Worth mentioning that ive been doing an offline save for quite a while now, its basically the alphabet challenge but knowing i will never complete it. I started off in American Samoa w/ Pago Youth and thank god i did, as the league hasnt restarted since for some reason.
My next location was Albania and KF Kukesi, who i took over in late december 2021 when they were in the relegation zone. Not much else to mention except i kept them up.
2022/2023, swept the league and cup. Also won the super cup before having a bad start of the season and resigning in September 2023. I did qualify for the Europa League group stages, though.
In December 2023 I was off to Algeria and USM Alger, who i was honestly surprised offered me the job, they were sat in 3rd and thats where we stayed, as MC Alger won their last 18 league games.
The current season is still ongoing but we've just been confirmed as champions with 2 games to spare, even beating MC Alger 4-1 away.
After leaving Kukesi i also took charge of the Albania national team, with not much to note there either. Probably gonna resign at some point soon.
Left USM Alger in July 2025, finding a job with Shirak from Armenia just 9 days later.
4th title win. Oh, i need to restart this as well, as i messed up creating the game, as i couldnt add any new leagues xD but this thread is proof i've done these 4 leagues, i wont do them again.
Part 2 starting with FC Santa Coloma of Andorra this time, favourites to win the league. Should be a doozy, right...?
After getting the exact same finishing positions again with Santa Coloma, i've just been appointed as manager of Melbourne City in Australia. All about managing expectations this season then pushing for honours in the next #FM20
Orrrr maybe i'll just win it in this season...
Immediately left and joined Qarabag who finished 2nd in Azerbaijan.
League and cup double! Started playing the reserves once the league was won so could have won the league by even more. Tempted to stay on for an extra season, see what happens in Europe if i can improve the squad in the midfield.
About to leave to join Hoppers of Antigua & Barbuda. This picture is just here to prove i had won the league beforehand lmao
I ended up finishing the season. Resigning immediately.
Next job came immediately in the form of Antiguan & Barbudan Premier League holders Grenades, hoping to tick this one off the list quickly
League, UEFA Cup (equivalent) won, will stay on for an extra season to see if i can win the champions league equivalent
Actually, never mind... I've just seen that the promotion playoff that is supposed to happen, doesnt, so you would never be able to go any further. Which sucks, but oh well.
New club! Finally moved to Argentina to become manager of Godoy Cruz, who are in the relegation zone and not exactly expected to move from there either, so we'll see how this goes i guess.
I've just signed this player as i was short on centre-backs, and... erm? He's amazing? Bought from second division Tigre for £205k and he's not going anywhere any time soon, not under my watch.
Season over, had some really good results such as wins over Racing Club and draws against both Boca and River Plate. Thats even with so many huge gaping holes in the team.
It is not good financially, however. Last season i had a wage budget of 115k, they've cut it by nearly 20k a week. Gonna need to get rid of some dead wood, of which there is a lot.
First game of the season, nearly bottled it from 3-0 up... luckily i don't crumble like some people! ;) #FM20
To be 8th place after 13 games is nothing short of a miracle, we've been awful at times this season. Squad is paper thin, with a lot of my players not being first team capable and being banished to the reserves, with the intention of selling but not being able to for some reason.
I've been offered an interview for Talleres Cordoba. They sit 3rd. Do i go for it? (Looking at you @Jorc94)
I went for it and was unsuccessful. So what was the point of that then?!
Finished 13th in second season in Argentina, but you'll notice that I'm not in charge of them anymore. I resigned, as the financial situation had gotten so bad that i couldnt sign players, i couldnt give players ANY contracts, so i had enough and left.
Found a job within 4 months, Huracan who sit 16th just outside the relegation zone. In debt a little bit, but redeemable this time. #FM20
Season finished with my Huracan side finishing in 8th. Finances safe now, after selling midfielder Danevitch for almost 3m, and replacing him for free with an old player from Godoy Cruz, Facundo Capellino. Oh and Godoy are predicted to go down 2 seasons running. Lovely. #FM20
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