Things I'd like to talk about Jaehyun: a thread
Jaehyun is not only a pretty face, he is extremely talented and dedicated
he works hard to make everything look amazing
His voice is extremely powerful, he is able to sing sweetly and reach high points at the same time, his voice is something that you will fall in love with and will never confuse, it is something striking and strong
Jaehyun is really competitive, he loves to play, and he loves winning even more, every time you watch a video of him playing, he really likes to be fast and win
Jaehyun has a striking look, you will always remember his face and the way he acts
Jaehyun is the definition of the word “duality”, he is very cute and very attractive in a few seconds, his smile is beautiful and charming, and his eyes will hold all your attention
Jaehyun has an incredible focus, when he wants something he tries and conquers, no matter the time, he tries hard and always tries to exceed expectations
Jaehyun has a strong and unforgettable personality, a presence that will make everyone remember him, be it for his looks, his characteristics, dance or voice!
He has a wonderful taste for art, the songs he likes are extremely good, maybe you don't like one or two songs, but give Jae's playlist a chance, and you will fall in love with some music that is there
Jaehyun is a person who does not express his bad moments, you have not seen any pictures or moments of him crying, Jaehyun is the type of person who keeps his feelings for people he trusts, he needs intimacy, and I believe that many people look like him and understand!
Jaehyun is an extremely charismatic and caring person, he is the one who will smile to comfort your heart, he always does his best to help anyone and support those who are on his side
Sometimes we say"Jae knows he is beautiful and does these provocative things",but is not that,he is a completely natural person,when he wants to be sweet he is,when he wants to be attractive he is,when he wants to make u melt for his smile he will do it,That's Jung Jaehyun!!
Please appreciate the incredible person that Jaehyun is, support him at all costs and enjoy the things he does, and that will also inspire you !!!
It wouldn't fit in a thread as many things as I want to talk about Jaehyun !!!
But ok, that's it for nowđź’—
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