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अजं शाश्वतं कारणं कारणानां
शिवं केवलं भासकं भासकानाम् .
तुरीयं तमःपारमाद्यन्तहीनं
प्रपद्ये परं पावनं द्वैतहीनम् ..!!

The one who is beyond birth,
The One who is permanent, the one who is cause of the causes,

The One who illuminates the whole Universe, The one beyond the three states, without beginning and end,
Destoryer of ignorance and struggle, the one beyond all duality,
I offer my obesiance to Him, the most pure.
Lord Shiva has more than 1500 names and each name denotes a form so you can say he has thousands thousands forms,

Few popular forms are-

1. Tatpurush
2. Naamdeva
3. Aghoresh
4. Sadhojat
6. Rudra

Following are the name of eleven Rudra Avatar
1) Kapali
2) Pingal
3) Bheem
4) Virupaksha
5) Vilohit
6) Shastra
7) Ajapaad
8) Ahirbudhnya
9) Shambhu
10) Chand
11) Bhav.

Apart from all the above incarnations of the Lord Shiva, he had taken 19 Avataar described in shivpuraan:
1. Piplaad: Lord Shiva helps his devotees to get free from the Shani Dosha in this form.
2. Nandi : Nandi is also called an ansh of the Lord.
3. Veerbhadra: This form of the Lord Shiva destroyed Daksha and his Yagna.
4. Bhairav: Lord Shiva took this avatar at the time when
Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu had a fight over superiority.
5. Ashwatthama:When Lord Shiva consumed the deadly poison during the churning of the ocean, the poison started burning his throat. The 'vish purush', personification sprang out of Lord Shiva and the Lord blessed him with
a boon. Lord Shiva granted him the boon that the vish purush would be born on earth as the son of Drona and would kill all the oppressive Kshatriyas. Thus the vish purush was born as Ashwatthama.

6. Sharabh : This is the 6th form of Lord Shiva. The Sharabha form of Lord Shiva is
part bird and part lion.

7. Grihpati : This is the 7th form of Lord Shiva. He took birth in the house of a Brahmin called Vishwanar as his son. Vishwanar named him Grihapati.

8. Rishi Durvasha : A part of Shiva power on the earth to maintain the discipline of the universe.
9. Hanuman : An Ansh of Lord Shiva helped Shri Rama.

10. Brishabh: Brishabh form of the lord is called Dhrama or rightness.

11. Yatinath Yatinath a form of the God Shiva represents a peaceful form of him to his devotees.

12. Krishna Darshan: Lord Shiva, in this form had
represented the significance of the yagya and important religious rituals in Hinduism.

13. Bhichhuwarya: In this form, Lord Shiva protects his all creatures from any difficulty.

14. Sureshwar: Lord Shiva once took the form of Indra to test one of his devotees. That is why
he came to be known as Sureshwar.

15. Kiraat: Shiva, took this form to test the Arjuna.

16. Sunatnartak: Lord Shiva had taken this form to ask the hand of Parvati from her father.

17. Bramhchari: Lord Shiva had taken this form to test Parvati’s love.
18. Yaksheshwar: Lord Shiva took this avatar to take away the false ego from the minds of the Gods.

19. Avadhut- This incarnation was taken by Lord Shiva to crush the arrogance of Lord Indra.

Apart from these, 12 Jyotilingas-
1. Somnath
2. Malikarjun
3. Mahakaleshwar
4. Omkareshwar & Mamaleshwaram
5. Vedyanaath
6. Bhim Shankar
7. Rameshwar
8. Nageshwar
9. Vishweshwar
10. Trayambakam
11. Kedarnath
12. Dhushmeshwar
Apart from these, There are 8 idols of the Lord Shiva-

1. Ugra
2. Sharva,
3. Bhava,
4. Rudra,
5. Bheema,
6. Pashupati,
7. Ishan
8. Mahadeva.

Other than that he has taken few more forms and name-

1. Adi dev
2. Mahakaal
3. Natraj
4. Ardhnareshwar
5. Mahesh

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