TBH, all the angry, bitter emails, tweets, and DMs I get as an agent are worse than the rejections I've gotten while #amquerying my own work because they attack me as a person and hurl insults. Responses like "I reject your rejection" aren't funny either. 1/3
Something I've learned to face as an agent is no matter how I handle queries someone will always be mad and send angry emails or tweets about it. Reading and answering queries is part of my job. A rejection from me means "This isn't a good fit for me." That's it. 2/3
Publishing is a business and what I choose to represent is a business decision. As someone who has queried too, putting yourself out there means you are going to get rejected. It's a hard truth and you need to learn to not see it as a statement on your ability or self-worth. 3/3
I'm not going to have time to reply to everyone, but just a quick little extra thought: reacting badly hurts you the most in the end because I will block you and move on and warn other agents. Agents also hate giving rejections and yes we know how they feel too.
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