wendy cant be real. shes extraordinary. maybe she was made in a lab.

#TodayIs_WendyDay #OurSingerWendy #2월의_봄_오늘은_웬디 @RVsmtown
lets start all the way back in school. wendy’s academic portfolio is IMPRESSIVE. this girl had constant high gpa (3.93~) and won numerous awards (obama award, all-rounder award, math league)
and to think she dived head first into english speaking countries not being familiar with the language at such a young age... the bravery. she still managed to achieve all that.
now shes not only a brainiac, shes an all-rounder excelling in co-curricular as well. she played multiple sports (basketball soccer golf hockey), participated in musicals, choir and plays multiple instruments (guitar flute piano saxophone) https://twitter.com/wancheeks/status/1087334418945953794/video/1
just wendy effortlessly belting a c6 back then no biggie its whatever 🤷‍♀️

#TodayIs_WendyDay #OurSingerWendy #2월의_봄_오늘은_웬디 @RVsmtown
wendy auditioned and ended up being picked by a big entertainment company, SM. this itself is already such a big feat considering the truckload of people who would audition for SM and only less than a handful would get picked.
red velvet is the red velvet we know today because of every single member. wendy being the backbone of one of south korea’s most prided groups makes her an integral part of why red velvet is as successful as they are now.
there is no denying it. wendy’s vocals are beyond amazing and she definitely has left her mark in this generation and future to come.
#TodayIs_WendyDay #OurSingerWendy #2월의_봄_오늘은_웬디 @RVsmtown https://twitter.com/hikiageru/status/1145030259693113344/video/1
so lets see... wendy is a brainiac, an all-rounder, shes talented, an exceptional singer, successful AND rich. wow wendy.
and to add on to an already extensive list let me just put in how fucking pretty wendy is. 🤯 wtf right? shes all of that plus shes so gorgeous. damn.
this is where my favourite part comes in. wendy is genuinely such a nice person. shes nicknamed w-angel by friends and colleagues and is known to be one of the most purest, kindest, selfless and an overall warm person.
you can ask any wendyluv and theyll happily give you a whole presentation on how wendy does so many big and small acts of kindness. she truly radiates sunshine ☀️

#TodayIs_WendyDay #OurSingerWendy #2월의_봄_오늘은_웬디 @RVsmtown
i have so much love, admiration and respect for her. happy birthday wendy youre a gift to the world 💙🥰

#TodayIs_WendyDay #OurSingerWendy #2월의_봄_오늘은_웬디 @RVsmtown
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