The way Bernie supporters so flippantly dismiss the Russian help he’s getting indicates they either don’t understand or flat out just DGAF that his “helpers” sew racist/sexist division by posing as Black civil rights activists who support Bernie & BLM. 🙃
If the MSM’s ivory tower weren’t so egregiously lacking in diversity, the narrative of the ‘16 primary would’ve been: “Hillary and a multicultural coalition of reliable allies led by an army of Black women defeated Bernie & the chorus of Russian trolls who harassed them online.”
Take note that Bernie’s back in the Deep South accusing the predominantly Black local Democratic Party and the DNC of being crooked, wealthy elites who are rigging the process and standing between him and the promised land. #followthepropaganda #botbait
A man who alienated the Democratic base in 2016 with whines, lies, insults and smears while losing the South, the Black vote and the nomination in the process but starts the 2020 do-over by making the EXACT same “mistake” again is doing the shit on purpose. #protip
This tweet perfectly epitomizes the alienation that lost Bernie the Southern Black vote in ‘16 and my ongoing problem w/him in ‘20. MLK’s civil rights receipt photos are mostly black & white b/c he was assassinated in ‘68, so what pray tell is Bernie’s excuse? 🧐 #WhyINeverBerned
Not only that, but so many of the black & white civil rights photos floating around the internet as “proof” of Bernie’s “heroism” and “allyship” *aren’t actually him*. A Snopes investigation wouldn’t be required to verify if he was there or not if he was actually THERE. 🤬
🚨 Spoiler Alert: the civil rights receipt fact check expedition never ends b/c he indeed was NOT there.
Once again, this is a function of folk who are cosplay, #weakassunreliableallies not understanding that the civil rights movement didn’t end when MLK was killed or when Bernie relocated to 1% Black Vermont. They DGAF about what he HASN’T done for 52 years or lately. I DO though.
Tell me he hasn’t said the *exact same shit he said in 2016* all over AGAIN this PAST WEEK. I’ll wait... 💅🏾 via @BuzzFeedNews @EvanMcS #botbait #sabotage
Turns out the thing about being a “low info” voter in the Deep South is it gives you a great institutional memory for who was there & what they did 50+ years ago, but also who was a fraud and wolf in sheep’s clothing 5 years ago. WE DON’T FORGET. #InstitutionalMemory #ExpectUs 🔥
The Bros think they’re so fucking pure and “woke” but they’re *literally fueling a racially motivated cyberattack* for Putin/Trump/Bernie while simultaneously vilifying Black people for having the life experience and wisdom to see through Bernie’s blatant, habitual propaganda. 💅🏾
Add this to the institutional memory. #BernieTheAlienator #BernedOut
#EvergreenTweet 🌲
Ask a Bro why Bernie is the Republicans’ preferred dog in this fight & watch them freeze over like:
Black voters told y’all Bernie & The Bros were gonna have their asses handed to them in SC/on Super Tuesday AHEAD OF TIME in both 2016 AND 2020, but you trusted the MSM and 90+% White states’ word over ours b/c Whiteness™️. Examine YOUR fragility & denial.
Swap out Hillary with Joe and this is still true. Making the same “mistake” of alienating/vilifying the Black voters and reliable allies who comprise the D base *isn’t meant to win US over*, it’s meant to convince the Bros/Broettes to NEVER be reliable allies to US in the booth.
#EverygreenTweet 🌲
Oh yeah I’m whipping out ALL the fucking receipts, folks. AGAIN. Y’all asked for “low info” so I’m damn sure gonna dish it OUT. You’re welcome. 🔥🧾🔥🧾🔥🧾🔥💅🏾
As it was in ‘16, Bernie’s objective in ‘20 is to alienate/vilify Black voters and the Obama coalition so badly that we in turn REJECT him resoundingly AGAIN thereby denying him a nomination from a party that he still won’t fucking join and infuriating the Bros so they go BUST.
The Obama/Clinton coalition, led by Black voters and reliable allies already sniffed out this ploy 5 YEARS AGO b/c the ploy is predicated on appropriating, bastardizing and blaspheming US, our history and our LEADERS. #ItAintOurFault if that’s not insulting/unforgivable to Y’ALL.
Quintessential Broette Tweet™️
#WhyINeverBerned #WhyIllNeverBern #BernieTheAlienator
If it isn’t the SAME EXACT blatant ploy that’s the SAME EXACT reason why he lost the SAME EXACT way in SC/on Super Tuesday in 2016 AND 2020, how did WE see it coming? 🧐
Bernie knew good and damn well then (and still knows now) that he doesn’t have sufficient civil rights receipts to pass the reliable White ally test with Black voters or the D base. His objective was to paint himself as MORE reliable than Hillary, and now he’s doing it with Joe.
Here’s the thing though, it ain’t Joe’s fault that WE remember he WAS THERE when Bernie WASN’T. 💅🏾 #WeTriedToTellYallWeMissObama #StillWithHerToo #WeKnowJoe #BernieWasntThere #ExpectUs
While this irony is extremely true, America weaves a mythology that says White ppl don’t use socialism and if they do, they’re officially “White trash”. The same WWC and White “moderate” voters for Trump that Bernie/Liz are trying to convert aren’t convertible for that reason.
Oh and yes, I have a 🧾 for that. Bernie’s here to simultaneously 1) convince Black voters he’s a civil rights hero (fail, again) and 2) convince everyone else he can cure the White majority of voting against Ds/anything socialism adjacent for racism’s sake (working, again). 😒
Agreed and that’s PRECISELY why Bernie’s a Russian asset even if he/the Bros claim to not see it. His presence on stage meant that Biden HAD to jump into the race b/c he’s the ONLY one that American voters have a strong enough #institutionalmemory for to NOT be BAMBOOZLED.
🚨 ICYMI, the reason I can so routinely and effortlessly travel back to the future on Bernie is b/c he’s employing a predictable and repeatedly alienating *strategy* specifically aimed at dissuading White “moderates” from allying with *Southern* Black voters. #SouthernStrategy101
🚨 I REPEAT, Bernie the Alienator™️ and the Bros/Broettes/bots/tokens are ONCE AGAIN working the @GOP’s Southern Strategy from the LEFT of center even though they know it 1) lost him the nomination in ‘16 2) instigates further hatred of POC 3) further proves Black voters’ point.
Another repetition that doesn’t get repeated enough. MLK, Circa 1963. #BernieTheAlienator #BernedOut #WeakAssUnreliableFakeAllies #WeBeenKnew #WeTriedToTellYall
Bernie already knows that alienating Black voters & reliable allies (read the Obama/Clinton/moderate-also-ran coalition) already LOST him the 2020 nomination in 2016. The reason he’s doing it again (and is Putin’s 2nd fave asset) is b/c it successfully hacked/“won” ‘16 for Trump.
Why would he want Trump to win? (🤷y’all ask). Because when the GOP wins *any* election Bernie can always conveniently blame Black ppl for “sullying” his no-muss-no-fuss iteration of “Democratic socialism” by having the nerve & gall to bring “identity politics” into the convo. 💡
As ALWAYS, YES, I have a damn receipt for it... #BernieTheAlienator #WeakAssUnreliableFakeAllies #SouthernStrategy101 #Fragility
I know it seems both counterintuitive and counterproductive to Bernie/the Bros’ stated goal of making actual progress, but the constant anarchy of apathy/disillusionment is politically useful to the alt left mythos b/c the chaos it brings about makes them feel right & righteous.
IOW the alt left mythos as espoused by Bernie/the Bros still assumes that escalating chaos and division will automatically hasten the progressive socialist revolution that “low info” Black voters in the “Deep South” and the “elitist” “Democratic establishment” have denied THEM.
The Bros absolutely DGAF that we literally have the ENTIRE American experiment available to peruse for proof that *historically* racism trumps socialism in this country, which is why the White voting majority hasn’t voted D for 55 YRS since the GOP birthed the Southern Strategy.
Which is also why he’s Putin’s 2nd fave Russian Asset. 💡 #Hubris #Ambition #Ego #Avarice #Privilege #BernieTheAlienator #BernedOut
🚨 Receipts on who Russia’s faves and not faves in the 2020 D primary are since apparently none of the people who need to be reading the Mueller Report have read it yet, and Bernie’s gonna keep pretending he doesn’t know his antics are *everything* Putin & the GOP want right now:
🚨 Dear Liz supporters: Your fave and progressive champion is off the stage largely thanks to Bernie the Alienator™️, so this Stockholm Syndrome attempt to appease the Bros by pity helping Bernie (that the MSM is trying to convince y’all to support) isn’t cute, safe or reliable.
🧾 Receipts on how the Russian bot farm cyber bullying that Bernie the Alienator™️ & his merry band of nihilistic Bros/Broettes STILL pretend doesn’t exist took down not only Liz, but Beto and Kamala too. Refer back to the above Russia fave/not fave list if you’re still confused.
More receipts on how well Bernie and the Bros held up their end of the “nonaggression pact” with Liz: #BernieTheAlienator #BernedOut
Listen up this time. 🗣🔥💅🏾 #CivilRightsHeroNoOneEverSaw #DontGetFooledAgain #BernedOut
It’s bot farm burning season, y’all. 🔥
Naw, they’ll always double down. #NeedForChaos #Nihilism #Hubris
Agreed, that’s why I take a half & half approach. Y’all will always see me quote RT examples of Bro/Broette/bot behavior and logic b/c not everyone knows how to recognize them or 👀 who needs to be muted and/or blocked from ALL of our feeds as a means of fighting the cyberattack.
Do y’all ever stop to think that maybe *y’all* aren’t encountering the Bro/bot vitriol b/c you aren’t a woman or POC who doesn’t support Bernie? 🤷🏾‍♀️ #botbehavior #privilege #myopia
🚨 PSA: Bros on all sides of the aisle think Thanos had a brilliant idea. #NeedForChaos #Nihilism #Hubris #Avarice #BotBehavior #Sadism
Speaking of the Bros...
It seems like the cyberattack’s opening with the alt left is rooted in the fact that folk feel obligated to bargain and reason with “voices” from the L of center even if/when they’re espousing ideas that are alienating and MAGAt-like due to Bro myopia.
I understand the urge to win Bros over to a stance that’s less alienating/rigid, White men as a demo are so elusive for Ds as a voting bloc & even “just” a 10-20% swing would dynamically shift US politics, but the problem is equality feels like oppression to the most privileged.
I see so many Bro/bot vs. other ppl convos happening in my mentions, so it’s easy to 👀 how they routinely end in the dead end of them revealing themselves to either be a) selfish, unempathetic and uncompromising due to identity or b) incoherent, rehearsed & numb due to bot farm.
This is a blind spot for ppl who have a hard time deciphering when something is disadvantageous to the marginalized, or when someone is expressing views that indicate they aren’t capable of being reliable allies or joining a coalition where their ideas/needs/wants aren’t met 1st.
The blind spot and the broader cyberattack are exacerbated by the fact that in addition to the standard “White Bro/Broette” bot prototype, the bot farms are also churning out “Woke POC” prototypes that mimic ALL of Bernie’s lies about being a civil rights hero/reliable ally. 🙃
Coincidentally, I think that’s actually what makes Joe a more formidable opponent for Bernie in ‘20 v. HRC in ‘16. Without the misogyny factor in play, Joe’s calling the alt left’s bluff re: the White male R/moderate vote in “red” Southern states and catching more flies with 🍯.
Not only do SC/Clyburn/CBC/Super Tuesday contradict the rhetoric of Bernie’s “Woke” POC bots & real POC surrogates, Joe’s ability to appeal to White Rs/moderates who know Trump is trash but would never venture into the alt left contradicts the White Bro/Broette/bot rhetoric too.
💅🏾 More receipts on how “well” the #BernieTheAlienator playbook for courting White voters with the Alt Left Southern Strategy worked for him on Super Tuesday, and why that might hamper his efforts in Michigan and beyond: #coalitionbuilding 🧾
Correct and the most fanatic of the far left usually sit out elections (aka go BUST) for the same reasons while knowing full well that their abandonment/betrayal habitually cedes power to the GOP. They just won’t admit it and don’t want us pointing it out to them either. 🥴
4 years later and I still haven’t seen a valid answer to this question. 🧐🧾
#EvergreenTweet #AltLeftSouthernStrategyFail #BroMyopia #ConflictOfCoalition
🚨 Here’s a textbook example of how the Alt Left Southern Strategy paradoxically (but on purpose) pits Black people against Black people for Bernie’s sake. Make it make sense. How is this coalition building?
#BernieTheAgitator #Antagonism #RussianAsset #PartOfPutinsPlan
🗓 Order of events: Bernie (not a D) lost ‘16 D primary due to lack of support from D base -> Bernie blamed CBC/DNC and claimed the process was “rigged” against him -> Bernie/Bro tantrum results in modified process aimed at wooing White Rs/Indies -> ‘20 primary is a clusterfuck.
🔑 words: “man who unfurled a Nazi flag at the Bernie Sanders rally in Arizona...” #BernieTheInstigator #BotBehavior #BroExtremism 🧾
🚨 IOW just as the Russian bot farmers’ objective in ‘16 was to spark division amongst Black people and incite White supremacists, they were ALSO sparking division amongst Muslim people and inciting White supremacists. #FoilPlay #RussianAssetBehavior #Bros
As was the case with Black/BLM activists, Muslim/CAIR activists also sniffed out the agitators and instigators in their midst b/c as people who are increasingly marginalized, vilified and endangered in America it was easier to spot the clear and present dangers from R *and* L. 💡
ICYMI, here’s how the Black/BLM activists who helped foil the fuckery of Russia’s pro-Bernie/pro-Trump agenda of social media disruption figured it out in real time: 💅🏾🧾☕️ #Instigation #Agitation #Alienation
Asking again b/c ain’t a DAMN thing changed... 💅🏾 #YoureInDangerGirl #WeTriedToTellYall #WeBeenKnew
#EvergreenTweet 🌲 #ItAintMyFault
Because a great many of them are bots for Bernie in Russia. #Fuckery #BotBehavior #BernieTheAlienator
It was easier for Bernie to “cultivate relationships” to serve mutual political ends with Moscow than it’s been for him to stop intentionally alienating Black voters in Mississippi: #RussianAsset #BernieTheInstigator
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