.
“/What?/” She looks like terror just showed up and slapped her in the face. “Midoriya!  You said you’d done drugs before!”

“I said I’ve done /one weed/ before!” He corrects.

“I thought you were joking!” She squeaks.
“I was not.” He bursts out laughing and the people around Shouto find excuses to leave.  Shouto puts his head in his hands and tries /very/ hard not to laugh on his own.  This night hasn’t even started and /already/ someone dropped acid with Midoriya. Of course.
“I have no words.” Shouto admits. “Where’d his shirt go?” He asks as he sits up.

Raka bites her lip. “About that.” She points back to the dance floor.
“A girl spilled her drink down her front and so like… Midoriya just… gave her his? Said you were right about him ‘wearing something he didn’t mind getting lost?’” She shrugs. “Sorry about giving him acid.”

Shouto blinks at her.
“Okay, I’m totally not.  But come /on,/ I haven’t seen him since high school.” Raka says with a laugh. “When did he get so ripped?” She reaches out and squeezes Midoriya’s arm.
“Like, fuck, if I were into dudes more, fuck me up.” She’s got more laughter in her voice that Shouto thinks is needed.

Standing up, Shouto holds out a hand, to which Midoriya takes before he presses close to Shouto’s chest.
“Hey, hey, Shouto.” Midoriya says in a badly volumed stage whisper. “Your eyeliner is pretty!”

Shouto closes his eyes and then opens them to look directly at Raka. “This is going to /ruin/ my high.” He decides. “I didn’t want to babysit him.”
“Oh, no, Shou.” Midoroya’s voice drops and he throws his arms over Shouto’s shoulders. “I don’t want to ruin your night, I’ll be good!  I’m having so much fun, have fun with me.”
There’s a lot of willpower in not pulling Midoriya over to the nearest table and yanking his sweatpants off to swallow his dick.  A /lot./
He moves Midoriya’s arms, but they end up around his waist instead, Midoriya smiling up at him with a big dopey grin.  Shouto can’t help but smile back when Midoriya sticks his tongue out. He turns to ask Raka how much he had, but she’s fucking /gone./
Of course she is.  Distracted fucking hummingbird.


CW Over

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“Let’s get out of here.” Shouto says over the rise in the music.

“Out of the room, or the whole building?” Midoriya asks, pouting as he leans forward.  One of his hands reaches up and taps the tip of Shouto’s nose. “Did you know you’re /cute?/” He asks around a giggle.
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