Frens and Fellow Patriots, I understand the weariness and hope fatigue that occurs as we wait for prosecution and consequences of DS operatives that have sought to undermine this country, we the people, and our President. We all have moments like this because we are human and
longing for justice. The blood of victims of the Cabal cries out for it. Having said that, with all we know concerning crimes against humanity and the attempted overthrow of President Trump, how much more do POTUS, the Q team, the NSA, and General Flynn know? We trust
Donald J. Trump to lead this country, so why can't we trust him to know when the time is right to have the bad actors arrested and prosecuted? We see only part of the happenings but he knows the Plan from beginning to end.
Ask yourselves this~

Does President Trump put himself and his family, those he loves the most, through this just for the glory in it? There has been little glory and little to no validation or credit for the things he has achieved, outside of his loyal supporters who acknowledge
his accomplishments. He has done more to combat human/child trafficking than any President in history and created task forces to look into people who are missing or murdered. Human/ child trafficking is at the very center of the massive cover up of crimes by the Democrats,
RINOS, never Trumpers, and Hollywood. Now ask yourself this. Would Trump be doing this if he didn't understand the intended outcome and the consequences of failure? No. If he doesn't take the criminals out, they will kill him and his family for outing them once he leaves office.
John Durham has been appointed to investigate the criminal activities of those involved in the attempted coup. They happen to be the same people who likely killed Seth Rich and committed the crimes that I mentioned above.

Durham has successfully prosecuted many mafia families.
We are not simply sitting around waiting for another Horowitz style, watered down report which lays out all the ways these players are guilty but then concludes that they aren't. Durham will be rendering indictments. He holds prosecutorial power and is a legal powerhouse.
To conclude, I ask you this. Can we wait until Durham finishes his investigation and lowers the boom before we start saying the mission has failed? Can we trust our President to get the job done? Can we focus on the positive things that happen rather than the things that don't
happen as quickly as we would like? Can we be thankful for the awareness and hope that President Trump and Q have given us? Can we continue to trust the plan and know that Trump loves this nation and the people thereof? I certainly hope we will continue to hold the line. I know
I will do everything I can to do so. Morale is important. President Trump works hard for us so let's work hard for him. Thanks for listening and God bless you all.

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