I decide to open up about my life story with careful and accurate words

Since the start I am authentic, every tweets are honest https://twitter.com/aliyaimadudeen/status/1089327557911154694
I used to be a convivial person

But since having hard teenage years by lack of love and acceptance by others

I become reserved

So bear with me when I open up
Before this Butterfly Effect happens, I will share my background story

The tweet from 2019 that using .gif above is true

There are a lot of particular stories, from school days to abroad stories, but always end up with same, I never had any romantic relationship
I used to have Twitter from 2010 but deleted it many times

Then in 2015, I open the account again since I mature enough to have social media

The time is September 2017, I rarely tweet and never follow any drama of Hollywood, Kpop, or any Internet unnecessary stuff
Something I want to draw the line

Every person that I mention here is too big for my ability

I'm a gentleman, see my tweets, go ahead see me as a woman only because of your fantasies, idc

If you want to know me, fly to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. My phone number +6285725936152
Twitter is open cloud storage, I don't want this to be viral

To give pronoun I will use dates of birth and then chronological orders

I have 0 expectations for all of this list.

I want to build my life-wealth that broke since this started
Sometimes the way I encounter any person from this story is from any form of serendipity

Either by encounter via web interfaces, songs that can be correlated with each other, even dreams
Before back to September 2017, let's back to years earlier

15|04|90 is my first celebrity crush, hehe, I remember the way that I approach you in late 00's, so funny lol

I used to stalk your official website at that time to find official email and respond to your tweets, a lot
I remember at late 00's I live in boarding school while at early 10's I goes to SHS near my boarding school before, the neighbourhood has lot of memories

I used to wake up early to find free time because I live in dormitory and the junior students can't bring electronic devices
Then go to Internet cafe near my boarding JHS, at that time Wi-Fi isn't everywhere like now

Between early morning or late evening is usually my time to stalk, respond, write

So there's lot of memories there, the struggle of young boy, lot of my friends chuckle at that time, lol
In my SHS years I continue to try to interact with you 15|04|90, as coping mechanism to other people judgement about my story with other woman

At that time they see me mustn't express my love because of my background

Just another young love story

She's already married now
Fast forward to September 2017 since I only want to share that related to this

I enter college as usual dude, have many experience too but the thing that related to this started at late 2017
The thing is 15|04|90, what makes you really can interested in me?

The first time I start to get cue is from your interview at W Magazine, saying allure to Aliya

At that time my friends seeing me as laughing stock when I show it to them
Long time short, it really happened since late 2017

When I retweet some tweet about Renewable Power then you respond to it

But as what happens to the others that I meet in this Butterfly Effect

No one of you really want to be real with me and get to know me

I'm not a trophy
Then after that tweet it goes to tweet about Mayor-of-London since he's do some Politically Correct stuff

Then one of this domino of miracle starts, Nobel-Peace-Prize winner replying my tweet

Lot of things that happen is without my hand in it, there still lot more
Also if 22|08|95 doesn't appear at that time, I think you will not count me as anything 15|04|90

It all started from commenting on your Instagram post, 22|08|95, in January 2018.

I type to I*D*G*A*F video that uploaded on your feed with "Yo, your face just like mine."
Just to add, before euphoric September 2017

I recently got the usual heartbreak cycle in the middle of the year and start of 2017

I've been treated so bad at that time, two times by two different people, but it only makes me stronger to keep walking while can read people more
Back on track, so after that in the start of 2018, 15|04|90 and 22|08|95 there

While I watch many kinds of drama and no one came for action

Song, Red Carpet, Interview, Song 🔄
At times I enjoy it too

But afterwards, I realise that fame has good/bad side in it

The good is financial and name
The bad is judgement and everything feels rush

I get the bad side. It doesn't feel good when every little thing I said or do always interpreted to be something
But status is... never end, unless you can break the cycle

Doesn't matter if you are A-List celeb or SHS activists https://twitter.com/visualizevalue/status/1228531008183689218?s=09
At that time I stay loyal to you 15|04|90, in the height of 22|08|95

Dude, when whole stadium of Champions League 2018 final singing my name still give me shivers, "one kiss is Al it takes"

If I want clout I will walk away and say yes to 22|08|95
You don't have to do anything, really, that's good misspelled temporary tattoos by the way

Also affection photos display is good too, it's okay for me now, I already accept it

The thing is 15|04|90 if you fly to Jogjakarta and contact at that time me is better than any stuns
22|08|95, after seeing some kind of weird deja vu, I started to listen to whole your first album

Then continue to do research of your origin in any medium that available on the internet

There are details that can match me, I will spare some time to do exegesis on it
Before that, God, there are a lot of people that abuse me over all these years, even more than things above, and it makes me stronger

"If you cannot prevent persecution, make it known publicly.", inspired by 15|10|88 statement of Uyghur persecution for awhile
In 22|08|95 official reaction vids of I*D*G*A*F

You can see in the description written, aliya reacts
Every situation and words correlations from the self-titled album of 22|08|95

If I don't open up

Can make people suggest that I already meet 22|08|95 and that there's battle between 15|04|90 vs 22|08|95 because as we know 15|04|90 is my first celebrity crush
Another thing is YouTube comments too

Until this day, not only at that time, have minor roles for the domino effect

It always seems to be correlated each time

And, I never do anything, never

I only sit on my hometown wondering how this can happen
Starts from 22|08|95 titled album, from track New Love

MV represent the deja vu of the past that doesn't exist, with gown like batik

With addition of the live video on YouTube Music Foundry, where 22|08|95 wear some kind of versace-esque shirt that can relevant to batik motifs
Then in New Love lyrics makes everyone thinks that I lie about the reality that I never meet 22|08|95 irl

Everything I tweet is honest, I'm not a Polymath, I can't buy flight tickets around the world easily

I'm a Fresh Graduate that still seek jobs while assist my mom
Also, the lyrics in New Love tell that I should let go of 15|04|1990, my first celebrity crush, with line

"Can we just let it go?
'Cause we're waiting for a miracle
Why wait for a miracle?"

It suggests to anyone that hears it that 22|08|95 talk to me a lot about it
In the New Love MV there are same place like that in my hometown, Jogjakarta

The hills and the terrace road is just like in Ratu Boko and Hyarta Residence

While have transition to other place (Pristina/LA) that makes some people perceive that 22|08|95 ever meet me irl
Then enter 22|08|95's track Be The One

If you hear repeatedly Be The One line

"I could be the one,
Be the one, Be the one
Be the one, biduan
Biduan, biduan
I could biduan"

Lot of Indonesians love to hear it as biduan

In Bahasa Indonesia, Biduan means Singer
Then the euphemisms came

Sun refers to 15|04|90
Moon refers to 22|08|95

After PDA sometimes it substituted, like in 04|07|95's track Staring At The Sun it refers to 22|08|95

This track mainly portray where 22|08|95 insist she will be better while bring 15|04|90 as comparasion
Move into Last Dance by 22|08|95

Some people feel like when she said,
"Meet me out in Cali when I'm far away from family"
Is the camouflage of Bali while we never meet irl

And in the outro of,
"I'll fall in love
I'll fall in love"
Can be heard as "Al fall in love"
In the Last Dance MV 22|08|95 portrays herself drowning

While in some interviews she stated that drowning is the thing that she fear the most

Drowning here is metaphorical of if she lost her sense to pride

I feel sometimes that she's dreaming meet something that starstruck her
Talking about 04|07|95's Staring At The Sun feat. 08|11|90

The instrumental combine from two tracks

17|06|87's All The Stars and Sunflower feat. 07|06|93

Al - Sun
Also in one of the line in of song above there are phrase

"Other than me"

Become euphemisms of doppelganger

There are lot details in each occasion

Not only this phase, but until now after through many phases
Then in Hotter Than Hell, MV starts in some kind of tropical forest identical to Indonesians forest terrain

There are sentences like Heaven, it can be translated from my name Aliya

Aliya usually means high-born, ascend, high place or heaven

It comes from the Arabic form
While my mom derived the name from Alija Izetbegovic, the first president of Bosnia, she's Indonesian by the way

At 1995 Bosnian War at its peak and Alija is one of prominent Muslim thinkers and stateman

Anyway to Indonesia-ized, it becomes Aliya https://twitter.com/IzetQuotes/status/1108253330508255232
Then in Blow Your Mind, it expresses mostly things that never happen

The thing that gets it right is I'm Pencak Silat athlete, so little bit good at fight

P.S. thanks 12|01|93 for the fighting scene in Let Me, hehe
Continue to Lost In Your Light,

mmm, I think it too much for me

I'm not as good as the lyrics portray, hehe
Back to Blow Your Mind, find something there

Btw, I'm not doing the fight scene in Let Me

I said before that I only watching everything from my house for almost 3 years, haha

Also, I will keep myself realistic, there are too many here, lol. While I know my place and abilities
Ok, continue to spell out these miracles that beyond my capacity

In Blow Your Mind MV there is a signpost of Kiss And Make Up which later become a song title feat JJRL

If you acronymized it, Kiss And Make Up become KAMU

In Bahasa Indonesia, kamu means you
Then in New Rules,

I don't drink, she said it to outer guy

"My love, he makes me feel like nobody else, nobody else
But my love, he doesn't love me, so I tell myself, I tell myself"

What I can catch is the signpost to ensure the audience of 15|04|90 vs 22|08|95 fiction
In Homesick,

Did you notice the coincidence?

The first time I see the thumbnail in the YouTube video is just wow

Right after the British phone box, the globe shows exactly pinpoint to Indonesia with its hemisphere

Oh yeah, the color euphemism
Red 15|04|90
Blue 22|08|95
I remember months ago, btw I love Turkish instrumental music so I have part of knowledge in that, with that, I also love how modern fusion on it

22|08|95 samples Turkish singer 28|03|2000's song Sen Olsan Bari for instrumental of her track that featuring JJRL, Kiss And Make Up
In I*D*G*A*F MV, the color euphemism represented

Also from my comment from this track in 22|08|95 Instagram post, she appears in times of 15|04|90 ups and downs, while I start to find out many coincidences on her album
Room For 2 is unique

mmm, in Bahasa Indonesia, 2 means 22|08|95 first name, so the title can be read as Room For 22|08|95
Color euphemism make it clearer at that time on her documentary "See In Blue"

If you see word per word, scene per scene, If I don't open up, while you stalking the dynamics of 15|04|90 vs 22|08|95, logically it matches up as a provable signpost

Since it follows align thinking
To me personally, until this time still blows my mind up.

Too many things that intertwined with signs, not only this phase

I have to master to marks distinction of any signpost and reality, it's like mastering skills, overtime I get used to it
Onto this phase again, so

The word 'all', sometimes can be used at pronoun for me, my name is Al, in ways that I can't get it how, until now

Like in 15|04|90 when she said I want them all in Buzzfeed cat interview

Also in 22|08|95 songs, especially Bad Together and Begging
In Hotter Than Hell, there are backsound

If you are Indonesian, you can hear it as

"Ku cinta kamu Al" repeatedly

In Bahasa Indonesia it means,
Ku or aku = I
Cinta = love
Kamu = you
In Garden, while I never meet, it's right I have apartment

In my second house, I have two houses, there are big 4 rooms that can be rent

I live in commercial center and my house is like have countryside vibe on it since it located inside the complex not beside road
22|08|95 track Running can be align with recent track by 01|03|95, Running Over

While it feature 15|03|88 that interestingly his stage name has opposite acronym with 22|08|95
Next is Electricity, it can align with 06|01|86's band with the same song title, Electricity too

She also cover one of their song Do I Wanna Know, when you can see in YouTube comments section

'Do I wanna' can be heard after repetition as 22|08|95 first name
The pronoun all also have influence in No Lie, Electricity, One Kiss, Genesis

Then it carry on to her recent studio album with final reveal at Physical

It also appears in lot of different album on this phase

Albums from this phase are from 12|01|93 and 05|05|89 in timely order
Then we reach the transition from first phase to second phase

Second phase happen when I belittled by 15|04|90 post on her club on Instagram, my dreams and preps to Postgraduate in UK shattered, while 22|08|95 already go with others

The album of 12|01|93 and 05|05|89 help me
At that time I remember

In the middle of her ups and downs and the one that chase her aggressively

I battled my anxiety while preparing to learn as effective as I can

I go to Jakarta to visit direct UK Education exhibition in British Council, I go by there by using my own fund
I try to establish communication with the Director of British Council while hearing direction from British Ambassador at that time

Without using name to make it easier, I keep silent since I do this not to poise myself, but this is my childhood dream come true
I make list of any university that has scholarships by Indonesian LPDP/Chevening

Then I found some university that can match my interests and skills then I carry on to hear lot of seminars on how to get preps

At that time my main goal is to get to Oxford Brookes University
My aim at that time is to graduated fast in September 2018

I preps a lot since Oktober 2017, Jakarta ↔️ Jogjakarta

mmm, then the affection photos happens, after seeing it first time, I just feel nothing

Then after one month, I start to have some hallucinations and triggers
Then in the midst of confusion, I assisted by others

Even before affection photos by 12|01|93 singles, I will spend sometime to give exegesis on the coincidence of it, thank you 12|01|93

I used to mention him a lot on social media since I'm long time stan of him, hehe
Let's start to carry on shall we,

So, first 12|01|93 single is Let Me, after the single is out he's even create some frame to help me in lot of interviews

In Let Me it signals 15|04|90 and 22|08|95 lyrically, in Let Me 12|01|93 try to cover reality to give sense of help
Then in Entertainer he's giving the truth and reality

I never meet 22|08|95 in real life but the thing is, I suppose he get little bit wrong to portrays that I and 15|04|90 ever meet

While then the figure of 15|04|90 out of race while 22|08|95 rattled in the seat
Entertainer blond hair inspires 22|08|95

Starts from Electricity ft. 10|11|78 and 04|09|75 until now

Btw forget to mention, uniquely she goes to Indonesia sometime before enter high phase of her career

It marks as sign too as false proof when see the 15|04|90 vs 22|08|95
Ok, continuing this for y'all happiness for exposure and power

While in the time of confusion I catching feelings two times, 31|10|93 and then 01|09|96

After affection photos lot of people that signaling me flakes, including people that appears before miracle
When 15|04|90 shower me with lot stuns with 22|08|95 too

Lot of people that ever reject me from the range of polite to inhuman, signaling me desperately

Then after I neglected, everyone including the one that I recently meet and everyone from my past

Joking me around
Then 01|09|96 signaling me by imitating my profile picture pose by mirroring it

At that time I still process my emotions to react and still don't want to face it

Then when I also signaled by another A-List after everything that happened I aware that this is not my field
But at that time, everyone I see is deteriorating me, including in real life

So, because since the beginning it happened it follow the magic flows of interconnected songs, I wait

While hopeless here after try to see things that around me also mocking me too, at that time
After sometimes sitting for long awhile and put the reaction on the jar, I act like nothing of this happened

I just try to find another thing, doing sports and volunteering since outdoor stuff can silence the trigger

Back to my thesis when I can, because I can't have deep focus
Start with movement around July 2018, I reluctant until another song by 12|01|93 released

There are there singles

Too Much, which later can be connected to any songs that come after, to signal 01|09|96

Fingers and No Candle No Light are encouragement to can have direct contact
At that time I turn my focus after closing the Oxford plan

Going to USA, I start to gather infos about scholarships, like Fullbright/Indonesian LPDP

I go to American Corner in my town with plan to go to US Embassy after some time

Finding good university in USA is hard
The margin is huge

While there are UCLA Berkeley

There are unheard university too

There are no middle rank of it that near Oakland

Since then I also gather info about how to work in SF, and ask my older cousin who master in Berkeley little by little about the life there
Since I learn from last experience that communication is necessary

There are lot of contacts but only via 3rd medium, like Twitter or YouTube

Then it feels like a long time

Until December 2018 when 12|01|93 second album released
In 12|01|93 second album

In timely order of Butterfly Effect not by song number, there are alignment spread for those already mentioned


And from here appears new
By the entrance of 14|06|99 marks the beginning of the third phase

The event that happen between 22|08|95 and 14|06|99 has similarity

It framed by God that it can appears like I ever meet them, in each sequences and conditions, While we never meet directly irl
There are lot of songs that can be align too beside the main album sequences

For y'all needs of exposure and power. I will give the complete list in the index of this thread later
In this third phase the main album sequence is by 05|05|89's nine studio album

Which coincidentally match 14|06|99 favourite color
In this time the abroad chance is more realistic than Oxford and Oakland

Financially and Accessibility, I once work in South Korean NGO that has joint programme with local NGO

I dedicated myself at that time to persue and gain knowledge about scholarships there
This time my usual triggers not as hard as before since there are not lot of news that can agitated me

And I do like Japanese culture, from its code to their music
I want to share some of my observation outside this clout symbioses, so it's not always about seeing me as trophy

You can compare typology of Far-East countries and certain ASEAN countries in how their conduct and TV culture

Malaysia - Japan
Indonesia - South Korea
Back to the thread, in 05|05|89 album

There are alignment for

While there is another

In this phase there more than one album
While the album by 05|05|89

As far as my observation is the album that has so many alignment

It need deep rewind to do exegesis on it
Following 05|05|89, there are albums that align as main sequence that from


And to connect the dots, it must have congruent emphasization from the end of second phase to make it align symmetrically
Good morning from Jogjakarta, back at this again, for your exposure and happiness by mentioning

So, let's start to give track that can match the conditions that I'm in at that time

Last time there are 12|01|93 album singles, let's dive into the tracks from the album
Back To Life and Common align on how others perceive that I ever meet 14|06|99 irl, while I never meet

Back To Life give impression to 01|09|96 ups and downs that there are figure from my past that can be situated as 14|06|99

Common has some kind of Chinese instrumental on it
Also at that time I get some kind of deja vu, just like on how I can link up with 22|08|95

This track release also align with the track that released by NJMSJMDCT group at that time

There are songs titled Sunset and After Moon
Also beside the pronoun of Al by word All

That correlated in any songs/interviews/speech

Word yeah too, since my name is Aliya

If it can formularized as
Aliya = All Yeah

There are too many person here and strangely I can find pattern of it, it's like some kind of golden ratio
Like recently I dream about two people in same condition

With each has distinction of age about 6 years, each older and then younger

While both of them wear their trademark hair color
While one of them that older are the other childhood crush

Then one of them that younger has same age as my childhood friend that I approach irl

And both of set them set trends of music at each of their era
Spotify and YouTube just like psychedelic experience for me for all these years that needs to be decipher

God, just wow

There must be a reason for all of these lonely years
Meme me seeing all of this unlogical stuff, for years
Continue, back to 12|01|93 tracks from his second album with its coincidence

15|04|90 Rainberry

22|08|95 If I Got You, Talk To Me

01|09|96 You Wish You Knew, Satisfaction

26|06|93 All That

14|06|99 Imprint
The dynamics of each person with each track varies, in general it can connected with each condition

For example in All That is the opening beat imitation, in Imprint is the reality after the doubt that two tracks before make and so on

Sometimes some sentence become pronoun
After deep deduction I will include main album sequences by


To the third phase

Since it also miraculously happen without giving the direction of the event

In the next phase, there are one sided communication to explain how all of this miracle intertwined
So, this is the third phase list of album of main sequences

In timely order, not from release date but from the event that happen

Recently skimming and find some birthday typos, here is 01|03|94

Currently, I rewinding the things that happen over the past years, I try to not self-sabotage myself with impulsive stuff

And I will go to Jakarta to attend my cousin wedding for a time https://twitter.com/aliyaimadudeen/status/1229587258358956033?s=20
In the train on my way back from Jakarta to Jogjakarta, I will continue the threads

Please note in phase four

I'm not included in the productions at all, I just communicate the things that happen

Anyway, enjoying this, Jakarta in one MV
After the event of affection photos I meet each person that align

Most of them not sort themselves out, some in mild manner, some in out of manner

If I want to be healed, I need someone that already sort themselves out

Not only adding more wounds
Arrive at my house, this is Jogjakarta in MV
Note this, even in phase four with my interaction with each artworker

There are still miracle of details that appears without I explained it before in the visualization comprehension

It also happen to any of the recipients album in this Butterfly Effect
Let's start 05|05|89's ninth studio album exegesis

Indigo 14|06|99

Emerald/Burgundy, two parts in one track, 01|09|96 then 15|04|90

Red 15|04|90

No Guidance 01|09|96, 14|06|99, 15|04|90

Don't Check On Me 22|08|95

Sorry Enough 01|09|96

Troubled Waters 14|06|99
Rewinding, 05|05|89 marks

Starts of phase three of lot albums, while in phase four lot of recipients come

Addition, in Red beginning there are intro of 26|06|93, just like in All That before in second phase

To experience the details, listen wholly, just like second phase album
Throw It Back 20|07|93, make others sure that I ever meet her

20|07|93 comes just as the same way of 22|08|95 and 14|06|99 come, while we never meet

Interestingly the half of number 26 is 13, and in Natural Disaster/Aura explains the reality of the condition
Then in Trust Issues/Act In 26|06|93, some catching phrases from her song appears

After that in 05|05|89 extended ver. there are tracks that align too

The event that happen after this is the transition from 14|06|99 to 20|07|93 by the assist of 13|12|89 album

Still third phase
Entering the extended ver. of 05|05|89 album

Flashback 14|06|99

Technology 14|06|99

13|12|89's album appears with connected MV to NJMSJMDCT MV, and of course, lyrically, it flows with conditions that happened

There are other too such as 30|08|95 and 03|09|99, see it on index
Some details about vocal improvisations similarity

In Technology, it matches with 14|06|99 lines in What Is Love

Also in other track from another album by 16|09|81, Kau Udara Bagiku, can match 14|06|99 improvisations in What Is Love
16|09|81 album mainly giving signpost about two people in the same group, NJMSJMDTC, that catching feelings

Beside 14|06|99, 01|02|97 appears

Before we get into that, we enter the album of 13|12|89 for the dynamics from 14|06|99 to 20|07|93
I finished thesis in 14|06|99 times, where I'm not disturbed since we have a language barrier, so don't have lot agitated updates

Sometimes moody too by using her fan account but not as harsh as 20|07|93 fan account

I graduated in June 2019, 9 months late from September 2018
Also, the unique thing is how I can find both of their fan accounts that in reality is their own account too

So I coincidentally find account both from 14|06|99 and 20|07|93 that they managed by themselves

While there are many accounts out there
Overall of the third phase

05|05|89 from 01|09|96 to 14|06|99, signals 20|07|93

13|12|89 from 14|06|99 to 20|07|93

04|07|95 dynamics when entering 20|07|93

16|09|81 tribute to 14|06|99 and her eonni 01|02|97

08|07|98 for 14|06|99 and 20|07|93 with flashbacks of phases before
Continue, overall of the third phase

02|03|77 euphemism with a tribute to mainly the first phase of 15|04|90 vs 22|08|95

03|12|88 based on 14|06|99
Let's dive into 13|12|89's seventh album shall we

Cruel Summer 20|07|93, make others perceive I meet her irl

Lover 20|07|93, in MV the house is like in the same Knock Knock MV by NJMSJMDCT

I Think He Knows, with the phrase of "Indigo Eyes", congruent with 05|05|89 album title
London Boy 14|06|99 and 20|07|93, there are some phrase like "Fancy You" which appears in NJMSJMDCT song

Afterglow 15|04|90

Daylight 20|07|93 and her healing
Morning everyone, following that we get into 04|07|95's third album

A Thousand Bad Times 15|04|90, 20|07|93

Circles 15|04|90, she plays a role in a movie called Circle

Take What You Want 20|07|93, in FTWD there is phrase "Take what you need. Leave what you don't"
Staring At The Sun 22|08|95

Goodbyes 15|04|90

I Know 20|07|93
When 13|12|89 and 04|07|95 albums come out in the nearly same time

I read about two paradigms of biblical birds, dove and eagle https://twitter.com/aliyaimadudeen/status/1174533251995590659
The next album is from 16|09|81,

Wanitaku MV portrays
22|08|95 using a combined blue-red gown, in the room there are flamingo and Black Pyramid logo
14|06|99 using the same outfit when windy photoshoots, then Chinatown
01|02|97 medium-short hair, leather jacket, Sensoji temple
Kau Udara Bagiku 14|06|99, 01|02|97

Moshimo Mata Itsuka 14|06|99, 01|02|97
After rewatch Wanitaku MV

Green haired lady 01|09|96
Geisha 26|06|93
Next album is by 08|07|98 and including his first album too

Each album has same alphabet with mirroring orientation

In the first album the color is B, L, U, E and second is P, I, N, K

In the first album there's annotation about Icarus in Genius, align with 12|01|93 album title
I've been thinking deep this month

I don't like exposure, especially when I'm not doing anything, it feels fake

I want to say thank you to everyone that help me

From Zayn, Breezy, Taylor, Posty, Boril, Jaden, Coldplay, Enon Kawatani, Louis, Justin, and Abel
I want to underline

I never ask for any of this, all of this happened without my hands on it

Each one of you that have infatuation for me, even make albums of it, are free to go

At least I have peace, while keep my expectation low for life

Hope someday I can be healed
I will continue this thread for all of your happiness, my childhood friend already has a boyfriend and make up her mind

It seems I will celibate for a long time, I just can't bear hurt anymore

Seeing others happy is a better sight for the soul
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