#sheith | sugar daddy!shiro, barista!keith, fluffy, smutty, allllll the things. includes infidelity, trans!keith, + things that’ll be tagged if needed.

keith really meant to make people their coffee and go home every single day.
what he didn’t mean was to build a connection with this regular that he has in the store that he knows very little about. all he knows is that his name is shiro, he’s older, and he runs a company.
keith has yet to figure out what kind of company he owns, but he’s the head honcho and everyone answers to him. it sounds intimidating. in fact it was, at first.
but then shiro started coming in every single day to order his venti white mocha--extra hot, no whip--and keith got to know him since he works mornings.
but shiro is so sweet keith’s teeth are rotting right out of his mouth. all of his background information doesn’t match his personality in the slightest. he’s a genuine man with a blinding smile and always makes good conversation.
mornings where keith is practically yawning out sentences. and, of course, he’s built like a fucking marble sculpture. defined muscles everywhere keith can see and then some, and almost an entire foot taller than him.
keith is pretty sure shiro would be able to hold him up on one finger. he knows he shouldn’t get attached, but… he’s hot. and nice. and very, /very/ much keith’s type.
their conversations never go past five minutes when shiro comes in to order. keith already has it either started or finished next to him by the time shiro has set his things up at a table in the corner of the cafe. usually shiro is the first to greet him + ask how he is.
usually shiro is the first to greet him and ask how he is. keith always responds by telling shiro that he’s tired, but functioning, + they talk about their previous days until keith finally hands shiro his drink and watches with awfully longing eyes as he heads off to his table.
really, this is his job. he should be professional and not fall for customers. but there’s something bigger than that. he shouldn’t fall for customers, /especially/ married customers. keith noticed the ring on shiro’s finger within the first few days of his visits.
it was shameful how a surge of disappointment went through him. shiro has never mentioned the man he’s married to, but when he’s paying close attention he knows when his husband calls. shiro’s lips will draw into a thin line, his jaw will tense and set.
shiro has never mentioned the man he’s married to, but when he’s paying close attention he knows when his husband calls. shiro’s lips will draw into a thin line, his jaw will tense and set. usually those conversations are only a few minutes long, and he never hears him.
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but it doesn’t take a genius to assume the unity isn’t faring well.

at least he’s married. keith has been single and sexually frustrated for as long as he can remember.
which is exactly how he ends up on a sugar daddy app, stressed out about student loans and awfully lonely. he knows this is a horrible idea, probably his worst yet. but he could use some funds and if his daddy is hot /and/ great at sex then he doesn’t see the issue
or at least his monkey brain doesn’t, because his profile is anonymous until the first meeting with a potential suitor. same goes for the sugar daddies. all that’s there is a general image of them with their faces covered up to at least give an idea of what’s behind the profile.
keith stumbles upon a match with an older man who is built, talks about cats in his bio, and says he actually gives a shit about establishing a comfortable relationship first. he may very well be lying to secure a false sense of hope.
he could also be completely catfishing period. but keith doesn’t have time to give a shit. he forgets even hesitating before reaching out, introducing himself.

> > hey there, how are you?
his fingers itch as he sends the message. hopefully it’s friendly enough, but not weird. he doesn’t know - he’s not used to something like this. this is new territory for him and while keith isn’t a stranger to being good at things quickly, he’s not so sure about this.
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he doesn’t have to wait long for a response, it comes almost instantly.

> > hi to you as well, i’m good. yourself?

okay. he can do this, he can make small talk.
> > i’m fine. well. not fine, financially. obviously. and i’m new to this. but otherwise i’m okay. your profile stood out to me, i really vibe with being a cat person. do you have any of your own?
the little bubble pops up signifying the man is already typing back. he hopes he didn’t already embarrass himself by his choppy response; there’s a strong possibility that bringing finances up this early was a poor choice, as well as admitting his inexperience.
keith’s always been an honest man though, even sometimes brutally so.

> > i get it. if it, uh, makes you feel better… i’m new to this, too. this is the first time i’ve ever been on one of these apps. as for the cats, yes! i have two sphinx cats - the ones without hair.
some of the tension melts away from keith, seeping into the floor below him. so this man’s also not used to this kind of thing. at least there’s that, at least the one he chose to talk to doesn’t really know what he’s doing either.
they both can take solace in their lack of knowledge. he can’t help the corner of his mouth quirking up with a half-smile at the mention of his cats.

> > very cute. what made you sign up for the app, if you’re okay with me asking?
> > no no it’s fine, i figured that’d come up. truth be told, i’m a little lonely. lonelier than i want to be, and company would be nice. and since i’m well off financially, well… it only made sense in the moment to do something like this. but it’s difficult though, (1/2)
>> because i’m looking for long-term options. this would be more than a transaction to me. (2/2)
keith’s eyebrows shoot up and he pauses. he doesn’t expect that kind of answer, but it’s one that reels him in further. his fingers fly across the keyboard on his phone as he responds, and he ends up like that for hours on end, sprawled out on his bed with homework tossed aside.
it’s a distant memory now, overshadowed by the man on the other side of the screen. the longer they talk, the more keith feels himself being sucked in. he and the mystery man end up exchanging phone numbers and agree that if the next few days go well then they’ll meet each other.
at work the next morning, he goes through his routine with shiro. the mocha is done by the time he steps up to the counter and keith passes it over with gentle hands. “it’s on me today in case it blows,” he mutters. “sorry i’m not so talkative. i was up super late last night.”
shiro laughs and it’s a familiar, welcomed sound. “don’t worry, keith. i was up late as well. let’s both try to get better sleep tonight!”

he nods in response, but half-heartedly.
keith eyes shiro in the corner of the cafe with a perplexed look, but curiosity dies in his mind when his phone pings.

> > good morning, sleep okay?
he purses his lips.

> > not well, but i’m used to it. it’s okay. and yourself?

> > same here. too much to do. what are your plans for today?

keith’s eyes flick up. shiro is looking at his phone. it’s probably adam.
> > work and then a huge project for school. kind of stressed.

there’s a few minutes that pass with no response, then [ black.lion has sent you $100. ]

keith blinks. he didn’t even realize that sending money over the same app was possible.

> > get yourself a good meal 🙂
holy shit he did not expect that, but who is he to reject what he came for?

> > wow, thank you so much.

> > it’s no problem. least i can do, i figured i should probably prove i’m not kidding around or trying to scam you.

god, this guy is too nice.
> > i appreciate it. anything you want in return?

> > a picture of the meal, just to prove that you’re eating well.

there’s no way this guy is real.
but he is, and he keeps acting like that. even two weeks later, when keith is preparing for a midterm in electricity and magnetism, he gets a ping from the app.

[ black.lion has sent you $50. ]

keith can bear it no longer.

> > want to meet this week?
> > i’d love to, sugarplum.

keith refuses to admit that he’s into the nickname, but from a man with a personality like this, he might be encouraged to tell the truth.

> > how about on friday at 7? does the bistro on main sound good?
> > can’t come soon enough.

when friday rolls around, keith is more awake than usual when his opening shift starts. shiro walks in as usual, looking well-dressed and cheerful.

“you look chipper,” keith teases, already holding the white mocha.

“busy evening ahead.”
“you look a little more alive than usual, yourself, keith.” shiro jokes with a coy grin.

“busy evening ahead,” keith mirrors.

shiro laughs and shrugs. “fair. hope it goes well—whatever it is.”
keith hopes so too, especially when it’s later in the evening and he’s dressed up more than he usually is. an uber drops him off in front of the bistro and he stares up at it with nervous eyes.

black.lion said he was on his way a few minutes ago.
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he’s standing in the lobby of the bistro, watching with hawk-like eyes each time the door opens and closes. so far nobody has looked lost or lacking a date like he is.

and then shiro walks in.

well that’s fucking weird. or awfully ironic. or coincidental. or all three.


keith shakes it off. “it’s weird not seeing you at the cafe, what are you here for?”
“i have an, uh, meeting? i guess? of sorts.”

keith nods slowly, almost robotically. it sounds more like he’s going behind his unknown husband’s back.

“and you?”
“...i guess i could say the same thing.”

in fact, it’s been longer than ten minutes since he’s heard from the man.

“they’re actually running late, i should probably try to text them.”

keith pulls out his phone and types up a quick, [are you going to be here soon?] and sends.
shiro’s phone dings instantly, and like a hawk keith’s eyes are on his pocket.
“one second,” shiro says obliviously and slips it from his pocket. “sorry. it might be what i’m waiting on.”

keith feels like he’s watching the scene unfold in third person as shiro taps out a message and sends it.

in his hand, keith’s phone vibrates.
oh fuck.
// 👀 i’m back are y’all listening //
shiro stares just like keith did, going as stiff as stone. his eyes burn a hole straight through keith’s phone, before finally tracing up to keith’s shocked gaze.


it jolts keith into the presence and he’s breathing heavily. “shiro, aren’t you married?”
“i—“ he cuts himself off, then shakes his head. “i can explain, do you want to eat or talk in private?”

“well i /am/ hungry, and this place is nice.”

shiro gets a waitress and then they’re seated.
“did you know the whole time?”


“did.... you know at all?”

keith stares at his wine glass. “i can’t decide whether to be terrified, relieved, or both.”

shiro shrugs, “if it makes you feel better, i’m sitting in the middle right now.”

“shiro, you’re /married/—“

“legally, yes.”
“what is that supposed to mean?”

shiro sighs, resting his cheek in his palm. “i’m sure you’re no stranger to the tense discussions i’ve had with my husband on the phone. legally we’re married, but realistically it’s anything but.”


“he cheated.”
“/what/?” keith feels his fists tighten, and shiro shrugs.

“it’s not like what i’m doing is much better.”

“but this....” keith motions towards nothing. “this is different, he /cheated/ on you.”
“maybe, but i’m going behind his back. not that i care, but,” he pauses to choose his words carefully. “if he knew that i’m paying someone for company and.... and intimacy, he’d tell me that we’re even.”
keith pauses, staring a hole into the table. he’s forgotten that sex is apart of the deal, somewhere along the lines. he glances up, eyeing shiro again.

it’s not like he isn’t attractive, he’s thirsted over him more times than he can count during his shifts.
except he’s never had a conversation with him past the thirty seconds between making his venti white mocha & handing it over.

and now that he is, he ceases to process thought. “wait, let me clarify,” keith makes a confused motion with his hand. “are we still going to do this?”
shiro visibly pales. there’s a loaded pause; his expression changes to something more unreadable. “what do you think?”

“i think it’s probably a horrible idea,” keith admits. “but there’s nothing wrong with trying it first. i mean have you looked in the mirror at all?”
shiro chuckles. “sometimes. half of the reason i come to the cafe is just to look at you.”

keith turns red.
what is happening?

“and you never made a move?” keith asks, incredulous.

“you just got nervous because you know i’m married.”

“plus i didn’t really think i had a chance,” shiro admits with a sheepish grin.

“are you /kidding/?” keith could be shouting. “you’re practically a marble fucking sculpture.”

“well i’m glad the chemistry is there, then.”
they take a few moments of silence to eat, having small conversation in between.

shiro, of course, pays for the meal. keith thanks him bashfully.

it’s dark out when they step outside, shiro offers to go for a walk to chat. keith can’t imagine saying no.
“what’s your day like by the time i leave?” he asks, glancing at keith.

“less exciting. people are far less welcoming and patient early in the morning.”
“wish i could be there to protect you from them.”

keith flushes. “don’t worry, big guy. i can handle myself.”

something goes off in shiro and he sends keith a suggestive grin. “you think so?”
keith’s lips curl up and he snorts. “i /know/ so.”

his fingers brush shiro’s hand as they swing by, and gently he grips onto one. “don’t test me.”

“and why not?”
“because i know what i can handle, and you clearly don’t.”

they’re next to a dark alley when shiro hip checks keith, sending him stumbling into it. before he knows it, shiro has him cornered with his back pressed hard against the brick, scraping the fabric.
shiro’s in his space, his nose brushing against his jawline slowly. there’s a distinct smell of fancy champagne emanating off them both.

keith is hyper aware of his body heat, his size, his smell. but he stands his ground, fists curling where they’re resting against the wall.
“is that so?” shiro asks quietly, peering up at keith with a gaze so dark it makes the man he’s come to know through serving him the same drink each morning for months essentially unrecognizable. “i’m sure i could figure out just how much you can handle.”
he nearly jumps from his own body when he feels the subtle brush of a knuckle just under the hem of his turtleneck, cold air slipping over his skin. the hand slips up, up, up under a palm is laying flat over his ribs, and shiro matches each breath keith takes.
just by measuring each time his chest expands and collapses until he finally lets his nails dig just the tiniest bit in. that causes a jolt, keith’s breath catching into a gasp, and it’s then that shiro can no longer exercise restraint.
then he’s on him, attacking him with a messy, uncoordinated kiss that he’s been longing for since the first time he had walked in for a cup of coffee.
keith responds with equal fervor, flinging his arms over shiro’s shoulder and lacing his fingers through the nap of shiro’s hair, /pulling/ to get him as close as possible. shiro groans against his lips and it has to be what god sounds like, because—
—keith can think of no other way to describe how it makes his nerves light on fire.
they’re a mess of teeth & tongue until shiro finally pulls back for air, drinking in the way that keith’s lips are swollen, red & shining with saliva. he lips are curling up. “i’m so glad it was you,” he admits. “you’ve been irresistible since the second i saw you, keith.”
keith’s eyes flutter and he glances down between them, noticing the growing tent in shiro’s trousers. bravely, he reaches down and rubs the heel of his hand against it, savoring the full body shiver and gasp he gets.
“does this mean i can call you daddy? because i’ve /totally/ been wanting to call you daddy.”

shiro grips keith’s jaw with his index finger and thumb, raising an eyebrow. “only if you’re willing to deal with the consequences, boy.”
“well then,” keith murmurs as he leans in to scrap his teeth over shiro’s bottom lip. “count me in, daddy.”

he’s pulled away from the wall by his wrist and dragged away from the alley, down the street in pitch black darkness. “you’re lucky i live close by.”
“why’s that?”

“because otherwise i’d fuck you in public right where you were standing.”

“who says i’d reject that idea?”
shiro doesn’t answer, just pulls him harder. it’s all a blur - getting to a high rise building, hardly being able to keep their hands off each other in the elevator. but as soon as the door shuts behind them, keith finds his shoulder blades slamming against it.
lips are back against his own. shiro’s more handsy this time, sliding them right down to cup over his ass and grab, sinking his fingers bruisingly into the flesh.
keith can’t help but moan then, heat beginning to envelop his body. “c’mon, daddy, bedroom,” he says, not because he minds what’s going on right here but because he definitely is warming up to the idea of being railed senseless into what probably is a lush as fuck mattress.
and he’s a man who wants luxury if he can have it.

shiro sighs and hoists him up by his hips, and instinctively keith wraps his legs around him. it’s only a few steps away but even so he still roams over each groove of shiro’s body, the definition underneath the suit.
he’s hit the jackpot, he fucking knows it, and he doesn’t get this chance for basically anything ever - but he’s /absolutely/ going to have his cake and eat it, too.
he gets tossed onto the mattress and it’s as soft as he’d imagined, but he’s more distracted by shiro immediately moving to slip off his suit. “no,” keith says suddenly, eyes alight with fire. “keep it on.”
“oh?” shiro laughs, grinning down at him. “you want to get fucked while daddy’s in a suit, baby boy?” and it should do things to him like it does, but his eyes flutter.

“i think i deserve it, i’ve been good.”
shiro makes a humming noise as if to consider his answer, but ultimate undoes the first few buttons of his white undershirt then leans down, pulling keith in for a filthy kiss. shiro capitalizes on keith gasping and slips his tongue right in.
he’s tracing his fingers down between keith’s legs where he begins to gently massage. keith’s hips jump and he whines into shiro’s mouth, pushing back into his fingers.
“nope,” a husky voice whispers against keith’s lips. “behave, baby. i’m in charge here. i decide how you get touched. how much you get touched.”

keith /hates/ following directions but he does, sighing and letting his hips fall back into the blankets.
“good boy.” and the praise shouldn’t make lightning bolt up his spine but it does, and now all he can think about is being good for shiro. this man who he has no doubt thirsted after for practically an eternity, and who he is currently in bed with while he’s still married.
oh wait. oh shit.
“shiro—wait—“ keith breathes suddenly, wrenching himself away. shiro pauses, easily able to read his rushed tone. he looks down at keith with a raised eyebrow expectantly, worried.

keith looks around nervously before finally finding his way back. “what about….adam?”
for some reason, a reason entirely confusing to keith, shiro sighs in relief. “i thought what you were going to say was way worse.” he leans down and presses his lips to keith’s forehead. “he sleeps downstairs. but for what it’s worth, he’s out of town for the next few weeks.”
something about letting this silver fox rail him into a mattress his soon-to-be ex-husband used to join him in sounds far more appealing than keith is willing to admit. so he just smirks. licks his lips, bites into them. “damn, i would have loved to show him what he’s missing.”
shiro groans and dives back in, hands flying to keith’s pants to pull them down. “lay back baby, and stay there.” he snakes his way down keith’s chest, dragging his fingertips with him until he’s met with sparse hairs below his navel leading to his heat.
#afablanguage >

carefully shiro peels keith’s underwear away, nudging his knees apart. “god baby, you look and smell /divine/.” and shiro can’t wait any longer. he licks a long stripe up from keith’s hole to his clit, toying with it using the tip of his tongue.
“oh fuck, /oh/,” keith whimpers, a hand shooting down to lace through shiro’s hair. he’s immediately corrected though when shiro reaches up and puts it back over keith’s head. then he lays the lightest smack right over his pussy and keith’s already seeing stars, yelping.
“keep those hands up there baby. be good for me.”
it’s difficult to manage but keith tries his best. he feels like he deserves a pat on the back for it because shiro’s a fucking pro with his mouth, almost overwhelmingly so. because he’s swirling his tongue & sucking him into his mouth and /fuck/ it feels so good he can’t think.
shiro uses his thumbs to spread keith’s cunt open, grinning to himself with a satisfied grunt. “you taste just as fucking good as you look, sugarplum. so good for me. so perfect.”
keith’s mouth drops open around a moan and he presses the back of his head into the pillows, willing his back not to arch and his hips not to grind right into that filthy mouth.
he’s wet just enough for shiro to slide two fingers right in with a lewd squelch, and keith keens loudly, blood rushing into his ears. “oh, daddy, /oh fuck/—“

a growl rumbles in shiro’s chest at the name. “that’s it baby. you’re gonna come first on my fingers, ‘kay?”
yes, yes, okay. perfect. because if shiro doesn’t let him there’s no way he’d be able to obey. not with those thick fingers pistoning in and out of him and his lips sucking so hard on his swollen clit that his vision is disappearing.
right as shiro curls his fingers they press right into the ceiling of keith’s cunt and everything goes completely white, keith feeling electrocuted by the orgasm that smacks him all at once. he pants it out in sharp, choked gasps, convulsing as shiro milks it right out of him.
“you’re a dream,” keith hears this come from below him as he blinks himself back into the present, and shiro lays a final kiss on the swollen folds before pawing his way back up and nuzzling into the juncture of keith’s neck.
keith cards his fingers through shiro’s hair. “i feel like i’m dreaming,” he murmurs dopily. “are you good at everything you do or am i just that lucky?”
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they bask there for a moment, breathing each other in, until ultimately keith feels shiro rutting his clothed cock against his thigh and he knows he’s already aroused again. but first.

“my turn,” he mumbles, licking his lips and nudging shiro off of him.
“wanna taste your cock, daddy. sit back.”
shiro groans and doesn’t hesitate, leaning up and sitting on his heels. keith fumbles with the belt of shiro’s slacks, pulling until he’s able to get them undone. just to put on a show he leans in and pulls down shiro’s zipper with his teeth. shiro’s eyelids flutter.
gently, he reaches into his boxers and pulls his cock free, flushed and red and twitching. keith licks over his lips. “fuck shiro, you’re huge. i shouldn’t be surprised, but /god/, you’re so hot.”
“you gonna be okay, baby boy?” his tone is playful more than it is conniving, keith picks up on it. he knows keith takes any challenge. he snorts.
“‘course i will be. i’m gonna take your cock down my little throat and make sure you love every bit of it.” his tongue flicks over the slit and shiro’s thighs flex. “want you to watch your cock as i swallow you down.”
he speaks no further, and wraps his swollen lips around the head before easing his way down, never stopping. shiro grips the messy top of keith’s hair and throws his head back, swearing profusely until keith’s nose is nestled against the sparse hairs on his pelvis.
shiro chances a glance down and gets an eyeful of keith, face flushed, lips swollen red and shiny with spit. his pupils are dilated and he can /swear/ he sees the outline of his cock in keith’s throat. it’d be a miracle if he didn’t come right then and there.
experimentally he rolls his hips up into keith’s mouth and keith moans, drawing a deep breath in through his nose. shiro takes it as encouragement and finds himself gently fucking into that hot cavern, panting each time keith’s throat constricts around a gag.
he’s going to come if he isn’t careful, so he takes the lead and pulls keith off. keith instantly gasps in a deep breath, copious amounts of saliva connecting his lips with his cock. he looks debauched. wrecked. /perfect/.
keith chuckles darkly and wraps a fist around shiro, sticking his own tongue out and tapping the head of his cock against it. shiro might have a seizure.
“you wanna put your fat cock in me, daddy? wanna fuck my little cunt?” shiro’s brain short circuits—never in his life did he imagine such a beautiful barista with the most genuine smile having the mouth of a fucking devil. but make no mistake, he fucking /loves/ it.
his eyes go completely dark and he grips keith’s hips, flipping him onto his stomach and pressing into his back to deepen the arch there. “you better watch that mouth, baby boy, or you’ll regret it.”
keith snorts, challenging shiro by holding his gaze through inky black bangs. “oh yeah? what are you gonna do, spank me? you know i’ll like it.”
without thinking, shiro swats a hand over keith’s ass, reveling in the loud /smack/ it makes, but more enamoured by the loud keen keith lets out. “of course you’d like it, little painslut. you’re unreal.”
he grips the flesh of keith’s ass with both hands and dips his thumbs in, pulling his twitching cunt open. it’s still just as red and puffy from when he devoured it with his mouth, but it’s more soaked than ever, begging for shiro to shove his cock in.
“you asked for it, sugarplum,” he warns, positioning himself at keith’s hole. “don’t tell me it’s too much.” he doesn’t say anything further, plunging himself into that tight heat in one smooth thrust until he’s completely seated inside keith.
keith wails and shoves his face into the pillows, choking on air. “fuck, oh fuck, daddy, oh my go—“ he’s beyond words, babbling off a slew of nonsense and swear words.
“fuck /yes/, baby, you feel so fucking good around me, so—shit—tight,” and he immediately sets a brutal, relentless pace because he’s already wound up from keith’s dirty mouth being wrapped around him.
keith is gripping the sheets and pushing his tiny hips back into each punishing slap, screaming himself hoarse. “shiro, unh, fuck me, please, please—“
“don’t worry baby, i’ve got you, just—yeah, fuck—just hang on, princess.” his palm connects with keith’s ass again in a lewd smack, and keith is wailing.
“please come in me, please—fuck, fill me up, shir—/ohhhhhh/,” and shiro can’t fully describe what he sees as he watches keith come completely undone, squirting a fountain against shiro’s thighs and onto the sheets below them.
it’s more than enough to fill his head with fire and smoke the rest of him out as he shoves himself deep, balls tightening and twitching and releasing hot, thick ropes of come into keith. he barely has the breath to make a noise, only able to hold on for the ride.

coming down is an absolute blur, but shiro is able to gather himself enough to tend to keith, who is mindless & floating. he wipes them both clean, carefully maneuvers keith so he can change the sheets. and then he quickly wraps the boy in his arms, kisses the top of his hair.
“sorry,” keith’s voice is quiet and raw when he speaks. “don’ think i’ve ever squirted before, was a mess, sorry,”

shiro instantly shushes him. “don’t apologize, sugarplum. you were beautiful. you /are/ beautiful.”
there’s a loaded moment of silence. “d’you think we’ll be more than just… this?”

the question settles a heavy weight in shiro’s chest. he sure wants it to be, but keith’s tired skepticism is reasonable. he wraps his arms tighter.
“we can discuss it over breakfast in the morning, but don’t “ be worried. i’ve got you.”

“m’kay. goodnight, shiro.”

“goodnight, sugarplum.”
morning comes, and like the sun through the window, regret begins to seep in. keith’s eyes flutter open slowly and he counts his surroundings in his mind, until his gaze falls on the lump in the comforter right next to him.
after that, he registers the strong arm wrapped around his waist. they had slept together. they were a bit buzzed on champagne, but they wanted it. despite finding out about the dating app debacle that same day.
keith wants to be ashamed over how easy he was, but as shiro stirs next to him and holds him tighter, he can’t find himself feeling like what happened shouldn’t have. maybe it’s a piss poor attempt at reasoning, but shiro never would have done anything had he not meant it.
keith knows that much.

“g’morning,” shiro says in the middle of a yawn next to him.

“hey there,” keith hums, ruffling shiro’s hair. “how are you?”

“tired, yourself?” shiro takes his fingers and detangles keith’s hair as he stretches his legs out.
keith rolls over now, shuffling closer to him. “sore as fuck, but in the best way.” they share a laugh and it feels more natural than a lot of things, including each and every interaction keith has had with a customer when it’s awfully early in the morning.
with the exception of shiro, of course.

for a moment they bask in the warmth between them, in each other’s presence. keith loses himself to shiro’s breath on his shoulder, to his calloused fingers brushing over his hips.
he doesn’t want to lose this moment, lose what he could get if they gave it a try.

“mind if we talk now?” keith says after a while, curling the sheets in with his finger. “i don’t want to wait.”
“of course, sugarplum,” shiro coos. “where do you want to start? you said you were worried about not being any more than… what you thought you were signing up for, i bet.”

keith swallows, feeling his throat constrict like a vice. “yeah,” he whispers.
“i was okay with it until it was you. with you… i’d want so much more. if--if i had the opportunity.” he feels the word vomit coming, and he can’t stop it. “i know i don’t know you up and down, but you treat me like a human, like an equal, when no other customer ever has.”
“your smile had me by the neck so fast, shiro, i--”

shiro gently holds a finger up to keith’s lips, wearing a warm grin that is more than enough proof for keith to know that he’s in safe hands. “i know you’re scared. me, too.”
“me, too. but hey - if i was even a little doubtful about you, i never would have brought you home. you start my days off on a good note keith, even when adam tries to ruin them i’m still happy because of you.”

keith thinks he might cry. there’s no way shiro is real.
he’s so kind, so aware of keith’s aura, so attentive. “can we just… be dating, then? i don’t think i need the sugar daddy stuff, not if it’s you.” he feels stupid as he says it, flushing and catching his bottom lip between his teeth.
“just as long as you let me spoil you rotten, because that’s about all i want to do,” shiro reaches forward and pulls keith in for a gentle kiss, and the way their lips move together leaves pinpricks of sparks on keith’s lips. “but we can be dating. anything you want, sugarplum.”
“promise me one more thing, shiro?” keith looks up at him with hopeful eyes, finding constellations in shiro’s.

“takashi,” shiro corrects with adoration, tucking a few strands of keith’s hair behind his ear.
keith’s stomach fills with butterflies that tear him open and break free. “takashi,” he echoes. “please?”

“what is it, keith?”
“divorce adam. as hot as it is to get back at him because i’m petty, i think i’d like it better when i have you all to myself before anyone thinks i’m your side bitch.” this time shiro has a hearty laugh, his chest rumbling with joy that makes keith’s mind swim.
like this he feels safe, in a place free of judgement or hardship or cruelty.

“of course, keith. paperwork’s been ready for weeks. just gotta take it in.” relieved, keith nuzzles into shiro’s neck, inhaling the musky scent radiating from him. thank god.
“one more thing,” comes a little squeak. “please make me breakfast in bed.”

a hand splays out over his lower back, pulls him close. “anything for you, sugarplum.”

— end.
— WOW what a trip!!!! i’m so happy to have made this story happen after months of talking about it. and dont worry, i’ve already considered a part two ♥️

thank u all sm for being apart of the ride!
anything helps, including rts!!! its hard not having a job rn but i use my extra time writing ☺️💓 and i’m thankful for everyone who was kind enough to tip so far. http://ko-fi.com/starkilling 
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