-Iconic VAV moments I find hard to believe are real a thread-
When a Vampz asked Ayno and Jacob if they would marry and Jacob told Ayno “Sorry Ayno, I’m not gay” on livestream.

A personal all time favorite
When VAV has to play a game where they heard a word and had to associate it with a song and Ziu didn’t know what virgin meant so he belted out the word virgin
Van recording himself almost choking?? On Vlive
Jacob, Baron, and Ziu doing Fitness Marshall’s dance workout of their own song
Baron dancing to All Star by Smash mouth
St Van wearing a minion shirt singing to Chandelier by Sia (that whole sentence sounds like a fever dream)
When Jacob made Ahegao faces when getting a massage
Jacob asking a 15 year old if she is single
When Ayno and Lou asked a fan who has the best voice on a livestream and she said Baron and they jokingly told her bye and she thought they where for real so she left
Ziu stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to dance to Usher
Ziu giving a tour of Ateam building and starts singing Yeah!
Van doing eye contact challenge with a mom Vampz
Aynos low quality TikTok
Ziu and Ayno having a dance battle in a water park
Literally this whole scene of mantis Lou beating up foot Ayno in a street at night and beer baron pretending to pour a drink
Lou being a fashion icon
Ziu zooming on a scooter extremely fast
More Ziu zooming
Whatever uh this was...
VAV being the first kpop group to perform in Uruguay
Baron imitating Freddie Mercury while Ayno drinks choccy milk
Jacob losing it over a kid stuck in a cardboard box hits the door
When Baron laughed at this
When Hosung did this
Ayno trying to open an egg
Ziu singing in a elevator about his boyfriend who is Ace
This kdrama
Ziu violently speaking in Spanish
Jacob telling Ace his existence is not a favor to the world
VAV being so happy they even got nominated (also we getting them their first win next comeback I’m not playing I’m still salty)
Lou being confused on how he even got into being an idol
Ziu being disgusted that him and Ayno cuddled half naked and then him proposing to Jacob right after
When Ziu dipped his McFlurry into his Coke which by far is the most chaotic thing I’ve ever seen
Ziu beating up St Van for no reason in public
Hosung getting scared by a seagull
Ayno licking his elbow and eveyone else struggling
Just this
This is already iconic it must be added
The superior version of Thrilla Killa
The time VAV spent at least 30 or more dollars on claw machines and didn’t win a single toy
When Cash peed on Ziu https://twitter.com/rosejiann/status/1145732338262970368/video/1
When Ace and Ziu burned a graham cracker
Ayno, Lou, Baron, and Ziu busting down to an interviewer talking acting like it’s an absolute bop
When Ace went absolutely ham on the cowbell
Idek how to describe this the whole scene could be taken out of context 😭
When Van held the pride flag in Chicago and truly did it for the gays
When Lou sneezed and said “bless me”
When Ayno didn’t even know what his own leaders stage name meant
When Lou was talking about how he has no one to speak English with and how he is forgetting words while Winter Breeze plays in the back
When Baron got confused on how even got this vampz phone
When Ayno and Ziu did the Titanic pose and Ayno tripped on a metal garbage can making the loudest noise ever
When Lou hit his head on a brick wall and Van laughed like always
You know I had to add it to the thread
Jacob calling Vampz fucking amazing without his shirt on
When Lou did Pictionary with Vampz and was so done with us he said “yeah I know everybody can read”
When Heejun started singing and promoting VAV while this poor woman was just trying to do her job
When Ace and Hosung went to the bathroom together like homies do
Ayno doing Gary the snail impressions
I’m just adding this onto the thread because of how beautiful and iconic it is
When Jacob
When Ayno posted this video of Ziu screaming on his Instagram story
Whatever was going on in this vlive
The fact that this edit isn’t fanmade
St Van carrying Ziu on his back and making it look completely natural
Hosung straight up saying he walks around nakey in the dorms
Ayno describing Jacob’s massive tatas
Ayno asking what af means
Hosung saying Jacob looks like Ryuk from Death Note and then Jacob and Heejun becoming enemies to lovers
Ayno and Lou winning a limited fancall for vampz before Baron’s enlistment and counted as vampz
Heejun being a cutie wanting to go to space and Ayno straight up bullying him for it
When Jacob got “this you?”
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