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Bakugou is a driver of an uber-type service for omegas who go into heat in public and can't drive/need to get home safely. Only betas are allowed to be drivers, but Bakugou (an alpha) was able to sneak his way into the job.
He's never felt any type of sexual attraction to /anything/, and he really needs the extra money, so he figures a little lying can't hurt.

Until the day he picks up the largest omega he's ever seen.
The huge redhead is loud and friendly the first time he picks him up. Doesn't seem too lost in his heat yet, just a light sheen of sweat giving it away.

It's not until they're about half way home, Bakugou is actually able to /smell/ slick for the first time in his life.
When he looks back it seems it's really starting to hit the hulking omega now. Bakugou scoffs, trying to hide his own flush.

"There's no way you're an omega. You're...huge."

Kirishima lets out a loud, shaky laugh.

"And there's no way you're a beta! You smell so..."
"...so /manly/...oh my god..."

Bakugou can practically hear the gush of slick from the man behind him. Thank god for the seat covers.

What he doesn't expect is to hear such a soft whimper. Or the rustling of fabric as the man obviously begins touching himself.

"I'm sorry.."
"I'm sorry but I can't...fuck, I can't help it...you smell so /good/.."

He's used to omegas softly rubbing themselves to release some tension, but this guy...

"Hey, Shitty Hair!! Keep your fucking pants on, fuck.."

"Can't..help it..."
By the end of the ride, Bakugou's back seat is completely /soaked/ in slick. And Baku is so lost with all these feelings burning through him that he's never experienced before, he can barely see. They're both panting and sweating as the car comes to a stop.
"A-alright, Shitty Hair, get the fuck out."

But when he looks back, he sees the man sprawled across his back seat, arms and legs limp from cumming so hard, so many times.


Bakugou hops out of the car to help the omega out.
He's had to help omegas to they're door before, but it was never this bad.

And no matter how much Kiri befs and pleads for him to come inside, see his nest, knot him, Bakugou stands his ground. He finds the keys and practically kicks the man inside before running away.
This, of course, isn't the last time this happens. Bakugou is lucky enough to get Kiri every time the man 'accidently' starts his heat in public.

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