There's already six dollars invested in this idea, so Imma start it. If you want me to continue, there's a $50 goal on my kofi to finish it. 

Let's go I guess???

Kirishima slams Katsuki up against the front door with a moan, barely paying enough attention to kick the door closed as they drown one another in kisses.

"Bedroom," the blond pants against his mouth, hands tangled in silky hair.

Kirishima ignores him, biting at his neck.
"Oh, geez!"

"Heck," Kirishima groans, working his hips in a slow, filthy grind that has both of them moaning loudly. "Geez Louise, is that pleasurable."

"Bedroom!" Katsuki snaps, pushing at him roughly until he's stumbling down the hall.
(Lowkey this is really fun/funny and I don't even need money to finish it dldhdkdjk)
They fall together in a tangle of naked limbs once they reach the bed, clothes having been discarded and tossed aside on the way. Kirishima is quick to touch him, large hands dragging across his feverish skin, making him gasp.

"Oh, hecking frick that feels so cash money, babe!"
"Heck yes, this is swell," Kirishima moans, anchoring his hands on small hips and tugging until their cocks are grinding together, causing twin moans to fill the air.

"Great googly moogly, I can't wait to spread my mayo on your bread," the redhead hisses through clenched teeth.
Already reaching blindly for the lube as Katsuki bucks underneath him wildly.

"Oh gosh! Do it! Do it! Do iiiiiiiiit! Gosh! Yes! YES! GOSH!!!!!" He whines, neck bared prettily as those beautiful red eyes roll into the back of his head.
(If i don't get some qrts I'm bout to square up.)
The red head fumbles with the bottle, accidentally pouring out a little too much over his fingers and across his boyfriend's stomach.

"Ope, my bad," he giggles, smearing the sticky liquid across defined abs.
He doesn't waste anymore time after that though, and pretty soon, Katsuki has three fingers moving inside of him.

"Oh heck yea", freak my tiny peach," the blond groans, his head falling back against the pillow as he rolls his hips down onto the thrusting digits..
"Gosh darn baby, that is mighty fine hole you have there," Kirishima whispers to himself, watching the way those pink inner walls spasm each time he spreads him open.

"Great googily moogily, would you hurry up! I need you inside of me!" Katsuki snaps.
That's all Kirishima needs to hear.

With a lewd squelch, he pulls his fingers free and shuffles forward on his knees to get between his pale thighs.

"Are you ready?" He murmurs, pressing the head of his dick gently against him.
"Been ready," Katsuki groans back, wrapping his legs around his thick waist and pulling him forward.

They both moans loudly when he slips in, Katsuki's back arching up off of the bed in pleasure.

"Geewillikers, your insides are the bee's knees," Kirishima whines.
"Oh my goodness that is positively smashing," Katsuki moans, his hands clenching at the sheets tightly.

It's isn't some kind of soft, love making affair. Its hard and possessive and downright /dirty/.
They're biting more than their kissing, and each slam of Kirishima's hips makes Katsuki huff loudly on a gasping moan.

"Good golly, you're making me pre so much," The blond wails, sweat dropping down his face.

"Oh, cheese and rice," Kirishima growls, thrusting harder.
But one particular thrust has Katsuki moaning the loudest.

"Oh my word, you have hit the tingling sparkle spot within me!"

He leans back, both hands on either side of Katsuki's tiny waist to yank him down harder, harsh gasp crawling up his throat with each rough pound.
"Please do continue, I would very much enjoy if you do! In fact, I am pleading you to do so as I am currently enjoying myself very much and am in a state of pleasure!" Katsuki shouts, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his dick twitches against his belly.
"Aw heck, stop talking, you're gonna make me shoot my goo, bro," Kirishima whines, his eyes squeezing shut hard enough to make little white dots bloom behind his eyelids.

"That is quite sensational! Keep doing that maneuver until I have been sequestered by you! Tame me, please!"
"That's not fair, you know dirty talk makes me wanna empty my gravy barrels inside your fruit basket," the redhead wails, burying his face into the blond's pale neck to suck and bite on.

Katsuki /does/ know that, and it only makes this more fun for him.
"Take me yours for this magical moment we both share on this quite comfortable bed. Do me faster with your elongated flesh stick," he whispers into a flushed ear before sucking at his lobe.

Kirishima growls and reaches down to wrap a still lube sticky hand around his dick.
"A-ah, wait, no-!"

He kisses him into silent submission, changing his harsh thrusts into a slow, dirty grind that makes him tremble from the top of his head to the very tips of his curling toes, his hand moving quick and wet against his dick.
"Oh, heck, I have elevated pleasure levels," Katsuki sobs, his thighs shaking around his waist.

"Are you going to reach climax for me?" Kirishima growls in his ear as he s l o w l y drags his thumb around the head.

Katsuki nods frantically, his breath hitching in his chest.
"Blessed goody goody gum drops, I'm arriving," he wails, and Kirishima grunts as his hole begins to spasm wildly, thrusting harder in order to drive him over the edge.

"Ejaculate for me, Katsuki," he moans, his hand stroking wildly.
Any kind of reply he might have had is swept away by an overwhelming orgasm, his mouth opening on a broken cry as his cock spurts thick, white lines onto his stomach and Kirishima's fist.

"Oh gosh, oh heck, you're gonna make me hyuck," the redhead whines, his hips jerking.
Katsuki cups the back of his hand with a tired hand, his cries growing higher with each desperate thrust.

"H-heck yes. Malarkey all over my insides, dude."

With a wordless shout, Kirishima does just that, filling him to the brim with hot, thick baby batter.
They collapse together in a sweaty tangle of limbs, Katsuki back against the bed, and Kirishima on top of his chest as they slowly come down together.

"Shiver me timbers, that was one humdinger of a lovemaking session," Kirishima groans, pressing a soft kiss to his chest.
"Yes indeederino it was," Katsuki hums, already slipping into unconsiousness.

"Bro, don't fall asleep, we're sticky..."


(Spoiler alert: they fell asleep.)

(This is hands down the most atrocious thing I've ever written I can't believe y'all paid me $50 for this slshskdhdldkd)
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