Unpopular Bodypainter Opinion: Streaming in Art is better than streaming in JC.

Hear me out, Bodypainters take pride in their work and we're always just being called out by trolls as "titty streamers" and we aren't. So why are we putting ourselves through the torture of Just Chatting when it's full of the exact audience we DO NOT WANT.

JC is troll heaven and from experience, we are focused more on the trolls than the art or anyone who supports us.
I've streamed in Art for 4/5 months now and neither me nor my mods have had to deal with even half the amount of trolls we did in JC.

My community is FULL of supportive, creative and motivating individuals who not only care about my art but also me.
My views are consistent and growing slowly but surely, in general the whole experience is so enjoyable!

Please, i absolutely encourage every single bodypainter to move to 'Art' or even better 'Beauty & Body Art'.
All i want is to keep us doing what we all adore doing, and i believe this is a step forward!

is actually 5/5
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