Inspired by these @BlurtAlerts sticky notes (designed by the wonderful Stacie Swift), every day I'm going to add to this thread with three things that made me smile or softened a bad day. I'm endeavouring to focus on the good things (feel free to join me)
(TW / mention of weight/eating)

1. my weight is unchanged from last month when normally it goes down & my GP is happy with me 🧘‍♀️
2. lots & lots of Lotus biscuits 🍪
3. I stocked up on skincare and got a huge discount! 🧼


1. yo! sushi (which is fast becoming a favourite of mine) 🥢
2. my desk has some yellow roses courtesy of my SO (pictured below) 🌹
3. a stocked-up lush basket & face masks 🛀


1. my granda's health is improving & we're hopeful he'll be discharged soon 💖
2. I filled out all the pre-employment forms for my new job & sent them off so I'm one step closer to starting 📈
3. this photo of mil 🐱:


1. my granda is definitely getting out of hospital on monday!!! 💖
2. kind friends & their ever-present, supportive online presence 👭
3. my four quid depop purchase has me feeling 10/10 👗

22.2.2020 (wow a lot of twos)

I sat and typed out a very long & rambling thread and deleted it all. Today was a toughie but I was overwhelmed with wonderful things too - way more than three okay things. So, this deviation is more than three lovely things.
I didn't get to sleep until 7am yesterday & when I surfaced I was instantly overwhelmed with anxiety. The kind that makes you sick to your stomach, that plagues you incessantly & makes your thoughts louder than ever. I wrote the day off right away.
I've gotten much better at recognising when I need to just write the day off. Forcing myself to be productive is a futile effort & when I inevitably can't concentrate, I'll feel even worse about myself. It's much better to just be honest about my capabilities that day.
I've had my Twitter notifications turned off for a while now and it's been a really positive change. I vented a bit about some ~stuff~ then turned my phone off and made porridge (first good thing of the day - oats w coconut milk and chain bridge honey).
When I logged back on throughout the day, the love & support that has been sent my way is more than I can ever ask for. Everybody who reached out, publicly or privately, and who sent me kindness, pet photos, memes, or their support in any form, is so precious & wonderful. 💖
It took me a LONG time, after an abusive relationship and several very toxic friendships, to learn & genuinely believe that I'm a human being who is deserving of love, support and kindness - from myself and from other people. I still struggle with it to this day.
I can't adequately express just how much it means that people reach out to me on my worst days and send me lovely things. It's overwhelming (in a good way). It's a warmth and comfort that I won't ever be able to translate into words. It means the whole world to me.
To everybody who sent me kind words, love, support, pet photos, baby yoda memes (looking at you @xkirstyanne), and opened their virtual arms to me - thank you from the bottom of my big, soft heart. You have made this anxious lady's tough day so much better. I love you all. 💖
It's easy on days like this to give up on goodness and to fall into a deep rut of awful. There are several things keeping me above that rut today. Here is a list of some of them:
• aforementioned porridge
• my cat who sat on the end of my bed all day (mid-yawn pic below)
• the poetry pharmacy (& finding out that @CiaraMulherin shares my love of it) (pictured below)
• my giant penguin blanket
• parks and rec (my gal Leslie Knope lifts my spirits always)
• my own manicure skills
• lush cup o' coffee face mask
• gogglebox (I love it)
@thebelljxr's letter (and indeed her suggestion that we become penpals in the first place) - this was a beautiful part of my day
• a delivery from one of my favourite artists & the news that she is pursuing her biz full time (and the kind gift of free earrings too)
• my dad knowing that the zutons lift my mood because it reminds me of our road trips when I was a child
@rhiannonashlee popping a cardi I've coveted for ages on depop so I could nab it at last
• the prospect of picking up the new lush bath bombs this week
• my other cat, who strangely enjoys the smell of chlorine, hugging my brother's swim shorts
• my peachy bed sheets
• the loyal companion that is my hot water bottle
• coffee coffee coffee
• finally getting fresh contact lenses delivered
• my boyfriend's supportive Facebook presence
• my gorls group chat (love u both so dearly @mscarbie & @abnormalgail, I would be lost without u)
• a penguin warmie
• my flying tiger colouring book
• a spritz of rose jam perfume
• tea tree water
@BlurtAlerts & all they do
• my new job on the horizon, all the meaningful work I'll be doing in clinical psych, and knowing that I left my old dreadful job for something better
• all the nice outfit opportunities my new job will provide!
• early rises & endeavouring to have a better routine
• filling the interim while I wait for my ED clinic referral with some big steps - new restaurants, new foods, and being brave

that's all I can think of for now - focusing on the positives is a self-care exercise for me & I'm proud of myself today.
THREE OK THINGS (that I forgot to do yesterday due to being zonked)

• good & much-needed naps 😴
• mamma mia body scrub & ro's argan body conditioner from lush 🌹
• finally avoiding CSP long enough to have nice fingernails/nail-beds 💅

• a fleeting but much appreciated visit from my gran 💖
• managing to get out of the house despite not really wanting to ✊🏻
• making my own katsu! (proof below) 🍛

• a big ol' lush haul 🧼
• incredible vegan pancakes 🥞
• spending the day with my incredible & supportive partner 💑


• a brief but beautiful flurry of snow in dumbarton ❄
• vegan gü vanilla & choc cheesecake 🍮
• a free sample of lush's strawb tooth jelly 🍓


• my v day roses are dead & crunchy but they look kinda cool 🌹
• lush do bath bombs with Epsom salts in now (my sore muscles appreciate this so much) 🧼
• my hair is CURLY and I feel like a fluffy cloud ☁️

• Liberty fabric clips from @/LauraMadeIt on IG 🌻
• my cardi from @rhiannonashlee's depop arrived and she is 10/10 cosy! ⭐
@mscarbie taught me I've been using the huji app wrong and my mind is blown (hence huji selfies) 🤯

29.2.2020 (happy extra day!)

• a delivery of these gorgeous tassle earrings (from @/FlorenceFigStudio on IG) ⭐
• my little mog who sat on the end of my bed all day & kept me company 🐱
• magic rabbit bath bomb making ART in my tub 🎩


(I forgot, do please forgive)
• it's a brand new month!
• a nice, slow, self-care Sunday
• being warm inside while the weather rages outside


• planning out a lovely day with my SO tomorrow for his birthday & wrapping his present/writing his card 💞
• moving to a GP closer to home (a big step) 🏨
• reorganising my skincare drawers & my lush basket 🧼

three okay things:

• my partner's bday filled with bday things 🥳
• seeing The Invisible Man 🎥
• good good GOOD coffee at artisan roast ☕

three okay things:

• this stunning bouquet of spring flowers I spotted in Tesco for £5! 💐
• my mogs being their usual wonderful selves 🐱
• that Facebook vid of the guy taking his goose, George, to Walmart 🦢

Adding a couple more things because today was a good day:
• I got a very sweet delivery of letter paper, envelopes & notecards from an etsy biz to use for my letters to @thebelljxr (would post photos but I want this lovely lady to be surprised 🥰)
• I started decorating/repurposing an old shoebox to keep all my letter-writing things in & for somewhere safe to keep my letters from Chloe! 📝
• I wrote a bit about why I enjoy creative writing as a woman in law 👩🏻⚖
• I started planning a creative component to my LLM!!! 😮
three okay things:

• a visit to my grandparents for lunch; my paps is doing very well post-op 💖
• my Marley keeping me company & being his angelic self 🐱
• lovely good luck messages for tomorrow!! 👩🏻⚖

Today was a day I'll remember for a long time, filled with love, support, and a huge dose of feminist celebrations! I'm still basking in the wonder of it all - me shaking off my anxieties and imposter syndrome enough to read my work in public for the first time, AND it..
..was received with open arms & appreciation. Hearing so many diverse female voices from all across the legal profession today was incredible and heartwarming in equal measure. I've never been prouder to be a woman in law & never even more grateful for the support of law ladies.
Today had more than three okay things, here are some:
• me being a poet & a scholar, reading out my work in public (even if I did skip a tiny bit by accident and was shaking like a leaf afterwards) 💪🏻
• my outstanding partner coming to support me and listen to me speak 💞
• my £4 depop dress was a roaring success 👗
• a little airbnb overnight complete with gorgeous surroundings and a resident mog called Charlie. A much-needed and well-earned night away for my guy's birthday and to relax post-IWD 💞
• Every woman in law. Every single one. The future is so, so bright & I see a time for real positive change, diversity and individuality. Thank you for your acceptance, the doors you leave ajar, the neverending streams of inspiration. Let's do this. 👩🏻⚖💪🏻💞
Three okay things (I forgot):
• a big skincare haul since I had vouchers 🧼
• taking the scenic route back from our night away ⛅
• tiger balm, saving my fragile bod and sore head somewhat 🧴

Three okay things:

#IWD2020 brought a whole lot of strong feminine energy 💪🏻
• my tote from weewaaz's crowdfunder arrived and she is gorgeous 💛
• a little pusheen for my desk 🐱

Three okay things (I am a scatterbrain!)

• my first LLM hand-in! 👩🏻⚖
• a bath basket upgrade (ft some skincare that's too big for my drawers) 🛁
• this very LONG boy keeping me company during a diligent editing session 🐱

Three okay things:

• my mam put my IWD bookmark on the fridge 😭
• I cleaned & organised my desk and she is looking GOOD 📚
• the lovely @awritedream received the letter I sent to her 💖

Three ok things:

• one of the roses from the bouquet I posted last week has bloomed into the most perfect rose ever 🌹
• I'm decorating/repurposing a shoebox to keep all my letter-related bits and bobs in 📝
• I'm practicing a bit of embroidery (badly, lol) 🧵
Three okay things:

• new foods, a nice restaurant & supportive company 🍜
• a little bit of evening embroidery 🧵
• my new pal Gus, the very blue & very round oinker 🐷💙

Three okay things:

• helping out with lawyery things & using my knowledge for good ✊🏻
• a day spent mostly embroidering & embracing it as a good distraction and a learning curve for my OCPD 🧵
• some new earrings from a waste not sale 💎

I've been lax with doing this every evening for lots of reasons so I'm playing catch-up today (as much as my brain fog will allow anyway, I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago never mind 3 days but I will try)
(Catching up!)
14.3.2020: three okay things

• Mil posing & playing with thread 🐱
• a relaxing evening with Chinese food (I cleared my plate!) 🥢
• a new plant for my desk/rainforest 🌿

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
15.3.2020: three okay things

• watching Midsommar with Marley (it's now on Prime!) 🌸
• some spring-coloured tulips to brighten my bedroom 🌷
• The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin serum saving me from angry stress-acne 🧼

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
16.3.2020: three okay things

• a plant care/watering evening 🌿
• organising my desk & feeling better about life afterwards 📚
• a gorgeous & colourful bath 🛁

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
17.3.2020: three okay things

• more Marley, who I think senses my stress & wants to take it away 🐱
• getting to briefly see my grandparents 💖
• actually bothering to put on makeup and some nice earrings & feeling gooood 💋

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
18.3.2020: three okay things

• my boyfriend driving through to surprise me with records (my heart) 💞
• Mil being a little sushi roll this morning 🐱
• finding this photo of Glasgow Harbour in my parents' collection of old 35mm snaps 📸

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
19.3.2020: three okay things

• Mil developed a teeny tiny tail like a piglet 🐱🐷
• my peperomia is sprouting a new leaf 🌿
• my socks have yoga cats on them 🤸‍♀️

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
Some bonus okay things (today was a good day):
• my mam is going to be home on full pay ❤
• my bf's dad made it back from London ✊🏻
• Con & I had our first Distance Date (Netflix Party you are amazing) 🍿
20.3.2020: three okay things

• my best friend received a book & card I sent her in the post 💌
• my sansevieria plant is pushing out new growth 🌿
• sweet email notes from my boyfriend as I proofread 💕

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
21.3.2020: three okay things

• I finished a poem!! ✊🏻
• my mam and I (mostly I) made a plan for the week to keep us organised 📝
• nice affirmations from Jess Rachel Sharp 💞

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
22.3.2020: three okay things

• the weather perked up & I managed to dry my sheets outside ☀️
• some floral loveliness amid the quiet of my hometown 🌻🌷🌼
• spending the day with my wonderful mum 💖

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
23.3.2020: three okay things

• a nice power-walk with my mam first thing this morning ☀️
• pre-ordering Stacie Swift's book 🌈
• printing off lots of helpful resources to get me through the next weeks of isolation 💖

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
I've been FAR too lax with this thread but here we go ⭐

1.4.2020: three okay things
• MHN's writing challenge which will get me to (hopefully) write every day
• a beautiful care package in the mail from my best friend
• a poetry exchange!

#threeokthings #seekingsunshine
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